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7 Great Roblox Games That You May Not Know About

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Here are several great games on Roblox that you may or may not have seen before. Some of them may be new to you, some not. I hope you find something new and interesting here :) *If you saw a game that you'd like to see more of, let me know!* Music used: Hypernova by Kadenza (https://youtu.be/SKpre3KjN20) Blindly by Krayzius (https://youtu.be/4ymVj_O1jy4) Ocean by Max Pross and Acnoex (https://youtu.be/ByZ6so5RVPk) Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed! :) If you did, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a like and/or comment either giving feedback, suggestions for future videos, asking questions, or whatever else you feel like. I reply to every comment I can as soon as I can. :) Subscribe for Roblox videos in your subscriptions every day. :) My Roblox account is AgentJohn2, and you can go to my profile (https://www.roblox.com/users/13411843/profile?rbxp=13411843) and click the follow button there to keep up with whats going on with the channel. :) Play the games for yourself here: Wings of Glory II: https://www.roblox.com/games/338574920/view?rbxp=13411843 Muffin Kombat: https://www.roblox.com/games/231465483/view?rbxp=13411843 Vanguard FPS: https://www.roblox.com/games/282712250/view?rbxp=13411843 Roses: https://www.roblox.com/games/12918047/view?rbxp=13411843 Fisticuffs!: https://www.roblox.com/games/299069113/view?rbxp=13411843 Sprint Racing Online: https://www.roblox.com/games/254992716/view?rbxp=13411843 Vehicle Simulator: https://www.roblox.com/games/171391948/view?rbxp=13411843
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Text Comments (3781)
DatCoach MemeGod (1 day ago)
Number 1 should be replaced by Hostile Skies. way better
Seraphim Sans101 (5 days ago)
You may not know about eh? But you isut took games that either youtubers have played ro ahve been on the fornt page.... yeaaaahhhhh might not know about
Im gonna say this. Muffin kombat is unable to be played due to Roblox breaking the game. Fisticuffs seems a bit dead as Jailbreak and other trashy games took over the spotlight.
Bibomisa (9 days ago)
Search in roblox Roblox then join roblox to play roblox.
Random Commenter (11 days ago)
Thanks to the Experimental mode and fliter enabled update they made tons of games broken
Kitty Commando (13 days ago)
Damn vehicle sim 2 years ago is SO different to 2018 vehicle sim
Thirty-Six Five (15 days ago)
I would play it if they had PBY-5 Catalina a bomber but nah war thunder has that already.
Thirty-Six Five (15 days ago)
#1 is a copy of war thunder a copy righted game
DanilMLG (16 days ago)
So many fight games i hate fight games i love racing games and for low tier pc cuz my pc is low tier
YEET YEET (21 days ago)
i wanted.. Fantastic Frontier Eclipsis Island 2 Identity Fraud Deep Space tycoon... Can you try to add them next time?
G G (29 days ago)
Geez stop using these cringey emojis in every sentence
Noob (29 days ago)
if you wanna play wings of glory but realistic play war thunder on steam
Leoncis (1 month ago)
Wings of glory in the present: Super Laggy and enemies teleport
Leoncis (1 month ago)
KerbalTube HD (1 month ago)
6:31 You can also find the MORS railgun in CoD:Advanced Warfare
beher mbarek (1 month ago)
cool tthank u for the games
PIXELS Official (1 month ago)
Muffin Kombat is Deleted ☹️
Omg Livia (1 month ago)
Umm there are girls in that this world too you know
Sentry The Noob (1 month ago)
hey how about Silly Mayhem and The Future
TG 8 (1 month ago)
UltraNovaRBLX (1 month ago)
Muffin Kombat is trash.Part of the reason that you can't save guns is due to their lack of scripting knowledge I mean nearly all the guns are turbofusion free models.
Christopher He (2 months ago)
Who remembers jaws? How bout ripul mini Games?
Joakej (2 months ago)
I remember playing a game like blocburg on roblox in 2015 sadly idk which game it was
PivotPro Official (2 months ago)
you are not showing video you just playing games for 20 mins or 1 hours... you said 7 games and video is 25 mins
Sevaiko (2 months ago)
whats the game called
RadioActivePikachu (2 months ago)
I used to love sprint but since now its dead...
Lacroy Pepsi (2 months ago)
:P :P ;p :P :P :P
AsthleticalDev (2 months ago)
can you feature my game its name is future revolutions capture the flag just released a couple days ago
Thomas129 Ferandez (2 months ago)
Jadshits (2 months ago)
1st, *Adopt and raise a cute kid*
trafficracer24 (2 months ago)
My games.
Ninjaguy (3 months ago)
Now normally I hate roblox rp games. But does anyone remember the town of robloxia? Good ol’ days even though I didn’t really like the game.
TheGummyBearGamer (3 months ago)
XDXDXDXDXD :) :P XDXD :):P Take a shot anytime he uses one of these lol. Srsly though, great vid.
Lilzy 7 (3 months ago)
Also who remembers The Squares? I miss it
Lilzy 7 (3 months ago)
I wish people knew about runners path
MixyMx // Random Stuff (3 months ago)
Also, I thought muffin kombat was just muffins
MixyMx // Random Stuff (3 months ago)
Grrr.... rreat! Who think i was mad? Reply & no need to like
comedygaming816 (3 months ago)
Ibrahim Bo (3 months ago)
My left click doesnt work so i cant play games that have clicking
Muffin combat is my favourite games
shyguy (3 months ago)
The Conquerors 4?
