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PS4 Pro - Before You Buy

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The PS4 Pro touts 4K HD gaming thanks to more graphical horsepower. But is it really worth the upgrade? Jake Baldino takes a look. ★Follow Jake on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino ★Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jakebaldino/ ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV
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Text Comments (6568)
Absolut Massacre (16 hours ago)
Too late
Avadhesh Family (1 day ago)
I have a PS4 and of course have a 4K tv I think the money was worth it
Geoffrey Santos (1 day ago)
New to ps4 and i bought ps4 PRO ohyeah!
Thiago Di Pizio (1 day ago)
PC > PS4 Pro
Spare Oh (1 day ago)
okay you've convinced me.. I'm getting a pro
jeremebp (2 days ago)
I have a 1080p tv and a 2tb PS4 slim, can't think of a reason I need to upgrade.
Devin Baltimore (2 days ago)
Might as well keep the base model
Jai Krishnan (2 days ago)
Is there is difference between ps4 pro jet black and ps4 pro black ???
Matthew Ballowe (2 days ago)
Love the Ps4 pro
gh5643 (3 days ago)
like me, i waited 4 years 2014-2018 and managed to get the best of best from fony, 2 ps4 pro 4k with 4.73 update, now i am enjoying playing ps4 games using 5.05 exploit, i am the king baby. waiting brings good things.
Jammy Rocks (3 days ago)
How to find out the fake PS4 pro before buying it from anyone. Pls make video on that ..
Montez (3 days ago)
Honestly I just wanna know which I should get. Ps4 or pro??
Matthew Rzesz (3 days ago)
Is it just me or is before you buy just talking about the bad things about what they are talking out
Totally Streaming (3 days ago)
I have sony 32 inch hd ready tv, shall i go for ps4 pro or should i need to buy other upgraded tv for ps4 pro???
Shloeb (4 days ago)
I have just ordered a PS4 Pro. This is my first Play Station console. Anything specific that I need to know?
Möhâmmēd Håithãm (5 days ago)
Anybody here after the release of spider man? I just wanna play with my favorite super hero.
Diego Diaz (5 days ago)
That's it, i'm getting a Switch
MANoWAR (5 days ago)
U forgot one of the most important thing. 30% better cpu. Same cpu but it is overclocked!
MANoWAR (5 days ago)
Wolfi Husky (6 days ago)
Should i buy an nitendo switch or an ps4 pro?? (P. S i have already an day one xbox one)
Henry Rice (6 days ago)
PS4 pro really shines when it comes to VR. Skyrim VR looks as good on PRO now as PC did on launch (albeit lower resolution- no way around that). Almost all VR games look significantly better on the pro in ways that flat games don't.
Mani Maran (7 days ago)
Iam gonna buy ps4 pro for it's exclusive titles.
kishor kumar (7 days ago)
I want buy ps4 pro but I dont have 4k tv ps4 pro worth to buy .
Some Nickname (8 days ago)
This popped up in my recommendations like 3 moths after I bought my Pro. YouTube is trying to make me think that it's not snitching.
Alin Dan Campan (8 days ago)
I’ve got the old PS4 and a 4K tv, is it worth getting the PS4 Pro
Anthony Kalnins (8 days ago)
Random thought... How much dusting does he have to do with all those goodies in the background? 😱
Paul blart (10 days ago)
Looking for a bit of help here lads, as someone who owns a high end pc right now and most of my friends are on PS4. I'm looking into buying this for the sake of exclusives, friends and games I don't want on my pc. I'm looking at the ps4 pro with the new Spider-Man game and some other games on the side. Worth buying?
Before you buy it melts its the only version that does it
Joshua Chance (10 days ago)
There seems no reason at all to not just wait for the PS5
Wingman1977 (11 days ago)
Picked one up last month (just to play exclusives digitally while I play multiplats on PC). It’s amazing that it’s still hard to find while the base PS4 (slim) is still easily found in stores. If the pro had a 4KUHD disc drive, the console would have been $500 (just like the XB1X).
IllumanaTvi (12 days ago)
I still play PlayStation 😌
KrakenGaming Smash (12 days ago)
Do you need a 4K tv to use it
UnKnown Character (11 days ago)
Chaitanya Kailu (13 days ago)
I have samsung 1080p curved tv Which should i buy pro or slim??
