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Nintendo Waifus With Etika

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Together with Etika we go over the many Waifus that have graced the Nintendo Switch from Pyra and Mythra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Min Min and Twintelle in Arms and many more in Senran Kagura and other titles that would never be found on other Nintendo systems. So is Fire Emblem Tree Houses going to follow up? Let's Find Out! Etika's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/EWNetwork Support us on Patreon and get your Pin!: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Join our Discord Server Today! https://discord.gg/PkXTHbS
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Commonwealth Realm (4 months ago)
It's Happening! Finally after having a great and wild time with Etika in New York we sat down and recorded our thoughts and opinions regarding Nintendo's Waifu push in the recent years. We can't thank the man himself enough for doing this and giving us the honour of finally turning this dream into reality!
vomitoriumbassist (4 months ago)
Hey commonwealth realm.. i was just wondering if i still won that first year of nintendo switch online from one of your alls contests about a year ago... i have a new youtube account i use now.. and this is my older one.. but where its been a bit less active youtube seems to have deleted all of my previous messages and interactions with you all.. ive been trying to reach out to you all but cant seem to find a good place to(mainly on some of your other videos/twitter).. or if i do, ive not been able to read any responses... or find my posts after the fact... are you able to message me personally here on youtube? If not just let me know how i can reach you all or if you need my email address etc. or if Nintendo took too long to release online and you all would prefer to not go through with it for me, just let me know, and ill stop bothering you all about it... would be greatly appreciated ! Cheers and i love your contents! Keep it up you alls!
Josh 64 (4 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm I shipped Bayonetta and Lucina because they’re both overrated. Besides, I fuckin hate Bayonetta!
Azur3Phoenix (4 months ago)
That Senran Kagura touching game on Switch is being localised, you know. And with that SNK game as well, this certainly is a good time to be alive indeed. Meanwhile on the Sony front, Omega Labrynth Z (a game where everything has something to do with boobs), has been refused localisation by Sony. Nintendo progresses, Sony regresses. :/
Naiko (4 months ago)
A F (4 months ago)
SquidBag Wow what's your beef with him.
Ritcher Ngyes (8 days ago)
When Sony/PS have perfect games with a story driven to gameplay than Nintendo. Sony>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nintendo
Corrin Flakes (1 month ago)
"2015 had no waifus" *Callie & Marie fan outcry*
Forrest Nohria (1 month ago)
And now there's Dragalia Lost with a whole new can of worms of waifu collecting.
Bloodyblade64 (3 months ago)
Michael Olegario (3 months ago)
You guys said something about Pokemon not having waifus or maybe I misheard? But nah man, Sun and Moon series used the tropical setting as an excuse to give us Professor Kukui, Olivia, lots of swimmer girls and guys, Lusamine, "Thicc" Wicke, and Professor Burnet
FroStar* (4 months ago)
As we say in french : "Let it be free" ? I'm french and I absolutely don't know what you mean by that. 'X)
AEGIS Stomboy (4 months ago)
Please stop making these shitty meme video's
Augustine Vega (4 months ago)
It's like nobody considers that Xenoblade Chronicles X existed. *Sigh* 🙄😒
The ChoZen One NintenJoE (4 months ago)
Tenko: "Degenerate Male!"
someguy GMD (4 months ago)
Poipole49 (4 months ago)
Every Pokémon Game still has that Waifu Appeal. Remember, Misty? Lillie? Olivia? There are too many waifus in Pokémon Games that y'all forgot.
Dark Mage (4 months ago)
No Red Robin
Leonardo Pantano (4 months ago)
That xenoblade 1 footage tho
ilwoomynati (4 months ago)
Where the heck is Marina?
Poipole49 (4 months ago)
Dylan Hammer (4 months ago)
Where is skyward said vs twilight princess? Do they still do game vs game?
Fat-hat (4 months ago)
Roan Clifford (4 months ago)
It would be great if they have more husbandos too
BDZB Comics (4 months ago)
Why wasn't there any mention of Pokémon Waifus? Sun and Moon were FULL of them! Wicke, Plumeria, Lusamine, Mallow, Olivia... The list goes on and on!
The Lone Warrior (4 months ago)
Did they forget the waifus in Hyrule Warriors? I know that wasn’t really Nintendo but there was Lana, Cia, Zelda, Ruto, Twili Midna, and some would say Linkle because her boots expose parts of her legs
The Lone Warrior (4 months ago)
Wow, two of my favorite channels doing a collab! I feel lucky
Fabio Carolino (4 months ago)
I did not think i would need this video, 20+ minutes of Nintendo waifus, WTF BTW, even if she had some problems plot wise (and big ones), Micaiah from Radiant Dawn best Waifu.
Evan Peskoff (4 months ago)
Game sells well + game has overly sexualized women =/= game sells well because it has overly sexualized women. That's not how it works.
