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Wireless & AFFORDABLE Corsair HS70 Wireless Headset Review

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The Corsair HS70 is a wireless gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound, plus it is very affordable given the competition. How do they sound and are they worth it?? Check out my review! • Corsair HS70: https://amzn.to/2sxgeVN • Corsair HS60: https://amzn.to/2LoIe6n • Corsair HS50: https://amzn.to/2IWozfX •Subscribe for more tech! https://goo.gl/Z7BtGa •Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/randomfrankp •Sign up for Amazon Prime for FREE! http://amazon.com/tryprimefree?tag=randomfrankp-20 •My PC! http://www.ibuypower.com/r/randomfrankp3 My Setup Gear! https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-24d38060 My Camera Gear: • BlackMagic URSA Mini Camera: http://amzn.to/2bwOmui • Canon 5D Mark IV: http://amzn.to/2toXrzi • Sigma 18-35 Lens: http://amzn.to/29vcOZD • Manfrotto Tripod & Head: http://amzn.to/29vcRVi • Aputure LED Light: http://amzn.to/2bum0C9 • Rhino Slider: http://amzn.to/29vcKt0 • Blackmagic Video Assist: http://amzn.to/29jKElv • Sennheiser MKH416 Mic: http://amzn.to/2iOo9bV •Buy games for dirt cheap! https://www.g2a.com/r/randomfrankp •Buy Randomfrankp shirts! https://randomfrankp.spreadshirt.com Music: Esbe - http://www.switchy.bandcamp.com
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Text Comments (272)
Corey (14 hours ago)
But can you use them wired?
Njakke (1 day ago)
Can you charge the headset while gaming?
Nite 4 (1 day ago)
please do a review on the sennheiser gsp 300
Master Gamer (2 days ago)
Could you use em on ps4
Ryan Ho (3 days ago)
This thing hurts my ears after 2 hours
Dominik Tirre (4 days ago)
Can you use this on Xbox one???
Samuel Frank (6 days ago)
90 dollars in America, but they are f*cking 137 dollars in Sweden...
Guitarist8636 (7 days ago)
3:11 Is that a ghost cube?
bing bong (7 days ago)
void pro is better in every way
bing bong (7 days ago)
randomfrankp bull butter the build quality on the void is compared to the build quality of a nuclear fortress
randomfrankp (7 days ago)
lol, not at all.
SUPREME SHABBY (7 days ago)
Lol its so sad i cant afford 90 bucks...
Cerberus icon (8 days ago)
So I ordered a pair of the HS70 special edition model. The Good I love the aesthetic and the flexible mic is on point along with the placement of the buttons and the volume wheel. The Bad Within 15 minutes of wearing them I have pressure pain along the the line of the cups. The pressure is to tense and the padding for the memory foam is all but non existent. These headphones are super uncomfortable to wear. The padding is also lacking thickness to keep my ears from contacting the inside of the headphones and they press up against the interior wall causing even more fatigue and pain while wearing them. Also, I have to crank the volume on the headphones and the PC to 80% or higher and I still have to struggle to hear sounds clearly. Now that comfort is out of the way lets move on to audio quality. It's garbage. Everything sounds like it's muffled or underwater and it doesn't matter how much I work with the EQ presets or try to tune it myself it's horrible. I don't know if this is a result of the icue software or the speakers themselves but it's god awful. The Comparable I bought these to ditch the wire and get away from the annoyances of yanking or snagging a headphone wire. My old headset is also a corsair and they are the H500's The only issue I've had with this older headset in the 2 years I've owned it have been the mic. After about 1 year of use it will no longer hold itself up as the internal dimples that allow for notchy adjustment are worn out. Other than that they've been a phenomenal product! Super Comfortable foam in the ear cups and headband. Clear audio that sounds crisp with excellent audio in the highs, mids and lows with excellent bass punch. Oh, and on a side note. I don't have to max out my volume to hear my games or teammates. -_-
caterino (8 days ago)
do you think that the hyperx cloud 1's have a better sound quality then these?
momo619916 (8 days ago)
I have a PC but I also have a PS4 and Xbox One would the wireless headset work on both of those or just PC? Sorry if the question seems kinda dumb. I looked in the descripiton and it says it should work on PS4 but has anyone tried them on the Xbox One. If they work for all three I'm gonna have to get a pair.
Eshan Joshi (8 days ago)
Is the hiss only there for the HS70 or is it for HS60 and HS50 as well?
Papa Phillis (8 days ago)
Did you say you have a discord? How can i join?
