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10 BIG Switch Games ANNOUNCED In March 2018

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Nintendo Switch Eshop $50x3 Giveaway! - https://gleam.io/qwct5/100k-50-x-3-nintendo-eshop-giveaway --~-- This video is about 10 BIG Switch Games ANNOUNCED In March 2018. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ (NEW!)18 NEW Switch Games Announced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a33WzC9Ta0s (NEW!) Can Nintendo Switch Run NI NO KUNI 2 REVENANT KINGDOM? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivaMqz-UaNY -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (21 days ago)
(LATEST!) 18 NEW Switch Games Announced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a33WzC9Ta0s (NEW!) Can Nintendo Switch Run GTA 5 1080p 30fps? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctFSgCZI1OQ
Lau Be (6 days ago)
SwitchPlanet 10min nice xD
BlackSpeed2x (7 days ago)
Hey SwitchPlanet where can I get this epic intro for my cellphone pls :D
gogo play (19 days ago)
SwitchPlanet mais on est en avril pourquoi tu à poster ça maintenant et je ne trouve pas arc dans le eshop
sillytubbie (21 days ago)
SwitchPlanet What is the name of the music you used in the introduction and in the end? It’s great!
LucidX (4 hours ago)
Ark the game that consumes your life taking care of virtual dinos lol If it didn't take hours upon hours to tame things or days to raise baby's official servers would be more fun play on PC unofficial if you don't want to waste your life just to have some asshat on a dragon come wipe you cuz he's bored
Matt B (22 hours ago)
Soooo, Ark is broken on pc and every other platform ,and they want to bring it to switch? This does not surprise me, their greed knows no end.
John E. Leal (1 day ago)
kinda sucks that 4 of these "big games" are basically racing/flight games. Boring. Only thing on this list I'd be hyped about is Okami, and I had it on the PS2 and Wii and now PC. Smash? Eh, I guess. Was never a huge smash fan. But the racing ones? PASS.
Gozar Games (1 day ago)
Grip looks badass
Mr kennway (1 day ago)
WHAT Ark is Coming for SWITCH OMG😮😮😮😮😮
Olivier Séguin (2 days ago)
Ark survival on the switch??? How many freakin' fps will you get.... 3?
Dave Hoogs (2 days ago)
Grip is Rollcage from ps1
Lemon Squishy (3 days ago)
This video is about racing games and oukami lol
Steven (3 days ago)
Ark? It barely works on PC, now it's coming to Switch? oooooo k.
TheFallkan (4 days ago)
Not a chance in hell ARK runs over 13 fps.
Aidan Hart (4 days ago)
Ark hardly runs on Xbox no idea how it’s going to on switch especially if it has split screen
H-Berg, Mike (4 days ago)
Switch is my favorite console this gen.... but, I’m a PC gamer first. I hate to know how bad ARK is gonna look. Not a good call.
Great Hercules (4 days ago)
The switch is a good console with a few good games. Let's be honest, most of this games are a joke.
Jerry DuFresne (4 days ago)
This is by far the most underestimated gaming console on the market, I have PS4 and Xbox One while my switch is what gets the most game time lol
Akstore175 (5 days ago)
Pas en mars
sleight sloth (5 days ago)
decays of logo looks empty as hell..i think devs can port okami on ps vita..
Matthew Schultz (5 days ago)
GREAT! Cant wait to play these at 12 FPS!
Michael Dearth (5 days ago)
Sold my switch not to long after I bought it. I do not regret that decision.
Jacob Herron (6 days ago)
Grip reminds me of xtreme g.
cynthia mbelu (6 days ago)
Pes for nitendo please
ShagStars Productions (7 days ago)
2nd game with its music and feeling reminds me of an n64 game...
재톤 (7 days ago)
I will take ark
baryonyx1900 (7 days ago)
Im going to buy ark
IPokeEyesOut (7 days ago)
I regret buying the switch.
Patrick Johnson (7 days ago)
They need to bring back Toruk
libertybong420 (7 days ago)
Cant wait for smash bros. I don't know how I feel about ark on switch.
Octo DADDY (7 days ago)
Lol you forgot Naruto trilogy
Tay's Corner (7 days ago)
When is GTA V coming to switch???
Andre Lake (8 days ago)
Grip aka Rollcage from ps1 days ...... lost my shit 🤩
BW (8 days ago)
Fuck outta here with ark. Could barely run 30fps on ps4
Chase Connor (8 days ago)
METROID. PRIME. 4. Asking for a friend 😔
Estuardo Yos (8 days ago)
The moment I saw Everspace, I immediately thought about the capabilities that a new Starfox game could have.
