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Back In Black - Health & Channel Update May 2018

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I am finally able to work again - Health & Channel Update May 2018 Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SubTechofTomorrow Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 Days & Support Tech of Tomorrow! http://amzn.to/12JFYau Don't forget to check out the website! http://www.techoftomorrow.com Check us out on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/TechofTomorrow Stay updated on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/techof_tomorrow Tech of Tomorrow Music! http://www.techoftomorrow.com/music The Benchmark Song: The Human Zoo - Free on Spotify! http://spoti.fi/10Vz31z - Amazon: http://amzn.to/12Rh6kI - iTunes: http://bit.ly/199301I
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Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
Most of you you have been so wonderful that I will never forget you kind words of support in my darkest hour. My heartfelt appreciation to you all and to the haters after almost dying they will never bother me again no matter how hard they try. Life is too short for hate and negativity and this ordeal has changed me forever. You are the best fans a dude could ever have hands down!!!
Tech of Tomorrow so unbelievably glad you’re back,
数一X (28 days ago)
But you still haven’t started that gofundme... I’m ready to contribute
endlesslord1985 (1 month ago)
I’m so glad you getting better. You do the best tech videos hands down. Would Be a very sad time if you did not make any more videos. So glad you doing better keep your head up high. As a great man said before. “It is a very mean and nasty place It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me or nobody is going to hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much can you take and keep moving forward.”
agentblax (1 month ago)
much love. so glad to hear you have some relief and youre on the path to greater recovery!
Adam Smith (1 month ago)
dry needling is basically the same as a TPI but without an anesthetic like the lidocaine/steroid mix in a tpi. I highly recommend dry needling because you don't need an appointment, most physical therapists can do it as well as chiropractors, massage therapists and in office doctors visits. they're much easier and quicker to get than anything with medication in it. walk in and walk out in as little than 20 minutes: YMMV. I have spasms in my traps. doc suggested tpi's and it was a miracle. found out about dry needling and it works nearly as good though not as long because they're not using steroids but hey I can go get needled as much as a like and when I need it most. After thousands of dollars of this and that, a simple pressure point release from a disposable needle that costs $0.10 (ten cents) works miracles and a hell-of-a lot less chemical painkillers. Be warned guys and gals. Following your doctors advise is recommended but they're going to milk you for everything you have when all you need is a tight muscle broken up with one, tiny, cheap, 10 cent needle that can be done in the office, in literally 3 minutes. SHIT. I've had 6 at a time and still yet I was in and out of the office (after i went back) in just 15 minutes.
Michael Hansen (4 days ago)
Hello Eric. *I apologize in before because English is not my first language. Im a long time viewer/lucker of you all the way back to motherboards.org days. It is really nice hearing that you are well again, I deeply send you my deepest thoughts of staying on top and well. I hope you will live a long and great life. I will look forwant to see more of your videos in the future. The Best regards Michael Hansen from Denmark
ConsulLivius (12 days ago)
Holy shit dude I` m really happy its getting better, I saw the video just a few minutes ago where u said u had parkinsons... seriously , really happy I scrolled and saw this.Please keep updates because people here care for you , ignore the haters , not worth, focus on those who bring positives in ur life. Really happy man.Rock on and take care.Cya with new videos.Btw dunno if this is gonna help or not but watching ur videos during my heart problems where i was in a fuckton of pain and depresion and anxiety and near death for such a long time did distract me from my problems and did bring me some smiles when nothing could so yeah thank you for that man I`ll never forget it. I can`t do much for you except wish u the best and good health.
Isaiah Henderson (14 days ago)
I just discovered you and I've been watching all your past videos. Your are awesome. Fuck the haters. You do you.
Doops Grass (17 days ago)
Wow man! that's great the Parkinson was a mis diagnosis and you found the issue! I came to this channel just the other week looking at your 1070ti review and stumbled on your health update videos and they hit me hard. So glad to hear things are on the up for yuh :)
mrluka040 (19 days ago)
Holy shit man! i am really happy for you! I haven't really been following you channel for these past few months and got so worried when i saw the video about you being sick. And talk about being sick! That's like atomic bomb levels of sick! Hope you recover back to your normal self soon!
