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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire - 7 things every beginner needs to know

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The fantastic Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is here, providing old-school dungeon crawling action from veteran devs Obsidian. And that means some of it's systems are tricky for the uninitiated - which is where this video comes in. Here are 7 things every beginner playing Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire needs to know. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg https://www.instagram.com/logitechg
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Text Comments (150)
Long Nguy (8 days ago)
Man this game looks addicting and fun. It does look like a game with a steep learning curve. I am not a PC gamer, but this game makes me want to get it on PC. I know it's coming out to console, but I'm not sure how all these features will be mapped onto a controller.
ValnirAesling (18 days ago)
ur crew starts eating from the left not the right
CarolusBuchwurm (21 days ago)
Was that a Vox Machina quote or just a coincidence?
Ben Richards (1 month ago)
Pillars 2 is trivial, even on POTD, and you can absolutely zerg through it with any party mix you want.
Just Jordan (1 month ago)
5 characters NO NO My retro brain takes 6 Chars and no less! Come on Boo we are out of here!
Muhammad Akmal (1 month ago)
40 hour ingame and pillar of eternity veteran i thought the slow time feature were removed lols. thx to this video i know it is exist haha
Mr. Testosterone (1 month ago)
So, Game is good for it's kind. Graphics are good. Game play is good. Good follow up to the first game. Lore/Canon keep up. BUT, surprise motherfuckers, I deleted the game after 5 hours of play. The story line is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY to complicated. Go here, then here, then read, read, read, read, read, take notes, take more notes, read, read, read. Go here, then here, then there, KISS MY ASS. Cheats work fine, if you get stuck. But, I'm not going to spend 200 hours finding this and doing that, with an occasional battle. If I wanted to read a book, I would get a Kindle book from Amazon. jesus, fuck you fanboys.
Tomas de Wit (29 days ago)
This comment is genuinly funny
Orin Ivan Vrkas (1 month ago)
You do know this game is so easy you can programme the AI well enough to just win every fight on Path of The Damned difficulty without touching a single button and just letting your chars fight. Even Obsidian has acknowledged the problem and will increase the difficulty to be in line with PoE 1, which really was a bit more challenging.
fucheduck (1 month ago)
in Baldur's gate the "hint" book warned about not giving your party lots of beer and chips and how they might just kick your ass!, a myth! But in this game; GROG IS A MUST! it is like Sid Mayer's "Pirates!" on the open seas, your morale is closely and meticulously checked. if you are on a ship in real life would you omit alcohol from the diet of your hard-on-their luck crew!
Yuma Mierzwa (1 month ago)
Want the best tip on how to pick up Pillars of Eternity 2? PLAY PILLARS 1 !!! The biggest problem I see for newcomers is that the scope of lore is fucking suffocating. It is already fairly hard to get into when you start with the first game, but its manageable and I would say necessary in order to understand what is going on in part 2. The events of Pillars 1 are referenced almost constantly and I like that, it feels really epic and it makes me feel like I am continuing my journey. But if I hadnt played the first game, I'd just be confused as hell.
joemama114 (1 month ago)
Here's 1 tip to make the game 1000% easier, play a Beckoner Chanter. They're hysterical. You can summon with less phrases and your summons have less hp, are smaller but you get 2 for every 1. Meaning end game you can summon 8 miniature animated weapons and laugh as they gang up on your enemies. 8 on 1 is very unfair. Add to that the fact that I don't think they get any weaker. Even though they are half size and with half base hp I think they still do full damage. The ogres that you can summon (4 instead of the base 2) still do 30+ damage per hit regularly. It's funny to summon 4 half size ogres on top of a mage or range enemy who thinks they are safe and then nearly instantly turns into bloody gibs. This is also a side note but summoned characters can often have abilities. Make sure you either activate the ai on any summons when you get them on the field or check to see if they have any abilities. I thought the wisp summons were useless until I found out they could teleport quite far and daze enemies. Regularly they move very VERY slowly. Also for any range attacker, get at least 1 arbelest with the proficiency you can cc enemies like mad, it's basically bullying and with the ranger bounce attack you can do it to 2 enemies at once.
SolusBatty (1 month ago)
I can slow down time? I needed that! Thanks.
Katie Knoll (1 month ago)
Replace Xoti with a Paladin/Priest adventurer. That's the best tip I can give, was a lot better after that!
