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Damian has been saving up for a while now to buy a nintendo switch. and after getting money for his birthday he finally is able to buy it. Subscribe to Damian and Deion: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJeakFNMSH3d0N7mYSr5ASw?sub_confirmation=1 Watch More Damian and Deion: (PLAYLIST) Follow Damian and Deion: https://instagram.com/damian_and_deion_in_motion/ Get Merch Here: https://squareup.com/store/damian-and-deion-in-motion To help fund us without using your money!! https://www.gawkbox.com/damiandeioninmotion Watch More Damian and Deion: Popular Videos – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFUsAkfitHU&list=PLnuKAaD0xj1-Yp6IaQ__z8XcvDITe4k_t Challenges – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc1u4bg7xac&list=PLnuKAaD0xj18nqBcXD-fZSjdSCEzX4MAJ Pranks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw7IL3KZUyM&list=PLnuKAaD0xj18y8OLknDkXV-1hu52p0yPq Vlogs – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItdEux6Ra-I&list=PLnuKAaD0xj1-xBKrKZPVaAdfN5ON9XNyW About Damian and Deion in Motion: Damian and Deion do everyday things such as playing, cooking, video blogging, gaming, traveling, and toy reviews!!
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Text Comments (594)
Messi DIOS (8 days ago)
3:43 Relax dude just a game dude
Imelda Alonzo (9 days ago)
My name is Damian to
Dylan H (9 days ago)
Rich kid
MrBryan (11 days ago)
3:45 I’m buying mine next weekend and that’s how I’m going to be
Iden Pla (12 days ago)
I'm shook. This is the same Wal-Mart I go to.
Deysi Mendez (12 days ago)
Deysi Mendez (12 days ago)
You face looks bum
Junior Mf (14 days ago)
Im gonna get the nintendo switch on my b day october 2018. Octoner 13
Abdullah Ahmed (15 days ago)
You should have gotten EA sports FIFA 18
nhan nguyen (22 days ago)
I dont care
Jeffy Jeffy (22 days ago)
I hate it when kids say squad it’s cringey as hell
Patricia Luis (26 days ago)
I want a nentendo swich
Wander167 (26 days ago)
nano 023 nyanosic (29 days ago)
Im lucky i only have a sister
Forty 4 (30 days ago)
$370 damn. Its $480 where I am
Deborah Cleare (1 month ago)
I got it
night boy (1 month ago)
That was on my birthday
Gadiel Delvillar (1 month ago)
......this vedio is cheesy afs
Buy a Nintendo switch eshop card I think you're rich
its cheerio (1 month ago)
How much did it cost in total Edit:but without the game only the Nintendo
It Honoras (3 days ago)
its cheerio its 300-400 $
Erin games (1 month ago)
Until I have enough
Erin games (1 month ago)
I’ve been saving since last month and I already have $50 dollars left
Adnan Abbas (1 month ago)
Lucky I wanted a Nintendo switch for3 years straight Im getting it in 3months
KERITZI GARCIA (1 month ago)
Happy birthday to you
Ashli Games (1 month ago)
How is it a gift if he buys jt for himself with saved up money
Skinny Manny (1 month ago)
How much did u pay including taxes
sergio resendiz (1 month ago)
you talk like your dad that's cool
jojo bobo (1 month ago)
i wish we had a shop like that in the uk
AviPlayz_ (1 month ago)
Awesome video and congrats hope you enjoy your switch and I'm getting one for new year still have to wait some months but I'm 100% gonna get it. If you all are wondering why wont I get it on Christmas that's because I dont celebrate Christmas so I'm so excited to get it.
Awesome dude11 (1 month ago)
I got a Nintendo switch on Tuesday the 8th on 2018
Brandon Enriquez (1 month ago)
I’m almost getting a Nintendo switch with my own money I been earning money so I could buy it and the games
Emmanuel jr (1 month ago)
This is a good video.
Dav id (1 month ago)
same i got one to for my b day :) Love your content
Dylan fortner (1 month ago)
Your not supposed to show the licence plate on video u need to blur it out
josue y ox abdentro (1 month ago)
I saw you
Sherwin the junior (1 month ago)
Happy Birthday bro wish you best of luck I am you Fan
abeer ahmed (1 month ago)
Wait hus parents dont spend money on him. He said he was saving money wtf
Brothish Xd (1 month ago)
Jackintheblox123 (1 month ago)
Muhibullah Mohsin (2 months ago)
Congratulations you are sooooooooooooo lucky
Do you have fortnite on it because I want to friend you
Previ Tube (2 months ago)
Patryk Zemlik (2 months ago)
Show how your playing!
