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Star Wars…Something, Something, Something…Jordan Peterson!

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Text Comments (1483)
munstrumridcully (10 hours ago)
I find that Jordan Peterson is a sober, thoughtful speaker who has some really good points, especially in his wheel house of psychology. But when he talks about religion, or how those intertwined serpents of like the medical symbol (and of Thulsa Doom in Conan the Barbarian, lol) is really a representation of DNA made by ancient man by tapping some mystical universal library or something, I am like "wtf!?" :)
munstrumridcully (10 hours ago)
Monogamy is good for society (including homosexual monogamy) as monogamy helps stability.
Raizen (1 day ago)
What you're calling a "deliberate mischaracterization" may be a sincere ignorance of what people see in Jordan Peterson. After all, echo-chamber leftists can't identify with the public at large.
FancyCatsFosterMom (1 day ago)
Those that understand gender The left says male are tyrannical monsters and female are chaos and destruction The center and right say male are confident and protection and bring good rules to follow and female are the creators of life and change and new experience. If the left would simply stop looking for a "evil" thing to fight there would be so much less confusion. Put down your shields and swords SJW if you truly want to live in peace and harmony then stop thinking that there is some boogeyman after you.
frank tomeo (2 days ago)
As always, very insightful and well presented.
Aries144 (2 days ago)
Absolutely brilliant! Well done!
Christian Avondet (2 days ago)
Just found your channel. Subbed. Great work exposing the regressive left!
TRICKY DARCI FOX (2 days ago)
two words tor this guy - BACK OFF>
Andrew Kerr (3 days ago)
Love your videos, keep up the good work!
Emma Obry (3 days ago)
Born and raised a french woman under the rise of feminism and the implicit idea that being a stay at home mum was lazy , backwards and belittling to women. That's terrible, if it's not social engineering at its finest , the systematic destruction of the family
Robert Hurley Jr (3 days ago)
Just Discovered you, my Irish friend! Outstanding analysis!
Dan Conser (3 days ago)
Peterson Derangement Syndrome LMAO!!! Dead on, mate! This article "author" / "journalist" "guy" is a total twat. Attacks on the family are in full swing these days...
CrazySmash Vlad (4 days ago)
You have papa Peterson in the title = You get fk tons of views :))
A nusais What? (4 days ago)
Soywars a kennedy story is the last straw this franchise is fucked lets forget about it and move to avengers and start letting them know if they take this path they will fall also its already bleeding into it and jorden is the force kathleen is the sithlord but far more hidious
Cunningman Crowe (4 days ago)
ROFL .. the asshat who wrote this shit likely isn't old enough to have lived at a time in his entire life where he was "forced" to do ANYTHING .. let alone "into stifling, traditional male role".
James Mathison (4 days ago)
Liked immediately due to the hilarious headline. 🤣
lanesteele240 (4 days ago)
The real social injustice in this world is how women are treated in Iran. All the American SJW should all go over there and protest until some real change happens
lanesteele240 (4 days ago)
Soylow. A beta male story
Powerboat9000SCHOOL (4 days ago)
0:15 I'm guessing the 'not all men' is in quotes because it translates to 'male feminists' (as in the author's mind they would be the ones preventing broad statements like 'all men' from being accurate). Thus, the statement is more of that "male feminists are up to the challenge".
Powerboat9000SCHOOL (4 days ago)
I guess I may have misunderstood because the quotes look like they're interpreted the way I suggested at 7:32
Brother Vibius (4 days ago)
For the Emperor! Is it just me, or is Jordan Peterson starting to look like a Malcador the Sigilite Character, compared to Trump's God-Emperor?
Czaras Waras (4 days ago)
Still with the beard Peterson does look a bit like count Dootu in the Clone Wars series. And by the interpretation of the dark side as the driving and changing aspect od the force he may be seen as as a Darth of a sort. But in all seriousness if he was a force user he would have been gray, or silver if you believe in that distinction.
Christian Nicholes (4 days ago)
So, does Daenerys Targaryean strap on a 12-incher and fuck Solo in the ass in this movie?
Piotr Mittag (4 days ago)
"depressed pallor Jordan Peterson" that pretty much sums up how superficial their judgement is. They probably only seen like 3 minutes of his lectures and didn't even pay attention and that's it, they're writing a fucking article about him. And they have audacity to call themselves journalists?
kung Few (4 days ago)
Solo flopped because fans are disgusted with the sjw's at Disney and want Kathleen Kennedy fired. And it's called STRAIGHT not "cisgender" ya word sanitizer.