Clorox Bleach (9 days ago)
thanks again for the free windows code in the last vid ❤️
Clorox Bleach (9 days ago)
nevermind... someone already took it. ;(
MrSkiimmer X (10 days ago)
hi randomfrankp! just a tip because i actually think there is a good amount of people that are interested in this.. try to type with your headphones on, on the mic test so we can see if there is any sound from the keyboard affecting the people you play with on discord.. everybody has different keyboards true but yours is mechanical so that kinda gives us an idea
Joe (10 days ago)
corsair still botched the mic quality, which was the biggest deal breaker for me with the void and other wireless headsets. it seems like the arctic and hyperx flights are the only ones that got mic quality down
tristan smith (11 days ago)
do they have bluetooth ?
Jason De Vooggtt (5 days ago)
The website says there is no support for mobile phone. If it would have I would buy it but now the wireless is kind of uselss
Șerban.I (9 days ago)
tristan smith i'm curios too if i can use them with my phone :)
Syflex (11 days ago)
review G Pro Headset
Pablo Hernandez (11 days ago)
what mouse are you using?
HyperspaceKamakazi (11 days ago)
This or hyper x cloud aplha ?
SaucyRamen (11 days ago)
Man, I love my Corsair Void Pro, but moves a lot when I shake my head, I might upgrade to this instead. Void is has good sound quality but the comfort, it gets discomforting after you wear it after while. 😭
Almost Hidden (11 days ago)
Should I go for the HS60 (same without wireless) instead of the Hyper X Cloud 2 ? I can't decide
HΨPERION _PLAΨS (11 days ago)
I like you shirt
NuttyNate (12 days ago)
is the mic a 2.5 or 3.5 mm jack?
Garrett Zickgraf (12 days ago)
Honestly don't know if i can ever buy an electronic before Frank reviews it now.
Joey Seidell (12 days ago)
Great video! As another eye glasses wearer, curious, who makes your glasses? New subscriber!
Andrew Phan (13 days ago)
Affordable for people not me :/
Mango (14 days ago)
Do they work on PS4
John Price (14 days ago)
Random Frank Tee
SidKillz (14 days ago)
Is this openback?
Soreya Thach (14 days ago)
Does it work on ps4
Mon De Leon (14 days ago)
Cool shirt!!!!!
Known Ultimatum (15 days ago)
yo whats that watch?
Peanutty (15 days ago)
if anyone plays at 100%, i wonder how you still have ears.
Endorion (15 days ago)
"affordable" - headphones $100
Madsss (15 days ago)
Which would be better, the Void pro, or these? I'm looking for some cheaper wireless, and these are the 2 I'm between.
Reckzod (15 days ago)
Can you use them while charging?
justin powers (15 days ago)
I have the hs50’s and love them definitely gonna upgrade to the hs70
Sulthan Mansyur (15 days ago)
Very low profile! Good for public gaming
Can you do a turtle beach elite pro review and mic test
Brandon Key (16 days ago)
Great thumbnail.
Necrolepsy (16 days ago)
Did you paint your G502? It looks sweet
Kenny Gibson (16 days ago)
I wish it could be bluetooth too
Ceta (16 days ago)
Looks like it would go well with the rest of the new Corsair wireless gear! You should do an all wireless Corsair video
Tell what stand so you have??? Plzzzzz
Do you have??
Menxer (16 days ago)
does it come with a wire?
Renaldy Akbar (16 days ago)
What headset do you recommend for playing fortnite on pc? Please I need help):
Saul163r (16 days ago)
Renaldy Akbar Corsair hs60 are surround sound and comfy but the ear cuffs are a bit big
Renaldy Akbar (16 days ago)
Soo these or hyperx cloud 2?
reydna (16 days ago)
How’d you get colorware to paint the white g502 mouse you showed off a while back? They told me they wouldn’t do it
Kenny 1230 (16 days ago)
hears $90 fuck that
Brendan Rodgers (16 days ago)
anyone know if i could use this on xbox one?
N K (16 days ago)
I'm using the void pro but these look pretty nice
Edison Chow (16 days ago)
And what is dat clock under your monitor please? It looks so good!
Edison Chow (16 days ago)
Like your vids, but what monitor ur using?
BlaziDude (16 days ago)
I'd just live in a wire and but the HyperX Cloud Alpha or Cloud Revolver, some places do sell the Revolver for under 100$
open eyes by who?
Awesome video
Noah Bryant (16 days ago)
Haha when frank was 12 he had like 64 google accounts and he made a “random” YouTube lol now he’s huge. Haha nice videos love the content
J M (16 days ago)
your freckles make me wet
George Michael (17 days ago)
Can I use it wired for my phone
Gage Taylor (17 days ago)
you mentioned the cloud x at the end. id love to see how these compare
Zyro Zen (17 days ago)
Can it be used wired?
