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PS4 Pro - Before You Buy

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The PS4 Pro touts 4K HD gaming thanks to more graphical horsepower. But is it really worth the upgrade? Jake Baldino takes a look. ★Follow Jake on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino ★Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jakebaldino/ ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV
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Charlie L. (2 days ago)
I cant afford a 4k nor will i want one soon. Do i still buy a PRO PS4??!?!
Kid Slider (2 days ago)
i have ps3 and i don't have a 4k tv and i wan't to buy ps4 pro, do ps4 pro work on other tv's?
rahul kapoor (3 days ago)
Is it worth buying a PS4 pro even if I don't have a 4k tv and do not use apps such as Netflix on a console?
hi im Richie 1drifts (4 days ago)
I'm getting one
Arnel Brown (4 days ago)
I have Xbox ..... I kinda want to get a PS4 pro but we're so late into this generation I'll just wait for ps5
LuX X (5 days ago)
Basically you're playing 1440p not 2160p (4K)
Mr Bluntforce T (7 days ago)
He says at 1:17 that the Ps4 pro controller "is totally the same" as the base Ps4 but he forgot to mention that the battery in the pro controller is way better compared to a base ps4 controller which apparently needs recharging after only 4-6 hours which is criminal! When i start gaming with my fully charged Ps4 pro controller it still has 3 "power bars" after 12 hours of gaming! Yes thats 12 HOURS, but 1-2 hours after that its down to 2 "power bars" and thats an astronomical improvement.i do"nt know exactly which version of the Pro i have but I bought it in March 2018.
Eduardo Lorenzo (9 days ago)
Since I had a perfectlly functional PS3 (and a lot of great games) I resisted changing my console generation. It worked fine so far, but the problem is my PS3 just died and I need a new videogame. I considered moving to X-Box, but Sony’s exclusives enslaved me. Think I’ll buy a pS4 Red Dead Redemption bundle (and a new 4K tv) in the next days. What you guys think?
All in one Get (9 days ago)
I have it and it's great then any other console.
The Joker (11 days ago)
I have the normal PS4 and Im gonna wait for the PS5 most likely because its not worth the update
armaan sharma (13 days ago)
Hey my birthdays coming up and I haven't owned a ps anything before and I need to ask my parents for this. I NEED this . Wish me luck please🙏
Prostillers (13 days ago)
Ps4 pro vs xbox one x? And why
AimanEzzat95 (13 days ago)
As you said, the pro doesn't give us what we hoped for. I really prefer 60 fps over high resolution.
RevanJJ (13 days ago)
So glad I was patient. PS4 Pro 1TB Bundles will be $274.99 on Black Friday. Hopefully that’s everywhere, like Amazon, but I’ve only heard of Best Buy.
Khan Abubakar (13 days ago)
Is it still worth it to buy now?
MoLetalis (14 days ago)
My PS4 slim also has a 1TB hard drive and HDR support. The only difference here is the ability to stream (not play blu-rays) and upscale games to 4k. Not worth the enormous amount of cash imo
Brandon Kemp (15 days ago)
Sony the company that was known for stereo now makes game consoles that can't play a music CD because they want you to pay for musicnow streaming service. Sony has changed and they give me a bad feeling that companies that shady have ahold of people somehow. PlayStation isn't a PlayStation, I don't even see why it's called that doesn't play the PlayStation library. The Sony that boomed ps4 is the dead Sony to me
what do i do? I have a Samsung 4K UHD 55'' ku6000 that apparently supports HDR, and i dont know if i should buy a PS4 Pro or Slim? I'd rather spend less money really, but if the Pro is worth it i guess i could spend more? How big of an improvement is it? P.s.: i dont get it why 1TB space is a plus for the pro if i can also buy a slim with the same space
Abhishek singh tomar (15 days ago)
I ordered a PS 4 pro and it is on the way......wuuuhuu.....
iyfranco151 (15 days ago)
More Ram ? still 8gb. GDDR5 + 1GB GDD3 not much more sticky for the OS.
Occifer FigPucker (17 days ago)
Mid gen upgrades are scams.
tha epic dood robert (17 days ago)
that thumbnail lol
Joc Joc (18 days ago)
after the release of red dead redemption 2, do you think it is now worth it to switch from ps4 to ps4 pro? or should i just wait for ps5?