Si D (2 months ago)
Awer last name is damian
zhimei yuan (2 months ago)
If I am a college student , should I spend money on Nintendo switch ? Also, I have job right now
All That N Some (2 months ago)
Great video
iron savage (2 months ago)
You should get fortnite on your no nintedoswitch
Gaming Nate (2 months ago)
I saved up for a Nintendo switch and got one June 8th! I know how excited he was, Because I experienced it too.
Awesome dude11 (2 months ago)
Do you have a ps4 and xbox one or the Xbox one x or the Xbox one s
Awesome dude11 (2 months ago)
I want a Nintendo switch
Jeff Hardy (2 months ago)
Worst video ever show of
Moses Urena (2 months ago)
I got that yo😮😮😱😁😁
Markus Moya (2 months ago)
Best game console is netendo switch
JamieJohnson (2 months ago)
"How does it feel to not have anymore money? "...I don't?" Story of my life.
Ingrid higueros (2 months ago)
Why do people get so excited just from Nintendo switch
Junior Mf (2 months ago)
Deion is mad
Edgar Garcia (2 months ago)
Spoiled bitch
Elchingon Paco (2 months ago)
Happy b day man
Kiwawn Hill (2 months ago)
Wish I had one😔
Romary Pabunan (2 months ago)
Parenting done right.
END OF THE CHANNEL ;-; (2 months ago)
OMG Im getting the switch on my B day to :D Even with me own money
Ali Al-Malioki (2 months ago)
Do a gaming bait the Nintendo switch
gg gg (2 months ago)
Rocky Plays124 (2 months ago)
U Mexican ?
Rocky Plays124 (8 days ago)
Messi DIOS it’s like me too
Messi DIOS (8 days ago)
No bro he is probably Latino like me Born in US family from Mexico That is called Latino
Rocky Plays124 (2 months ago)
Vavada Didiva cause I am to bro
Vavada Didiva (2 months ago)
Rocky Plays why do you want to know?
Gloria De La Rosa (2 months ago)
Mario cart is 60 dollars
Dylan Blake (3 months ago)
Why were you so concerned about wanting to take it back.
rosa a (3 months ago)
Fortnite camera on the swicth
furiousal, (3 months ago)
Damian is my name
Andres Castillo (3 months ago)
El mundial
Jorge Mares (3 months ago)
Thiago is not my phone and my name is damien
Dracafeu (3 months ago)
The outro pic of them makes them look like they have problems... LOL
fatkid jid (3 months ago)
0:12 tho
pokeman_ master (3 months ago)
Get fortnite on switch becuz its fwrrre
thanasak akarapanont (3 months ago)
Nice choice
Ursula Clark (3 months ago)
Happy bday yo
Jeffy Jeffy (3 months ago)
That face tho
Sam Chavez (3 months ago)
Coopa Neffy lol
S C (3 months ago)
i want one
Naruto Uzumaki (3 months ago)
Mari...o....k...a....rrt..... why Mario....kkkartt....WHY U NO GET DE ZELDA OM GAWSH DAT SHOULD BE THE FIRST GAME ANYONE GETS.....not hate lol sorry 😸😸😸😸
The Watcher (3 months ago)
Whenever a kid wants something their parents like do something like little bit funny but the kids laugh a lot they're like so happy
conscole kid 48 (3 months ago)
My birthday is in 3 days and i am getting a nintendo switch
abcd efgh (3 months ago)
I’m getting the switch on my birthday
XXXtecti Hartzog 2 (3 months ago)
I have a Nintendo switch
Tatiyahna Gage (3 months ago)
I'm going to kidnap be you
Arktik_Knight (3 months ago)
Only if I was that spoiled
Damian Balcaceres (3 months ago)
My name is Damian too
Gus Jp (3 months ago)
cool u go to thee walmart i go to it looks extacly the same where i go to
Canadian gamer55 (3 months ago)
I'm buying my Nintendo switch in a week so I'm really pumped for that
Official Girl queen (4 months ago)
Yall live in Arizona you can see it on 5.27
Tina Angers (4 months ago)
Give me your Intendo switch
Iris Colon (4 months ago)
I like the video and i subcribe
HateMyProfile l (4 months ago)
I'm getting a Nintendo switch for the same reason my bday in 9 days
Steven Rogers (4 months ago)
I have a Nintendo switch👍
alex Reache (4 months ago)
Mario odssey is better then mario kart 8 deluxe
Alexandryo (4 months ago)
Chanclas? Ke
Gach Boy (4 months ago)
I’ve got a Nintendo switch for 2 months now what’s your account? My account is JAY T and my icon is Joshy from Mario
Norelis Mendez (4 months ago)
Your short
It Honoras (3 days ago)
Norelis Mendez hes young
Jesse & Hailey Guevara (4 months ago)
It's worth it
N O X - D E S I G N (5 months ago)
Lucky Boy :-)

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