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All Nintendo Switch Games April 2018 - Release Dates + What To Buy

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Nintendo Switch Games April 2018! It's a month of Labo, South Park, and a ton of indies! While we eagerly await E3 there are still plenty of new Switch games, and we compiled them all into one place for you! Complete with footage and information on each new Switch release. Let us know what game YOU are most excited for in the comments down below! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce
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Text Comments (399)
James Keith Tampus (2 hours ago)
Switch has no games.
James Keith Tampus (2 hours ago)
Here we go again with the list of games that we don't want to play 😂😂😂
Preesh Network (4 hours ago)
Still eagerly awaiting that HYRULE WARRIORS!
iliya193 (17 hours ago)
Any chance you guys can put an index with timestamps in the description? With a 45-minute video, it's not at all worth watching if I have to wait to find out what each game is and when each game has an unscripted description.
Emi Arjona (1 day ago)
We have to admit it, if we don't stop this this console is going to die like PSVITA. We need to stop the shitty game ports.
Troy Knight (4 days ago)
most of these games suck bought a switch and they make nintendo 8 bit games
suki ayashi (6 days ago)
just trash
Hunter Shepardson (7 days ago)
Death Road to Canada is 4/25 NOT 5/16 btw
TheDrunkenOnes (7 days ago)
Regalia is amazing. I recommend it to anyone who likes rpg’s. It’s fantastic
Filthy Greedy (8 days ago)
Are you affiliated with the church or something? It’s ok to like some perverted games. I’m not a pervert, really I’m not. Just kidding I am. Deal with it.
hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub (9 days ago)
glorified shitty mobile phone games
hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub (9 days ago)
These are all shitty indie games
Dog Guy (9 days ago)
We need an office remake now
Benschachar (9 days ago)
Would it be so much to ask you to write down the name of the games in the description?
timshel11 (9 days ago)
“A big day for licensed property!!” Dynamite drop man. I hope you’re ashamed of yourself for uttering such a statement. 😥
Gaijin Overseer (9 days ago)
Octocopter is a knockoff of a japanese gameboy game called kururin.
D M (10 days ago)
12:15 it's like uh ... *exhales* ... prison planet
imafuckinbird (10 days ago)
Switch is a joke this month, man. It's all an April Fools gag.
Da Humanoid (10 days ago)
The only good thing is labo, everything elsebim pretty sure no one knows
PIP OWENS (10 days ago)
the only thing that i'm interested in is south park and maybe labo but i'm not getting it video games aren't about working there about relaxing
PassbyU (10 days ago)
Bunch of overpriced mini-games incoming..
Hi people's I is duck (10 days ago)
Someone be my friend... 2782 4573 9798. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz be my friend I have no friends
Goth Draagun (10 days ago)
Probably buy The Adventure Pals, Bad Dudes, Streets of Red, Death Road to Canada, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion. If i ever get a Nintendo Switch, but ports are agonizing, hopefully Zoids won't disappoint me.
Eddie Perkins (11 days ago)
I need something not indie 😭 my switch is bone dry. Didnt like Kirby and ive spent 164hrs on Xenoblade wtf
Brandon Hagan (12 days ago)
April is no joke *voice-over narrates with Labo on the screen*
Mike Mcconnell (12 days ago)
You guys forgot dont starve
Christina Pittsley (12 days ago)
Thanks for the great insight!
Emperorkang (12 days ago)
i dont know...i might get the strategy/rpg....its a good thing i have my retron 5 to carry me into next month!
batmabel (12 days ago)
36:02 And so it begins... This raises a lot of red flags regarding the future of the eShop.
nowonmetube (12 days ago)
I constantly hit the *right arrow key* on my keyboard, while watching the video.
Devon Kemp (12 days ago)
Am I the only one who chuckled at the April fools joke
Drink my bleach (12 days ago)
Max Ponder (13 days ago)
Pretty sure don't starve comes out this month on the 12th?
BARLEY 17 (13 days ago)
I'm excited for the snack world off Japanese eshop
OtakuSam96 (13 days ago)
Thanks for compiling all of this
daz h (13 days ago)
there was south park games on the nintendo 64
CubingIsFun (14 days ago)
EvilKingPhill (14 days ago)
that transition LUL adventure pals
RIchard Lamphier (14 days ago)
You guys suck!
