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no you (17 days ago)
Drdoc is so lame
Stephen Spuler, Jr. (1 month ago)
I love Just9n, Chad and LURN but these two are my favorite and the best duo ever.
Ishant Shrama (2 months ago)
The Feral Gale (2 months ago)
Can you do a "No Vest No Helmet" challenge?
DarKNess (3 months ago)
8:34 y ella? 9:04 y ella?
Random Hooman (3 months ago)
How many kills you got Doc:I dont wanna talk about it Rude
Brian C (5 months ago)
2:11 “DrDisCheatsIRL” 😂
Fadhil Asundhuyuni (5 months ago)
The game is good sharoud top global
Pritam Mitra (5 months ago)
My god awesome gameplay I didn't missed a moment of it,awesome!!
Ali Ahmad (5 months ago)
doc is trash when he plays with shroud , shroud always carries him
Contested Fades (5 months ago)
Shroud should call out an AR if doc needs one like fuck I swear for the first 5 min he didn’t have a gun
Tigerdude12 Golddead (6 months ago)
How get they skins?
joshua obligar (6 months ago)
I can sense the tension of which who is the dominant between the both of them lol
toyota hiace (6 months ago)
How fast dis man
starwarsfanforlife (7 months ago)
As usual Shroud carries Dr. Disrespect.
Canna Ken (7 months ago)
I love doc.. but shroud is the man!
StrangePlaysYT (7 months ago)
I got a tai lopez ad... it was 45 minutes long wtf did yt become..
stegosaurus (7 months ago)
why tf do they add gun skins instead of fixing game
The One (7 months ago)
@ 2:21 shroud was hit my a bullet but didnt take damage this glitch always happen to me when i figjt someone he dont take the damage even if in death cam he has been hit several times
Jeremy Karwoski (7 months ago)
Oh man pubg mobile... who gives a fuck
Abhay Shinde (7 months ago)
Where the fuck I am
Jeesh hseeJ (7 months ago)
If you stream snipe you honestly have no life. Go pick up a hobby. Go hoop, ride a bike, go drive scenic routes, watch a movie. And the guys who have the Dr.*insertignorantcommenthere* are literally the definition of pussies. Really not big into Dr. D but the ignorant pussies of the world are pathetic it actually makes me feel good about my life and i appreciate the things i have in my life.
nothing at all (7 months ago)
If you wanna bust a nut go to 13:40
Landon Dull (7 months ago)
Why are their names different?
ANE (7 months ago)
n a k e d b o i
SHREYAS KULKARNI (7 months ago)
Man what a pro
Mark Herashchenko (7 months ago)
That last headshot....holy shittt
Shawn Wonderlie (7 months ago)
Doc looking for ar yet shroud walks past 18 ars and doesnt tell him lol
JD (7 months ago)
28:46 nasty as it gets
Frxzer X (7 months ago)
Wade hek is a strem snipir
TheJuice401 (7 months ago)
no wonder they get so many kills. 75% are fucking unarmed fan boys. now I feel way better about the 16 kill games I rarely get.
Sebastian Nielsen (7 months ago)
DrDisCheatsIRL shroud first kill OMEGALUL
fucketh thou (7 months ago)
Did anyone notice that the first kill shroud got the dudes name was DrdischeatsIRL lmao
Neon Elner (7 months ago)
13:42 well.... That was a godly shot so pls shroud teach me :)(
Pingz (7 months ago)
Ruiner Wingel (7 months ago)
that first guys name "DrDisCheatsIRL" lol
12 Ga Shotty (7 months ago)
Doc sounds like a gun guy.
Pure Crytex (7 months ago)
since when is shroud calling out subscribers and donations?
Tony Wehrung (7 months ago)
18:30 : “I’ll kill them in 10 seconds” 18:40 : shroud kills both of them
Jamie Walker (7 months ago)
Lucky to get any kills with shroud around, poopin people mid-air n shit
Raging. Avocado (7 months ago)
how many kills you have doc? hahahah #shroudtrolling
Bhusta Cap (7 months ago)
When do we get weapon skins on mobile??
chuu san (7 months ago)
I am japanese! You are very well!
SteWA (7 months ago)
28:48 😎😂
Konstantin Jevtic (7 months ago)
57 alive on start wtf?
Phexism (7 months ago)
13:42 wtf shroud, seriously.
Frederick Escobar (7 months ago)
Is the m416 better than the scar-l ?
Painted Turtle (7 months ago)
Frederick Escobar yes
Dragonbreif (7 months ago)
I hette you you ar so god on dis game
Ryan Morrow (7 months ago)
He killed in the beginning drcheatsirl
Directx Opengl (7 months ago)
DrDisCheatsInRL :-)))))))))))))))))))))) exactly!
atlee vandeventer (7 months ago)
Omg he wasn’t sharing loot
MickleMackleMor (7 months ago)
Tells doc he finds like 4 ars and doc doesn't even ask where then complains about no ar smh
Jack The Lad (7 months ago)
why would you pick ar with no ammo lol
GoldenProdigy (7 months ago)
Shroud is a god, but almost half of his kills are off of stream snipers
Cristi Cristi (7 months ago)
how i can see my fps??
