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6 Ultimate Ways to Make Your Computer Run Faster

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In this video, We will show you the 6 ultimate ways to make your computer run faster and smoother for free. All these tricks and tips will boost your computer speed and performance to the max. Make sure to follow all the step correctly for better result. P.S : These works for Windows XP, Vista,7, 8 and 8.1, 10 ➢ Top 10 Low Spec PC Games for Old Computer 2014 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89e4tfD13qc ♦ Follow us ♦ ■ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TechMasterTricks ■ Twitter : https://twitter.com/TechMasterTrick ■ Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+TechMasterTricks ➢ Thank you for watching!
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Text Comments (825)
Shani Marzuca (1 day ago)
this stuff is a lie it boost 2 fps in game!
code rain (1 month ago)
Server Error 404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. the link are not working
LiZardX (2 months ago)
Thanks so much speed up my laptop 10x like!!
Poland Block (3 months ago)
Everything is running faster :) , tbh I’m just waiting for someone to call me a bot... hmmm what does everything about the North Korean summit?
Danny Plessas (4 months ago)
Ok, drive defragment only if you use HDD.
Danny Plessas (4 months ago)
😒I mean do you have to refresh the Desktop every single time? I mean this is not to apply changes or something like this. It is used to update the explorer.exe GUI every time you move/create a file or something. And guess what? Windows does it automatically (by default). And you didn't move or change any file directory on the Desktop.
thang sang (4 months ago)
Did he just deleted 1GB of junk files....?????
amir khan (7 months ago)
how can we run our internet speed to 1mbs without any softwares please!
dikery pamthied (7 months ago)
The Mustache (7 months ago)
you can restore the prefetch files lol in recycle
Shashank Sharma (7 months ago)
Doc Stockton (7 months ago)
Your video sucks!  It goes too fast and you can't even see what's on the screen.  Thumbs down!
Lebanese _Ninja (7 months ago)
all watch my new video more better then all and sub to sub
Tech Bytes (8 months ago)
follow these tips for better preformance - https://youtu.be/q8MrK77eiS8
Trojan Hell (8 months ago)
Did all of steps still a piece of shit
DarkDeath 27 (8 months ago)
When he said,'open my computer' I thought How am I going to open his computer Xd
Blow Beatz (9 months ago)
Niekas (9 months ago)
I typed in the temp command and i saw hell there were 3535 files :O I looked in my recycling bin there was 17809 files WTF
CSharpOverflow (9 months ago)
nice video
LinkTheWinkeDink (10 months ago)
How to fix your computer : delete system 32
Chief Mosaka (10 months ago)
Thanks now my computer is so much faster!!!!!SUBSRIBED!!!!!!!!!
Terence Djtee (10 months ago)
I am tired not to here talk instead , I here crap music, why can you talk??????????????????????????
theACBX (11 months ago)
This video had 999 coments so I wanted to be 1000
peter yee (11 months ago)
The prefetch folder is a subfolder of the Windows system folder. The prefetch folder is self-maintaining, and there's no need to delete it or empty its contents. If you empty the folder, Windows and your programs will take longer to open the next time you turn on your computer. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-update/can-i-delete-the-data-in-the-prefetch-folder/c54a8e56-c8cf-451d-a88f-07f06a2f2d54?auth=1
Psycho (11 months ago)
creepy song
Aiden Banana (11 months ago)
You should've mentioned in the beginning of the video that this will remove my graphics resolution screen, no whenever I watch or play a game the graphics went down by 25% and I cant do anything to get it back. and I have realized that my computer is not even one bit faster, but it decreased mt PC performance.
lucky ahuja (11 months ago)
Thank you boss
Alderite (11 months ago)
Delete System32
Joseph martin (1 year ago)
the song is so good
Please tell me what u typed on run on second step
Charlie Media (1 year ago)
max with these much needed STEPS ....Great Video ...works so well everytime & all Built-In to any Windows -7 laptop,i love my Disk-Clean as it does the job with Microsoft Essentials with Malwarebytes,just incase of wandring nastys i run M/Ware a lot these day's but it is all torrent sites causeing it why i never -ever use them when anything can simply be converted for MP3s to Movies in some good programs allin you computer by Default ...Cheers :D
DEVILS CUT # (1 year ago)
Help plz if a torrent in u torrent is at 68 when I start my pc again it was at 54
Nam Uchiha (1 year ago)
my pc is completed dead for anything to work
SEKIANO (1 year ago)
best user give me back to window xp lol fix??