Evil Ash85 (4 days ago)
Calling Chewie a hairball? What a fucking arsehole, clearly he is a Hairist. Also that Han and Leia scene is totally awesome.
Authurious85 (5 days ago)
The bad old days of the patriarchy? So we're not currently living in a patriarchy?
Wrath Az (5 days ago)
Sjw is cancer.
IvanCADtutorials (5 days ago)
SO far white patriarchy send man to the moon and give us medicine and tech that increased and improved quality of life, and liberals (historically documented) only destroyed empires (and communist killed more people than any other political or religious movement)... So I am for patriarchy.
not shure (5 days ago)
Somebody send that soyboy a draft notice. Muh gender role
mephestopholes (5 days ago)
You may know Star Wars but you don't know shit about Jordan Petersen.
IronThanatos (5 days ago)
Well as a fan of the dark side, I'd join any day.
Szymon Bujak (5 days ago)
Last Jedi was in fact the last profitable star wars movie. Period. You'd messed up with the force ( true fans) and the price will be galactic... Carry on and do another bs sjw sitcom.
Julia Sa (5 days ago)
What was the initial purpose of that article to move from SW to Peterson bashing? The most annoying thing is they write generalizations as supposedly everyone supports them...
Chris (5 days ago)
Sadly, Solo did not provide enough content for this "writer". Luckily he turned onto the Peterson tangent.
Harfast (5 days ago)
Soy Wars episode IX staring Triggly Puff, Fish Mouth, BUT YOU'RE A WHITE MALE guy, and Hillary Clinton. In a struggle to break the imaginary glass forcefield and form a 1 universe government.
Universal Blasphemist (5 days ago)
I disagree with Peterson on one major thing... the existence of a god. The only other thing we disagree on is a subjective matter that isn’t worth commenting on. The rest of it is well-thought out, well-researched and honest. He is a bitter pill for some, but so is paracetamol.
Jason Ladue (5 days ago)
Dr Peterson says things that can make a person re-examine their thoughts. He often times says things that are uncomfortable to realize about oneself. I think most people get it and instead of being offended or shamed, they try to make adjustments. The people who rail against JP cannot examine their own conscience. To me there are 2 reasons for this. 1. Complete indoctrination. 2. They are evil. A combination of both of course is the most terrifying.
Morgoth Bauglir (5 days ago)
"When the debate is lost, Slander becomes the tool of the loser." - Socrates
Tiddly Oggy (5 days ago)
Oh I forgot to add ... great vid as usual, glad to see your subs are rapidly going up, wish mine were, maybe I should start doing political commentary rather than playing old games
Tiddly Oggy (5 days ago)
I agree the left will one day eat itself and collapse, but I'm really concerned about the irreversible damage it will cause on the way to that demise
Joshua Cooley (5 days ago)
Conservatives tend to focus a lot on the idea that the Left is anti-masculine and anti-man. I think that this focus misses the larger picture. The leftist worldview hates feminine women just as much as it hates masculine men. It doesn't just want to put down men, it wants to make men feminine and women masculine. This is the real irony of calling these ideas "feminist". The current feminist movement is all about driving women to become more like men. It is as anti-feminine as any misogynist. At the end of the day this isn't just about being anti-man, or anti-woman, the Left is anti-human. Leftist ideology is an attack on the core of what it is to be a human being. The "freedom" that the guy in this article is talking about is freedom from your own being. In other words, freedom to destroy yourself.
Morec0 (5 days ago)
"It's amazing how many men think that.... til death do us part will make them happier." Holy. Fucking. Shit. Morales are DEAD on the left in a way that I never saw before this.
mattmacd2009 (5 days ago)
Something something complete!
Trevor Reznik (5 days ago)
This whole leftist narrative and the way they're trying to interpret EVERYTHING in relation to their twisted worldview is plain stupid. I bet you, hardly anyone in the real world actually thinks the way they do. It's Hollywood, liberal media, leftist politicians and activists and probably a very low percentage of the actual population that actually buys this bs.
Marco V (5 days ago)
Hate what you can't have. " A male that will tell you to Uck off." They create boys that kneel to them, and hate women that have men that stand tall without regret. I see it every day. Women hate my wife as they chase wimpy boys that tremble and beg. Funny as hell.