Cristi Cristi (7 months ago)
Grand Magus Thanks man😃
Banana John (7 months ago)
Ionut Lapuste shift tab , settings ,ingame , put fps counter
Ryan Hayes (7 months ago)
i Guess I don't get why Doc didn't just run three houses up, on 2 different occasions, to pick up the AR that Shroud found?
chance lett (7 months ago)
Damn shrouds greety af
davisonp31 (7 months ago)
How is there only 57 people when they first drop
AnDrEi HDX (7 months ago)
what are the buttons for animatios?
Sun Cebernic (7 months ago)
where's the account shroud ? is it renamed to iamshroud? how did that or the originally was banned?
happygoob22 22 (7 months ago)
Anybody that downs shroud (definitely stream sniping)
Justin Wong (7 months ago)
your fking N.O 8kill is fling so accuracy wtf one shot one kill
Business Raptor (7 months ago)
WASH YOUR FUCKING HAIR fuck this is cringey
Drop Svt (7 months ago)
Barnabás Iván (7 months ago)
what a miss at 24:41??? noob shroud
Logan Franklin (7 months ago)
When that first M24 shot when off I could imagine the poggers
Garrett Paschal (7 months ago)
I want to see this man try to play on xbox and see if he can hit shots like that.
Kristian Roloff (7 months ago)
I like That no1 noticed That it isnt the doc
Calisthenic_ _Yassine (7 months ago)
L0l? 13:45 was insane
retakeKing (7 months ago)
That isn't doctor disrespect am I right?
Drayrix Dingcong (7 months ago)
I just wanna ask. What's that "Where the fuck I am" sound that I kept on hearing over and over again from the video
herbie x̸o̸ (7 months ago)
The best pubg duo synergy ever.
Where the Fuck i am :D
Late Flips (7 months ago)
why doc said he doesnt wanna talk about hes kills
Teo (7 months ago)
that ending tho
Ilham Setya abadi (7 months ago)
Ajinkya Patil (7 months ago)
Shroud has 144 fps all time with 240hz monitor so he has advantage i have 60hz monitor with 50 fps drops to 30/40 still m able to kill more that 6 pure skills you know
henri isagan (7 months ago)
How to be accurate short distance with no scope? Draw a dot on your screen. Try it. Will help you at close combat situation.
Miming Momo (7 months ago)
Diable Demon (7 months ago)
19:27 again bluehole, those trees are floating
MondoSquad (7 months ago)
Not taking away from how good Shroud is at the game, but take his kills and subtract 4-5 on average because of the no gun stream snipers.
The skins need to be like mw2 camos. Actual camos with some flare!
Officer Mahoney (7 months ago)
Why didn't he say "Hey Doc here's a AR for you"?
Max-A-Mus (7 months ago)
yay the guns are orange now
toniyada (7 months ago)
Quick scoped someone jumping. No big deal
toniyada (7 months ago)
Quick scoped someone jumping. No big deal
Shining At The Skyline (7 months ago)
They titnted the scopes because thats how it is in real life if you've ever looked through a scope.
Jack The Lad (7 months ago)
its a game its not suppoused to be realistic specially not pubg it doesn't have "realistic survival game" title
Zero Chan (7 months ago)
Plagiat ROS njir.......
Fikry Gaming (7 months ago)
Shiroi Neko kalo mau bait pake bahasa inggris tong. Biar orang pada tau lu ngomong apa
GP Patrol (7 months ago)
wow havent played in a while but those new scope effects and look is absolutely perfect
Vadim Noir (7 months ago)
go play on standard server show ur skill ....
Onii-Chan (7 months ago)
Shroud 19 kills xD... the end: Well at least we got over 20 xD
Sun NY (5 months ago)
Onii-Chan doc got 2 kill.
BubbleNuts (7 months ago)
drdischeats irl lol
M K (7 months ago)
Ahh I fuckig love doc nan hahaha this shit was too funny
M K (7 months ago)
Doc sucks at pubg
xXShot5xFiredXx 124 (7 months ago)
Crucial (7 months ago)
How did he get those gloves?
Fq1. Mute (7 months ago)
I think these stream snipers got a community of their own. I think they all planned to drop their vest when rushing shroud xD
adilator (7 months ago)
DrDisCheatsIRL LOL
Melvin Schlenz (7 months ago)
Love the doc, love shroud, video made my day
Tucker Odom (7 months ago)
Wish I had me a loot delivery guy
Durchgepeitscht (7 months ago)
Yea Skins is what this Game needs!!! .. and Emotes!!! Fak Yea

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