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INSANE | Moments CAUGHT on Twitch TV!

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Text Comments (10956)
TouchyBanana (25 minutes ago)
Why are the mentally retarded allowed to stream on Twitch?
RazertexStuff (1 hour ago)
clicked for alinity coochcie got fuckall
David Power (5 hours ago)
can see why 42k dislikes.
assasin_noob (2 minutes ago)
Cause it's disgusting
jesus hernandez (6 hours ago)
A gold plate destruction 2:20
I feel bad for the chairs.
Balls in yo mouth (7 hours ago)
0:11 most frustrating thing ive ever seen
HJ_Gamez !!! (7 hours ago)
Almost show a tit on the thumbnail 21 MILLION VEIWS
oyuncu TV (7 hours ago)
abone ol
Gracen_Girl_ 21 (8 hours ago)
The rage ones
Lee Taylor (8 hours ago)
Jake the god (8 hours ago)
MelonHead1848 (9 hours ago)
The first one is bad.. as a kid you should learn not to pour water on burning electronics.. use flour
ashlee allwood (9 hours ago)
0:41 look at the shadow
Do i fucking know you? (5 hours ago)
ashlee allwood lol
Smokey Online (9 hours ago)
Just a Youtuber (9 hours ago)
I like those rage ones.
Just a Youtuber (9 hours ago)
Brielle Ashford (10 hours ago)
I'm 8
Brielle Ashford (10 hours ago)
Gualter Moniz (11 hours ago)
Damn hellll noooooooo
casey redden (12 hours ago)
that bad
casey redden (12 hours ago)
Tony Halsell (12 hours ago)
No black people thats racecc weve ben over with it a long time ago
Fl1ntcrafter (7 hours ago)
Yep... thay sucks
Kaiya Hairston (8 hours ago)
Go to 9:48 for the thumbnail
Ali damoulay (5 hours ago)
May t series bless you
Fernando Lima (12 hours ago)
Ryan Guinther (12 hours ago)
thumbnail promised boobies wtf this sucks
RSS_NOIR (10 hours ago)
Ryan Guinther well sir they can’t have that stuff on the YouTube platform so it wouldn’t be here
Gabe Normand (12 hours ago)
Love how it's all white people
Failed Hunter (12 hours ago)
0:40 doesnt look like white people
Julian is the Dude (13 hours ago)
At 9:45 omg this crazy we all got to say that’s a waste of Money because he might have broke it # my cousin dose that every single day
Julian is the Dude (10 hours ago)
Christian López oh
Christian López (11 hours ago)
Julian is the Dude The controller stopped working, it could've been a malfunction of the console, but most of the time it's the controller. Still he need some anger management.
Alex Sabatino (14 hours ago)
The Dr Disrespect longshot was awesome, but the rest of them just retards w/webcams as far as I can tell.
Turtle Gamer (14 hours ago)
this video just consists of people punching their chairs
Butter me Buns (14 hours ago)
A lot of these were just people poring and splatting food on them selfs that’s not crazy
Dimension Rewind (14 hours ago)
Let me guess... Came for the thumbnail?
stephen frank (13 hours ago)
Zackary Gamer (14 hours ago)
Michael Lesnick (15 hours ago)
Nothing more than unemployed live at home basement dwellers.
Thug Life (17 hours ago)
3:19 He's Very Hungry 🍔
GiftofChaosStudio (18 hours ago)
This is what happens when you let schizophrenics free from the asylum and they can't affors their meds
f q (17 hours ago)
Ikr? I bet Half of these retards arw drop outs.
JT (18 hours ago)
Her Twitch account. https://www.twitch.tv/alinity Thank me later and hit like!
Marty Smith (19 hours ago)
Thousands of years of human evolution led to this??
Alexandr Orlov (12 hours ago)
The problem is not in evolution, but permissiveness. Look at other people - hardly you will see that most are like that. It's just that some part of society has blown the roof of permissiveness and began to appear such morons.
Mirco Girlando (21 hours ago)
People are sick
f q (17 hours ago)
Twitch people* its full of retards. I have no idea why ppl like it. Its as weird as omegle.
Gvido Rižakovs (21 hours ago)
Zombie Boy Campbell (22 hours ago)
Full Life 3 (22 hours ago)
I got here from youtube's *Role-Playing Games* recommendations.
Michael Urgero (23 hours ago)
It's hysterical, but honestly though - these kids are spoiled, always been given everything they ever asked for and have never developed the ability to socialize outside of their immediate family. The anti-bullying rules and trophies for everyone didn't help either. Think about it, they are LOSING THEIR FUCKING MINDS because someone on the internet made fun of them - AND THEY CAN'T HANDLE IT.
PRSD Gaming (1 day ago)
Chair abuse
C M (1 day ago)
9:47 thank me later!
the hero we need
PES GAMER (22 hours ago)
k1ttu (23 hours ago)
Thankyou for saving my data
shriner leek (1 day ago)
🍭🍭 *WAN7T ME? LO3OK, I MASTB**ATE NAK4ED,снеск9 VID4еО.* 🔰
snagajaden (8 hours ago)
TUSI'SQUAD (1 day ago)
Now y'all know we're all those school shooting is from
jaime n. (1 day ago)
So many people have serious behaviour issues in this video and to me they look like they are possessed by evil spirits without them being aware. Those TV games actually do control people’s mind and behaviour and evil spirits can get in their mind. These people are NOT normal. They need to do something about their behaviour, mind & spirituality before they become seriously harmful to themselves and potentially others. The way they become outraged and not being able to control their anger is seriously abnormal human behaviour and concerning. This video was very disturbing in that sense. It almost looked like showing people with mental problems. Very creepy. 😲👹🤖
f q (17 hours ago)
Stop with that shit right now. They arent possesed or shit. They are just fuckin braindead
‮‮ ‮‮ (20 hours ago)
If you think there are evil spirits possessing people who play video games then YOU sound like you're NOT normal. You must be schizophrenic.. or just retarded! Go get your head checked, your comment was very disturbing.