john smith (16 days ago)
Wait for the ps5
daddadification (18 days ago)
I keep the Ps3 Better Then Ps4 PS3 can Play ps1 games We are Sony We made Half games with Lot of bugs Free Xbox one Have Big games but Less Bugs Show Up black ops Ghost 48gb XO Lots of hard drive space but done Less bug Ps4 Black ops Ghost 28gb A Lot of bugs Ps Plus 12 month £50 Xbox Gold 12 month £40
Mr Tea & Crumpets (18 days ago)
I upgraded my pc from an i5-6600k to an i5-8600k and around this time my brother upgraded his standard launch ps4 because his hdd broke so I swapped him my old i5-6600k for his launch PS4 I put a new hdd in there and it works like it was bought yesterday. Recently I’ve been playing red dead redemption 2 and I’ve noticed huge graphical differences between my ps4 and my brothers pro we’re both using a 1080p tv with no hdr and red dead redemption 2 runs smoother and has more lighting effects and little details here and there. I also noticed the same with god of war. Me and my brother buys games at the same time and on the pro again with a 1080p tv and no hdr his game looked so much better more polygons on screen, better lightly and the option on this particular game to run it at 1080p 60fps. In the uk I can get £120 for my launch ps4 and a new pro with Spider-Man bundled in is £349 and considering I didn’t pay anything for that launch ps4 I think I’m gonna sell it and put the money towards a pro for £229. Not only that but the ps5 is meant to coming in 2020 at the earliest so when it Comes to it I will get more trade in value.
Ultimate gamers (19 days ago)
I want to buy ps4 but confused should i go for ps4 slim or ps4 pro ,please help me guys
Richie Issrani (19 days ago)
Worth purchasing for 720P TV?
Harmeet Singh (19 days ago)
Just ordered a PS4 Pro RDR2 bundle. Damn excited!
Paul Michael Shields (20 days ago)
I am thinking of buying a PS4 Pro but it's difficult to find out anymore information with regards to how it plays PS4 games that were released before this console was released... Getting a console in 1TB is no big deal anymore as I bought my PS4 Slim with 1TB but it doesn't take that long for that space to suddenly run out, thst and the fact that your 1GB is using up some of the consoles built in hardware & apps, so take away about 14GB... Plus you'll always have to leave between 60GB Plus to 70GB Plus Free on your consoles hard drive, as for some reason it will not allow you to download and store anymore games in your PS4 internal hard drive even if is only a 20 gb or more download file & I can only assume it's to leave room for ongoing game patch updates as I've seen some those having huge files to download... I'd like to buy the PS4 Pro but I can't seem to find any with a 2TB hard drive officially built in it by Sony as it's all 1TB & I'm already using an external hard drive... Now an external hard drive is handy to have, to use it as a back storage unit but I'd like to own a 2TB PS4 that'll allow me to use Sony's internal Hard Drive as I'm not keen on depending & hoping my external drive to never become faulty & it's easier to move your console around, were as a console with an external hard drive is more problematic & isn't as user friendly for taking it round to friends to play as I'd need all the game's I have on thst external hard drive... Also if anyone is having issues with their PS4 Pro playing any PS4 game's that aren't classed as or needing a 4K update then let me know as I think it's having some issues playing certain games because its upscaling those not in full 4K but then again of dont know of any game has has been built with 4K as standard built into it...
That Old Uppity Nigger (20 days ago)
lol! im watching the 4k part in 720p
Venkatesh K (21 days ago)
I don't have a 4k TV but a damn good 1080p monitor. Considering it was my next gen leap from PS3 to PS4 I thought it was wise to get a Pro. Yes it costs a little extra but I figured if I do get a TV I might as well be ready for it.
Oscar Aguilar (23 days ago)
Is it comparable with ps2 ps3 and ps1 game
Ivan Avina (23 days ago)
I just want the pro cuz 1.I need my own ps4 cuz I share with my brothers rn. 2.I hear it has better WiFi connection such as connecting to 5G wifi. Is this true btw?
Bloopo (24 days ago)
So I never bought a PS4 and I was actually exited to get one but then I saw the pro and I’m unsure if I should get it. I have a 4K tv but I would like to hear some more opinions and see if I should bother or not. :)
Captain Chick3n (25 days ago)
I have never owned a Ps4 and recently I decided on getting one but I don’t know whether to get the ps4 slim or pro because I do want the 1TB of space but I’m not too hyped about the 4k and upgraded visuals. Plus i don’t think my tv is even 4k so I’m not sure what to go with here plz help.... also I’m getting the spiderman game with this too sooo
Kelvin Veizaga (28 days ago)
The light was always on the controller the fuck? Since the slim
me (29 days ago)
I was wondering if I got the money I should spend $500 on a Xbox One, or $400 on a PS4. Definitely the PS4 route.