GalacticGunter (14 days ago)
Pumped for Death Road To Canada!!! This game is sooo good on iOS! I’ve been waiting for a controller to play it, it will make it so much better!
kris jean (14 days ago)
KillerBoots (14 days ago)
Adventure Pals looks fun but definitely looks very similar to Adventure Time.
Poppy Williams (14 days ago)
Kofi K (14 days ago)
How is a Naruto game a “nice holdover” till Smash? 🧐
Joseph Shatrowsky (14 days ago)
Nintendo is sitting on a goldmine of franchises. No excuse we're going so long with phone games. Switch is a good system, but this year so far has been a drag.
MsmX / McX (15 days ago)
0:51 I think I saw someone play the demo of this game before the finished version was released, and I forgot it existed.
moneynoluv (15 days ago)
im waiting for mario tennis, donkey kong. i had that on my nintendo virtu boy.
Atomic Jedi (15 days ago)
Looks like cell phone games SMH this system is for ages 13 and down nintendo needs to grow up already only thing worth really playing is splatoon 2 (has no voice chat no way to message a friend) and zelda
Phil Mcclintock (15 days ago)
The indie games are pretty much just shovel ware
So no mario? Why show it in thumbnail then?
Tayildr 15 (15 days ago)
7:47 damn, straight to the point.
The hate the Labo's gotten is pretty saddening. So many people just aren't aware that it's a product aimed at kids, let alone thinking it's just cardboard without games.
Inner Gamer (15 days ago)
Pretty empty month imo cause I’m not buying labo. Sorry I just don’t care. It’s good for people who do care but I really think it’s a dumb concept for $70-$80 depending on which bundle you buy. Now if it was $50 I’d probably go for it.
Spoopy Spooperton (15 days ago)
Why haven't we gotten a donkey kong arcade archives I want it so badly
Edu D (16 days ago)
Adventure Time isn't coming this month, the store listed wrong we don't even have a trailer for it yet
Aross .K (16 days ago)
Juan Hernandez (16 days ago)
Stop using old Mario or Mario character pictures to get viewers if you aren’t putting Mario in the damn video!!! For god sake!!
Blaque Link (16 days ago)
It’s a dry month because Nintendo is saving the big games for E3.
BS Killa (16 days ago)
RIP my wallet. It was nice having you for a little bit after Christmas.
Zoltor (16 days ago)
+SwitchForce You missed one, a few days ago, a game called Asdivine Hearts was stealthfully added to the eshop, It's a RPG that seems fairly complex(and is literally on everything), it comes out on the 12th, and is only 12.99.
Nate Harris (16 days ago)
34:26 oh yeah i cant wait for finn and jake investigations coming october 2015 oh yes ive been waiting for this one too long only for ps3 and ps4 not like this is april games for the nintendo switch and ive already played this game show gameplay or talk about the actual game coming out pirates of the enchiridian
El dandy 14 (16 days ago)
What's the point To make these lists? Make look the switch has plenty of games? Because nobody in the world make lists of the indie shit coming To ps4, Xbox and PC.
TempCuberr (16 days ago)
Got a Spyro ad in the middle of this
I'm waiting for a new start fox that flips the series on its head like MO and BOTW did for their series I want a free range space shooting with on ground mission like the game cube star fox a mix of space and ground mission with some character from star fox 2 and more wolf and lot of fan service between fox falco and wolf ( screw off crystal )
Meme Blitz (16 days ago)
I’m Going To Get The Nintendo Labo On My Birthday Anyone Else?
Mysterious Benevolance (16 days ago)
Nobody is talking about Spyro: Reignited Trilogy!!!!
ninjaruss (16 days ago)
i just want nintendo to announce pikmin 4 ;~; it's one of my favorite nintendo series
ninjaruss ya it one of my personal favorite IP
ninjaruss (16 days ago)
all of that sounds great too. i loved the original on 64 and i liked the gamecube ones as well. i really wish they'd do more with the star fox series
ninjaruss I'm waiting for a new start fox that flips the series on its head like MO and BOTW did for their series I want a free range space shooting with on ground mission like the game cube star fox a mix of space and ground mission with some character from star fox 4 and more wolf
Johno Daz (17 days ago)
Awesome video Zach n Gabe. There is so many games out this month so I will just pick the ones that I will get day one or definitely a buy. The ones I am looking at getting are: Adventure Pals, Metropolis, Bad Dudes, Infernium, Bunker, Wild Guns Reloaded, The Way Remastered, South Park and Naruto Storm Trilogy.