Israel Aguasanta (5 days ago)
The author of that article is using this version of Solo to attack Peterson? I find their lack of argument disturbing
Victor VonDoom (5 days ago)
Oh, that guy in "Solo" was supposed to be playing Han Solo?? Wow what a miserable fail, no wonder the movie bombed, it was a movie all about Han Solo which was missing Han Solo.
AN N (5 days ago)
Funny, I've never heard a woman ask where are all of the good gender fluid at? Low gender fluid, that must be what is wrong with society!
SpiritualFox (6 days ago)
9:00 Naw, ya see, people think the cool thing about being alone is that no one can contradict your personal delusions and make-believe world. The radical stuff happens when you *really* start to get untethered from reality. What that lefty cuck of a journo is saying is that if we just reinforce the social saftey net a little more, we can become completely detached without death being a risk. Hand solo was gonna get the waifu, but everyone's so fucking anal with their non-existent fantasy women they just skipped it, and recast the whole thing as bunch of deliquents getting stoned in a garage before going on a drawn out and exceedingly difficult mission to the corner store. Not that i have or ever will actually watch the movie. Fuck that.
SpiritualFox (6 days ago)
Whaaaa?!?!?! I thought the lefties would love emo Ren. He genocided whole civilizations but is literally so weak he can't physically hurt the average woman. He's totally their guy, not ours.
_meanwhile in the ad before the video..._ *How to ask for directions, in Zafarelli!* Zafarelli? Zafarelli! Zafarelli, zafarelli, zafarelli...
Mr Grey man (6 days ago)
sw failed thanks to wamyn. how sad.
Karl Burgdorf (6 days ago)
Has anyone here seen Cuck Solo? I gave up on Star Justice Wars decades ago.
W Duane (6 days ago)
The thing about Han escaping the traditional family and using friends to replace it is revealing. I don't really see the character that way but I do see this type of narrative all the time in contemporary, post-boomer, post-mass-divorce culture. Marriage and family have "disappointed us" rather than the boomers destroyed it, and therefore we should go further and choose a group of friends over trying to reconstruct it and having kids. But a big group of friends, without much depth, is something appropriate in the teen years, or the freshman year of university, when we're trying to figure out socializing as adults in general. Choosing it over family, as a life path, is awful.
Rachel Test (6 days ago)
Osom Sith (6 days ago)
Jordan Peterson is the ultimate Jedi warrior without the light saber. PERIOD. Excuse me, while I clean my room...
Sharif Sourour (6 days ago)
After hearing all the news about it, I'm afraid to watch one of my favourite characters being completely ruined. That sucks. Duke Nukem needs to come back and give it another go. LOL
Angelia Davidson (6 days ago)
I like what Jordan Peterson has to say he makes sense to me, and I had always considered myself a progressive liberal, though at this point I’m having trouble aligning myself with any one political group, they are disappointing to me.
LordSephleon (6 days ago)
One quick comment about friendships and family: I have a father who essentially dumped me off on his parents to raise while he continued being a young guy out on the town. My mother, on the other hand, struggled to get her life together so that she could be a great parent to me, often leaning on her parents for some support when she found herself in dire straits; she was stable enough financially to take me in at a much younger age, but she wanted me to have a strong relationship with all of my grandparents (which I do). Both my parents were only 18 when I was born (1981) and divorced pretty much soon after, but the difference between them is quite notable. Now, I've had friends - people I've known for decades now - who stood by me through thick and thin, serving as both friends and siblings. I've known one since before I could read, three since First Grade, one since Fifth Grade, nine since high school, four since college, and one beyond that. Over time, they essentially replaced my father, helping me through some of the worst times and providing either supportive advice or – more often than not, and reciprocated just as much as they needed – just an ear to listen and help working out problems. To this day, I call them all my siblings (mostly "brothers", but there are two women in there, so... yeah) without hesitation, because that is exactly what they are. The vast majority of them are now married and have children of their own, and I consider each and everyone one of those kids my nieces and nephews, even if I *_am_* the uncle who tends to disappear for months – sometimes years – on end because of work, life, and just my introverted nature. Now, I've been told that being that close with people I've known since childhood – especially as a toddler – is very uncommon, and I can completely understand why I'm the exception to the whole "friends are fickle" thing. The thing is: once you've met someone who is as loyal a friend to you as you are to them, you don't let that go, and you both work to keep it strong. Sure, I don't get to see them as often as I'd like – once a year in some cases – but isn't the same true even with closely-knit families? Now, if only I could say the same about my love life... >.>
John Galt (6 days ago)
I got unsubscribed from you somehow fuck youtube.
