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[Day -1] E3 2018!!

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Welcome to Day -1 of E3 2018!! Get ready for vlogs everyday filled with excitement! Make sure you are subscribed to keep up with the action! Remember to leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks @NintendoOfAmerica for hosting me! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/TTUAPkH -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/DuckHuntGamer My Website: http://www.duckhunter44.com/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/duckhuntgamer44 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duck_hunter44/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: duckhunter4433@gmail.com
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Text Comments (79)
DuckHunter44 (9 days ago)
Get ready for tomorrow!! :)
Jason IS Delirious (8 days ago)
DuckHunter44 awesome intro
Joe on a trip (9 days ago)
DuckHunter44 Yeah! E3 2018 starts now!
Mr. Mello Jello (9 days ago)
DuckHunter44 what day does E3 end?
Lily Nunez (9 days ago)
DuckHunter44 SO EXCITED for E3 (hoping for Animal Crossing switch)
Alyssa Parham (9 days ago)
DuckHunter44 ok
Gaming Tart (8 days ago)
Hangin with the whole cod gang! (Alex, Jacob, Jordan, blockhead)
Ash Mrabet (8 days ago)
Nice intro and I have a little question: when is the Nintendo direct (+1 GMT) ?
Ruben Guillen (8 days ago)
When are you scheduled to play Smash at e3?
Catalina Espin (8 days ago)
Eres el mejor
Catalina Espin (8 days ago)
Great video
Catalina Espin (8 days ago)
Just kidding
Catalina Espin (8 days ago)
Buen video
Donald (8 days ago)
JBird (8 days ago)
Have fun💪🏻
Gareth Sanders (8 days ago)
Can't wait for my 2 favorite YouTubers to collab
When is e3?
muiske41 (8 days ago)
Im hyped dude. Have fun out there
haitham odeibat (8 days ago)
You could name it day 0
haitham odeibat (8 days ago)
You deserve a break you post videos daily
Nate Menzel (8 days ago)
Out of everyone you showed you’re the only person I’m actually subscribed to
NindoPlayz (8 days ago)
Day -1?! Wait, what? DuckHunter *I know* your joking on that title! 😆
AllenBeast (8 days ago)
Smooth hints.
Mr. Turtle (9 days ago)
You are staying with Jacobs Ocarina, CND, Jorden fringe, Blockhead Gaming and Irving (probably more like NintendoCadeGamingChannel)
sonictonic (9 days ago)
It’s looking like I’m not going to be able to meet you on this trip, which I’m pretty bummed about… But I truly hope you have an amazing great time. I know you will. :) I will be watching all your uploads from Monterey (about 6 hours north). If by some chance there is going to be a last minute meet up, please keep us all posted as much as possible and as early as you can, because I can still try and get down there with a little bit of notice! :)
Gabriel Vesso (9 days ago)
Jordan fringe cnd
Gabriel Vesso (9 days ago)
Nice video
JO50 (9 days ago)
Jeffrey de Groot (9 days ago)
A road mini-vlog, love it! Ahh E3 is sooo close!!!
MOIST (9 days ago)
Yadiel's Production (9 days ago)
I kinda already knew you were staying with CND because you commented in his video.
Donnie Gordon (9 days ago)
Duck I Love the -1 Day of E3 lol Ur the first youtuber to do this and Your Pickup truck is DOPE Duck too fresh. And love the Music bro Have fun for me and You in LA at E3 2018 Good Luck bro Smooth Flight To Cali With the Switch.✈ ✈MAKE sure to bring portable battery bank on the plane with u. Later Duck44 Congrats on going to E3 2018
Mr. Mello Jello (9 days ago)
What day does E3 end?
Francisco P (9 days ago)
You should yell “Sony always wins” tomorrow at Sony’s press conference, if you go
Lezinski (9 days ago)
Cant wait for day 0 aslo it sucks that sunbookishgames didnt go to e3 this year but i kinda get why.
gameracademy33 (9 days ago)
This dude doesnt understand how negative numbers work..
Xray_534 (8 days ago)
gameracademy33 right lol
jacob27164 (9 days ago)
Can't wait for Tuesday!!!
Joel Claure (9 days ago)
Your life is starting in Tuesday ;D
AM Outdoors (9 days ago)
Awesome video duck!! So proud you've made it this far!! We still gotta meet up when you come to CT!
Emma Cadena (9 days ago)
Lamarr Willson hype
MajesticCris (9 days ago)
Have a safe flight!
AdustHickory 76 (9 days ago)
CND Jacobs Ocarina Jordan Fringe Irving and Blockhead from NYC
Zac Lenaster (9 days ago)
I knew you were staying with alex
Pokémon Gamer Ari (9 days ago)
Man that is so awesome I wish I could go
Justin Alvarado (9 days ago)
I wish fortnite
Flames the GamerJM (9 days ago)
At 1:34 there might be hint at Alex CND coming with him to E3 also JacobOcarina and Jordan Fringe will be there!
Flames the GamerJM (9 days ago)
Wooo E3
guitarlord 212 (9 days ago)
I hope plainrock 124 is also staying with you guys
Zack Stein (9 days ago)
DuckHunter44 what day is Pokemon day?
guitarlord 212 (9 days ago)
I was right
GhostBlade _15 (9 days ago)
I’m so excited!!! #E3hype Duckie squad
guitarlord 212 (9 days ago)
I just started and I think you’re staying with CND
Luis Sanchez (9 days ago)
fortnite you heard it from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am spaming to get attention welcome to the life of trying to get noticed😂😂
GaminWithLeyton (9 days ago)
Awesome Video DuckHunter44, Have an awesome time at e3
Demonly Gengar (9 days ago)
Microsoft killed it today
Eric Speer gaming (9 days ago)
DuckHunter44 do you play Mario kart 8 deluxe on Nintendo switch?
Got Hurt (9 days ago)
Wow you're staying with like 5 other people...
bucketsean123 1 (9 days ago)
Let's go
Ultra Nova (9 days ago)
Omg he is going to be with CND
Flavio Mora (9 days ago)
He's probably staying with Cnd
Charlie 3.0 (9 days ago)
Hi duck 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆
Mario Sauce (9 days ago)
My favorite youtubers in a collab god heard me😁😁😁😁🎉🙏🤩🤩
Typical Panda26 (9 days ago)
I’m hyped for the E3 Vlogs Who else is hyped? Duck I hope you meat lamarr Wilson
Josh Douglas (9 days ago)
Do you think we will get a new Zelda game
LeapyLeaf (9 days ago)
Yes probably ss
Drake_Daequan D_D (9 days ago)
Can’t wait to go with you on this crazy adventure!!!
Ultra Nova (9 days ago)
I Can’t wait for your vlogs I am excited
Xray_534 (9 days ago)
I think Microsoft might beat Nintendo
Dav1d9 (9 days ago)
Hyped for e3
Littlewarrior407 (9 days ago)
DDSlasher - Gamer (9 days ago)
Hi #notificationsquad
Thunder Lugo (9 days ago)
Tangy Brush (9 days ago)
Alyssa Parham (9 days ago)
Gabriel Prado (9 days ago)
First yes
Stripey GamerTV (9 days ago)
lil chef (9 days ago)

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