SebasTheNerd (4 months ago)
2015 would be inklings if your into that shit Fukin sicko
Evan Peskoff (4 months ago)
No, the plot twists in Xenoblade 1 were very imaginable. I imagined most of them and all the others came out of nowhere.
Evan Peskoff (4 months ago)
Oh no, I figured them out long before that.
DipshitChrom 200x (4 months ago)
Evan Peskoff I mean it isn't hard to know most of xenoblade chronicles twists when the game goes out of its way to tell you the twists shortly before they happen
Evan Peskoff (4 months ago)
James Nho (4 months ago)
I wish Etika would finish Xenoblade 2 already :(.....and do a live stream of it.
Evan Peskoff (4 months ago)
Fine, keep doing it, but it's not how you sell things. Marvel figured out 10 years ago that if you REALLY wanna make money, you put a male shirtless scene in every movie.
mario9785ify (4 months ago)
Nate Allard (4 months ago)
It's a bit hard to hear you in this video. Could you perhaps add closed captions?
Simple Buddy (4 months ago)
Mithra and ?
Gabcard (4 months ago)
Jigglypuff is the perfect waifu. So thicc that she is actually a circle
Kieran Orchard (4 months ago)
Best waifu is calamity ganon
PK Radical! (4 months ago)
Lyn is best waifu. Any questions?
PK Radical! (4 months ago)
Eirika Is Bae Is this an challenge?
Eirika Is Bae (4 months ago)
PK Radical! Yeah Eirika>Lyn.
PkSlime 201 (4 months ago)
Red Hiney (4 months ago)
Waifus 💕💕💕💕
Josh 64 (4 months ago)
I shipped Bayonetta and Lucina because they’re overrated as FUCK! Also, I fuckin hate Bayonetta!
Dank_Shrimp (4 months ago)
Corroko rush (4 months ago)
Goku for smash ultimate
Tiki Best girl (4 months ago)
Wifeous save games
Tiki Best girl (4 months ago)
I don’t care about you calling fire emblem a waifu game who cares I got into the game because that
blank 0po (4 months ago)
Wow thats so cool
Robot590 (4 months ago)
Gengavari (4 months ago)
Ew corrin no just no etika has no taste and also Pyra > Mythra
Huw - wuH (4 months ago)
You guys are forgetting Marina and the other idols from Splatoon
ChrisGHD (4 months ago)
Jesse Dohmen (4 months ago)
Mallow best Waifu
Artimoltros (4 months ago)
If Nintendo cared about waifus they wouldn’t have nerfed Zero Suits titties
Jordium Z (4 months ago)
Rex 123 (4 months ago)
Zelda is my wifefu.
Kniffel101 (4 months ago)
18:26 WAIT!!! This is a mod, right? O_O
E. Blanco (4 months ago)
don't care
ceejay (4 months ago)
this channel has ascended
SurfingKyogre (4 months ago)
The thing that worries me with modern Fire Emblem (everything after Awakening minus SoV)is the fact that they put way too much emphasis on the waifus. They should NOT be the sole reason people buy the games, because that will hurt the quality of the game. Just look at Fates and Warriors. They should not be removed, because that will only cripple the franchise once more, but they should be a side feature and not the main attraction. They should do it like Shadows of Valentia did, but with more support options (Genny, for example, only had one support and that was with an optional character (Sonya)). And no forced child mechanics like in Fates, because that was just poorly implemented. They should absolutely embrace the waifu aspect, but keep it a side aspect. We really don't need another Fates, where the story was terrible in all 3 routes, some characters were way too generic or anime-esque personality wise and the map design was shit in 2 out of 3 routes, just to make room for the waifus. That's how I feel about it anyways.
MrRevrabies (4 months ago)
This video made me unsub. If I wanted to watch a ghetto moron who helps bring down society I would watch his videos. Stick to being intelligent gamers.
Aidan Or (4 months ago)
Do we need F-Zero when we have Fast Racing and do we need Advance Wars when we have Tiny Metal?
nothing here (4 months ago)
2:50 thank me later
greenakutabi (4 months ago)
Nintendo really does need to bring Advance Wars back.
PuddleTutrle (4 months ago)
What are the thoughts on Cia/Lana from Hyrule Warriors ?
John Last (4 months ago)
etika never guna finish fire emblem
Javier Miron (4 months ago)
I should be studying...
jean de la croix (4 months ago)
My waifu is morag ladair I feel alone
jean de la croix (4 months ago)
Vesmir NG-3 I see infinity
Vesmir NG-3 (4 months ago)
jean de la croix You see literally nothing, but she's pretty right and have an interest. I prefer Nia, and in second Pyra
newageBoundhippie (4 months ago)
F-Zero's not a waifu series? ...Somebody's not paying attention to Jody Summer, Mrs Arrow, Kate Allen & Princia Ramode ;)
DarthLeapyous (4 months ago)
The exciting thing is all the upcoming games and the potentials for upcoming waifus.
