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Vintage 1967 Battleship Board Game 4730, Milton Bradley - You Sunk My Battleship!

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Text Comments (7)
Donna Lau (3 years ago)
man 1967, my dad is still 1 years old
Lina Truong (4 years ago)
I want want those two
Thomas Dickensheets (5 years ago)
We had this game.
Lucky Penny Shop (5 years ago)
I never noticed that, but based on the year the game was made, it does fit the era. Imagine a game cover like that now? Oh boy...
mimiisanalien (5 years ago)
yay 1st comment!
mimiisanalien (5 years ago)
does anyone else notice the girl and mother washing dishes?
Groovy Shazam (1 year ago)
mimiisanalien me

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