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8 Wii U Games The Nintendo Switch Won’t See

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Nintendo seems to be porting every notable Wii U game over to the Switch but here's 8 that I'm betting won't make the jump. Check us out on social media! https://www.facebook.com/FUgameCrue/ Instagram @FUgameCrue @ilikecameronz Twitter @FUgameCrue Join the FUgameCrue discord chat! https://discord.gg/yEnSyEv If you want to become a Patron so we can raise more heck https://www.patreon.com/FUgameCrue Our Skateboarding Channel https://www.youtube.com/fucrue69?sub_confirmation=1 Channel Art By Ethan Riley https://www.instagram.com/ethan_p_riley/ Intro and end slate music by David Seibert https://soundcloud.com/seibertaudio
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Text Comments (291)
RhythmGrizz (10 days ago)
I want Wind Waker and Twilight Princess on Switch soooo bad
Uriel Septim (5 days ago)
Probably not. It will always hold memory in Miiverse.
the thousand (6 days ago)
Well that's why Wii u is better!
Blackfeather 22 (6 days ago)
I'd buy that day ONE
Matthew Peterson (8 days ago)
A collection of those games, including Skyward Sword, would be epic. With the space this little cartridges have, holding all three of them in just one should be no problem.
Akilah Tucker (9 days ago)
Rusty Blader (6 hours ago)
I am guessing nintendo wants to keep the 3ds alive as to why some of these ports wont happen?
Calan tube HD (7 hours ago)
For a second I thought this video was actually sponsored by six flags.
Alphamerican (23 hours ago)
I still want Star Fox Zero on Switch. Standard controls do exist in the game's code, but unfortunately, I think you're right in saying the game's reputation may be holding it back. Please, Nintendo, bring Star Fox to Switch! It's a popular IP that can sell, it just needs proper treatment!
Zash 27 (1 day ago)
Splatoon! Omg they need to port Splatoon I had so much fun with the first game and the Splatfests were a hundred times better then the Splatfests in Splatoon2 and the music and atmosphere was so perfect! Not to mention the stage selection was also perfect!
Zash 27 (1 day ago)
I loved Starfox Zero :(
Max Smith-Yee (1 day ago)
Wii u Ports that will be a thing by Holliday 2020: Super Mario 3d world Deluxe Xenoblade X Mario Maker Pikman 3 Wonderfull 101 Wild Waker and Twilight Princess HD
Xavier Fernandez (1 day ago)
In the thumbnail Miyamoto is literally laughing at us...
BillXCIII (1 day ago)
Dildos in a video about Nintendo games? Seriously?
David Royston (2 days ago)
Twilight Princess is also on the Wii, and using the Wii Remote to attack, point, and shoot as if you were in the game.
Evan Schulz (2 days ago)
I do like Nintendo land
Naturenerd1000 (2 days ago)
We Will See Super Mario Maker for the Switch in a year or so. Screw Star Fox Zero. I want Star Fox 4. An original new story, new levels, characters, planets, villeins and an epic open world star fox game.
Andrew Allan (2 days ago)
Mario Maker will resurface , maybe as a sequel and Windwaker and TTLP will 100% be on Switch.
Do- Nathan (2 days ago)
Bruh I don’t believe you. Anything could happen
Lachlan Minehan (3 days ago)
mega sean (3 days ago)
I don’t think Xenoblade Chronicles X will make it either. It’s whole shtick relied on an internet service that no longer exists (Miiverse) and needed the second screen to access the segment map, which will be impossible for the Switch. Though I will be very happy for Nintendo to prove me wrong on that misconception.
SuperMarioFan123311 (4 days ago)
"Color Splash sold an asshair better than Bayonetta 2 did." lolno. It did horribly for a Mario game.
Just a channel (4 days ago)
I friggin loved Nintendo Land
Just a channel (4 days ago)
I got a wii u in 2014
tritanproductions (4 days ago)
There WILL be a Mario Maker switch, it was one of the best selling wii u games.
ZeldaFan (3 days ago)
Maybe, but it would have to be new. It would be hard to port since the original used miiverse for sharing levels
GamerBoi28 (4 days ago)
No ZombiU!?
0:17 great easteregg boi :D
matthew anderson (5 days ago)
Mario maker Mario maker Mario maker Mario maker Mario maker Mario maker Mario maker Mario maker Mario make Mario mer
Nipah EveryDay (5 days ago)
I’d say Fatal Frame 5, but the protag is an assist trophy in Ultimate. It’s a possibility it’ll get a port or a sequel.
Lord Immortallix (5 days ago)
Color splash... A "great game?" L8r m8
Distorto Manipulo (5 days ago)
I honestly think they should and will do a new mario maker of sorts, maybe as a pack in with the upgraded switch that is surely coming out in a year or two...
madcapoperator (5 days ago)
That was LITERALLY my reaction to Wonderful 101. Still think it looks cool, still haven't picked it up...
