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INSANE | Moments CAUGHT on Twitch TV!

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Text Comments (5145)
Gravity 1 (1 day ago)
I thought women knew how to cook
MarcThe000001 (4 days ago)
What the.....?!?
Tristan Kovac (5 days ago)
What's the outro song
SirFishy327 (7 days ago)
Wow so insane
DyingDerp (10 days ago)
davidong2 (12 days ago)
3:40 Someone predicted it in the chat “Hi livestream fails”
davidong2 (12 days ago)
1:44 In Slow Motion please.
Nekumore (13 days ago)
People getting so mad, haha
speckhals mukai (20 days ago)
► *I МАS!ТURВАТЕ !Т0 V!IDЕ0S !0N МY С!HАNNЕL! L0!0K!* ⁉️⁉️⁉️
Julinda Ongkiko (18 days ago)
nice try bot
Robert Stevenson (19 days ago)
John Parkerson (21 days ago)
Chair!! You've failed me!!
TheCsgo Hacker (21 days ago)
Is everyone on Drugs
KCat 260 (5 days ago)
TheCsgo Hacker pretty sure
Orange Gerste05 (21 days ago)
Fuck you
Oliver Sander (21 days ago)
Why is it so fun to smash the chair?
ludodude 123 (21 days ago)
doughnut cocoanut (21 days ago)
0:12 she's my personal chef
Dane Jurus (21 days ago)
This video sucks
jenni Corianga (21 days ago)
I don’t get the 3:09 video
xExisted (21 days ago)
he shit his pants
Mx,x Kxkxk (21 days ago)
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Coaffae (21 days ago)
6:55 song?
Alcemist01 (21 days ago)
Community trash losers.
Andrew Watson (22 days ago)
Normie Exterminator (9 days ago)
Nightcore Chan (22 days ago)
Is it just me or am I the only girl who plays shooting games like PUBG and fortnight
OverLord Fx (9 days ago)
Counseledpath cringe . Delete your acc
backtimekiller21 91 (21 days ago)
i play both games
Counseledpath (21 days ago)
Gamer girl😍
Let's Plally (22 days ago)
me 2 :3
Ciudadano Deapie (22 days ago)
2:26 So fake...
Ciudadano Deapie (21 days ago)
Oh, I see. That explains it all :D
Pinodrome (22 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io9kpxse5QA go watch, that was a joke not else
kothapally indravadan (22 days ago)
I feel bad for jerma985 the computer doctor
drew james123 (22 days ago)
its was fake
Yuri Fernandes (22 days ago)
09:46 09:46 09:46 09:46
Make by Sk (22 days ago)
Cyruis20k Noob (22 days ago)
why they need to pauch the computer chair
faraz yavari (21 days ago)
Because the chair becomes the symbol of this lifestyle (being in front and under the pressure of too many eyes and try to entertain them for hours and hours) in room's objects. I believe, They DO hate this lifestyle. Even if they deny it in their real and mental life.
Nicholas Johntony (22 days ago)
If Youtube could stop recommending this shit to me, (especially on my school account) then I could finally die in peace.
Ash Gamomf5 (22 days ago)
I hate this video... please everyone pray for the chairs and keyboards...
Hannah Helgerson (22 days ago)
that second one is art lmao
LogicalFool (22 days ago)
I love girl streamers.
Recovering_Californian (22 days ago)
GIRL streamers? ...what, are you 12?
LogicalFool (22 days ago)
1 like = 1 prayer for chairs.
For Youtube Video meow (22 days ago)
Lya Abraham (22 days ago)
Je suis la seule française 😅😅😅 .
canadian gaming (22 days ago)
Lya Abraham (22 days ago)
Ouf temps mieux 😅😅😅 .
Vioaze (22 days ago)
Kirue92 (22 days ago)
Eh non :)
Ryan War (22 days ago)
why you always use BAIT images was tumbnails
Diz Guy (21 days ago)
At least its in the compilation
Jason S (22 days ago)
Look at all this metnal illness, sad.....
