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Pity Poor Waluigi (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch Waluigi, YEAH YEAH YEAH! It's time to think about the sad life of the Good Purple Boy. __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimsterling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsterling0 Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation): http://bigego.com/ Bandcamp of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.com Nathan Hanover - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8L7n7l11PJM6FFcI6Ju8A
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Text Comments (2158)
varietywiarrior (9 minutes ago)
TL;DR Keep Waluigi weird!
FhargaZ (16 hours ago)
Voice actor in a nintendo game = Groot? 😆
James Laurie (16 hours ago)
If Waluigi is so great why isn’t there a Waluigi 2?
Melon Animations (1 day ago)
Waluigi's My Favorite Mario Character
RemixedVoice (1 day ago)
Watching those two Waluigi dolls fuck so hard and good made me cry laughing.
concon09090 (1 day ago)
“Everything about him is a sin.” -Griffin McElroy
JawbreakerAlumni (2 days ago)
Let's not kid ourselves, with Luigi and WAluigi, Luigi is Nintendo's Charlie Brown, WAluigi is lower than that.
Jani Akujärvi (3 days ago)
Thank the maker for James.
Vincent Lauria (4 days ago)
On the topic of this Purple Boy, as said by another Purple Boy: *WAAAAAAAAAAAAA*
Wilkwolf (5 days ago)
Got a point on how the more harassment Sakurai gets to put Waluigi in smash, the less likely it is to happen. Just look how many Fire emblem characters there are.
Daniel Turunen (5 days ago)
@Jim Sterling: apparently Waluigi might join the rest of the cast in smash ultimate after all! https://youtu.be/tKkFG8JC_CA ;He was one of my favourite characters in mario tennis(N64) so i'm definitely gonna give him a go! :)
WCK619 (6 days ago)
"This episode is not memes" **turns off video**
First Surname (7 days ago)
TheOnePabb (7 days ago)
At one point he should start intruding in other Nintendo games Imagine being in Gen 8 Pokémon's postgame in whatever lvl 50 battle tower you have to climb and challenger #47 defaults because of sudden food poisoning and is replaced with Waluigi throwing Dark types.
Jack (7 days ago)
God I love waluigi
Nym Pseudonym (7 days ago)
So am I the only one who remembers 'Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix'? Waluigi was the antagonist of that game.
Angelo Melzer (8 days ago)
a whole episode for waluigi?
Diego Alfredo (8 days ago)
The Daisy Dilema was first , let that purple freak an underground.
LiveLikeSims (8 days ago)
what happened to your battle pass to battle ass video, I just watched it and now its gone
Sephi D (8 days ago)
But that's a theory, A GAME THE- 7:42 Oh. Jim is absolutely self-aware. Nice!
Xaid the Nobody (8 days ago)
Waluigi is a Spinoffie Pudding
Codename MEGAN (9 days ago)
I feel like Waluigi should get his own game, but you play as Wario. That way you get a game for Waluigi but he still doesnt get to be in the spotlight
No Name (9 days ago)
I'd love to see a game starring Waluigi as the protagonist. You'd spend the game playing as him, trying to be a hero and save the Mushroom Kingdom but accidentally making things worse, with Mario and Luigi always cleaning up his mess in the background. Eventually, he'd give up on trying to be a hero and go back to his trickster ways, only to accidentally save the Mushroom Kingdom in the process. That just seems like such a Waluigi thing to do.
7wintersowl (9 days ago)
Ixcaliber (9 days ago)
Alternate theory as to why Waluigi never gets his own game: he's a pacifist. Sports games are fine but he just refuses to engage in violence.
Lazereye57 (10 days ago)
- he is secretly a tragic character - the voice actor/creator gives more depth to him when telling about their feelings they conveyed when creating him. - We find out more about him by reading item descriptions Waluigi is a dark souls character
5m4r11m11m3r (10 days ago)
What if Waluigi has his own set of friends and only hangs out with Wario sometimes.
Derek Night (10 days ago)
Chaos MD (10 days ago)
Jesus the Waluigi disrespect is real. Fuck y'all haters.