A Person On YouTube (5 days ago)
I agree on everything but super Mario maker, I think this game is going to be port on the switch
Ben Roman (5 days ago)
Real talk Nintendo Land was among my most played games on Switch! Getting my homies to play games with me rarely goes well because none of them play videogames like at all but Nintendo Lands minigames were fun and easy enough to pick up that I could actually get them to play with me AND enjoy it enough to keep at it for hours! We actually almost 100% it except for the Zelda minigame which we could just never beat for whatever reason
tsukinoakuma (5 days ago)
What about Xenoblade Chronicles X and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE?
Jonatan Perez (5 days ago)
I want twilight princess and mario maker. I was dissapointed when I found out they ported new super mario bros u instead of mario maker but its something... i guess
Ammar (6 days ago)
3:35 wtf, abortion simulator?
Nah the gyro controls were aight
No Use For A Name (6 days ago)
Fucking heell, got a DM on twitter from you guys in like 2015 thanking me for my follow and you said i should check your channel out. I just found the dm on twitter and checked you guys out now for the first time, and you guys make awesome content. A subscribe from me! <3
8bitsniper (6 days ago)
Don't worry man, I literally enjoy all the games you think people hate... Well, okay maybe not Color Splash or StarFox Zero, but I REALLY Loved Wonderful 101, Wooly World, and Nintendo Land
Patrick2332 (6 days ago)
What’s the game overlaid at 21 seconds?
SacrificAbominat (6 days ago)
I'll be honest I really like Star Fox Zero, and it's kind of a shame it's the most unlikely to get a port. While I agree the motion controls being shoehorned in wasn't good the option to have them only engage while you're firing makes them much more tolerable than having them always on and having to re calibrate the reticle constantly. If they do port Zero the motion controls engaging while firing should be the default. Also getting rid of forced focus segments would be nice as well. Also they will definitely port Wind Waker and Twilight princess at some point, they will be very easy port jobs. When I don't know, but they definitely will, along with Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask some time later.
kenny benny LOL (6 days ago)
Super Mario maker might come because its touch screen and they might come out with some touch pens too! So there is kinda proof
Stefan Bentsen (6 days ago)
Platinum has said that they want to port Wonderful 101 to the Switch, so it's not that unlikely.
CrazyField (6 days ago)
Never say that nintendo won't make a mario maker switch ever
Healer Turtle (6 days ago)
I liked Nintendo land
iVirtualPlays (7 days ago)
The Zelda ports and Mario Maker or Mario Maker 2 is all i want ported over. All the other games i rather see it stay on the Wii U. To make the Wii U worth owning.
DespacitowO 32 (7 days ago)
Please get a better microphone
Turtlelover300 (7 days ago)
Can't believe you didn't say Super Smash Bros for Wii U
ZeldaFan (3 days ago)
Well yea, ultimate is coming out in like three weeks lol.
andre gribble (7 days ago)
I liked Nintendo Land...
TheGbomb28 (7 days ago)
Nintendo land is really underrated. I was super young when I used to play it with my friends but it was awesome
Smfsableye (7 days ago)
There should be a Zelda Maker on Switch with NES, Link to the Past, Minish Cap, and Link Between Worlds graphics styles.
Jasoncrafter82 (7 days ago)
if mario maker ever comes to the switch, it'll either be like captain toad where it switches to pointer controls, or it'll be a tablet exclusive and come with a stylus.
Marshall Wolfe (7 days ago)
I want skyward sword
Christine (7 days ago)
Wholly world😞 I so wish it would come to Switch.
James Richardson (7 days ago)
How about Nintendo makes some new games? I bought my nephew a WIIU before the switch came out with all the top games. He's got the Switch now but he plays WIIU more. What's the point in buying the same game he already has for $60? The only games he plays on Switch are Odyssey and Kirby because they're new.
MobileDecay (7 days ago)
I thought you could off the motion controls in Star fox.
bonzley405 (8 days ago)
Not true Cam, I love Game & Wario in fact I bought it twice! I would rather have a successor that utilizes the Switch's hardware instead of a port though. Great video and good to have you back, BTW how was Japan?
Danny Daems (8 days ago)
i still want the wonderful 101 for switch, i also liked nintendo land :)
drakey poo (8 days ago)
Still using my wiiu :D
Ethan R. (8 days ago)
I want Minecraft wii u edition (I really want wind waker I never played the original but I want it... Badly)
Ainme Inside (8 days ago)
Skyward sword HD!!