City Hunter (1 month ago)
Can you Pick more than 5 characters in a party? via mods perhaps someday...
Monikan Cultist (1 month ago)
Tl;dr typical WoW dungeon party 1 tank 3 dps 1 heals then blame heals for getting wiped.
swardinc (1 month ago)
WHAT?!!! games use to be on shelves what kind of black magic is this!!!! =P
swardinc (1 month ago)
lol yea
Logitech G (1 month ago)
AND they used to come packaged with mysterious tomes called 'instruction manuals'. Heresy! :D
Bethany Monges (1 month ago)
#8: you can’t romance Eder.
Jonny Bravo (1 month ago)
Can the green circle under the character get remove? It's been bothering me since day 1
Green Mann (1 month ago)
Turn the freaking music down mate, could barely hear you! Great video!
BFKC (1 month ago)
I have a Steelseries mouse though.
David Bodor (1 month ago)
Combat hard in PoE2? Are you kidding me?
Diogenes of Sinope (2 months ago)
Use the pause button? lol that's like a basic function of combat in this game.
Андрей Сусин (2 months ago)
Good writing. Terrible tips
Abe (2 months ago)
What compelled you to put spoilers like locations and companions in a beginners video?
Skipper (2 months ago)
Realistically, Pillars of Eternity 1 got the whole Baldurs gate era feel back as well. Deadfire didn't "recapture" anything. it improved on the first game. Also, from my experience, for what ever reason, Pellegina seems to get focused first, despite Eder (tank) being in front. Everything just loves attacking her first. And to be honest, the Immunities are quite stupid. Slashing and Piercing, most monsters with immunities to damage types generally carry Slashing AND piercing at the same time. So you are forced to use more variations of damage. Problem is, ranged damage is either spells or piercing. And piercing is constant damage in combat, where as spells get used up. As far as slashing goes.. I've come to the conclusion that one of your melee DPS should just always carry a Warhammer or Two hander Mace. And then theirs the whole Lack of Penetration effectiveness. Ship combats interesting. Should be noted that your basic sloop can outfight Galleons. The problem here comes down to lack of crew experience, so they won't be as effective in combat. Otherwise, you Fire and hit Jibe, and keep doing that, because you can outmaneuver other ships each time you jibe, you have the firing action available... and for cannons.. really Iron Thunderers I believe are the all round best. Double Bronzers have a sluggish reload and really, require you to be quite close for them to be effective and Imperial Long guns are slow as well and don't really put out more damage then the Thunderers.
Raistlin 34 (2 months ago)
1) how essential are clerics, compared with PoE 1? Can I replace the cleric with a druid? 2 ) how useful are summons (chanter), specially as extra tank/support?
napalm777 (1 month ago)
Yes, my PC is a chanter summoner, in heavy armor as the second tank to eder and it works great, nothing can get through 12 skeletons fast enough and it causes flanking bonuses everywhere, and each skeleton can engage, enemys that try to run out of the swarm of skeles get blasted by disengagement hits
Karimson Safehold (1 month ago)
Andrew Furletov, you just have to stack deflection on one character using a shield. Even a small one will let you evade a lot more damage. In situations where you aren't surrounded, you can switch to higher dps weapons. Druid healing doesn't get good until level 4 moon well usually. The priest 3rd level spell consecrated spell is also the primary heal. And chanters are also pretty good for aoe regen.
