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Mario Tennis ACES Review

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Mario Tennis Aces is a major step up from Ultra Smash, but with this franchise and Mario Party back on track, is Paper Mario next to be restored to former glory on the Nintendo Switch? (Product Provided by Nintendo) Support us on Patreon and get your Pin!: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Join our Discord Server Today! https://discord.gg/PkXTHbS
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Commonwealth Realm (4 months ago)
We are in Paris watching the France match. But what do you think? Will we see a fixed Paper Mario on Nintendo Switch after Mario Tennis Aces and Super Mario Party?!
courage1 (3 months ago)
Dude, you need to remember why the boards that we currently saw are small is because this isnt Hudson's company anymore and ND Cube is trying to finally listening to our requests and you need to cut them some slack since its their very first time to go back to the classic game play of Mario Party.
Andrew E (4 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm I would like a true Super Mario RPG 2.
Fire Dust (4 months ago)
I wouldn't say they fixed "Mario Tennis Aces" as they decide it would be a good idea to make the games bare bones and then give us all the content.
Plasmablade946 (4 months ago)
now that we have so many fucking mario tennis games how about camelot and nintendo get the fuck on with golden sun 4 eh?
The Rebel (4 months ago)
Color splash is a better game than Mario tennis aces. More fun and inventive levels, more content, more depth, better and more charming graphics (Except for resolution), better story than aces... Yes, color splash is not as good as previous entries. But it outdoes aces. Go to metacritic, the games have the same reviewscore. (But in my opinion Color splash is still better though)
Waluigi (2 months ago)
Paper Mario wasnt Bad after Super... they just changed it up to fit the Focus of Paper Mario and that is... Paper sure the games wasn't the best and can get annoying some times but they still where good games and added more Paper to the Series, But they can Improve it alot and we can get the best of both worlds Having partners, a better story and a fighting menu from the first two games but have the style, Cards/things as items and a partner like tippi, kersti, and huey and can we please, PLEASE have both Kamek and Kammy who make you attack with FLIP FLOPS! with the awesome theme Kamek has on PMSS
KennyChaos (2 months ago)
All i want is a paper mario with: The gameplay and charm of thousand year door The story of super paper mario THATS ALL I ASK NINTENDO
StarJ (2 months ago)
This whole time I thought his name was Dr. Willy (2 Ls) instead of Dr. Wily (1 L). I thought his name was just..... messed up to say the least.....
James Story (2 months ago)
don't worry, folks. We will see a true paper Mario sequel in the next few years.
TheHyperSpaceMaster 678 (3 months ago)
My favorite paper mario game is Color Splash! Mostly because it's my first.
TheHyperSpaceMaster 678 (3 months ago)
No, you can play normal tennis! Swing mode!
MJMK (3 months ago)
I think the Mario & Luigi fighting style does not fit with Paper Mario. I think it's good that Paper Mario has his own steep! Then the new Paper Mario has also a good Game Play and sometime I think what is wrong with you?
Lord Krish23 (3 months ago)
Feelin' Salty (3 months ago)
Don't get your hopes up, folks. Just because they fixed everything else doesn't mean they'll give the 2-D plumber a break, too.
Miles Baldwin (3 months ago)
3:52 it blends with the background music.
Adam Jones (3 months ago)
I’m bored of Mario Tennis and I’ve only played 15 hours. As someone who got 120 shrines, and beat both dlc.. twice... on normal and master modes, that’s saying a lot. If Mario tennis had local tourneys or challenges or more modes it would be a better game. That being said I really hope paper Mario doesn’t get the treatment Mario tennis Aces saw. It’s a decent game at best.
fawfulthegreat64 (3 months ago)
I can't get my hopes up for Paper Mario anymore. Admittedly I didn't follow Mario Tennis or Mario Party all that much as far as developer comments, interviews and news are concerned, but I'm pretty sure those developers never explicitly stated that they were against returning to the things fans liked. The Paper Mario devs actually did, on more than one occasion. It's absolutely heartbreaking for someone who adores the first 3 games, but it's unfortunately reality. Kensuke Tanabe, who produces the series, genuinely believes he's obligated to only use Miyamoto's characters and that creating gameplay based on paper is better than making another RPG like the first two. I don't think his mind is changing but oh how I'd love to be wrong.