Billy-wayne Jeffcoat (8 days ago)
I just bought a 12 pack of crunchy from taco bell, imma need your home address and you to bend over the kitchen table. Oh and what sauce would you like. Diablo or Diablo
TheSonTendo (8 days ago)
I don't think Xenoblade X will ever come to Switch. A sequel, definitely, but not the first one. The game relies too much on the gamepad. You even still have to use the gamepad when playing with a Pro Controller.
Matt M. (6 days ago)
+TheSonTendo I could but I don't like emulating games. Buying a game and playing it on original hardware gives me the motivation to actually play through the whole game. Whenever I try emulating games, I always quit playing eventually. Not knocking on anyone that likes emulation though.
TheSonTendo (6 days ago)
+Matt M. If you have a strong enough PC, you can just emulate it
Matt M. (6 days ago)
I'm still holding out on buying a Wii U for the hopes of a port. Monolith themselves said they were interested in porting the game over to Switch.
RKOorDIE (8 days ago)
Nintendo Land was sooooo fun!!!
iBrownHyena (8 days ago)
Thanks for the list of 6 games I now need to buy for Wii U witch I bought last month because I got tired of waiting for WindWaker, Twilight Princess and Xenoblade Chronicles X to come to the switch
that girl (8 days ago)
Super Mario Maker Deluxe. Now with all powerups in all modes. Ride Yoshi in SMB classic, Use propeller mushroom in SMW Play as Sonic in nSMB. If only…
Zachary Noah (8 days ago)
And all the other features from both the original Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions, including the Super Mario Challenge mode from the latter version.
Zachary Noah (8 days ago)
If it's possible, they should include the true, playable Luigi in all game styles. Sorry, Amiibo.
White Knight 5 (8 days ago)
Actually FUgameCrue, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse could work on the tv and since Joycons support motion control they could implement a virtual pointer system like what was done on Wii games. Nintendo probably should've gave that option in the Wii U release instead of trying to force the GamePad. On that note, I enjoyed the motion controls on Star Fox Zero very much, but Nintendo forcing the scheme instead of making it optional was a mistake.
DatGameCollector (9 days ago)
I made a video on this as well. I was wrong on a few. I'm 11 away from a full wii u set. So I guess you could say I loved the Wii u. Switch hasn't really done anything for me yet.
Jamie Ryan (9 days ago)
All I want is the zelda HD remakes and mario maker 2 tbh I think they will come eventually but it'll be after we get a reveal for the next zelda game and they'll release them to hold us over like they did with Breath of the wild
AFollowerOfCanti (9 days ago)
Wtf. I thought star fox zero was freaking amazing....
anthony sainz (9 days ago)
Tokyo mirage sessions anyone? I would want it at least.
Erin Roberts (9 days ago)
I liked Nintendo Land. Played it with my sister a lot
iBenjamin1000 (9 days ago)
If they put wind waker hd skipadee doodah on switch I could play it
Akiralchemist (9 days ago)
A link between world's ported to the switch, or an original handled zelda collection, links awakening, minish cap, oricals ect..?
KAPSYZ (9 days ago)
Im still hoping for tokyo mirage sessions #fe.
NIGHTWALKER 1988 (9 days ago)
I think super Mario 3D world should be ported over to the switch
signerleo snyder (9 days ago)
I dotn see way mairo amek wont come to swith uenlss they plant  sequel for siwth but wind waker hd tlwih hd need be put on switch   ntiendo should know  not many fans ge tot paly them on wiiu so ti be nci to ge tthem ported to switch then we can paly them on goI own them on wiiu but wood buy them all over aigan if they get ported to switch
matty skekel (9 days ago)
I want kirby and the rainbow curse on switch, but it didn't sell well so i doubt it
Robyn Wolph (9 days ago)
I'm happy. You think Labo is shit as well. You're on my side. I think Nintendo Labo is a piece of shit too. Also, if Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD are on this list, I have a good idea why. The games were built specifically around the Wii U game pad.
signerleo snyder (9 days ago)
dude   dotn g me budi for wiiu game pad  btow the budl for wiiu game pad   it stel is on switch so the no dma reozn tlwih dh and wind wake hd cant be on siwtch
Splatoon 1 should be ported to the switch! For the people who never played and have a switch
preamstrikbiz0 (9 days ago)
Didn’t they just port or announce a yoshi wholly for the switch
Jorge Miguel (9 days ago)
PAPER MARIO !!! Just take my fucking money!
Ken Daniel Murphy (9 days ago)
I think we could see Wonderful 101, but I wouldn't buy it. Mario Maker 2 is likely. We won't see Pikmin 3 because 4 is coming. We could see a Zelda HD collection toward the end of the Switch life or in the next Switch iteration. First, we will likely see a Skyward Sword HD release. Xenoblade Chronicles X might not ever come actually. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE thrown out next year either, though again I won't be buying it.