Zyro Zen (17 days ago)
Some say the bohemian rhapsody could be also used for audio testing
minor league gamer (17 days ago)
Do they work with PS4?
Jeongwoo CHOI (17 days ago)
Listening to this on my HS50's.
JOXi (17 days ago)
Just get separate headphones and a mic
Chidders (17 days ago)
Can you use these with a console as well? Or only on a PC?
Erik Fani (17 days ago)
Does it work with consoles because damn it those PS4 exclusives
Erik Fani (16 days ago)
randomfrankp thanks helps a lot I'll make sure to use your link :)
randomfrankp (16 days ago)
Erik Fani with the PS4 yes
Ethan Blackwell (17 days ago)
I didn’t get a notification for this 😢
Ethan Blackwell (16 days ago)
randomfrankp it is and it’s set for all videos but I didn’t get notified that you posted this one
randomfrankp (16 days ago)
Ethan Blackwell make sure your notifications are turned on for my channel by hitting the bell icon!
skew (17 days ago)
Is it possible to use a cable that connects from the headset's micro USB port to a 3.5mm source so you can use these with a smartphone?
Chuchummy Poopoo (17 days ago)
Hs70 or hyperx alpha for Xbox one need help please
David Redmon (17 days ago)
put out the "random" box logo!! high key flex
Steven DiGennaro (17 days ago)
you talk about headband with a wedding ring but do not see that deal on when you are talking to us is she not that cool or edit was bad lol bet its her dog in some videos
aki-sid.95 (17 days ago)
Anyone know of any open back wireless headset. If not then what are some good open back headphones for under £100-150 max. I hate closed back because of how they make your voice sound when talking.
Nou (17 days ago)
Akg 240s are nice for that
James Liu (17 days ago)
Is the razor Man o War good? its wireless?.
James Liu (17 days ago)
Blxze (17 days ago)
I love the shirt, and i love the way you present your products, very professional!
Spudinske (17 days ago)
Where can I buy that shirt? It describes me
Steven Sanchez (17 days ago)
Do these work with the PS4?
Nate Jackson (17 days ago)
That's wassup, FrankP. I currently own the Wireless Void Pro RGB, but I dig the look of the HS70 more. In addition, I've never been a fan of how loosely the Void Pro fits. I prefer to be held a little more snugly during my gaming sessions, ya dig?
xm3 (17 days ago)
Why don't you get a g903? I used to have the g502 and I switched to the g903 and i love it!
aminnos_ (17 days ago)
definately going to buy that soon
Epic Angel Gaming (17 days ago)
Is this headset better than the void pro???
Will Sherwood (17 days ago)
What’s the difference with the 60s and 50s
Are these compatible with console
petesake booska (17 days ago)
Your content is just pure greatness. Down to earth tech reviews are the best thing in the world.
Charles Nakale (17 days ago)
damn now this is why i hit that sub button
Jake * (17 days ago)
Is it possible to adjust the audio levels on console?
Marix Yuana (17 days ago)
Бля сука не могу,ору.Натуральный лепрекон.
Brandon tovar (17 days ago)
The link is not there
Ed Jackson (17 days ago)
Vs Void Pro Wireless?
Bryan Tétreault (2 days ago)
Ed Jackson Which one do you mean by "these"?
Ed Jackson (3 days ago)
Badri narayan About science and other stuff! They are like almost the same price. My opinion: go for these. Better battery life, much better mic design, look much sleeker and sexier and have equal sound quality and mic quality.
Void pro is too good than hs70 it's like comparing a state sports player to a international sports player
Bryan Tétreault (17 days ago)
Frank please, was my question as well
M _Thommo (17 days ago)
Hey Frank or anyone in the comments! I've just got PUBG on Steam and I suck - really, really bad. I was good at Mobile, and I'm using an Xbox Controller to play PC, any tips/helpful advice? Thanks!
Ihsaan Quader (17 days ago)
The big question: Is there hissing in FORTNITE???
Pronova27 (17 days ago)
Having owned a wireless headset for 2 years now. One of the main questions I always ask is can you use them while they are charging? Some will not let you charge while they are charging, and some will have a hiss in the mic if you charge while using them.
Cool Moo5e (17 days ago)
I will stick to wired so thank you for talking about the other option.
Uncle Tom (17 days ago)
Review the arctis pro
Angry Thumb Thumb (17 days ago)
I have purchased this headset and have a warning. If you have a large head do not buy. They clips are plastic so they break.
xBlueRez (17 days ago)
How do they compare to the Void Pro wireless headset?

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