AntstarX madera (4 months ago)
3:07 -How do you mean?
Skull kidd (4 months ago)
If nintendo can bring back paper Mario we know and love, then Nintendo has finally made games the way it's made. #bringbackpapermario
Lay-Low and SMASH (4 months ago)
Damn I hope so!!!
Norman Chaves (4 months ago)
I want to see Mario Strikers again!!
Destruction_one8 (4 months ago)
hey the "wii trash u" have splatoon and pikmin 3 the best of the best
GalacticPirate (4 months ago)
Paper Mario was never broken. Color Splash was a good game, but people shat on it only because it somewhat resembles the mediocre Sticker Star.
Blood Aura (4 months ago)
The topic was interesting but I’m giving this video a dislike because the script made me feel like I was watching a kids theater performance, an also the guest doctor Wiley was pretty annoying...
Andrew E (4 months ago)
Color Splash was fun. Why all the hate?
Gaming Productions 123 (2 hours ago)
Andrew E because it’s like Sticker Star and not like the older games
Strausburg (4 months ago)
If they don't make a new good Paper Mario, can they at least remaster Thousand Year Door? I was about 70% into TTYD when my roommate sold his Gamecube so I never got to finish it.
EagleStorm (4 months ago)
The way Wiley speaks grates my fucking ears. Stop ending your sentences like that ffs
Wyin8tor (4 months ago)
In my opinion sticker star was the best paper mario 😐
SFMAUB !!!? (4 months ago)
Finally we can play as a character in a board and not a car, i really liked Mario Party 7 (cause it was the first one i liked),
SFMAUB !!!? (4 months ago)
When did you start working Dr. Willy? i just saw one of his videos on his channel
AIM0001 (4 months ago)
All they have to do is make is turned based with some new features that’ll make it feel like a true successor to The Thousand Year Door.
Midnight Ninja (4 months ago)
Mario tennis isn't fixed, it just dressed different with fluff
Ry Ry YT (4 months ago)
You forgot that they also fixed Mario party too.
THEDXFAN28 (4 months ago)
Dr Wily. Says he's an expert on Mario. And uses the triforce and Link as logos? I'm IN.
Jake head (4 months ago)
wow i remember when e everything was zelda u wow you guys have improved so much!
DungeonMaster Z390 (4 months ago)
Lol I have that theory! What I've noticed is whenever Nintendo normally does something with one franchise, something similar occurs for another series. Here's my proof: Mario jump to 3D, Zelda, DK, Star Fox follow (Ik, ik it was the gimmick of n64, but DK reverted to basically only 2D after) Simple shaking in Mario Galaxy, simple shaking in LoZTP, and other various games Mario gets new open world game on switch, Zelda too! Fixed Mario Tennis? Fixed Mario Party? Fixed Paper Mario!?!?!?! Eh? Eh?
Wesley Silva (4 months ago)
This is the best review I could ever see! Seriously, most people can't see the mistakes Nintendo does, and you guys listed them all. It was amazing! Thanks for that!
Arthur Rodrigues (4 months ago)
ultra smash? more like belongs i the trash (little obscure spongebob reference)
RGkong (4 months ago)
The story mode sucked tho
acar1994 (4 months ago)
I am Praying hard that the new Paper Mario for the Switch resembles a lot like TTYD. Crossing my 🤞
BGL PROS (4 months ago)
Build you team on the Beta Gaming Platform! We are scouting the best players!
Leo Espinoza (4 months ago)
Honestly, Nintendo has a section for “reviews” and ask several questions about the game you bought. There is even a box asking for any/all further comments you’d like to express. I’d been using it for two years now. I think the more people actually respond to these the better games we’ll receive.
Joseph Mauricio Flores (4 months ago)
Motion controls suck, so who cares. Stick to normal controls.