Ricky Cain (17 days ago)
Nothing too good this month I'm waiting on donkey Kong
shadow6543 (17 days ago)
Gal Gun 2 is a must buy tbh it's my favorite harem animus come to life! Sign me up dude!
gdawgs101 (17 days ago)
I love Switch Force's content, but Jesus I can't stand Zack. He can't handle South Park because the humor is too "crude"? What a weak beta-male cuck boy...
Mike Means (16 days ago)
gdawgs101 Would have to go back and listen but pretty sure he just said it wasn't for him. Nothing wrong with that. Rather he state that than falsely say he was excited for it. Personally I'm stoked. Held off for the switch release and loved the first one. Hopefully the superhero slant to the sequel lets it be different enough.
Station (17 days ago)
Which game is the thumbnail relating to?
Funboy (17 days ago)
that's pretty cool streets of red is a reference to the Streets of Rage for the Sega Genesis I'm definitely getting this game I hope is online.
Jd_silv17 (17 days ago)
Its Naruto, not Nuhrootoh Gabe
Driftwood (2 days ago)
Jd_silv17 Nuhrootoh sounds better
Nate Menzel (17 days ago)
7:48 Oh😶
Marcixchu Marcixchu (17 days ago)
Still wait for the TWEWY ...:'(
Mario Adventure 2 (17 days ago)
James Keith Tampus (2 hours ago)
Mario Adventure 2 😂😂😂
Jon Prue (17 days ago)
April 24th: South Park, Gal Gun, and Adventure Time! Nintendo plz take my monies *hands over $160 happily!!!
heihei (17 days ago)
Urban Trials for 3ds was amazing. I see no point in criticizeing this game so much because it seems too easy, if you only played the first 5 levels. I think it doesn't look bad so far...
Alexander Deyloff (17 days ago)
I want big games too. not just 8bit stuff
kagatoASUKA (17 days ago)
Gal*gun 2 as well as a handful of indie titles. I played through the original Gal*Gun on PC and its basically a lewd humor filled version of House of the Dead with anime girls.
Aidan Ratnage (17 days ago)
What happened to that octopus? it only has 6 tentacles!
Bobului (17 days ago)
Super Smash Bros. - Nintendo Switch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N5OKGLH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Y62XAbV76MK2T
Boshi Yoshi (17 days ago)
Why are so many of these indie games just blatant ripoffs of old games? Like that bomberman western game, or Streets of Red, which looks like all the level designs were ripped straight out of Turtles in Time.
Vash the Stampede (8 days ago)
Boshi Yoshi I would call them rip offs, they are more getting huge inspiration, but maybe a too much
VoiD Dubstep (17 days ago)
Is outlast 2 on switch yet
WideMouthWideMouthia (17 days ago)
Canada sucks. No free speech.
FreudianLemur (17 days ago)
Just so you know, that was footage of the wrong adventure time game.
MagicianNG (17 days ago)
As a physical collector, April 24th is a crazy day. Darkest Dungeon, South Park FBW, Max: Curse of the Brotherhood, and Shantae HGH. But when looking at the release schedule, May is stuffed with releases. I count eleven physical preorders arriving in May at the moment.
slymatty (17 days ago)
Think I might pick up gal gun 2 just for the lols And south park
Spartan3457 (17 days ago)
I don't know about anybody else, but I can almost never justify paying over $15 for an indie game. The only one I've been able to justify that with so far has been Shovel Knight Treasure Trove.
Steel Person (17 days ago)
XD hello kitty gets a physical release and Celeste doesn't
Martin Schuhmacher (17 days ago)
Still playing Xenoblade 2, cant get enough of it! Still waiting for Arena of Valor 👍🏼
Momo 242003 (17 days ago)
I want to see them make a classic pack-man and mrs pac-man. That would be cool.
Толя Ярцев (17 days ago)
Deathroad to canada is awesome
Squantle (17 days ago)
How do you hypothetically eat a hotdog gabe? I need hypothetical hotdogs sometimes to cheer me up at school
Angel Reyna (17 days ago)
Gal gun 2 is what I'm hyped for lol
JL Bebit (17 days ago)
It's pronounced En-kai-reed-yuhn :)
blah blah (17 days ago)
April is lame but May has Mario Tennis Aces and Dark Souls.
Frosty (17 days ago)
We need more Farcry 5 on GhostRobo D:
Shellshock5280 (17 days ago)
"I like being touched"

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