John Stocker (6 days ago)
good channel computing, keep it up and going,thank you.
Mike Gibson (6 days ago)
It's more than just Tinder that's being celebrating. It's today's divorce rape culture, and the modern woman's ability to get married, branch swing, and still walk away with cash and prizes.
Milher Méndez (6 days ago)
No, family concept is bullshit... Humans are just animals... Omnivorous wild beasts when the can't think by themselves (low IQ), or when they choose to not think at all (happy and irresponsible stupidity)... And there is NO biological reason for a mammal like humans to stay on couples... Humans invented that because they realized that we are a weak species and we need both parents (or even more people :/ ...) to rise a healthy child... Listen unrealistic morons, that fantasy of "Happy ever after" have only a 3% of change of becoming real, and that ULTRA BULLSHIT of Families all together in Thanks Giving and in your last moment in a Hospital Room its just a lie!!!... You are just surrounded by a bunch biological-related hypocrite that are there because: "It is tradition" or because they want a favor or money from you... So want up Sleeping not-so-Beauty!... Fairy tales and religion are not real, Families are bullshit, YES friends are better than families because "Friends are the dysfunctional family that we choose"... And before you call me a SJW let me tell you something, Im surviving in Venezuela, Im facing what happen when you let The Regressive Left act freely, Im starving here, I only have internet because is WAAAAY cheaper than food... So I, much more than you HATE Feminists, Socialists, Islamists, and all the members of the Regressive Left.... But also hate morons like YOU and my family that the ONLY thing you morons want is to control how others should live their lives and if they don't do what you want you mock at them and/or shame them for "moral advices" that NOBODY ASK YOU!!..... My WHOLE family had ALWAYS treat me like the black sheep, JUST FOR BEING A GAMER!!... They called Nerd (even when I don't like PC), Geek (Even when I don't care about tech stuff), workbook (Even when I hate to read)... And the constant mocking is just because I wasn't like the rest: "Ooh he can't play Baseball or Soccer like his cousing... there is something wrong with that boy"... and when I find a sport where I need have to get hit by a damn ball in da face they said: "Tennis!? that is a Gay sport..." AH WHAAAAT !!!?... Go all of you to the DAMN HELL HIJOS DE SU GRANDISMA PUTA QUE LOS PARIÓ!!!... My female cousins was my friends when we was kids, but when we became teens the start to treat my lioe a nerd and mock at my back with her girl pals... All my male cousins was to old to even hang around with me not even to go and watch a movie, and the only male cousin that pretend to be my friend, he onky was always sabotaging me...: -When I was 5 years old: "IceCream seller? hah! you only want to eat icecream all day, that is a poor way to succeed in life" -When I was 12 years old: "Drawing Cartoons!? hah! you don't have enough talent, beside in this country that is not a career and you barely know english to go to USA XD" (I already knew english and draw cartoons decently enough). -When I was 19 years old: "A VideoGame programer!?, hahaha but you only know how to turn of your computer X'D you only know I little of playing games, there is thousand of people better than you, plus you can't live/getAjob from playing..." -And when I was 28 years old my lovely cousin and family said to me: "You are Submanager in a VideoGame store? That is not a real Job, if you don't use a tuxedo as a uniform you are an slave an a looser"... That is my whole wonderful family... I YOU ComputingForever want me to believe that family are better than friends and are THE most important in live!?... HA! go and fuck yourself, Im NOT a masochist... And the same thing goes for wAmen, whether they are feminists or not, they all exploit the laws in their benefits... MGTOW PAPÁ!!! Es lo que manda! So, dying alone? HELL YEAH!!! better than dying in bad company like my family and morons like you!... So Long Sucker!
Bingle Bangle (6 days ago)
Leftist Pro-tip: Testosterone has no physiological effects on the human body, and therefore the higher amount found in bodies of people with penises has nothing to do with their gender.