Barewire Ltd (1 year ago)
Or Just use ATF Cleaner and Adw cleaner. Job done .
Mikhail Zuev (1 year ago)
thanks man!
Crap boy YT (1 year ago)
are you deleting any pictures
detective conan (1 year ago)
i do this tricks already but nothing's happen to my computer sometime not responding and corrupting some file..even i open microsoft excel or another application it takes time to open .:(
Spasicc97 (1 year ago)
Can i get a link from your wallpaper?
Arnold Ramirugh (1 year ago)
My computer have no legs how does it even run?
Saif PS (1 year ago)
Fucking Videos All use the same... %TEMP%... Prefetch ...Msconfig ...Defargment ...DiskClean ...Change Visual Effects...
onkar shakya (1 year ago)
Peanut Brittle (1 year ago)
After I did this my computer could smoothly run 720p60 videos
Genius GAMER (1 year ago)
is this work for assassins creed brotherhood
DJ SKULL RANCHI (1 year ago)
Ka hai
Beastly Army (1 year ago)
It did not work out for me ☹️
nmeunier (1 year ago)
How to get a fifty percent increase in performance from your computer: run Linux. Nuff said.
can anyone help i cant find local disk in windows 7
Kazuto Yuuki (1 year ago)
my problem is whenever i try to right click,it will take a long response can i fix it?
Hassaan Tariq (1 year ago)
my computer was very fast, it ran away
rajesh lenka (1 year ago)
how are you doing
Mr. Nitrous (1 year ago)
2:31 hmmm I cant open your computer...
Mr. Nitrous (1 year ago)
lol but thanks you.
NickPDX (1 year ago)
When skipping files you can check "Do this for all current files" and click skip so you don't have to keep pressing it.
schindleria (1 year ago)
MrFreekyJ (1 year ago)
Stick in an SSD and add more RAM, that will make your PC/Laptop.
Bill Russell (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot man my pic run like a new pc
American_Fighter (1 year ago)
Do you really want to make your pc faster i have a better video :)
A17300 player (1 year ago)
Thanks.Now my PC is faster.But I skipped step 3 because my PC looked like windows 2000
thedecid 34 (1 year ago)
Sxxmantha_xx Playz (1 year ago)
I never got the last step
TheDigitalMelon (1 year ago)
Install ccleaner
Nil Fagun (1 year ago)
nice tips
ғαιzαη кнαи (1 year ago)
thanks bro Tech Master Tricks
Nicholas REGAN (1 year ago)
Do not do number 3 on Windows 7
Gluvićツ (1 year ago)
explain ''prefetch'' , "%temp%" and "temp", what are those and is it possible to lose data or to fuk up my pc after deleting them???
Trent Szachnitowski (1 year ago)
i dont know the "prefetch" but the %temp% is safe you WILL NOT loose data.i know this sounds sketchy but those are TEMP files (temporary) and also it will not mess up your pc i have done this several times.(also when done usin the files the programs do not delete them for some reason idk why )but its safe to do the %temp% step
Natural Player (1 year ago)
ᴅɪᴢᴏʟɪᴢ (1 year ago)
myfastercomputer (1 year ago)
Thanks for tips! Good note about not performing disk defrags on SSDs as they could cause wear and tear!