UnKnown Character (11 days ago)
Tito Tran (13 days ago)
i just want 1080@60 games
Jan Venter (13 days ago)
Got a ps4 pro today gonna sell my standard ps4 in this week. There is one important thing sony said that you have to remember games will always rn on both systems but features like multiplayer may be more fleshed out and support 4 players on pro but two on the standard base model
D Liggo (14 days ago)
PS4 PRO not worth it..Only a few games have improved graphics hardly noticeable in Game Mode..Better in HDR Mode but slower gameplay..👎🏻
Pryme (15 days ago)
Does the PS4 Pro improve input deley
Alambe727 (15 days ago)
if the ps5 is better than the ps4 pro I will get that one as well, if not than I will stay with the ps4 pro
Alambe727 (15 days ago)
ps4 pro is awesome, if you don't like it get something else.
Vincezilla (15 days ago)
Glad I waited for the 500 Million Limited Edition
MajikHustle (18 days ago)
Man im good with just the ps4 slim
Khaled Miah (18 days ago)
I have a 4K tv but I have the ps4 vision 2? Anyway the ps4 gives out a 1080p resolution at 60h with HDR Supported.. I can see a massive difference from my old 1080p samsung tv. The upscale on the 4k tv has made my games come alive! I'm not fussed about a ps4 pro but my original ps4 is making too much noise like " a jet engine " I've cleaned out the fan and everything but if I play a game like " the wither 3" the ps4 goes crazy.. I'm sure upgrading to ps4 pro will definitely make games run a lot smoother and I really don't mind those extra pixels 😍 can't wait.
nikola (19 days ago)
I found one for 130$
vandana surana (21 days ago)
i bought it a year ago now it suddenly PS4 HDD is not working .... it is not repairable not under warranty i've to replace my whole ps4 even if i want to its better to get a new one
bephilas (22 days ago)
i only gave a nintendo switch as a console and an xbox 360 before. im impressed with the graphics and the game library of the ps4, but considering i love to go out, the switch was a better choice for me. I dont think that the ps4 is really good for multiplayer games
Sheari butt (23 days ago)
You should do a vedio on " Should u buy a used ps4 or new ps4"? Or if u are buying a used ps4 what u should look for soo that we don't get scamed
UnKnown Character (11 days ago)
never buy used things
Jordan Currie (23 days ago)
buying this cause i bought the original xbox one and i regret that as much as the Americans do electing trump
xXXnobodyisreal (24 days ago)
I might get a ps4 pro now i was thinking about trading in my Nintendo switch but idk ps4 is coming out with a lot better exclusives now so im kinda sold to get a ps4 but idk so i want to know your opinions on this factor should i get it or should i not
John Doe (24 days ago)
It's the worst when people who say they understand technology, or better yet have a YouTube channel, say things like the "supposed" importance of 4K. Resolution IS important. That comment 10 seconds into your video made me just think you're the type of person who said HD wasn't important either. Immediately stopped watching after.
Jai Krishna (25 days ago)
Is there any difference in the graphics in new ps4 pro?
Louis Nichilo (25 days ago)
I have always had a Xbox and my brother always had a playstation and we would share our consoles. But lately I’ve been wanting to switch to PlayStation especially at good timing since my brother is going to boot camp, i can now have his standard PS4. However all these new games coming out like spider-man, red dead redemption, the walking dead and much more; it’s making a PS4 pro seem a lot more appealing or necessary to purchase. I’m not sure if i should get the PS4 pro though lol.
sekaìology (27 days ago)
When would the ps5 pop up? Kinda considering buying the pro, but if there’s a new one next year should I still get the pro?
King AndroidTM (28 days ago)
Just Bought a Ps 4 with 1 TB... Thats not more Exclusive. And i got with it God of War for Free:)
Layla Maria (28 days ago)
Can you play PS4 on a 720p tv? If so how good will the quality be?
Nicholas Martinelli (28 days ago)
I was in doubt about getting the pro or just the slim gold one. opted for the gold because it looks nicer on my tv stand and there’s not that much of a difference in graphics
Michael James Paler (29 days ago)
I can't even afford a 2nd hand PS4.. :-(
luis nunez (29 days ago)
You dont need a 4k tv right? But it would look nicer.
antroidi (30 days ago)
God of war fps feels much more better and smoother with ps4 pro.