GalacCee (4 months ago)
tbh I fucking hope so
Translation warframe on switch
STheTeller (4 months ago)
4:51 HA HA HA HA! Good.
Next 2D Mario
Ursquidicuss the Great (4 months ago)
Unpopular Opinion: TTYD is massively overrated because of how it feels like a major copy paste of 64. It's a good game, but in no way the masterpiece everyone says it is.
Andrew Boyd (4 months ago)
One the one hand, the fact they fixed Mario Party too is a good omen. But OTOH, Intelligent Studios is second party. So the new design philosophy may not be followed there.
Jordan Maze (4 months ago)
I've wondered about this A LOT. Ever since they said Mario party was going back to its roots I've thought the same about paper Mario, hoping they do that.
Ivan Cordeiro Braga (4 months ago)
**ck all those who think Color Splash is good, the level design are decent, but Story, characters, personalities, music and all the rest is so Lackluster and Awful. I want a Paper Mario game on Switch that in first be a proper Rpg like 64/TTYD sequel or in second be a story-based Paper Mario like Super.
Jadeite McSwag (4 months ago)
i agree
Dr Pineapple (4 months ago)
I was all with you until you talked about mario and Luigi In my opinion mario and Luigi is still great
Avery Patrick (4 months ago)
Fix mario and luigi? Are dissing Paper Jam? Boy, that game was my jam (pun intended) Although I would love a new mario and luigi game on switch
Zach Ullrich (4 months ago)
You can't talk about Mario with my Mega Man name... *wait*
Sam Hughes (4 months ago)
Sort of fixed...
Leo The Nintendo Nerd (4 months ago)
I think Mario party is next.
Carlo Emanuele (4 months ago)
Paper Mario? Holy shit!
Carlo Emanuele (4 months ago)
I want BFB 12 been like 5 weeks
Carlo Emanuele (4 months ago)
Ultra trash? Ha!
Alexandre Rodrigues (4 months ago)
Good video but I wonder if the overly repeated intonation can be, like mario, fixed... (especially wily, no hate though) I would rather have a dutch accent or some minor gramatical errors than feel like I want to throw my phone and cleanse my ears with heavy metal (or something as.. heavy...)
mooseyluke (4 months ago)
I didn't even know they got Nadal for a trailer. Serious props
Tygofive (4 months ago)
I just want either Paper Mario 64 HD or a new paper mario that's like the originals. Oh, New Super Mario Bros. Switch would be almost as amazing.
T Schro (4 months ago)
I would love for paper Mario to go back to it's roots but that unlikely honestly I take anything at this point also I am TTYD fan but I love color splash it was fun and much better than that 3DS game
Barney The Brioche (4 months ago)
Your Mario tennis aces review is very different. You said the bosses are the worst part of adventure mode and most people regard them as the best part. And the motion is good and responsive.
michail parlamas (4 months ago)
Mario is not listening more to their fans its just that their newest machine is making money money for them...they are a corporate company after all
Pink Chicken (4 months ago)
3d world > odessey
Kisai Yuki (4 months ago)
Paper Mario certainly needs a fix. However 3D world was a much better game in the spirit of Super Mario World, where as Mario Odyssey picks up where Mario 64 and Sunshine left off in the open/explorable world. They're different experiences. Arguably Paper Mario 1000 Year Door was the best version of Paper Mario, however Super Mario RPG is still the best Mario RPG itself, with the Mario+Luigi games being in the spirit of that game. Which is to say, I think Nintendo kinda is stuck on a "make it fresh" and "don't alienate the existing fans" kind of situation. We've seen this in the Sonic fandom more, because those fans don't know what they want, and not everything is for everyone.
Retro Hero 276 (4 months ago)
The best thing about Mario Tennis Aces is that the world map gives me Golden Sun vibes which may be an indication that they may be working on a new one
VGF80 (4 months ago)
One thing that I would do to give some flavour into Mario tennis aces is a new mode called "power play" alongside standard and simple. Basically, what this mode does, is that all of your progress including your skill level and ratchets are incorporated into this mode. With the addition of ratchets having their own special properties. In addition new stages in the adventure mode are available, these stages are power play stages which are longer than a typical stage and make use of each ratchets' special properties not seen anywhere else in the adventure mode. Other improvements: - Add a retry button to the stage menu - Allow the selection of games per set, no. of sets and more intuitive selection of courts to play on.