Damm.. Optimizer Is Stuck At 23%
Osama Kacem (1 year ago)
Works as shown in video thnx a lot
gamer fury (1 year ago)
omg thx my pc is now totes fast
shams khan (1 year ago)
PaulWeed (1 year ago)
dude it works ! for gaming pc too (just like mine) thx alot that now i ahve on gta 5 not 60 but 70-80 fps !
alphag plays (1 year ago)
thanks now I have more than 400 fps thanks
Roland Chu (1 year ago)
Love it
LearnTechSkills (1 year ago)
I've also made a youtube video (my first video) about how you can make your computer much faster, in my video you can see how you can let your computer cleans itself automaticly at startup without software! can you watch the video and then give some feedback? That would be really cool!
Thebest intheworld (1 year ago)
AfghanNoodles (1 year ago)
well it took 2 hours just for step 1 :/ thats how slow my pc is
Lorenzo Istrate (1 year ago)
At personalization.I have windows 10 (the windows hated by every1) and i cant find screen saver.
TestThisNow (1 year ago)
Go to personalize > Lock Screen and scroll down :)
Vladimir (1 year ago)
they are much more things how to make your PC faster based on software(not hardware).. you can make part 2
anuj Upadhyay (1 year ago)
U are the best bud... Thumbs 🆙
sad_shinobi (1 year ago)
Thanks alot, you've sped up my PC atleast 3x faster
Haram Bill (1 year ago)
tnx bro
Lux Arcadia (1 year ago)
thx you =)))
Viper Slide (1 year ago)
Sir, you did a great job but YOU FORGOT TO ZOOM the command that YOU typed on the command line or search tap. Respectfully; Andy
E. Crepperela (1 year ago)
This is a great video for technical people. That should be shared with the world so everyone knows how to do this. You're a lifesaver. Or should I say computer saver? LOL. The point is you saved my computer. I owe all my thanks to you
Jose Hernandez (1 year ago)
Kudos for the Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you considered - Tarbbatigan Speedy Computer Tip (do a search on google)? It is an awesome one off guide for how to drastically increase your PC performance without the headache. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my work buddy finally got great results with it.
Black creeper (1 year ago)
You can't turn a nokia 3310 into iphone 7, so it's the same if you have bad or slow PC you can't turn it into a fast gaming PC. Most popular issue is slow internet. And if someone thinks that Windows 7 is much worse than Windows 10 it's not true .
Because of this video my defaulft fonts was deleted!
Andrea Nicks (1 year ago)
Victim SFM Yeah just fuck it. lol kidding
+Andrea Nicks​ well... then my computer sucks
Andrea Nicks (1 year ago)
Victim SFM Mine was not
the worst video ever!
Valle - CS:GO (1 year ago)
can i just delete all prefetch files? lol
Magic Mush (1 year ago)
guys, listen, dont do any of that things just buy a new pc or do other thing. this might give you alot of truble
SandlyCut ™ (1 year ago)
Elroee Kin - Minecraft np you just not know about computers
Charles Technology (1 year ago)
Syazwan shinso (1 year ago)
ty my junk is 29gb
make sure this tutorial make faster my windows xp home edition
Ana Célia Teixera (1 year ago)
Andreypaul Martinez
Techno Freak (1 year ago)
*what is that epic intro music*
Mr Bacon (1 year ago)
well great my pc is messed up thanks to u bitch
Mr Bacon yeah same it's all kinds of fucked up and I can't fix it what a faggot
Neon Force (1 year ago)
Do not delete Prefetch files, they help as a tracker for your PC to use so it becomes easier to start up. I deleted mine and I had to wait almost an hour to use the internet.
zeyad joker (2 months ago)
Neon Force Balh
arron rushton (5 months ago)
Neon Force I deleted mine n app are laggy
laukik Patange (1 year ago)
I have 42 thousands windows 8 junk files
Jamen Ja (1 year ago)
If you read a thread on the microsoft community it says that you shouldn't delete the prefetch content, it won't make your computer faster; https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-update/can-i-delete-the-data-in-the-prefetch-folder/c54a8e56-c8cf-451d-a88f-07f06a2f2d54?auth=1
Jaxacidring Official (1 year ago)
for the πουτσο it destroyed my already fucked up pc
Manos Michalopoulos (1 year ago)
Τελικα πως παει τωρα?

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