Andrew Furletov (1 month ago)
Playing on Veteran now, there is never enough healing, got a priest, a druid and a paladin in the party, all with healing abilities
Karimson Safehold (2 months ago)
If you don't know how a class works for low and high levels, I suggest getting the main class with no sub class. You won't lose out. The base classes are the most balanced. I haven't tested Beckoner POE2, so I'm going to look it up right now. https://guides.gamepressure.com/pillars_of_eternity_2/guide.asp?ID=43051 Gamepressure's POE1 guide was great, so their POE2 guide may be useful now as well. For summons, in my experience with the POE1 engine, their use isn't so much as damage as places you put to block enemies, to buy yourself time to nuke or react. And while more summons can block more terrain, the same can be said for just summoning up those big wyrms and ogres. They take up a lot of real estate too. The beckoner subclass for chanter looks like it is specialized to pump out drake and ogre summons with fast brisk phrase singing. So long as your chanter isn't downed or paralyzed, he will still sing phrases and thus as time goes on, the chanter gets very reliable party healing (winds of death) and so on. It's almost equivalent to everyone having a fighter's self regen buff. I would not take beckoner, though, if it reduces the life on my summons. It's too specialized then and ideally I want my summons to stay on the battlefield cause they will literally roadblock hordes of enemies, for me. Just by living. If they go poof.... here comes the horde. Chanters are also nice in that they can react to a lot of situations with their defensive buffs and active spells. They got some spike/spot healing for situations where your party is getting smashed. They got summons to stall enemies. They got self heal auras and party auras. They got spells that can remove afflictions from you and buff your party with dps like Aefyre. A chanter has almost as many powerful buffs as priests, but can keep using it so long as they are still alive. Very good for "sustain parties" that don't like to die a lot. A chanter + paladin's spike heal is equal to maybe 1 priest in POE1 for healing. It's about the same, so far, for Poe2.
Raistlin 34 (2 months ago)
Thanks. Regarding summons, is the beckoner subclass for chanter (double number of summons with half the HP) worth?
micah ables (2 months ago)
A lot of people will be weirded out by how slow and inaccurate their attacks are. And how slow their actions are. Pls pls pls put a good amount into dex and perception unless you want to be a slow innacurate numbskull. Strength is only good in moderate doses.
ionicafardefrica (2 months ago)
for a more indepth look at the class building, have a look at the official wiki, it has videos for every class, variatian, multiclass and more, right under the class name. I found it more then useful: https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Classes Also, keep in mind you can always alter your character skills and spells in any tavern and redo them if you mess up, but you CANNOT redo your stats. So watch those videos before you end up 20 hours into the game and realize you might want more intelligence on your hero...
Bal Sagoth (2 months ago)
Hey bud. 30 hours playing, still a noob. Two major questions : is there a way to avoid injuries to the crew when choosing to board an enemy ship? I don't like the naval combat, so I avoid it (I understand shit at naval combat, also). Second... Is there a way to heal your crew quickly? It seems to be done at random and only when the ship moves... Thanks, mate.
TwistdTrip (2 months ago)
spoil much, stopped at 30 seconds in
1983GoldenBoy (2 months ago)
Jonathan van dorsten (2 months ago)
doors..... doors are your best friend creates a choke point where enemies can only attack 1~2 people while your wizard blasts them with ice and fire.
wrngsurgeon (2 months ago)
i can't seem to display health bars..? edit: it's because i had expert on. wish they would let you keep the health bars and disable everything else. it's not really extra help it's just kinda how i played baldur's gate and other rts.
Ktana Lynn (2 months ago)
Tip: (but really common sense) Don't try to use your tank to set off traps. If they die that way...they stay dead. (Sorry A-man, it was a dumb move I know that now!)
Kimochi90 (2 months ago)
My personal 2 tips: be very very patient and level up doing side missions!
Rhasputine Rhag (2 months ago)
Dude thankyou so much, you highlighted a bunch of points I was trying to locate / blanked on. (knew there was a speed slider, couldn't find. thought there should be an item highlighter, didn't work when i tried / i didn't find it). I also finally found the "summoner" class AFTER getting to the big city town of Nek-something (Chanter, melike)
Sombrego (2 months ago)
The AI advice can be very misleading you don't mention in the video that the AI can be modified or at least choose from a few presets. Because by default if you activate the AI your supposed tank may end up having an aggressive AI with 0 tank script ready for battle which can lead you to even more troubles.
mayuko gw2 (2 months ago)
Sombrego I would just ditch the ai and do exactly what this video said i shouldn't I rather play the game like a strategy game and having some control over my action rather then letting the priest spam all his heals when I lose 1% of my health especially after the ai horror stories of the previous tittle
Wes Takahashi (2 months ago)
The wheel is called helm you landlubber lol.
nickybluepants (2 months ago)
I like your content but would enjoy your vids more if you rebalanced your sound a bit. music always seems really loud compared to VO, sometimes making it hard to catch everything you're saying. otherwise you guys are solid!
Logitech G (2 months ago)
Thank you! That's really useful feedback - we'll look into it - Matt
Eri Nagai (2 months ago)
Right now I just want to know how to save and quit...
nic (2 months ago)
Two tanks (one fighter, one paladin), the rest damage.