BeckyBuckGaming (4 months ago)
Is it avaible in ipad or no? Ok rip me
Windows Virus (4 months ago)
Fisticuff is so annoying. I block people, and I get flung. I spawn, I get flung. I walk into someone, I get flung. I punch someone, I get flung.
SlayGamingX (4 months ago)
with waht program do u record??
SlayGamingX (4 months ago)
omg thx u :))
Rainbow Cat (4 months ago)
Roses is my fvr game so far.
bloxxy rekt (4 months ago)
Which is in mobile
Rene Sarmiento (4 months ago)
CaraDoCanada (4 months ago)
vehicle simulator no work in my pc :(
Nicolas Ferraz (5 months ago)
I personally think you should've put Blox Cards on this list. There's very few people on it and it's extremely fun. There are holiday events and other things on the game. Hell, you can even battle a flipping Melee Disk for god's sake.
NeypB & Andy (5 months ago)
With first game meet me friend.
Kermit deh Frog (5 months ago)
WiErdMercRBLX (5 months ago)
the muffin combat game the last boss is illuminati!!!
Microwaveable (5 months ago)
You spent 5 minutes explaining 1 game.
Itzz Ekko (5 months ago)
With what program do you edit?
TwistGamer (6 months ago)
Thanks so much for making this video you just got me into Wings of Glory II i am sold already ;) gg
David im an lie please (6 months ago)
B-b-but R2DA?
AnimaCurta BR (7 months ago)
Sadly the creator gave up from Vanguard FPS, he even turned off the game
Dairy is not juice (7 months ago)
Vehicle simulator is on the front page now
Dairy is not juice (7 months ago)
Runners path
FlyingKittyGaming AJ (7 months ago)
WIngs of Glory ain't workin for me anymor.. cri
Thomas Nguyen (7 months ago)
The Mystic Land 2?
edvinas krusa (7 months ago)
Dont play muffin kombat its so addicting :)
Szambonell (7 months ago)
9:37 is that game isnpired on Red crucible firestorm? sorry for my bad english
RaoplinGamer G (7 months ago)
vehicle simulator is now free ok
Kill Me. (7 months ago)
Muffin combat ? Sounds like a good game for michael bay
arl lag (7 months ago)
Pebbledude Z (8 months ago)
If he put jailbreak
NeypB & Andy (8 months ago)
I knew 4 games of this list.
Olandoboy Cloud781 (8 months ago)
22:00 Vehicle simulator change so much
Alex Инкогнито (8 months ago)
13:25 FUS RO DA!
Lincoln Javier (8 months ago)
Im gona play this games
Chris Panacopoulos (8 months ago)
Who remembers Ro-force
Lina Jasmontiene (8 months ago)
Roses is a horror game
MegaGamER 381 (8 months ago)
my Roblox name BinauralTerror
MegaGamER 381 (8 months ago)
i lost my favrite game name and you help me to find it its Wings of Glory II
The Mythical Yeet (8 months ago)
Why did this video take 25 MINUTES FOR 7 GAMES
Green Ant (8 months ago)
all the games u think call are no help
mister dank (8 months ago)
Phantom forces seems better than muffin combat
NicoAW (5 months ago)
but a lot of people know phantom forces, and that's not the point of the video.
Fuets (8 months ago)
i knew all of them and could name so many more heres a little taste (Impulse) (Q-Clash) (purple skittles)
Galaxy Xd (8 months ago)
My fave are vehicle simulator and the kart game
DDeception (9 months ago)
In muffin kombat a naked red guy made my points -292747482737 or something like that.
Hayden Dhane (9 months ago)
Man I wish vehicle simulator was like that still
Experiment 101 (9 months ago)
dra tuang (9 months ago)
What happened to vanguard
TR1X (9 months ago)
Vanguard FPS is not playable anymore
TR1X (8 months ago)
ik long time ago it was i played it and loved it
Sentylex (8 months ago)
xBendyx This video was made on July 24th 2016
TheImpenetrable (9 months ago)
Natxlia Loves K-Pop (9 months ago)
He's playing the first game for 30 mins 😂
Biscuitalex (9 months ago)
Too bad they’re barley played :(
big gay (9 months ago)
How about Fantastic Frontier?
Sentylex (8 months ago)
Duc Hoang Wasn't out yet in July 24th 2016
xXAwsomeGamerXx (9 months ago)
NicoAW (5 months ago)
I started playing when it had the same old smaller map, but you had to get money by driving and buy cars like now.
Joyce Sto Domingo (9 months ago)
Oldddddd vehicle simmmmm
-___- (9 months ago)
They're Just The Greatest Games Ever! Yet Never Made It To Top Of The Games Page :(
Genos (9 months ago)
the first game is very "addciting"
fuxk (9 months ago)
Where is Arcane Adventures in this video
Sentylex (8 months ago)
GrEy GG Video was made in July 24th 2016
Funnizbunniz (9 months ago)
The boss is iluminati :O
Sidhant (9 months ago)
Wow.. Vehicle Simulator has grown so much in 2017 it is a popular game now
Reno Kenzie (10 months ago)
ugly content
yoshisaures (10 months ago)
Where is notoriety
Mathias Heiduschke (10 months ago)
Wow, a fake of the real vehicle simulator. It has actually some of the Game models like the boat garage
Mathias Heiduschke (8 months ago)
Sentylex u dont have to activate rage mode if somebody makes a mistake
Sentylex (8 months ago)

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