Telke SM (22 days ago)
Retarded side of Youtube.Can't believe ppl encourage these monkeys with their peanuts.
Hui W (22 days ago)
It’s not funny
Quem nulckes :3 (22 days ago)
Not fique tío may friend
TheShooter (22 days ago)
Quem nulckes :3 ashuashuas
Quem nulckes :3 (22 days ago)
Not descotengion of cadeira
MildaStyle (22 days ago)
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I clicked for boobies, And so did you 🔥
TurkeyTube GT (22 days ago)
True lolz
Benie Mansueto Vison (22 days ago)
09:46 😄
Infinite Flight On Air (22 days ago)
Benie Mansueto Vison I
ImmortalSlayer 43 (22 days ago)
Benie Mansueto Vison Legend thank u
Granville Ormerod (22 days ago)
Americans are fucking idiots.....what a bunch of idiots
nicoloco9974 (22 days ago)
Terraria Boi That's the point.
Terraria Boi (22 days ago)
Granville Ormerod thats racist you know
Farm Road (22 days ago)
What did the chair do to u
Alphonse Capone (22 days ago)
What is up with the Russian whore pouring stuff on herself? We got pornhub for that you useless fucking cunt.
Alphonse Capone (22 days ago)
Joshua Fisher (22 days ago)
DrDisRespect, dat HS doh!
Sekkin (23 days ago)
09:46 guys.. :)
Sekkin thanks
Michael Janus (23 days ago)
Why do they punch their chairs? Do they think, chairs are responsible for their butthurt?
Erich Ohare (23 days ago)
1 like = 1 chair to be saved from chair abuse lol
Origami Adepts (23 days ago)
Andrew Higgins (23 days ago)
Origami Adepts Im surprise he didn't give a shit about his keyboard he just walked away
Kevin Moreland (23 days ago)
1 like equals 1 chair saved
antiedman (23 days ago)
thumbs down
CreeperYT -Agar and GD (23 days ago)
Boscoe 9 (23 days ago)
Derpy Hooves (23 days ago)
when hackers go prone 7:19
The girl at the ends name is AlinityTV
Mo ro (23 days ago)
so much retard ...
Tongue start aggressive twenty emerge metaphor sorry.
Why are Twitch Streamers so mental?
Player Plays (23 days ago)
The poor chairs
LOLOLOL LOLOLOL (23 days ago)
Fucking Millenials smh always trying to do things right and end up fucking up, such try hards
Simon Kaellberg (23 days ago)
girls cant cook
金木研 (23 days ago)
I think so too and boys become angry soon
Jenson Duff (23 days ago)
Simon Kaellberg lol
POLAR -_-_-gameplay (23 days ago)
Ek het by die intro gekom
PHL_sprinkles Bituin (23 days ago)
Subscribe to me for fortnite vids
Zix Zaire (23 days ago)
Subscribe to me for pubg mobile vids
adrienne gellman (23 days ago)
This is OK TO DO IF IT'S A GAS STOVE BUT NOT AN ELECTRIC STOVE.Throwing water on an electric stove can electricute you.For an electric stove you need to keep a box of baking soda nearby the stove (not too close) to throw on an elecric fire to put it out.Or you could try a fire extinisher.
Aethelbeorn (23 days ago)
adrienne gellman lol you expect some of these streamers have common sense?
Meyah Botelho (23 days ago)
People are rough
Noa Morin (24 days ago)
burst implementation blood struggle testify tank obtain lawn acquisition.
Baby Sock Chan (24 days ago)
soooo funneh like the youtuber
Fortnitelewi 11 (24 days ago)
gumm cottente (24 days ago)
Minj OW (23 days ago)
haha wow many good, def not bot so horny many sex
jake davis (24 days ago)
This video shows bad sides of some streamers but I feel sad for Jerma
Celebrity Lifestyle (24 days ago)
1:51 & 8:02 Is That A Challenge or Something?