Karimson Safehold (18 days ago)
When POE 1.0 gold release, paladins had certain issues. Player paladins were more powerful than the companion paladin. So for people who haven't played all the patches, I can understand why they said it was trash and they aren't whacked, just a change due to patch notes.
ValnirAesling (18 days ago)
are you whack? paladins arent trash they do no dmg but are the best supporters. whitout their buffs ur other chars wouldnt be as good. also their healing is really nice.
fucheduck (1 month ago)
+nic that was ultima III's tactic. I would consider something better than a strait fighter for tank 1 Paladins are good but you need to be careful developing them.
Karimson Safehold (2 months ago)
Paladins are pretty good off tank/spike healer, with some off dps now.
nic (2 months ago)
Thats the way she goes bubs, the way she goes.
Maike Prates (2 months ago)
Another thing: Is a Unity Game, so even if you have a GTX 1080ti you can't run with 60fps. And this is sad.
lostsanityreturned (2 months ago)
There are bugged areas that have been formally acknowledged by obsidian as places they will go back and fix. But my titan xp manages the majority of the game at 60fps at 4k, I am fairly sure that a 1080ti isn't going to be that far behind.
Deszczu (2 months ago)
Hey Logitech, nice tips for newbies now a tip for you! Mark this video as a Pillars of Eternity II not a first part ;)
Deszczu (2 months ago)
No worries my fellow YouTube creators ;)
Logitech G (2 months ago)
Good spot! Not sure why YouTube's done that. Fixed! :D - Matt
Omgf007 (2 months ago)
Things beginners need to know.. Yeah show them spoilers ingame. great job!
Zandalorscat (2 months ago)
Great video, thanks!
Mulberry2000 (2 months ago)
how do you move stuff from your party stash to the ship cargo hold, have bought food but cannot move it to the ship
Fzoul Cmbyl (2 months ago)
Look at 7:02 on the video, where it says Ship Equip and Cargo....that IS your stash, it's sorted all the food and drink for you, so you just drag it up to the top window, food in the food section and drink in the other. Like he says, make sure you put the high morale food/drink in the left slots, or else your crew will continue to lose morale on voyages because they don't like the more bland stuff to eat.
Herman Toothrot (2 months ago)
1st thing to know: This is not a beginner game 2nd thing to know: this game has the "almighty" unity engine, HAVE FUN.
Mike (2 months ago)
Could have mentioned how pets are different this time around. They actually benefit you now and give part wide buffs and there are a lot of them
Matthew Jimenez (2 months ago)
Had no idea about the tab button like 20 hours in
Schnake Eyes (2 months ago)
Gotta finish the first before jumping into this
Sebastian Johansson (2 months ago)
i have 20 hours in the game and now i hear about the highlight "tab" fak me
Robert Webb (1 month ago)
Fixpont that's not true. It wasn't in the original games, just the enhanced editions.
Fixpont (1 month ago)
this tab highlights items are in every similar rpg game, it was even in the original baldur's gate and every game since
Carson Long (2 months ago)
how about i beat the game already and never knew.... jesus i hate myself now
Poisonedblade (2 months ago)
Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Nioh, are the only games that compare to the difficulty of the 90's games. It was a badge of honor just to complete a game back then.
mayuko gw2 (2 months ago)
lostsanityreturned I would chalk that up too the dumbing down of rpg's games weren't more difficult back then games got progressively dumbed down till the point that selecting a coherent party is "old school difficulty"
Poisonedblade (2 months ago)
The souls games are pattern based. The enemies are incredibly predictable, but hit hard. So you need to learn their patterns. But once you do, the game is easy. I actually died more in Evil Within that Dark Souls 2 and 3 combined. Nioh is pretty tough, but plays more like Ninja Gaiden, since it's the same team.
lostsanityreturned (2 months ago)
lol... not really, also there were plenty of easier games back then. But seriously, the three games you mentioned aren't nearly as challenging as put forward. The soulsbourne games are amazing of course, and I love them... But their difficulty is overstated.
Don Mayo (2 months ago)
Can someone explain how to activate the secondary weapons? Or how to switch between them, that part I am unclear with.
gatsu86 EU (2 months ago)
Click on the icon "I" or "II", "III" ect in the inventory menu, or while in combat select a caracter, click on the weapon and select his secondary weapon that will show up.