Zachary Erickson (4 months ago)
Ultra Smash = Ultra Trash. I don't really care about Mario Tennis games. I love seeing Rosalina in a short skirt ;3. Mario has a cool autograph. 4:21 Aren't those terrible games? I do like the hilariously bad dialogue in Devil's Third. THAT DAMN CAR! What was wrong with the car again? Paper Mario needs to be fixed. Color Splash wasn't able to fully redeem itself. Sticker Star was horrible >_<. Color Splash was much better than Sticker Star but not the best Paper Mario game. Come on now, Color Splash wasn't that bad.
Sonic171000 (4 months ago)
Super Paper Mario is my favorite Paper Mario. Also, it is the only one I played too.
Kurt Stoddard (4 months ago)
Color Splash was fun dammit
Gaming Productions 123 (2 hours ago)
Kurt Stoddard no it wasn’t. It was similar to Sticker Star and not like the first 2 games
Greeniemean1 (4 months ago)
I hope nintendo fixes paper mario too. I would really love to see the female toads, the original and creative brand new paper mario enemy and character species, the cool rpg elements such as gaining star points to level up, the awesome humor, and the creative bosses. I wouldn't mind if Bowser is the final boss of a possible true new paper mario game but I also like brand new final bosses too.
KillUhG99 (4 months ago)
Furder 😂
¿Jew? (4 months ago)
When you first said ultra smash i said "heh more like ultra trash" and you made the joke a minute later. Oof
Dan Becker (4 months ago)
They did not fix Mario Tennis. They just made a decent one this time, instead of an awful one.
Chris Childress (4 months ago)
Stop shitting on the Wiiu games.
Mitchel McMullen (4 months ago)
Samuel Lee (4 months ago)
Alonzo Mendoza (4 months ago)
Willy voice is annoying
Ky White (4 months ago)
You have a point Wily, but it’s just a possibility, don’t get too carried away
JahmaiSoFly (4 months ago)
SSB Brawler (4 months ago)
What does he mean by ‘a bummer that u can’t play normal tennis’?? Yea u can, both local and online, he could be talking about something else tho...
Anibal Fermaint Gonzalez (4 months ago)
Color Splash wasn't that bad, but I'm starting to worry about listening too much in the wrong places. Yeah they can improve on what happened to Paper Mario a lot but that's so obvious. What I'm really worried about is Smash and some slight details from their other franchises.
MossMan (4 months ago)
They'll have fixed Mario Tennis when they nerf Bowser Jr.
Aka Ingmar (4 months ago)
Please for the love of God, don't like wily come back. His voice is beyond irritating
SuperMarioJeremy (4 months ago)
Ultra smash was amazing but yea switch is better
Spartan Q77 (4 months ago)
Nintendo has also fixed Mario Party. As Super Mario Party looks fun. Nintendo is restoring the Mario spin offs. I would like to see this continue.
Jose Cruz (4 months ago)
We need another mario strikers game!!! Please nintendo
Daniel Mazahreh (4 months ago)
Maybe the game fixed the Wii U Tennis, but not overall. Still a lacking game. Camelot made better games than this in the past like Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.
hdmewtwohd (4 months ago)
Boxhead (4 months ago)
I hope.
NintendoFreakXP (4 months ago)
Don't get our hopes up about Paper Mario 😭
Akoodu4u (4 months ago)
Seriously? Wily? I mean, I used to like his channel, but some kid at my school ruined him for me, and by now i'm just tired of him.
Joey Roth (4 months ago)
You guys referenced the Mario Party car a couple of times and I have something to say about it. I understand why everyone hates the car. I also hate it for the most part. But there is one game mode I saw once that made the car gimmick actually look fun. It's a game mode where four players are in the car, like normal, and one player plays as Bowser on the game pad. This was a really cool concept to me. I hope that if they bring the car back, it will only be used for a game mode like that. Not sure how it would work on the switch, but hey, they showed off a game that required two swot he's to play. Maybe this game mode could too. Or maybe they'll just pretend it never happened, like the fans do.