Rusty lungzs (1 day ago)
Evil spirts dont exist thats just something preists make up so THEY can touch your arse
Phil S. (1 day ago)
Jerma faked it and most of these are not insane. Misrepresented your video and people noticed. Be honest and don't waste people's time.
Janelle Dungca (1 day ago)
Go to 9:47
Janelle Dungca (1 day ago)
+secluder hold I messed up
secluder (1 day ago)
Ha you got me good ...cheers
ManhattanPlaya (1 day ago)
What a pack of low life ingrats.
f q (17 hours ago)
This is just sad. They have to take support of some website to earn money instead of hardwork. Example of life failures.
Giancarlo Ruiz (1 day ago)
Giancarlo Ruiz (1 day ago)
Wanna mastur
Giancarlo Ruiz (1 day ago)
08 Gstephen (1 day ago)
People these days
pakerinexxx l (1 day ago)
So many people abusing their chairs.
Freak Dick (1 day ago)
Rahat Hossain (1 day ago)
Whose the girl in the thumbnail
NitZ MaSteR (1 day ago)
Mia khalifa
Austin Fridenberg (1 day ago)
Lord Farquad
Prince Kenneson (1 day ago)
Thank You for liking this comment! Love you all!
Sapphire ROBLOX (1 day ago)
Splitter (1 day ago)
Roses are red violets are blue im here because of the thumbnail and so are you
IGazerBeam (1 day ago)
Man bait type muthfukas
IGazerBeam (1 day ago)
Splitter 😂😂😂😂😂😂
VerdixilationZ (1 day ago)
I don't get how some of these streams are insane
Youtube Police (1 day ago)
Can you change the picture cause I don't want you to get banned
Reys Tom (1 day ago)
Drugs or autism ?
f q (17 hours ago)
High school dropouts and life failures
PyxisNL (1 day ago)
Reys Tom both
Dead REN pro gamer (1 day ago)
They need to calm down
Roy Liew (1 day ago)
For those who rage, get a punching bag. For those who pour stuff on their chest, don't waste food.
Thumbnail finna catch a nut 👌😂
PhœNiX Ember FlaMe (1 day ago)
Wtf did I just watch...
Mike Wang (1 day ago)
this is the kind of videos i dont want kids to watch.
tigertraxx2002 (2 days ago)
Lord, what fools these mortals be.
Shark Tv (2 days ago)
Io vorrei segnalare questo video su bullismo sulle sedie hahahahaha
Blade Rayne (2 days ago)
So immature people rage quitting and setting things on fire
Lejohn Smith (2 days ago)
Gotta love twitch
孙英杰 (2 days ago)
Sneaky Carpenter (2 days ago)
and who was the girl on the thumbnail.
Sneaky Carpenter (2 days ago)
FVCK TEAM (2 days ago)
7:00 lmao
Robert Stevenson (2 days ago)
Moe Kearns (2 days ago)
Clickable don't watch
DECEMBR YT (2 days ago)
Bruh this guy at 9:15 is taking a break from fishing, FISHING. Sitting down and casting a line in the water. He needs a break...
Alonzo Goya (2 days ago)
Jack Tittle (2 days ago)
Prince Kenneson (2 days ago)
Gotta Say That First One XD! Please heart this I just made this account! Read more
Prince Kenneson (1 day ago)
So guys Remember the first one? It made me laugh xd!
Martina Carrilo (2 days ago)
Just stupid
Jayoni Kills (2 days ago)
If there gonna act like that over games why even play in the first place
D W (2 days ago)
Pathetic human beings. Each and every one of them.
The storm trooper (2 days ago)
Say no to rage quit say no to chair abuse for more info please call 1(8000) 564-786 or visit our website Chair I can’t believe in life after love
TK B (2 days ago)
...U aim bad!
Kenny - (2 days ago)
3:38 is he having a seizure?
b funky (2 days ago)
Fackin geeks
Sarah Studios (2 days ago)
Lol! 😂
KellarJS (2 days ago)
Can u stop uploading about those ugly streaming bimbos....-.-
Trevor Beran (2 days ago)
Trevor Beran (2 days ago)
What the hell
MoiHamdoullahçava (2 days ago)
Fucking fake idiot kick ass
Then he drags the chair off like it’s a dead body XD
LOL KILL ME NOW (2 days ago)
SmithyTV (2 days ago)
alinity got one of the best tittys on twitch ;)
Micale 22 (2 days ago)
fuck yeah
湿毯爱阴 (3 days ago)
Guffen (3 days ago)
Naulo Sanchar (3 days ago)
Seriously ??
StephB781 (3 days ago)
#stop the chair abuse
rainbow animation (3 days ago)
Abused chairs😢
why did u like your own comment
Daniel Gonzales (3 days ago)
That is weird💩🤨

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