Janitor (2 months ago)
Kind of just 7 basics for the genre, anybody playing this kind of game should be able to figure this out themselves.
Welther47 (2 months ago)
We dont need games to be punishing difficult, but less automated. The cinematic gameplay experience is perhaps well-meaning but counter-productive. Also, difficulty does not come from hit-spongy enemies.
Gidi de Jong (2 months ago)
If I did buy crewmembers how can I delete them or see what the costs are?
kerem ince (2 months ago)
this game any good for 4k gaming?
Whiskiz Yo (2 months ago)
"Punishing difficulty" It's funny, because they stated the hardest difficulty isn't even balanced yet, that they had to choose between bugfixes and balancing the difficulty so its going to be balanced post release. everything else is cake walk. lol.
lostsanityreturned (2 months ago)
The sensible people will be playing post DLC imo :P
ArcaneThinker (2 months ago)
Great video! Thanks for making this.
WhereTheyAre (2 months ago)
Can you please avoid using words like "script" and "engine" ? I'm trying to immerse myself here.
Logitech G (2 months ago)
Hah! How about 'heroic decisions' and 'universe' instead? :D - Matt
Aurélien Bernard (2 months ago)
Strength doesn't exist in game so I don't know how could a Paladin increase Strength ...
Logitech G (2 months ago)
Good spot! We mean Might, obviously. Whoops! - Matt
ArcaneThinker (2 months ago)
Pretty sure they meant Might.
KryHea (2 months ago)
I've been using the party AI mostly as I get used to the combat again. It's improved so much over the first game.
Newton Sparetire (2 months ago)
KryHea did they make the ai auto function with more than just the first few skills this time? (Can u customize auto actions like in ff12)
ADADEL1 (2 months ago)
Slight change to tip #3. Instead of press tab to highlight you can change it into a toggle in the keybinding menu. It makes finding stuff much easier.
Jonathantheweirdo (1 month ago)
Wlerin I think he complains that it is a noun and a verb at the same time? It is a weird complain, but not completely nonsensical.
Wlerin (1 month ago)
BFKC Not a single word in your comment made sense. What the hell is wrong with "toggle". And how on earth can anyone think freeing up a finger doesn't make things easier?
BFKC (1 month ago)
"Toggle" is an excellent example of why the English language sucks. Oh, "toggle"? Oh, yeah, sure, just toggle it... That aside, the hand has to be on the keyboard anyway, not just for pausing but also for scrolling, menus etc. So I'm not sure how much "easier" any kind of toggle makes it than a button at once's own convenience (wow, what a feature! DLC-worthy).
Logitech G (2 months ago)
That's a great shout! Exactly the sort of tip worth sharing - Matt
Colin Bremner (2 months ago)
Weaponized parrot xD you got me rolling
Whatj (2 months ago)
They sure went all the way with this one.
D L (2 months ago)
The tanks tip isn't quite right. Just like in the first game (on Path of the Damned difficulty) you can thrive with all ranged except for Eder who is the pure tank. Have him engage alone group everything up while everyone is in stealth, and do a massive attack out of stealth on their squishiest or AoE while your priest opens with a heal, or cipher opens with painblock you can even consider dropping your AoE nukes on top of Eder once he has most of his tank abilities as he becomes pretty much unkillable just leave some recovery pots in his quick slots for real emergencies. If there's a choke point (doorways are a classic) Eder will become a wall that can't be bypassed while your team kills their DPS at leisure with most of them in almost no armor for faster recovery, and relying on AoE buffs/heals from the priest for even more damage output. So whenever you have a chance to pull a group to one do it. It's hilarious how effective it is. Using these tactics you can destroy things way above your level especially in PoE 2 where heals are broken as hell since there's no endurance/hp system where you can just keep on healing and just beat anything via attrition. Anyways I'm sure the game is perfectly doable at PotD difficulty with a bruiser party (as I've done in PoE 1), but it would be incredibly slow considering how tanky everything is at that difficulty level, so it's something to consider for you guys who enjoy min maxing. Do note that you do need to manually control all of your spellcasters if you do this.