Brianna Williams (4 months ago)
Joey Roth Bowser Party was probably the best mode from Mario Party 10 tbh. They can trash the rest of that game tho.
CarsensMask (4 months ago)
I hate the paper Mario fanbase they can’t stop complaining I mean honestly if there was a new paper Mario game on the switch and it had more effort put into it then any other paper Mario and has beytiful visuals great music and a good story but had a non rpg battle system the majority of the fanbase would flip out which is stupid I mean cmon if a paper Mario game comes out for switch I’m gonna be worried because of the fanbase not because of the game because the fanbase does not know how to take change
CarsensMask (4 months ago)
RO -Q I meant most of the fanbase not the whole fanbase and do you mean a 180 not 360 360 means it would be the same still
RO -Q (4 months ago)
They changed the core gameplay so mutch, most of the fans didn't like the the 360o they made. honestly i like stickerstar and i played paper mario 64 over 6 times :')
Tuffbug (4 months ago)
It's not just the RPG battle system. Paper Mario fans also want unique, original worlds and characters, and a good story. The game your describing that would be hated would actually be loved, because the game you are talking about is Super Paper Mario, which is loved by many. Color Splash has great humor and music, but everything else feels... mediocre. Sticker Star has good music, but the originality is NSMB level. And that is NOT a good thing. Everything else is just once again, mediocre. We hate the new battle system because it feels so gimmicky and pointless. Even Super Paper Mario had decent gameplay and good level design. Paper Mario fans aren't as braindead as you think.
Joseph Shatrowsky (4 months ago)
The core mechanics are good, but this is not a 60 dollar experience. You can’t get by with just good mechanics. You need content. Simply adding skins and rackets and taunts to collect for playing would have given purpose to grinding the online tournament mode. Sadly, by the time they add anything, it will be too little too late.
Boss Bazooka (4 months ago)
How about Paper Mario & Luigi 🤣
Kyle Kraus (4 months ago)
What 3D Mario fans wanted? I didn't want a collectathon. I wanted a 3D platformer. Odyssey wasn't one.
TopOfAllWorlds (4 months ago)
Color splash wasn’t THAT bad apparently.
Gaming Productions 123 (2 hours ago)
TopOfAllWorlds it just didn’t live up to the first 2 games
ChronoFlation (4 months ago)
Calling Mario Tennis Aces a "fixed" series is like calling a deluxe burger and fries meal with only the buns and meat on the burger and no fries a perfect meal. Even if the burger is cooked to perfection, that meal is missing the fries and toppings that really keep you savoring the meal and enjoying it for as long as possible. Mario Tennis Aces single player was a great idea, but poorly executed, and of little consequence and there's no much to do after you play through it once, other than some online matches. It gets old fast and the game dropping off sales fast is a sign of that
Sean Turner (3 months ago)
Mario tenis on gameboy has a way better story
Jadeite McSwag (4 months ago)
you lost me on how long that analogy is please use a shorter one
Jonathan Renderos (4 months ago)
ACES still lacks plenty of content, unlockables were only some stages and new playable characters are being handed out through a drip feeder over months at a time. I feel like ACES is only half a game, amazing gameplay but just not enough of it to actually warrant me wanting to go back to it unless I have company over. As far as Paper Mario goes, I wonder if that will be relegated to just portable Nintendo ie Mobile app, and they might focus more on Mario + Luigi RPG games for the Switch. I feel like that is something Nintendo would do.
Sonicice 24 (4 months ago)
I disagree couler splash was amazing and 3D world shouled not be compared to odysey becuse there too diffrent glaxy shouled be compared to 3D world and sunshine and 64 to odyssey and at the end what do you mean fix mario and luigi? there not bad games and the recents are remakes so if your saying the remakes are bad just leave
Nathan Drake (4 months ago)
I thought no one liked Aces

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