Xabier Granja (20 days ago)
Didn't know you went through such an ordeal. I'm very happy you're on your way to recovery! Take your time, health is the 1st priority.
ViralNews (20 days ago)
Elric... Please watch your food intake. It's the most important thing if you want to be healthy. Avoid gmo's, conventional diary and meat, gluten, sugar and carbohydrates and eat lots of fruits, salad and nuts and also healthy oils, like olive and coconut oil. I wish you all the best. Regards
SERGE (21 days ago)
you need to celebrate 🎉 LIVE
akarna69 (23 days ago)
I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, man! Get well.
Harry Belfore (23 days ago)
Glad to hear you are back in business. Hope you continue to gain weight and get back to a more normal way of life. Will obviously continue watching :)
Darathu (24 days ago)
So let me get this straight, some people found out you don't have Parkinson and unsubbed? What the fuck... they are seriously dumb.
Vic LTD (26 days ago)
doctors SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK ASS. i've been in pain for 3 years... =/ I'm glad for you though, man! :)
Random Ryan (26 days ago)
Of all the people that need a hug, it's you ;p
DelPieroRUS (26 days ago)
Great news! So glad for you! :) Now lets rock!
Jerry Fenno (26 days ago)
Thank God glad to here it, Take care of your self Man COOL!!!!
OldGamerGene (27 days ago)
I hope you recover, but this is not why I watch you. You give excellent tech videos - THAT is why I watch you. Thumbs down....
izaak buttigieg (27 days ago)
Hope you'll get well soon Elric.
Rafał j (27 days ago)
You should say "c4 and c5" in neck :) L means lumbar :)
Gerbanium Green (27 days ago)
Glad you're okay, been watching you since motherboards-org.
Jahmez (28 days ago)
Glad you are feeling better.
Dr Poldi (28 days ago)
Thank god you don't have Parkinson's! Being angry about the false diagnosis doesn't change anything, the only thing you can do is be happy about not having it and being on the path to good health. Been watching your videos since 2012, you're one of the people from whom I learned how to build a computer, so thank you for that! Can't wait for the future videos :)
Olvin Fajardo (28 days ago)
Hope you get better man! Your videos are gold! Thank you for such great work!
Bilal Baig (29 days ago)
Get Well Soon Bro!!
RGMUFC1 (29 days ago)
Good news Elric, i'm happy for you. Didn't know that disks from spine can do sucha thing.
Anan Lama (30 days ago)
Get well soon
Uragan5 (30 days ago)
You have no idea how happy I am for you. It really did hurt me that you would have Parkirson's disease because that is just so terrible, the doctor who miss diagnosed you is a total idiot, but its good to see that your issues are not related to that which means that can be solved easily, more or less. Bless you man.
Pako St (30 days ago)
This is incredible news! I'm really happy that you are feeling and getting better!
RocketPuncherTV (30 days ago)
time to go to the gym bro, fucking protein shakes and lift weights
Kor Taffel (1 month ago)
Here's more "frozen shoulder" exercises for you: https://youtu.be/SxtbqluwiLk
Norman (1 month ago)
Is it hard to get stronger opioids for pain in the USA?
Adam W (1 month ago)
Glad to hear you are doing better
Poji Shinozie (1 month ago)
you are too young to died man! Nvidia new line up is coming up! amd ryzen2 please come back on that soon! intel gpu! n asrock gpu! love u bro!!!
Chef Riz (1 month ago)
sQQu33 PC (1 month ago)
Elric, please tell me you can still make awesome jams on your guitar!!! I love you man <3
Soul Blade (1 month ago)
That's so awesome to hear! Hope you get better man! All the best!
Mario Laborem (1 month ago)
Great news! Congratulations!
Beyond Deadlines (1 month ago)
Thank God you are back in the black....praying for you
Jiří Kocman (1 month ago)
Glad to hear that. Take care
Jason (1 month ago)
Oh great, he'll become a shill after this.