Karimson Safehold (2 months ago)
I have transitioned to 3 melee, 2 caster parity from 1 tank melee, 5 ranged. In POE1, ranged classes were tactically nice for focus fire and because melee engagement was nasty and hard to focus fire. It also made it improbable to stack deflection and attack speed on everyone. The choke points were pretty much mandatory against 10 plus enemies in potd poe1 before they made the encounters easier.
frking100 (2 months ago)
D L A berserk barb is one of the best dpsers in the game I have mine decked out with mordwyn and the dragon sabre that heals every crit he can pretty much solo anything as long a xoti casts the plus 20 accuracy and if you multiclass him as druid or monk it just eats through anything
Julio Sotomayor (2 months ago)
Shut up. No one cares.
kirkuleetz (2 months ago)
Appreciate the video but as the video is for beginners, maybe omit minor spoilers such as locations and party members. Didn't finish the video because of that, thanks for the upload though!
Andrew Furletov (1 month ago)
Finished the game, now replaying on veteran difficulty, only just learned how to highlight chests
Eyespoon (1 month ago)
BFKC Or, you know, they could take the extra 1 second to label something with *spoilers* or *minor spoilers* so people don't get a cool moment or surprise ruined before they play a game. If not wanting spoilers is narcissistic, then what do you call posting some inane dumb ass/opinion comment on someone else's feedback to the makers of a video, purely to puff up your own ego, eh? How 'bout you heed your own advice, gtfo, and stfu you ignorant self-absorbed pompous waste of human life. Go be a parasite somewhere else.
BFKC (1 month ago)
How about you STFU, you precious flower? In the "old times", they also showed screenshots and plenty of other crap... "Spoilers" are overrated and a particularly modern and slightly narcissistic phenomenon, especially in its heightened paranoia and the way it's put forward.
Eyespoon (2 months ago)
kirkuleetz Thanks for this comment. Not watching it if contains spoilers. Have no interest in ruining the game for myself.
Lord Sidius (2 months ago)
Lauro Soto (2 months ago)
Great video guys :) wish i had listen to it early hehe ...
Isac Hells (2 months ago)
Great video great tips! Great channel. Subbed. I'm comming into this series after playing divinity, Similar playstyle but also not. Mega-Excited!
Logitech G (2 months ago)
Thank you! Glad to have you on board - Matt
Nathan Silas (2 months ago)
It was seemingly easier to pick up the combat, it feels a lot more fluid than PoE 1. Mainly because the AI is so much better. You have more control over your party, how they handle themselves when you're not pausing and giving them manual commands is a sight to see. Nothing but overall improvement over the first title in every aspect.
Karimson Safehold (2 months ago)
POTD doesn't need to be micro management hell if you got tactics and focus fire. Also certain classes like monks and rogues make POTD easier to micro. Since if they keep attacking, enemies keep dying. so less micro. Chanters are also pretty easy to use or paladins. It is the caster classes and multi classes that make microing an issue in POTD.
Michael Rasmussen (2 months ago)
frking100 - true, but that's the lure of PotD anyways, it needs to be a micromanaging hell because that's what people expect from it ^^
frking100 (2 months ago)
Nathan Silas unless you play path of the damned with up scaling and iron mode then the ai it's fine. But in pod you really need to micro everyone and some parties and classes are better than others (cough shapeshufter druid with barb or monk multiclass)
Logitech G (2 months ago)
Have you picked Pillars of Eternity 2 up? Are you waltzing through without problems? And do you have any old-school tips to share? Let us know!
fucheduck (1 month ago)
+no Man's sky the equivalent of, over a course of two years game play over many worlds LOL
fucheduck (1 month ago)
+SeeTheWholeTruth I walked an entire world in No Man's Sky and nobody notices. that is achievements for ya!
fucheduck (1 month ago)
if you want to play like "old school" no level scaling at all! up or down! character creation is not a "life's choice" if you create one kick its tires and go through it a few hours and get the feel for him/her/it and if you don't like that style of class pick another and start over, yes it is time consuming but you'll learn hands on!
SeeTheWholeTruth (1 month ago)
What is that bucket your sailing there? Number 8. Iroll20s. Get a fat wallet. Who needs achievements their first time round anyway?
wrngsurgeon (2 months ago)
yeah unfortunately obsidian said potd wasn't tuned at launch. it's understandable. im still enjoying it but after 30 hours i think i've only died a few times for making careless mistakes. i'd recommend level scaling only up. but again, eder utilizing guardian stance and shield will make everything a joke on other difficulties if you're having trouble.

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