Aryan satya (8 days ago)
Switch can't run ARK Because the graphics card of switch is equal to GT 1030, mine is GTX 1050 ti and the game runs on medium settings at average 45 fps
Aryan satya (7 days ago)
Dangerous Snacke yeah but Nintendo switch isn't the same as PS4 and Xbox one
Dangerous Snacke (8 days ago)
Aryan satya ARK runs fine on PS4 and Xbox One. Have you ever heard of this magical thing called console optimization?
Dragonk116 (8 days ago)
Smash will be a day one buy for me
TheAshMan (9 days ago)
It’s not like they did extended gameplay of okami to get to the 10 minute mark, no, not at all
Troy Knight (9 days ago)
these game suck ass
Jayson Huckaby (9 days ago)
Am I the only one patiently waiting for Pikmin? :/
DIL ON (9 days ago)
The soundtrack sucks
Thomas Deater (10 days ago)
I am disappointed with Switch games so far. Regret buying it......... Open world Pokemon is all that can save it.........
THEREALGAMER Mii (10 days ago)
Mario Tennis game, wolfenstien 2 and Super Smash without question will be bought. Of course Octopath Traveler too. I can’t wait!
Norcal Bowhunter (10 days ago)
Ark? Really? Okay first off, let me say that I loved Ark, and in a way still do. I spent 600 hours on that game in the first month I had it. Not to brag, it's actually a little sad, my point is just that I like(d) Ark. So now let me say this, WHY THE HECK DOES ANYONE THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA? First off, look at a simple game like Minecraft. When Pocket Edition came to phones they had to largely edit that game down to get it to run on phones. Now look at Ark, which is largely accepted as one of the most poorly optimized games out there, and take note on how awful it runs on PC's. Even with a high end PC you will still run into problems with it. Fact is, at the best will be Ark Pocket Edition (as in it will have really super low graphics and a lot of content changed so it can even run on the Switch), and at the worse we will get WWE 2K18 (as in it will be trash and will hardly even run on the Switch). I understand "Dinosaurs on the go! So awesome." Well in that case, just port over a Monster Hunter game.Heck I would much rather take Dragons Dogma over Ark. I think a lot of y'all are gonna get excited about Ark, and be largely dissapointed. And again, this is coming from a guy who ENJOYED the game despite all it's flaws.
Forlan Badel (11 days ago)
Please what is the music on the Rico Trailer? I can't find it help me !
Big Smoke (11 days ago)
Damn Grip, VRally , Ever space, Ark ,Rico , super smash bros , MotoGP 18 They are gonna make switch awesome
...whiskey and speed...
Fabien Engels (11 days ago)
Grip makes me think about POD on PC (1997), the latter was really fun, hope Grip will bring the same fun :)
racefaceec90 (11 days ago)
finally someone has remade rollcage i'm in 😀
Anjas Novian (11 days ago)
Moto gp 18.. hurry up!!!!
Poke Ducks (12 days ago)
Ark looks sick on switch
LeviDont (12 days ago)
If ark comes then fortnite is pretty much guaranteed.
Paco Razor (12 days ago)
Grip... Ark... VRALLY4 * pinching myself * SMASH BROS!!!
3Dworld3 (12 days ago)
Ok finally some good games for switch
Filipe Costa (13 days ago)
ARK on switch? Fortnite confirmed
Jun123 (13 days ago)
Everspace? Never heard it before. Looks good.
Saul Alvarez (13 days ago)
I love the second DNB track in this video
Snarky Mark (14 days ago)
Way too many racing titles.
johnny moutama (14 days ago)
Ark 😍😍
Rob Townsend (14 days ago)
When is Titan quest coming out on the switch
DinoXClaws (14 days ago)
A L (13 days ago)
DinoXClaws yes freaking please 😭😭😭
Mik Mak (14 days ago)
still not enough we need real games!
Christian Puddington (8 hours ago)
Mik Mak These are real games.
xermoda (15 days ago)
Grip looks awesome
VlogsGamingMusic (15 days ago)
I don't have lots of money , I need to pay debt , then I can save to buy all these fun games :)
Eduardo Enrique (15 days ago)
Ark ❤
Eduardo Enrique (15 days ago)
but it hurts that I do not have a nintendo switch :(
sexy korean girl (15 days ago)
graphics not great
Christian Puddington (8 hours ago)
Graphics are fine.