Andrew Farrow (9 days ago)
I think Star Fox Zero has a chance if they change the controls and starlink popularity with fox I think it might work. Nintendo are planning on putting a Zelda game on the switch but which one I don't know. Mario maker will most likely come 2020 maybe not in the form of the wii U but I can see it happening.
White Knight 5 (8 days ago)
They should also add more content, preferably more missions or an expansion. As much as I enjoyed the game, it was just too short for a main line entry.
Akilah Tucker (9 days ago)
Your video is full assumptions and bullshit theories
Leith DaBeef (9 days ago)
I owned a wii u.
Lucas (8 days ago)
People who think Mario Maker is gonna be ported to the Switch are and will always be stupid.
Wayne'sWackyPlushVids (7 days ago)
I hope we get some form of mario maker on the switch though i dont care if it can only be done in portable mode
Wayne'sWackyPlushVids (7 days ago)
Hey its there opinion no need to call them stupid
Hershey11 (8 days ago)
+signerleo snyder learn how to spell please.
lord of Ink (9 days ago)
ACTUALLY! it was possible but i had my doubts
signerleo snyder (9 days ago)
weya is that you think it na work siwht new flah it can  the no dma reon ti can be prot to siwht if  putdam 3ds them pro tot switch
Randomark3087 (9 days ago)
Wonderful 101 is so underrated
Goku12342 (9 days ago)
Hopefully we get some kind of Mario 3d world/ land combo for switch 2019
Zachary Noah (8 days ago)
I hope so too, although, of course, Nintendo might need to make adjustments to certain gameplay elements, like, for example, replacing the Propeller Platforms with Lifts like they did with the Nintendo Switch version of "Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker," due to the Nintendo Switch's lack of a built-in microphone.
Pro Nosidda (9 days ago)
I really don't see why Nintendo wouldn't bring Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD remasters to the Switch. I'm honestly shocked they haven't done it yet. I really don't think confusing the games with Breath of the Wild would be a concern if Nintendo just bundled the two games together, I honestly don't see that as a very good reason to not do it. Personally I think the reason they haven't done it yet is they wanted to push Breath of the Wild for a while first, but I'm pretty certain that next year, we will see them come to the Switch. They are beloved games, and Nintendo knows that, and the games are already made. It would be easy money for them, it doesn't make financial sense to not bring them over at some point. Nintendo knows people will buy it in droves, and releasing them for the Switch would take very minimal effort. They'd be missing a huge opportunity by not doing it.
Jacob Montoya (9 days ago)
I'm very angry about number 6!
Znakemaster (9 days ago)
Only one of these i really want is Mario Maker
trust me I am a bird (9 days ago)
I still play my Wii u just for these games.
Seín2000 (9 days ago)
I want Mario Maker
menoseloso119 (10 days ago)
I want Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD for the Switch soooo fucking bad!
N1nj4L1nk (10 days ago)
I hope the next time Twilight Princess comes out that Ninty do it themselves and put the amount of love that WWhd recieved. TPhd was shite, the GameCube version is the only playable version :(
N1nj4L1nk (9 days ago)
+AyyMJeyy It's (edit for clarity:TPhd) got more glitches, the controls are off and it generally feels like it's not had the same love poured into it like WWhd did. It was clearly a rushed money grab put out to line pockets and hush fans while BotW was pushed back.
AyyMJeyy (9 days ago)
? This doesnt make any sense, why isnt TPHD the most superior version?
SmwNerd (10 days ago)
I don’t want them to port Mario maker. I think it would be cool if they made a new Mario maker
Gabriel Rojas (10 days ago)
The Wii U ruined my life
Robert Wallen (10 days ago)
So far Seams Severd is the most Successful Touchscreen only game on Switch!
Cat Mario (10 days ago)
ahem 3d world *cof cof*
Justin Hatfield (9 days ago)
+Cat Mario ha my bad
Cat Mario (9 days ago)
Justin Hatfield I just said 3d world is a bad idea for switch..
Justin Hatfield (9 days ago)
Right. I was thinking I was the only one wanting it on the switch. But I'm sure it's still a ways out, as Nintendo likes to slow play things like this. My guess is this is why they are releasing new super Mario Bros deluxe next on switch, 2d instead of 3d to keep it separate from Odyssey. It will come eventually I'm sure.
Avery Patrick (10 days ago)
Woolly World is my favorite 2D platformer.
I'llgoofyou Theheckup (10 days ago)
The platinum games official Twitter has pretty much confirmed that wonderful 101 is coming to switch and if not they’re trying their hardest
Nightwing Gamer (10 days ago)
Whats a wii u?
Bubby's World (10 days ago)
Yall sk8?

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