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ZX Spectrum: The Best Games From 2017

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2017 was a great year for the ZX Spectrum with more than 100 games released. I have put together my favourite games in this video. Also check out ZX SPECTRUM 1982-2016: 5½ hours with 600+ top quality colorful games!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLN4WhGruUY&t=9478s 2017 games: The Sword of Ianna Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Remake Foggy's Quest Monty Mole and the Temple of Lost Souls Squares Castle Capers Computerspiele Museum - Museum Guide Dead Space Jubbles Wolfcastle McBain Space Junk Walkabout Monkey J - The Treasure of the Gold Temple Hyperkill Sorceress Benny Hill 128k AY-sound Hack/Remix Biscuits In Hell Terrapins Abu Sinver Propagation Omelettes for Breakfast Baby Monkey Alba Gunfright Returns -Reloaded- RetroForce Three Octopuses Qbox The Incredible Shrinking Professor B-Squared Em Busca Do Mortadela 1987/2017 (Recovered) Mag the Magician Sophia Cansino Pac Dredd over Eels Beams of Light Zukinox Vade Retro 2 Jilly's Farm Volume 1... Sokobaarn Boxes Twinlight Topo Mix
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Text Comments (31)
Gregory R.H. (2 months ago)
Absolutely amazing work!
paha suscenko (2 months ago)
4:16.. ксения юбо4ка из плюша
mrLumen2 (1 month ago)
русая коса...
kaczan3 (2 months ago)
I thought ZX didn't have music and it had just that tiny annoying beeper. Did this change with newer versions?
Modern ZX-Retro Gaming (2 months ago)
There is also a lot of demos featuring excellent music and cool graphics fx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vtUCTX4qrA&t=3310s
Modern ZX-Retro Gaming (2 months ago)
Here you can see a 128k game with an intro with stunning music, and ingame AY music supported by beeper fx so the music plays uninterrupted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unC119j2tQs&t=1056s
kaczan3 (2 months ago)
Thenk you for your answer. I wanted to try out some spectrums and now, with this great music, I want to do it even more.
Modern ZX-Retro Gaming (2 months ago)
The 128k have an AY sound chip, and you can also get this as a sound interface for the 48k. This works quite good because then there is 3 AY channels for music and 3 beeper channels for sound fx, so the music can play uninterupted.
andyukmonkey (3 months ago)
Most of these are utterly fantastic.
Evg evg (3 months ago)
Мотивы мелодий у многих игр знакомы по нашей попсе 80-90ых-)
Istor90 (7 months ago)
Game "Foggy`s Quest", original music https://youtu.be/t9OxbAjjWXE
World of Retro Gameplay (7 months ago)
Incredible! I think it’s time I bought a Spectrum computer. My question is: can you buy these games on floppy/cartridge or can you buy a digital copy, and then download said game to a flash cart to play on real hardware?
Seraphin Berktold (1 month ago)
There are interfaces like the Divide 2k14 built by lotharek from Poland. These interfaces allow you to use .tap or .tzx files in order to play any game on the original hardware. Storage media are Compact Flash or SD cards, depending on the interface. Another source would be https://divide.speccy.cz/ Another hardware would be "DivMMC Enjoy! Pro One Interface". This list is by no means complete...
TomMannCenturia (8 months ago)
Is there a single site to download all these, or is it a matter of just googling each game? Subscribed by the way, thanks.
Modern ZX-Retro Gaming (8 months ago)
You could try this page: https://spectrumcomputing.co.uk/index.php Then you just search for 2017 ...or 2018 to find even newer games :-)
Scott Breon (8 months ago)
2017 was a great year for modern games on 8-bit computers (not just for the Spectrum, but in general) and 2018 is shaping up to be a great one as well
Modern ZX-Retro Gaming (7 months ago)
Yes, a lot of high quality games has already been released!
TWO MAG (8 months ago)
Nice !!! and great job !!! Sound like Mix of Barbarian on cpc ? isn't it ?.
qallincha (8 months ago)
5:20 This cover is much more beautiful than "The Last Crusade" on my i386 internal speaker.
Gabriele Amore (8 months ago)
I love Sokobaarn!
zxspectrum128 (9 months ago)
The graphics in The Sword of Ianna make me think of what Final Fight and Pitfighter could've been back in the day. I know of the new Mighty Final Fight game, but The Sword of Ianna shows good size characters with good speed and good animation.
Illegalquantity (9 months ago)
These musics are really good : The Sword of Ianna, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Remake, Foggy's Quest, Jubbles, Baby Monkey Alba, Qbox, Zukinox .
Alberto J. González (10 months ago)
Loving to see The Sword of Ianna on top of the list : ) : ) : )
Arnau Jess (10 months ago)
Amazing year! Namaste.
Zarchos (10 months ago)
QBox's tune is really awesome !
Zarchos (10 months ago)
Indeed, yes !
Modern ZX-Retro Gaming (10 months ago)
Zukinox is also really nice! Actually most of the new games now comes with a stunning soundtrack - Thumbs up!
Zarchos (10 months ago)
All the coders, graphics artists, musicians who gave us these gems deserve the highest consideration and ... love ! Happy new year to all of you, and big thanks.
CrazySandtrooper (10 months ago)
Some amazing games were made in 2017 for sure. The music on most of them is top notch too. I hope the standard is just as high in 2018 =)
CrazySandtrooper (10 months ago)
Awesome! Looking forward to seeing those in action.
Modern ZX-Retro Gaming (10 months ago)
The deadline for the ZX-Dev Conversions 2017 contest is at the end of January, and some truely amazing titles is on the way: Mighty Final Fight, Bobby Carrot, Gandalf, Ninja Gaiden Shadow Warriors and Extruder :-) :-)

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