GTA2SWcity (6 days ago)
The race to define and redefine everything. But we should trust things to be "run by the experts" --which is little more than a marxist pipe dream where a small elite of academics as bureaucrats have all the control (like fat-cats) and to, I say again, play with semantics in order to keep hold of their power and snuff out anything that is even the slightest threat to them. Problem is the "experts" would need a military to enforce it because their whiteknight cuck mangina security task force aren't up to the task of riot control or handling anything more dangerous than trust fund babies, and if you seriously think the heads of a military aren't going to have other ideas about who should be in charge (and kill nearly all of the "experts" power structure off), you're naive. The tools and useful idiots (SJWs and antifa) on the front lines who think there's a silver lining in it for them, all the treats and "free shit", are going to be the first to be disposed of. Usually by the mercenaries. Once the power structure begins to withdraw from its mercs to repeat for the next layer of pawns, that's when a change in the guard will happen and professors will find themselves taking an untimely permanent dirt nap. History repeats itself.
DarkWolf 131 (6 days ago)
Feminists=Those who use actual facts Feminazis=The SJW monsters who are currently tearing our world apart.
Sweetmamaschili (6 days ago)
The Dark Side is a path of power and knowing alphas. Peterson is the dark side; but is that so bad?
Comrade Ian (6 days ago)
motivational speech - We wont let feminism destroy us, we will be strong and confident, we wont be bata male, and we wont let feminism demonize us for doing so.
D. TheMan (6 days ago)
Love your channel! Keep up the amazing work!!
Amber Griego (6 days ago)
I cannot wait until this little soyboy that wrote this article marries some woman. Because most women have a decently well developed social emotional sense. And no healthy woman will long tolerate this kind of worthless little boy as a life partner. Within 7 years at the latest a good woman will dump this child in a man's body. Of course the alternative reality will be that he marries some spiteful manipulative man hater. Because that's likely what such a man hating boy-gina like he is to attract. And the funny thing is, when he gets Red pilled, this boy child is very likely to react like the filth that shoot up schools. Rage filled hate... simply because he's TOO stupid to see the world for the way it reality. He's bought into the feminazi/marxist/wacko lies of university "professors". Whom are often filled with self loathing... what's the old adage? He who can, does. He who can't, teaches? I think that's why the wacko elements of the left fear Dr. Peterson, because he CAN AND he teaches... They were BOUND to be envious and resentful of him. That's what marxist filth are good at, making excuses for themselves all the while trying to use the force of government to steal and kill for themselves. Because they are too weak and pathetic to do it themselves, the little tyrannical tykes.
Mike Stanmore (7 days ago)
Peterson to Kylo Ren: "Go tidy your room!"
Primordial Pete (7 days ago)
Han Soros.
Julian Donohoe (7 days ago)
Outstanding work Cullen! Keep it up.
labobo (7 days ago)
+Computing Forever Blah Blah Blah Blah.... Why do you encourage these people. Just ignore them.
TheStapleGunKid (7 days ago)
"Han Solo is an iconic anti=hero today because most men revel in our newfound freedom". We're overjoyed to no longer be forced into stifling traditional male roles." Has this guy even seen the star wars movies? If he did, he'd know that Han eventually leaves his rougish ways, joins a good cause, fights for what he believes in, and ends up getting into a traditional marriage. "And free to live lives not modeled by violence, hatred, and fear" Umm what? You do know that Han Solo's life involved all those things, both before and after he joined the Rebellion. Does this guy even know who Han Solo is? It sounds like he's talking about a different person.
Politically Incorrect (7 days ago)
Juden Peterson is controlled opposition, and has different rules for Jews as he does Europeans. Cant stand this fraud.
TheStapleGunKid (7 days ago)
Citation needed.
Benjamin Keith (7 days ago)
This is why we can use the embers of Capitalism left in a Debt Based Human Asset backed Faux Capitalist System and still KIND OF: vote with our money. As Disney cares ore about the propaganda and having vehicles for it: they can take 2-3 loses before they even CONSIDER changing the direction. We need to make sure both IX and the next anthology's fail, that Lucasfilm is shut down, and that disney either sells, or puts it to sleep. So that as little damage as possible can be done to its already ruined and for a SECOND TIME DYING state.
Wilpuri Films (7 days ago)
When I read this article I knew someone would make a video. Worst piece of crap ever written.
MamboJambo (7 days ago)
Please don't spit on Tinder to protect marriages. Marriage is a trap. In it's current form, it will never exist. The problem mainly are woman, but also man. The construct failed, and unless certain basics are restored in society, marriage will never be a thing again.
MamboJambo (7 days ago)
As an old saying goes: "From a dumb hole, dumb wind blows."