Charlie Hall (30 days ago)
im getting ps4 pro and its my first play station
Tony Castle (1 month ago)
Why are you a fan of the usb 3.0?
Aaron Murillo (1 month ago)
I don't have a 4k TV. Should I buy the PS Pro or the Slim?
Midnight Roar (1 month ago)
Can you buy me a ps4?
Zakk Atraiu (1 month ago)
I have a 720p TV.. Is it even worth getting the pro?
Captain Arieful (1 month ago)
I just bought the sony 55 inch xbr55a8f 4k oled 2018 tv. And I have directv but it's not supporting 4k resolution. I have a standard ps4 but should I get the pro? Does anyone know how to turn the display to 2160p 4k on this tv? Right now it's on either 1080p or 1080i. Please help me.
Dan DiGennaro (1 month ago)
Never had any PS4 before. Should I get the pro or the Xbox one x
The NiteFort Noobie (1 month ago)
i mean... i think its much better, cuz as soon you buy it you'll know :)
arnold oliver (1 month ago)
Wait for the ps5 when it comes out in 2020 the pro is nothing more than a console on steroids sony boost up the settings making it more colorful that's all hell it's not 4k compatible at all
Dark Souls (1 month ago)
Where do you even buy this it says sold out everywhere
Cheat Activated (1 month ago)
Xbox one x is better and way more worth it thanks!
Karan Sumbly (1 month ago)
PS Pro 4 or Xbox one X or Nintendo Switch which one is the best from an overall perspective and what would you suggest to a beginner ?
MUZAMMIL AHMED (1 month ago)
Tum khanzeer ho
toddgabweg (1 month ago)
Pre-ordered the Spider-Man pro bundle. First ps4. May also try psvr.
A J (1 month ago)
How do people live without a ps4 or wifi feels bad
Omeo Mahardad (1 month ago)
Better everyone buy a gaming pc. Beside gaming everyone can use internet, social media and more. You can also play games for free(Cracked Version).
In new god of war it’s support something between 50 and 58 FPS on 1080p setting but in 4K its 30fps well if you ask me it’s best gaming consul for people how’s cares about good video games and on ps4 you gonna have good experiences of gaming because the best titles like uncharted, godofwar and others.
Mighty Rumble (1 month ago)
I remember buying my ps4 with my best cousin and when i setup he would come in the summer to play overwatch all day ... ah good times
Mr HusSlaying (1 month ago)
Amanda Anaya (1 month ago)
I still barely see any quality difference between PS4 and Pro. Hopefully when I get RDR2 for my PS4, it still looks and works great
Saqlain Islam (1 month ago)
Not at all worth it
Sheren Faruka (1 month ago)
Why buy a dome console when you can buy a. Good pc
Toby Jones (1 month ago)
CartelZ (1 month ago)
They released boost mode
CacaDePerro (1 month ago)
Bought one the fan is faulty and makes too much noise taking it back for a replacemnt
John Vargas (1 month ago)
Sony should build a playstaion pro2 instead of a ps5
PrblyUrFather (1 month ago)
I just bought a 4k tele and I low key want the pro for the graphics.
Adam Bernath (1 month ago)
60fps is a change that you will see mostly when you get used to it and for some reason you switch back to 30fps, thats when you see the difference. heres a 60fps 3d video: https://youtu.be/Vx3Lo1yvFd4 in this case when the camera moves slowly, obviously theres not gonna be any motion blur, but when you see the same in 30fps theres gonna be a significant difference in the smoothness of the video (sorry I couldn't upload the same video with 30fps, yt doesn't allow duplicates) but yeah, let me tell you, so when the camera moves slowly, you are going to see some stuttering. As we try to mimic real life effects in 3D, the reason why it feels more natural is because it is closer to what your eyes see in the real world compared to 30fps.
gorkha gamer aaku (1 month ago)
whichh games do u all have
J (1 month ago)
preordered ps4 days ago!
Azav312 (1 month ago)
I have my original ps4 kn a 720 plasma. Fuck.....
Juan C (1 month ago)
Not impressed with it. The only way to play god of war 4 though!
Randy Bradley (1 month ago)
and the Spidey game was built from the ground up with PS4 PRO in mind.