Midna78 (4 months ago)
Now THAT'S a collaboration ^^
Luis Alamilla (4 months ago)
Note to self, never talk about waifus to Joey or he going to put you on blast in a video. RIP Alan.
Mike Mohamed (4 months ago)
Cyndaquil (4 months ago)
Does pokemon count, cause that has alot of waifus
Kameha (4 months ago)
More Etika my homie
SCM Gaming (4 months ago)
Original video ideas ... taken waaay too far! J O Y C O N B O Y Z
MegaCloud05 (4 months ago)
I did the same thing with peach's trophy in melee when I was younger LOL and dont get me started on Soul Calibur 2 where I first learned about Taki and Ivy Valentine
The#1ZeldaFan (4 months ago)
I see u guys got the right guy for the job
AntarianSPACE (4 months ago)
FullMetal Bat (4 months ago)
You guys don't think there's gonna be waifus in Pokémon?!?! Did you not see Olivia?
PuddleTutrle (4 months ago)
FullMetal Bat their childishness lvl turned +1 but so did their waifu lvl
GODZILLA MAN123 (4 months ago)
Best Video On youtube
Vesmir NG-3 (4 months ago)
GODZILLA MAN123 The GameXplain discusions it's my favorited
FullMetal Bat (4 months ago)
No love for Marina?
Jackson Serr (4 months ago)
Xenon Dante (4 months ago)
Richard Giro (4 months ago)
Oh god. Y'all somehow managed to make a 22 minute video about game titties. You. Horny. Bastards. The flag was actually pretty dope tho
Dylan B (4 months ago)
Talking about Nintendo Waifus? No wonder Etika is in this! ;D
Goku_Dunker _420 (4 months ago)
So that's where this nigga has been
Hyperior V (4 months ago)
Never clicked on a video so fast b4
Kakariko Kage (4 months ago)
You guys are pervs, but let's face it. That is the whole reason the rest of us clicked on this video too.😜
Sleepi (4 months ago)
I never understood the waifu hate. As long as it doesn't hamper gameplay, who doesn't like some eyecandy I mean damn?
Crimson Hebi (4 months ago)
That’s what I’m saying lmao it goes to show how people take offense towards characters who don’t exist. “Oh no! There’s boobs, and ass in my games! So much of it (within my standards of “too much”)
Uncanny Shadow (4 months ago)
Best Collaboration, love both of your channels, keep up the good work guys
Sleepi (4 months ago)
J O Y C O N B O Y Z lmao you can hear the highness in his voice
Evan Johnson (4 months ago)
Etika looks so out of place (edit) JOYCON BOYZ
Jared Khan (4 months ago)
im fine with waifus in fe but thats all they should be. head canon fictional partners for thirsty, lonely people to help games sell. even tho conquest is one of my favorite games of all time, the core aspects of fe suffered due to waifus. specifically supports. so many of the supports were forced and added no depth to any characters (most characters). they valued quantity over quality cuz of the marriage and it just wasnt any good. I think it should take a similar but dialed back approach to xenoblade 2. Where waifus exist, but they dont really hurt core aspects of the series. my problem with xc2 is that there are literally just way too many and its unbalanced. before dlc, there were 8 guys and 30 girls... *thats fucking outrageous* From what weve seen with the three houses trailer, they are doing what i hoped they would: make attractive characters but not over sexualized characters. of course im fine with like 1 absurdly sexualized character purely because thats their role but dont overflow the game with them. Also another problem with xc2 is that there was a HUUUGE disconnect between the characters personalities and designs. For example pyra is extremely reserved and only starts to be assertive when they get their asses kicked by jin on tantal but she shouldnt be so exposed. it just doesnt fit. dahlia suffers from this too. she's made out to be a very sweet and caring mother figure in her heart to hearts but what kind of authoritative and caring mother looks like *THAT*
Rohith K (4 months ago)
I am a simple man, I see the leader of the joyconboyz and I click
Ian Smith-Bissoondutt (4 months ago)
cool, but where is Android 21
Frog Juice Justice (4 months ago)
Ben & Jerry's B O Y Z
CHRISTIAN R. (4 months ago)
Just make sure you keep it away from your shelf etika
IMLR. (4 months ago)
Twintelle and Marina doe
James Jarman (4 months ago)
Samus, Zelda & Peach...the original Waifus...
Vesmir NG-3 (4 months ago)
S*o, so, so..* Poppi, seems it like to be reprogrammed !
djmama (4 months ago)
Damn right
Pioxys (4 months ago)
Now this nigga has something to put in the background to cover the death of his shelf.
DeltaShizunawa (4 months ago)
Joshed George (4 months ago)
I'm not guilty for watching this. Well not that much... Edit: After watching the whole video I am very guilty
Xray_534 (4 months ago)
So etika, myths or kamui

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