Damir Trako (1 month ago)
Great news m8!
imuck5000 (1 month ago)
really glad to hear you feel better, you fought death and won.. how badass is that! keep on doing what makes you happy, you really deserve to be happy
Saad Ali (1 month ago)
F them, u better without those scum subs
Joe shmoe (1 month ago)
Take it steady Dude. So glad you are improving all round!
protechnician83 (1 month ago)
Good to see you are feeling better
Varinder Bains (1 month ago)
Great to have you back and getting your health back is immense....All my thoughts and wishes for things to get even better...
totoyoume2 (1 month ago)
I am glad your back 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
ZX Tech. (1 month ago)
jazgara (1 month ago)
Really happy your better my man. Gobless. Still praying for you
Dan Francisco (1 month ago)
Great news, thank God.
Hermes Eingild Declaro (1 month ago)
Kevin Gee (1 month ago)
God bless. I just missed this video in my feed until I looked into your channel. It's amazing to hear that you're good to go back to work.
Paul Yoder (1 month ago)
hell yeah man ..im happy for you..
Brett Thomas (1 month ago)
Mate i am so happy you are doing better!
Brad K (1 month ago)
This is AWSOME Elrick! I'm (we're) so glad your getting better and What I can say for most of us is we cant wait for more of your awesome reviews and other videos! Thank God your feeling better man!
freeski420 (1 month ago)
Get well soon!! It's not an easy task that for sure but you can do it! One step at a time that's how I get threw my pain :)
RoboTronix (1 month ago)
So glad your feeling better! (still sounds like your having a rough time but better is in this case a relative term lol) Thank you for the update!!! I hope you keep getting better and better :)
GingerSquatch (1 month ago)
I'm so glad to hear you be able to have a better quality of life!!! I hope that you continue on your health increase and are able to be healthy again!!!
oDieseLz (1 month ago)
Damn! That's good news. Bet that's a bunch of weight off your chest.
Javier Corona (1 month ago)
Glad you are better, dude. Hope it all keep improving!!
Philip Pirie (1 month ago)
Awesome!!!! So glad to hear your doing better! Keep up the good fight and never give up!
Pseudo Soul (1 month ago)
Sorry you went thru all of that shit. It's a shame that it took 3 months to figure that out. Thank god that you were able to speak up for yourself and get things done. Unfortunately there are millions of people who can't speak up for themselves and our medical system chews them up and spits them out. Don't get me wrong, there are good, caring, and loving health care workers, but there are far more shit bags.
Jake Banman (1 month ago)
Hey man, glad your feeling better! That's awesome! I look forward to seeing more of your videos.
48some (1 month ago)
man Eric you are like my hero Kane from Comman & Conquer.. that moment when he gets announced on a big screen : KANE LIVES That epic feeling thats how i feel when i see you love you man !
atSHADOWBAT (1 month ago)
I am so happy you are feeling better. My prayers are still with you.
richard splichal (1 month ago)
Modern medicine isn't perfect but some of these comments are ridiculous. Heaven forbid people be ridiculed for not doing their job fast enough and then be criticized for making mistakes.
Todd Dembsky (1 month ago)
Elric !!! I love to see the spark in your eyes. You seem to be a new man. God has a plan, your faith is amazing. Have you tried Acupuncture? It may help release pent up tension. Paul and Kyle are great guys (Heather is wonderful too, she keeps Kyle in line) God Bless, praying for continued recovery and looking forward to some fun content from the Three Amigo's :-)
Yzaazy (1 month ago)
I makes me so sad that the healthcare in the states is so fucking bad. There really need to take notes from the system in Europe. You would never had to be in all that pain.
darkmadrap (1 month ago)
youre welcome . since back in the day , when i started to know your channel like maybe 4-5 years ago , i always liked your attitude and the way you interact with people , youre sincerity and the way you expressed yourself . i truly enjoy watching the content you provide as well as how i see stars in your eyes when you talk about something that passionate you :) . god bless you . and even if im only 25 years old , you were a part of my technological development to what ive learned through the years regarding all computing matters :D
SirRainis (1 month ago)
Just for info neck has cervical vertebrae so it's C4 and C5, L is lumbar part.
KannX (1 month ago)
This news made me happy. Wish You the best!