MrRandomRobot (1 month ago)
I think I'm​ just going with a ps4 slim, its cheaper and I don't really care about how powerful the systems are
P1 (1 month ago)
I have a 4K TV with HDR should I get the slim or the pro (this is my first PS4 I’m buying)
P1 (1 month ago)
Isaac L. I already have a gaming PC 👍
P1 (1 month ago)
Randy Bradley thank you, purchased a PRO definitely worth it.
Isaac L. (1 month ago)
Randy Bradley Obviously you're going to pay more money for a better gaming experience. But yes, just between the Slim and the Pro, the one with higher performance is the better choice.
Randy Bradley (1 month ago)
Besides Mercy was asking about the PS4 or PS4 PRO not a PC.
Randy Bradley (1 month ago)
+Isaac L. 10x better. Thanks I needed a good laugh. Tell me how much you spent on your PC that gives you 25k+ and 300+ frames per second? A select few PS4 games, lol again. I listed more then a few games and like I said I could have listed another 30.
Kevin TheGamer162015 (1 month ago)
Ps4 pro get rely hot
jason corn (1 month ago)
Just build a pc already and stopnanag wasting money, time and your freedom.
Randy Bradley (1 month ago)
Wasting your time? I think it would be less time consuming to just go out and purchase a PS4 PRO that is already built instead of going out and hunting down the perfect computer parts and then having to put it all together. Wasting your money? I know building a PC that is capable of what the PS4 PRO can do is more then 400 bucks. Wasting your freedom? Not really when our freedom is there to purchase what we want and my freedom gave me the right to purchase a PS4 PRO so I can enjoy all of their excellent exclusives that you cannot find on the PC like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us part II, Ghost of Tsushima and the upcoming Spider-man.
turbin swastika (1 month ago)
guys i need some help here!! should i buy a ps4 slim now (august 2018) or should i wait for ps5?
Randy Bradley (1 month ago)
It's depending if you're willing to wait likely more then 2 years. I purchased the PS4 PRO and haven't looked back. Of course I only paid around $125 CAD for mine because I was smart enough to take advantage of the EB Games trade in promotions of trade in 5 games of $8 of value and get $100 towards a PS4 PRO and at the time Black Ops II was still trading for 8 bucks and was picking up copies for a couple bucks.
myoriginalname (1 month ago)
Just got my pro about a month ago. Tried playing GoW in both 1080p and 4k. Difference is not huge but it is there and you do notice it. Even if it's not true native 4k it still looks way better than 1080p. Now this was my first ps4 ever so it was logical to go straight to a pro since it is only s few more bucks than the standard ps4 otherwise I'd probably stay on standard ps4 and let my 4k tv do the upscaling job.
Mohamed Magdy (1 month ago)
What about backwards compatibility? The new Xbox is now backwards compatible... what about the new PS4??? This is a big deal for a lot of people...
Randy Bradley (1 month ago)
So, I can play 007 Legends, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City and the rest of the 360 games as of August 2018? Ya, I didn't think so. People who care about backwards compatibility should stick to those consoles if they want to play old games. Besides if you want to play old games just buy a PS3 because they are cheap and my friend picked up 3 from yard sales this past weekend with 38 games for under 75 CAD and then that way you don't need to play the waiting game to see if they will support a game that you're waiting to play. Besides PS4 does have more then a dozen PS2 games.
keepon gaming (1 month ago)
I dont have any ps4 yet and i wanted to know if ps4 pro is worth using it in a 1080 p television?
Randy Bradley (1 month ago)
Yes, It is because with the last update it offers super-sampling which is meant to see the graphical benefits on a 1080p TV and the PS4 PRO.
Isaac L. (1 month ago)
Save your money until you have enough for a PC, you wont regret it.
Isaac L. (1 month ago)
Randy Bradley True those are a few exclusive titles. But PC has exclusives too, plus there is no monthly subscription fee. Also having options with more graphics settings, and more than double the framerate compared too.
Randy Bradley (1 month ago)
I saved money on getting my PS4 PRO because of trade bonuses and have enjoyed titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, God of War and the soon to be out Spider-man. You cannot do that legally on a PC.
Kevin Ti Paul (1 month ago)
Like Subscribe and I'll do the same

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