MIG (22 days ago)
Celebrity Lifestyle idk but they are from Portugal like me 😂😂
Im Asian SMILY FACE (24 days ago)
Why does it have to be fake :((((((
SPRO315 (24 days ago)
Alberts Stuff (24 days ago)
SPRO315 ii
Bentley Timber (24 days ago)
dumbass people
DoctorHades (24 days ago)
Why are you monetizing this. None of these clips are your own property.
TR Toxic (23 days ago)
DoctorHades there is But its that kind of channel And this is this kind of channel Thats why he monitzes it He still has to find clips and edit them my dude
DoctorHades (23 days ago)
There's a difference between reporting on something that happened and making an entire video that are clips that you don't own
TR Toxic (24 days ago)
DoctorHades my dude he does these vids so he monetized it Keemstar reports on news that are none of his business but he monetizes them lol
DoctorHades (24 days ago)
Couldn't hit that 10 minute mark harder
qi wang (24 days ago)
stupid women
Charmaine Johann (24 days ago)
Jumbledragongaming (24 days ago)
2:01 markiplier?
Postman Waddup (24 days ago)
Jumbledragongaming kid get off you're not 18+... disgusting $#!t
cmdfarsight (24 days ago)
this is why I don't watch twitch. Most of them are retarded cry babies who can't handle defeat.
Matthew Limon (24 days ago)
Every like this comment gets,the chairs in the video will be harass-free
thereal kidcrim (24 days ago)
I feel bad for the computer doctor
OmegaXCI (24 days ago)
See-through gold-plated....what? Oh you mean that glass microwave plate. Gotcha :D
Clashing Skies (24 days ago)
"Gold Plated-" *smash* *crash* *sht goes to hell*
Possum (24 days ago)
it was a joke lmao
GuerrillaSoundCanada (24 days ago)
What the fuck is wrong with these people? You legit freak out over video games like this and you're a crybaby man child who needs a giant smack.
nicoloco9974 (22 days ago)
GuerrillaSoundCanada When you get really attached to a game and start to play it competitively, you start to take them more serious than they really are.
GuerrillaSoundCanada (24 days ago)
Just watched it.... seems to be just another dude getting really mad about video games. Don't get it. Taking videos so seriously as an adult that you're screaming at your computer seems like a past time for incel dorks.
Hey Syncs (24 days ago)
watch FaZe Jev and maybe you're brain will start to function and realize why.
Yu Song Phang (24 days ago)
Joel Ogundare (24 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbated So did you 😂
404page404 (24 days ago)
Roses are Red Violents are Blue I seen your comment So many time
Noah The funny guy (24 days ago)
Joel Ogundare I
Trailer Music Vibe (24 days ago)
Aw crap....
Joel Ogundare (24 days ago)
Why do the chairs gotta take the punishment ☹️
vizionthing (24 days ago)
They never hit back..... snowflakes gotta vent
H P (24 days ago)
bunch of idiot game junky's that need to put in hard labor camp to learn how things works in real world ...MOFO'S
Duckenstein (24 days ago)
My dad left me
li ming ho (24 days ago)
Hi everyone
OneInAMillion (24 days ago)
Cl4p Tr4pp3r (24 days ago)
For 1000 euro and 9000 cents a week you can save a chair call 1-000-chair you can save a chair call 1-000-chair now to save chairs
Cl4p Tr4pp3r (24 days ago)
Joshua Gonzalez i was just thinking that
Joshua Gonzalez (24 days ago)
OneInAMillion Buy PewDiePie’s Chair it’s only 399
404page404 (24 days ago)
Ronald Zacharias (24 days ago)
wheres the tits. i came for the tits
Fortnite Clips (24 days ago)
Ronald Zacharias at the end
King Dave (24 days ago)
very end
Werzy X (24 days ago)
Ronald Zacharias idk
2 Free Play (24 days ago)
What moment of thumb
King Dave (24 days ago)
very end
Sticky A.F.L (24 days ago)
Rip chairs
Endless Gamez (24 days ago)
These poor chairs
NaGliS (24 days ago)
1:42 R.I.P Keyboard
Re Tretinho (24 days ago)
1:19 how to fight with a chair
Re Tretinho (24 days ago)

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