Laurens Vanhoutte (10 days ago)
Down with waluigi apologism
jrm78 (10 days ago)
Waluigi also bears a striking resemblance to Robbie Rotten from Lazytown. I wonder he inspired the character design of RR?
joshua armstrong (10 days ago)
its not the game characters fault for not being put in the spotlight, its the publishers, the creator, but please dont harass them, thought for a minute, and maybe you DO know what its like to be harassed yourself, so you think its the perfect weapon to use on others, well...how about no! be better than that, not everything calls for harassment to be used, at any time whatsoever,maybe think for more than a second and realize that harassment isnt good for anybody, and will NEVER get you what you want, havent you noticed that? that instead of the reaction you want, it instead makes the person or persons defensive and more distant, its because its a cruel strategy and should never be used, sure, i want waluigi in the spotlight too, but i would never stoop so low as to use harassment to achieve that, there are better ways, and i know there are, to getting what you want, its time to resist the urge to harass and think more along the lines of being politely passive agressive, there is such a thing,hell, dont even need to be passive agressive, show you passion in other ways, its not as hard as you think, hell if you have to, google it, its better to know about that sort of thing than not
HolloTheRaven (10 days ago)
Now that I think about it, it makes total sense that Waluigi isn't in Smash. He has to become a relevant character in his own universe first. eh, who am i kidding. daisy's in smash. there are no excuses.
kackiz (10 days ago)
So Jim said Waluigi means bad Luigi in Japanese, but we know that bad in Japanese is warui. So maybe his Japanese name "Waruigi" is actually "Warui gi" which means bad G, and that's why he has the letter G on his hat.
Cid Highwind (10 days ago)
I just love the background music from Suikodens dice game chinchirorin
Linear (10 days ago)
Should have been 15 minutes for obvious reasons.
Isky (10 days ago)
You look good in that hat.
Pixie Panda Plush (10 days ago)
Jim Sterling has become so whiny lately --- I'll give him another Jimquisition still.
Drew P. (10 days ago)
You need to write your own cursing dictionary already, I’d buy it.
7:00 The moment I confirmed these shots were not Charles Martinet using dolls to find his character.
nastassja scott (10 days ago)
I feel like, knowing some devs who want to surprise the fans, we may get him. And as a fan of him myself, I want him to be in it.
ZechsMerquise73 (11 days ago)
Jim, can you please do a video on Sony refusing to support crossplay in games like Fortnite and Minecraft? And also their weaseling away from addressing the issue?
Bradley Macduff (11 days ago)
so waluigi hates to lose and accuses others as cheaterx.. so hes an online gamer. he should get his own cartoon where he sits around plays games, dies and yells and screams, ideally in a hoodie and with like 7 viewers on his twitch live feed and no redeeming quality to ever get him more, and he has affiliate status one emote and when hes not acting like a raging 12yr old hes likely vaping and talking so monotone you could replace him with microsoft sam and get more personality. id pay good money to watch that on netflix from time to time
Charlie Navilio (11 days ago)
TheCrowbar474 (11 days ago)
Hey Jim Sterling, Can you tell me what the hell does "Clappa" mean?
Maximvs Dread (11 days ago)
"Fucking piranha plants get more love than Waluigi" XD
Maximvs Dread (11 days ago)
Thumbs up for Drill Queen.
VirtuaMe (11 days ago)
Hi Jim, wondered if your podcast may be available to listen to on Spotify too soon? Cheers
Juxxize (11 days ago)
Craig Smith (11 days ago)
A Jimquisition about fucking Waluigi. I love this channel
ClumsyVash (11 days ago)
I can still harass people i don't like right? lol
Valfaun (11 days ago)
that piranha plant hand puppet is pretty sweet
Monica Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Why did you remove the for honor has too much DLC? vid
Kade (12 days ago)
Waluigi is also an elf.....the ears are a dead giveaway.
Grimreaper905 (12 days ago)
Oh Wahh , oh Waah. You'll be missed.
boaby umbungo (12 days ago)
In this case, I agree with everyone else, it displays the simplistic, unoriginal ideas that nintendo continually come up with. waluigi and wario are the basement brothers of mario and his tall twin that their parents - quite rightly - kept away from society because as IP's, wario and waluigi are like if teletubbies were called red, yellow, pink and blue. Another example of glorified mediocrity... that should be nintendo's motto these days
j.c man (12 days ago)
Imagine going to the park with your kids and you see a big grown man by himself playing with plush Waluigis and making them F*ck each other
Phil Beckner (12 days ago)
Why did he pour milk on him
akaimizu1 (12 days ago)
Those harassers have problems. I still didn’t expect it to make it as a Jimquisition, and I didn’t expect such a topic to actually turn into such a funny video. Great job.
Sean August (12 days ago)
I've liked Waluigi since I was a kid, always picked him because he was tall and lanky like me. Never understood why he always gets so much hate from people.
Wait a minute People are complaining that Mr. Sakuri did not put Waluigi in smash, but I been here filling out multiple smash ballets for King K. Rool
Aurang (12 days ago)
Give us "Un" Super Wario Bros Already...