Hossam Kamal (1 month ago)
The final answer is if you have ps4 and 4k tv wait for ps5 and if you don't have ps4 still wait for ps5 bec ps4 pro is waste for time and money and his 4k was shit
It actually does install and load all games faster
Goku (1 month ago)
Hey Ass fuck!!...Maybe plan your content better. Its a load of bullshit to dig against a Ps4 Pro when there is nothing that can beat this in the market for its price. You lost the plot not having anything to offer better than this machine. So fucking shut it!!. You moaning about blu-ray!? Dafuq dude!! I am digital since 2009. You must be living under a rock. "PC elitist" will not buy a console in the first place, so stop right there. Moaning about the price! How about you realize there are a host of games you could not have played without a Ps4.
Dan the great (1 month ago)
it dosent have a 4k bluray drive because it has the same bluray drive as the launch ps4 hopefully we will have one on the ps5
Jeroen Meurs (1 month ago)
''' also the finish of the controller itself makes it feel a bit more premium because it's a little more expensive? OBJECTIVE REVIEW BRO KEEP IT UP -.-...........1:12
aliwesker (1 month ago)
sorry gotto pay rent.. you play let me know what you think, and if you like it send me your old PS4 thanks in advance!
fritzexcalibur gaming (1 month ago)
Before u buy.. Make sure u have enough money or kidneys left
fritzexcalibur gaming (1 month ago)
Thats a joke
FNS31 (1 month ago)
fritzexcalibur gaming really not that expensive at all there are deals everywhere
Death Channel (1 month ago)
4:29 why there are spiderman game in 2016 but the game trailer release in 2018
shahil grg (1 month ago)
I still have ps2 and have no money to buy even ps3
TheAsianCanadian (1 month ago)
I just have regular PS4 should I be happy with it?
Takyri B-Emaja (1 month ago)
Conclusion: if you dont have a ps4 get this one . If you have one, dont waste your money and wait for the ps5!
Hey could you or anyone for the matter give me some advice, I’m in the market for a ps4, I don’t have a 4K tv but still considering the pro over the slim. I can’t decide between the two and would like some input. Also, I’ve heard the pros fan is very loud. How loud are we talking? Thanks guys.
Mathew Femi (1 month ago)
I have a 4k TV and a standard ps4
FNS31 (1 month ago)
Mathew Femi u should do a trade in upgrade at eb games when it comes back
Charlie Lodge (1 month ago)
My standard PS4 won't play god of war it struggles and crashes so I'll be grabbing the Pro next week 😁
Early Earl (1 month ago)
Ill pass on that
Rj Diggs (1 month ago)
Almost two years later and the PS4 is the best selling console along with some awesome exclusives to go with it. The pro is just icing on the cake and you should definitely go for it.
Virkification (1 month ago)
I have a xbox one s and im changing to this because i can play fortnut without plus
Richy (1 month ago)
Just got the 2018 Samsung Q9FN and will definitely get Red Redemption 2 (105Gb game), therefore I believe PS4 pro is a must...
Wajahat Siddiqui (1 month ago)
PS4 pro use 4K upscaling just like Xbox One S but better Xbox One X on the other hand offers true native 4K with higher performance Just put exclusives aside Xbox smashed PS here by offering better gaming experience but with $100 more However, I am gonna buy PS4 Pro by the end of the year just to play legendary exclusives like The Last Of Us, Uncharted and God Of War
Kleigh’s Dad (1 month ago)
I’m currently thinking about buying a ps4. Is it worth buying now that the ps5 is coming sooner than later? I haven’t had a PlayStation since the PS1 and I also don’t have a 4k tv.
etherlords88 (1 month ago)
Nah man 4k is still a gimmick and only thing should be cared of is HDR; controller is same as ps4 (and ergonomically shit af); Not many exclusives are offering 4k (which sony should) and rest of the games are already available on xbox one and if you had s, then you already got 4k upscaling and HDR (take ROTTR for example). I got both ps4s and x1s so till date I find no reason to upgrade, if you got the older consoles, go for the latest ones of course.
Gjerji Pappa (1 month ago)
Ps4 pro or ps4 slim. Which you prefer and why
FNS31 (1 month ago)
Gjerji Pappa slim atm cause I don’t have a 4K tv and reallly don’t care much for a slight increase in quality
Simon The Seal (1 month ago)
Should i buy brand new Xbox One S + PubG for 200€ ?
General Lee (1 month ago)
My launch ps4 died defiently gonna get a ps4 pro
Stop it (1 month ago)
This thumbnail being constantly used is annoying me
Major Kirrahe (1 month ago)
All I want is a higher frame-rate on the games I already play. I also figured that new releases will cater to the pro's specs more, and that the standard ps4 may begin to struggle with the newer releases? I don't know.
Angela Gonzalez (1 month ago)
4k with 30fps lol no
Mr Moose (1 month ago)
What about the ps4 slim
David B (1 month ago)
I don’t own a Play Station. Never have. I’m mainly interested because I want, like you called it, a future proof console. The PS4 Pro appears to be considerably better than the Xbox 1s. But, still more research is needed...