I'm a creep (7 days ago)
One Solo is young and inexperienced and one Solo has seen a lot...it just makes sense to portray the character this way so the character's arc develops within the franchise...what's the point???
CQD SOS (8 days ago)
3. Peterson is effective. That makes him Enemy #1.
Joan Linus (8 days ago)
Ok lol I come from a very middle-ground stand on this. I'm certain feminists hate men so they're already sexist by association but this... why is a man telling me that he's oppressed now? I thought men were better than this. I honestly idolise the traditional masculine traits because I think they're pretty epic. Hearing men whigne and whine too is not something I expected. When will everyone see that everyone is fucking oppressed in different ways, and we all just need to try our best to overcome our obstacles? Look I'm not saying that everyone doesn't suffer under the feminist rule but whinging about oppression isn't the answer. I think wit and intellect is. That's why Jordan Peterson is amazing, because he recognises the oppression but DOES something about it. Whinging like a feminist is not the answer and neither is crying oppression
OUdaveguy (8 days ago)
This was a superb analysis; just brilliant insights into leftist lies, garbage, and their catastrophic destruction and damage to society. Keep up the great work!
Mark Blaze (8 days ago)
my guess is solo is going to have another movie where we see him lose his good side and lose faith and become the solo we know in episode IV. I was very impressed by the actor and surprised how much i liked the movie.
Mark Blaze (8 days ago)
Solo was good. sad it didn't get much attention since the last jedi was such a piece of total shit.
I Hernandez (8 days ago)
Still haven't seen the first John Wick, but I'm pretty sure that movie doesn't fit the beginning description and yet people ate that movie up. So yeah, screw you article writer. Hollywood doesn't always produce the same exact sort of movies that a number of guys my generation are looking for.
scott left (8 days ago)
Staff wars.
Ostsol (8 days ago)
"Most of us are able to make the mental adaptation from being needed to being free." Wow. Is that a progressive statement? Accepting that one is needed is to take on responsibility. Throwing that away shirks a hallmark of adulthood. No wonder these people attack Jordan Peterson...
Cameron Dempsey (8 days ago)
Time to look up Jordon Peterson
Steven McGrath (8 days ago)
My wife told me straight out, she likes it that I work and she stay home to raise our children, Oh the horror :-)
Zyraxes Rex (8 days ago)
this is how civilizations end up being conquered by baboons
CsabyC (8 days ago)
At the moment, there are 66 dislikes. Coincidence? I think not!
Space Monkey (8 days ago)
If Han Solo is a free thinking man who rejects social stereotypes and relishes "the adventure of living their own free life" wouldn't that make him MGTOW? I thought the lefties didn't like MGTOW.
lajyo (8 days ago)
Man, Peterson should have grown that beard earlier. Looks badass.
good Memes (8 days ago)
Why dont we just round up every feminist, put them on a "special" train and send them to an amazing place? :D
scott left (8 days ago)
Please....show by example.
JHONYO BRAVA (8 days ago)
7:42. At this point, I was constantly reminded of the movie fight club, which deals with similar issues that modern males have to go through. And then I thought, would this classic film ever be made now a days? Is it even possible to make a movie with such subject matter these days? Think about that!
gaborone seate (8 days ago)
Wtf this guy wrote pure crap... Beta male article
These kids hvae PTSD Peterson-Triggered Stress Disorder
Malus (8 days ago)
Oh, you can be forced / trapped into traditional gender roles as a man. Many gay men have seen that, given that this usually includes the whole marry and have children part, but so will everyone who does not fit in. You always get atypical men or atypical women and it was the genuine fault of societies to make it hard on them. The problem is the same as that of half of all revolutions of any sort though: It is not somehow magically okay for you to do onto others what you rallied against them doing unto you. You want to be a stay at home dad and support a career woman? Fine, do it, find the person who may be looking for just that. You want to challenge people for demeaning that for no good reason? Also fine. But it starts not being fine anymore if you demean people back. It is the same as with racism or homophobia or whatever else. No matter what you experienced yourself, you do not have the right to enact vengeance by doing the same to someone else, especially not if that person has done nothing to you personally. They scales do not get balanced by inflicting some more bad stuff somewhere else. It would all work fine if we stopped trying to enforce our own worldviews on others.
scott left (8 days ago)
P-LEASE....like being a bachalore was ever uncool.

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