Lord Kuraba (12 days ago)
The only reason he hasn't had a chance to shine is because Nintendo hasn't given it to him. All they have to do is give him one good game and suddenly people will sing his praises and start claiming they were always a fan lol.
Christian González (12 days ago)
Ho! internet! the place i must go to see two fuking waluiguis.
John Smith (12 days ago)
If Waluigi did get a chance in spotlight and succeed, he wouldn't really change. When he gets the taste of fame first time, he will want popularity even more to compensate for all the times in the past.
Nionivek (12 days ago)
When Waluigi is an actual character in any main game... THEN lets talk. Not even the Wario Games like Waluigi (Where he in... ONE minigame called "Warios and Waluigis" in a game full of minigames). He literally only exists to give Wario a Luigi partner. Especially in a series where Mario already dominates a huge portion of the roster as it is.
Mr BigCookie (12 days ago)
Rob Dillenger (12 days ago)
better than wii fit trainer imo
B B (12 days ago)
Waluigi is great in Lazy Town.
Veto Bandito (12 days ago)
you just harassed us at the end and we did nothing wrong =[ are we, your audience, waluigi to you? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
ShiroiKage009 (12 days ago)
For some reason I really found the interjection that the pirannah plant had a puppet really funny.
Darien Morla (12 days ago)
Wasnt Sakurai harrassed into putting Ridley in smash? 🤔🤔
mega sean (12 days ago)
Even if by some fluky miracle he did get in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, he doesn’t have a moveset of his own. It was fine back in the early Smash Bros because they could make the rules up as they go, but now that Nintendo are so intrenched in lore, they can’t make up movesets without relating it to previous titles. Waluigi wouldn’t be effective in Smash Bros at all.
SeanTheOriginal (12 days ago)
Amazingly Awkward (12 days ago)
Never would I of thought Jim would do a jab at Game Theory. Amazing.
Dante Christensen (12 days ago)
Seems like Waluigi is pretty much the Daffy Duck of the Mario universe.
han dler (12 days ago)
Cool Piranha Plant Puppet!
Lord Sidius (12 days ago)
Commentocracy please Sir
L P (12 days ago)
Jim; I thought you of all people would mention and recognise; am I the only person who thinks he looks like he's receiving a sit down double facializer upon winning a Mario Kart 8 match? Seriously! Watch it!
Blake Grimes (12 days ago)
Have you lost weight? You look good!
Terminal Nostalgia (13 days ago)
Can the hot new meme be calling minor things 'possibly a war crime' in a sincere tone suggesting we're actually considering the question.
John Magus (13 days ago)
Great puppet work in the park...and urinal.
JNoir J (13 days ago)
7:11 How many wah spins did you watch?
Anime King (13 days ago)
The Year of Waluigi
5Jira VA (13 days ago)
Waluigi is the Yamcha of Nintendo.
Tommy the gamemaster (13 days ago)
Actually wario gets off on the electric fence in strikers
Saben Campbell (13 days ago)
Everyone keeps saying people harassed Sakurai, but I've seen no evidence. Still the stupidest fuckin idea someone could have to get what they want.
Denizu (13 days ago)
There were like 2 people who harassed Sakurai, and suddenly they are supposed to represent the entire fandom?
The Gamer Scot (13 days ago)
Maybe they're just saving him for DLC...
Lars Marsh (13 days ago)
Fuck off, Jim. Waluigi is fucking stupid.
MichealDraven (13 days ago)
8:22 is this art?
Cubelarooso (13 days ago)
I don't see how Smash could have Waluigi when it doesn't even have the real Wario.
Arbiter91 (13 days ago)
I thought about harassing you but I just fucked some eggs instead
extoner (13 days ago)
Thought the Waluigi crowd would get a kick fron Wal-ouija https://tictail.com/marloweandnyssa/wal-ouija-board
Snipe M.D (13 days ago)
*_Did you literally pour a quart of milk on a Waluigi plush in a public urinal?_*
Fuzzy Barbarian (13 days ago)
That piranha plant hand puppet is fucking majestic.
Isaac Coonen (13 days ago)
Waluigi fans are stupid I mean seriously do really think that harassing the creator will get your fav in smash bros. NO THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS YOU UNGRATEFUL IDIOTS
Florp (13 days ago)
"One of the least important characters in video game history" I think that title belongs to any side character in CoD, Black Ops, Halo (Excluding Sgt Johnson), Aliens Colonial Marines, and.. many... many more.
Swimming In Poison (13 days ago)

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