Sebastian Klüsener (1 month ago)
Welcome back m8!
Wakifo (1 month ago)
I am so happy to hear you don't have parkinsons. That's a HUGE blessing.
heckman (1 month ago)
You're so much more stable in your movement and tbh you're looking better now than before thanks to the weight loss imo now your skin colour isn't dead lol, positive on everything. Sucks you lost muscle but hey you actually look younger now than you did 5 years ago tbh
Michael Starley (1 month ago)
Awesome!! Congrats you hard Rokkin Old Fart ! Seriously . Good to see that the clouds have cleared . Enjoy yourself man . Lookin forward to more vids .
Mariano Nahuel Mariño (1 month ago)
great man! get better and rest! hope you a full recover ! and keep the good work! cheers
MaDLaD x (1 month ago)
amazing news elric glad your recovering I got worried when you was saying you were dyeing love you man keep up the recovery on your health and vids :)
Jay 90 (1 month ago)
Im glad you're getting better man :)
Mattie Dumbrill (1 month ago)
Nice to know ur getting better now.
James Kourelis (1 month ago)
Good to see you on the mend mate.
Oh Elric, it's such a relief you're doing better now! Thank you for these vids.
Jarrod'sTech (1 month ago)
Glad to hear things are looking up mate!
Welsh Gaming (1 month ago)
glad your ok mate and things are going great for you, take it easy and can't wait for new videos on your channel :)
tucker21222 (1 month ago)
Thank you too I have been a fan of your Tech videos since the Radeon 6990 it was a big card with high results on the benchmarks and ever since then you've always made good quality videos and I'm glad to see you're feeling a whole lot better and I really hope everything goes good for you so take it easy my friend
freaky freaky (1 month ago)
That's a happy news! Elric stay strong we still want you....
CheckTechNow (1 month ago)
I wish the best from my heart for you!! You are one of the best people that i watch here , you deserve the best!
Chromatic Progress (1 month ago)
Congratulations on the positive progress and pleasant health news! Stay strong and fuck the haters.
Jishi Katsu (1 month ago)
Back in 2016 my body basically started giving out, i couldn't work, medical bills started to pile up and no one really believed me when explained what was going on. My tried her best but, never figured out the problem. I changed my diet and got on the treadmill for 10-15min a day. But, before I got better my senior told me that my fellow coworkers were saying I'm on drugs. That just killed me emotionally and mentally, to believe they would show support just to be bad mouthing me behind my back. Hope the worse is behind you, may god bless you with health, happiness and many more years. I finally saw the opposite end of the mirror. May you be protected and healed as I was by your loved ones and god.
awesomeferret (1 month ago)
Ttis is very inspiring for people considering suicide. You thought you were going to die from Parkinsons and the pain but now you likely will be back to normal eventually. It ALWAYS gets better. Always have hope. I'm so glad that you are doing so much better. Here's to a better future.
KeepFighting (1 month ago)
good to see you get better
sniperlif3 (1 month ago)
This is terrific!! I love that you are feeling so much better!!
Sky Corrigan (1 month ago)
This video made me so freaking happy!
린하야시 (1 month ago)
Try chiropractor too. relieved me some pains with some pressure that these spine disk that's slightly mis-aligned. feel good already
André Gonçalves (1 month ago)
Keep getting strong 💪👍
Greg Dimas (1 month ago)
Good to hear you are getting better.
MasterAlucardSotn (1 month ago)
Glad to see your doing better
Ernest Jay (1 month ago)
You lose weight ? rip Biff Baxter character :(
TheArchetypeGamer (1 month ago)
It's great you're doing better
Rinji (1 month ago)
I am very glad that you are okay man, I have watched you for a long long time now, Tbh I think I started watching you on a 550 TI video from asus. I was worried with the misdiagnosis that has been years ago though! I will say only worry about what you can do right now, and never live to please others you might succeed from time to time in that endeavor however while doing so you will only be miserable... I again am very glad for you keep making great videos and I look forward to seeing what you bring next.
chad billy (1 month ago)
I'm really glad to hear your getting better,and I hope you make a full recovery.

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