Eric Becerra (6 days ago)
sexy korean girl tiggle bitties
Jonas Matthys (15 days ago)
Time to sell my ps4
BallGod9009 (7 days ago)
Jonas Matthys Lol
Jose Moran (8 days ago)
Jonas Matthys that's so retarded ain't even funny
Nookie (16 days ago)
Ark on switch u crack me up
John Jaime Sy (16 days ago)
Racing games i wish burnout out was in ghe switch
Breaking Walls (16 days ago)
Okay ark really really it’s nearly unplayable on ps4 and Xbox one and they want to add it on the switch ! Big mistake !
Karl Massie (16 days ago)
really there going to take a game like ark that cant even run well on a mega pc or ps4 or xbox one and there going to put it on a mobile chip get ready for 20 fps gameplay
kyle anderson (16 days ago)
apart from smash and okami am I the only one who thinks these games look mediocre/shit
Carlos Mario (16 days ago)
A ver si salen con algo porque lo unico que veo son indies... y lo digo como alguien muy feliz satisfecho con los AAA que tienes de switch
yhx (16 days ago)
Ark is the closest thing to monster hunter this year for the switch
protector3600 (16 days ago)
que genial canal tengo una nintendo switch desde hace poco y la verdad estoy encantado con mi consola
Cameron Roberts (17 days ago)
Holy shit Ark <3 <3!?!?!??!!
unsub (17 days ago)
You guys keep re showing the same exact games in every video...
Show Me Your Moves (17 days ago)
Number 10 is what star fox zero should look like
Miodrag Stamenkovic (17 days ago)
GRIP is not a new game! It's just redesigned Rollcage from Sony Playstation 15 years ago!
andrew ewan (17 days ago)
they all look super but when do we get them
David Romero flores (17 days ago)
Impresionants graphics
Gloerillero (17 days ago)
Nothing exciting.
findtail (17 days ago)
Nintendo are dead
findtail (12 days ago)
Vinicius Madeira Dont be butthurt by Sony's success. Nintendo rejected them like scum in the 90s now they are the winners lol
Vinicius Madeira (12 days ago)
Biggest company in Japan it's dead, holy crap
Vinicius Madeira (12 days ago)
So is your english
Syuna (17 days ago)
I see some mobile ports they gotta stop bringing freemium games and slapping on high prices tags stop that shit man an bring real quality games
Vinicius Madeira (12 days ago)
Bayonetta Smash Paper Mario Fire Emblem Pokémon These are what?
구데타마 (17 days ago)
과연 한글화가 될지 의문
westyk52sparky (17 days ago)
ark on the switch. it runs well on my pc. i also have it on ps4 and looks and runs like shit.
Joshua Chen (17 days ago)
I love them! Especially the two race games .And one of the ten games looks like R6 in Borderlands style
Krasnaludek (17 days ago)
These are mostly little kiddie games ... utter crap. Starting to really regret my Switch purchase - too many lackuster titles compared to XBox. Too much of a gap in quality of options.
Vinicius Madeira (12 days ago)
Funny because the Switch selled more than the Xbox on its first year
Illusion Of Gaia (17 days ago)
Song at 4:05? I would love to add that to my VG Playlist
liam bradley (17 days ago)
Grip looks cool. Nice to see some good racing games
Justin Rangel (18 days ago)
Why is nobody asking where wolfenstien 2
Zatoch L (18 days ago)
Is decay of logo an ugly Dark Souls like ?
Eat more pork porky (18 days ago)
Mister Play&Watch (18 days ago)
Wow, thats a HUGE Gap of Okami on PS4 compared to the Switch version. Switch looks way more like Original Wii tops.
Excellentsupercrazy (18 days ago)
I live in uk
Gnarwhal (18 days ago)
01. Everspace, 02. Grip, 03. VRally 4, 04. Decay of Logos, 05. Ark Survival Evolved, 06. Rico, 07. Super Smash Bros, 08. MotoGP 18, 09. Aftercharge, 10. Okami HD
Nazgull2k1 (18 days ago)
.... so of the 10 "BIG" games coming.. 3 of them are shitty racing games nobody will care about cause they aren't Mario Kart 1 of them is a REALLY atrocious looking zelda ripoff 1 of them is Okami 1 of them is Smash Bros 1 of them is a POSSIBLE good game in Everspace.. rest is forgettable mobile trash ports or just absolute DOA games with zero voice chat functionality of the Switch. RIP. Im about 20 minutes from selling my switch.. call me when Switch 2.0 comes out with some fucking mic/voice support, THEN come to me about multiplayer gaming
mannysaurus19 (18 days ago)
Everspace, GRIP and Ark look like GREAT games!!! I personally can't wait for those 3!!!!! 👍👍👍
Cerceis (18 days ago)
Someone aimed for the 10 min mark
Procas (18 days ago)
Was that Ark game play on switch? Cause last gameplay I saw was almost like a pop up book

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