Marty Mcfly (1 month ago)
I just bought my ps4 pro last week and i have a 1080p and the only regret i have is not buying the pro sooner. It helps and boost my 1080p tv. I play destiny 2 and graphics looks way better now. The game runs faster too.. So it is worth to upgrade from ps4 og or ps4 slim.
moon light (1 month ago)
I never had a PS4 so I'm planning on getting the PS4 pro. Is it really worth the money? What worries me more is how much data space can it store. I have seen many PS4 gamers with storage problems that's why I always had Xbox. Any tips?
SYFICO • (1 month ago)
Nah. I'm not in a hurry. I'll stick to my XB1S until they release the ps5.
Peter Sparre (1 month ago)
I buyed the first ps4 when it came ou and just playing games as Outlast or dying light made it sound like a plane was about to fly even some times a yet plane. I just buyed the ps Pro to get rid of that sound
Nicholas Tinkley-Smith (1 month ago)
I currently own a gen 1 ps4 500gb, and it sounds like an aeroplane taking off when games are being processed, what I want to know is this, is it worth buying the pro and buying a 4k tv or, just upgrading to a 1tb ps4 slim ? I'm not super loaded with money and just want a better gaming experience, thanks !
Alex Doherty (1 month ago)
I just got it for the 5gh internet
EmpiricalMind (1 month ago)
I already own a standard PS4, and a UHD (sadly not HDR) 4K monitor, from the many things I've read and watched the Pro upgrade doesn't seem to be quite worth it, but what might be is an upgrade to the Xbox One X, RDR2 is out this month and I think it is the first game optimized for the latest gen of consoles!
Mayank Sharma (1 month ago)
This console is beautiful!!
swagatam mukherjee (1 month ago)
Will PS4 pro show lag in 720p due to super sampling
Blastboys (1 month ago)
Should I upgrade from my normal ps4
Royal Animations (1 month ago)
I cant even afford a ps4 why am i watching this?
Alexander Castillo (1 month ago)
Yes, its a great investment especially if you already have a 4k tv!!
manual (1 month ago)
i use a ps4 pro with a 720p monitor. the graphics are really good
Michael Vieira (1 month ago)
Is it a waste of time to buy a PS4 Pro before a 4K TV?
mathias chance (1 month ago)
Look man its a cool console but idiots saying ps4 has better games is somewhat true but NOT TRUE ENOUGH DUMBASSES
QuickScopeKyper (1 month ago)
Call of duty blackout looks so much better on the pro with a 1080p tv
freshlyunreal (1 month ago)
Love my ps4 pro so far
freshlyunreal (1 month ago)
Love my ps4 pro so far
YUNG OWENZ (1 month ago)
I have a PS4 and a pro .... SAME... SHIT... simple
Anthony Orozco (1 month ago)
lol I'm reading all these comments and people wanna believe it so bad they start making shit up ... like omg the pro has way better graphics than the slim it's amazing.. like stfu you can't even tell the difference man
ST IJN (1 month ago)
My parent have a 4k hdr tv so its Worth it I guest? ??
John Jenkins (1 month ago)
I love mine. My games upgraded on my 4k tv vs regular ps4. Better then my Xbox 1 s as well.
To late
Kevin Wells (1 month ago)
Love my PS4 Pro! And my Switch! Gaming life is good!
Kryz Torres (1 month ago)
I guess maybe I'll wait for the ps5 then? I have the first ps4 pro and its working well enough so I think I'm good.
Bhaskar Dabhi (1 month ago)
I dnt have 4k tv and also not big fan of gaming but want to buy PlayStation so that in my free time i can play games. does it make sense to by Ps4 instead of ps4 pro?
james boosa (1 month ago)
I was actually planning on getting my first PS4 here pretty soon so I'm glad I came across this video, I totally agree the price point is a little outrageous but I would much rather buy a brand new package than a used one and I really think this Pro version would pair great with my 4k television
Şamil Sözal (1 month ago)
I really really want and feel like i need a ps4 pro
PLUS TRAP (1 month ago)
Who bought a PS4 pro and then watch this video? No? Just me? Okay then...
Mohd Aziz (1 month ago)
Is ps4 pro not worth it to buy it don't have old ps4
Alfonso Velez (1 month ago)
I have a ps4 pro. I was scrolling through my setting and noticed my total space I had was roughly 800gb I feel ripped off by 200gb. I could've done alot with that extra space
Wanna hear "a joke" ? "a joke"
Martinův Lets' play (2 months ago)
make befor u watch befor video :D
TheGamingville (2 months ago)
Should I get a PS4 pro with only one game, but PS4 slim with more than one game
iQuattro (1 month ago)
Ps4 pro

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