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BBC Produces Multicultural Propaganda For Children

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Text Comments (1827)
flea1985 (1 hour ago)
So Im British cuz here where I live are all those thing like democracy , rule of law, ect.  despite the I was never in UK my parents are not British, probably no one of my ancestors was, normally english is not my first language, and basicaly all culture surrounding me is a "little" bit difrent than british? - 33 years living in a lie… Thank You BBC for that new awareness.
Wiebe Engelen (11 hours ago)
Why do they always include Scotland, like they are just england now
SneakyWarrior 82 (14 hours ago)
“I am the Queen of the world” If that ain’t globalist bullshit, I dunno what is.
Cynik (1 day ago)
Polacy pilnujcie Polski ! Zachod jest skonczony Polska nie.
Burn the BBC
Nameless Cynic (1 day ago)
The other thing is having Victoria Wood narrate this in her common as muck accent. Since the BBC English standard was dropped and local dialects encouraged, along with their incorrect grammar (like "it were" and "don't know nuffink") - the BBC ceased to be a standard for proper English to which people globally could listen to and aspire to.
Nameless Cynic (1 day ago)
This demonsrates the need to abolish the licence fee and the BBC. Let the Labour party pay for it.
Elle Calladine (1 day ago)
Cough cough, bending the world to the needs of the Individual.
Weabum (1 day ago)
>jewish method of cooking *throws out oil and proceeds to only eat flame cooked shit*
Weabum (1 day ago)
2:10 Kinda why Doctor Who *used* to be a good show, that point alone.
peter Buchan (1 day ago)
The whole of Cbeebies and CBBC is lefty propaganda. They pro-actively hire FOR diversity and hammer the message home in their home grown programs. No objections what so ever to having presneters of x y and z demographic but when its so overt that they were hired on that basis just sits poorly with me
Truth hurts (3 days ago)
Stop stop your telling the truth, christ this is rubbish.
hilaire belloc (5 days ago)
The presenters voice reeks of smugness.
patrick Katalenas (8 days ago)
seems like they removed the vid XD
Romanian American (9 days ago)
The truth of the matter is, majority white countries are forced into thid cancer that has become "multiculturalism", while other non white continents are not, nor do they feel morally obliged to do so. Someone explain this to me.
Vlad shaw (9 days ago)
The video has been removed, thank god
Captain Smartass (11 days ago)
Multicultural IS cancer
MAX AM (12 days ago)
A multicultural environment is not a melting pot but a land to put your cement and pillars around your community, protect and defend your communities aims and goals. Everything is being divided and everyone is becoming tribal as the primal fear of not being part of something leaves one isolated.
Dominant Seth (13 days ago)
I thought this was a propaganda piece in favor of multiculturalism??? It makes it seem like the cultural nightmare it truly is.
Vicripoll (13 days ago)
Not the BBC telling bullshit again?
Kevzete (14 days ago)
I'm a big fan of FC Barcelona, I can't wait to move there and call myself Catalonian, if anyone tries to say I'm not then they're a racist.
Kevzete (14 days ago)
Sue loves to paint a Scottish flag on her face when the World Cup's on? I'm afraid I have some news for you, Sue.
w0bbl3r (14 days ago)
The funny thing is, I can't view this video. Has it been removed, or is it not available here in the UK? Either way is hilarious, and very telling of what they are really thinking.
Art of Letting go (14 days ago)
I get it. You have to be a racist not to get it. There is no such thing as British culture. Everything about British culture is taken, or if you will, stolen from some other culture. Can’t you see. There is no Britain
Tommi Rättö (15 days ago)
I have to say that even though I'm not easily surprised by the lengths the cultural-marxists can go to this piece of propaganda was sickening, simply sickening.
Mr Pool (17 days ago)
This is why kids need parental guidance to use the internet.hell i wouldn't care if they watch porn.rather that than such crap as this.
cameron 1422 (19 days ago)
Skuuna (23 days ago)
Funny, that Indian woman in the bus is pictured to speak Latvian (one of the fairest and blonde people ...)
Dylan George (24 days ago)
Great video
twilight tortoise (29 days ago)
This multiCULT brainwashing ignores that Europe already was multicultural.  German, Italian, Scottish, Irish, Swedish, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Swiss, Portuguese, Dutch etc.  Seems to be completely omitted.
voxer99 (29 days ago)
The attempt at cuteness is sickening and trivializes who we are. I hate the BBC.
JRD MADNESS (29 days ago)
Melting pot i thought it was america
Gurdev Singh (30 days ago)
Just saying like most immigrants can’t speak English yet somehow there aloud in? I have like 4 family members who speak 0 English other then “hello” it’s stupid how the gov just let this happen, I’m up for immigration but it’s stupid how little knowledge of culture or language you need to enter
Sid Ted (1 month ago)
Globalists = Ashkenazi Juden Elite = NWO
Sid Ted (1 month ago)
BBC. Anti white 'cucked' corporation that are pushing their vile NWO agenda. Wake up white west
Steve Williams (1 month ago)
They are only trying to screw with white countries because with white countries in place globalists can’t take over the world like they want. Are white countries fall and the rest will fall in line or be easy to dismantle
Degrelle Holt (1 month ago)
I noticed the original video is no longer available.
Naughtious Maximus (1 month ago)
Women have opened the gate to those they think will give them what they need..dominant men. Nice work, West. Pussy worship will lead to your extinction.
JimboLogic (1 month ago)
Looks like they took it down.
VioletMoon (1 month ago)
Btw ur great lol
VioletMoon (1 month ago)
This world had gone to shit... I hope things get better >_< hope ...
VioletMoon (1 month ago)
Man and woman , two genders and man for woman and woman for man. Anything else is choice, lust, confusion (like trans), extremely similar to pedophilia.
VioletMoon (1 month ago)
We didn’t come from Africa smh
Robert Holmes (1 month ago)
Here is an easy solution to all of this, stay in your own country, I mean you Middle East!!
Michael Seitz (1 month ago)
It's sad, that this madness infected western culture. Brainwashing the kids is the way totalitarian systems try to implement their agenda in long term. Nazis did it with the 'Hitlerjugend' and the Napola Schools (Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt). It is a hostile takeover.
Casey Butt (1 month ago)
The makers and broadcasters of that BBC video should be put in jail for attempting to brainwash the children of their country with cultural and ethnic suicide propaganda. They are a clear and present danger to the security and future of the British people.
2manynegativewaves (1 month ago)
Why are you watching childrens BBC ? Are you a filthy paedophile?
Szgerle (1 month ago)
Good. Fuck england, hope their culture and ethnicity gets wiped out and their countr partitioned.
Joe Hooper (1 month ago)
The worst thing is This shit is always pushed in schools to kids, kids these days have no idea what it is to be British, I as a kid didn’t and was partially leftist until I grew up and realised what was going on, I may home school my children in the future so they won’t be exposed to such drivel that only the misinformed and ignorant fall for
Jason (1 month ago)
Most women would have sex with a James Bond type. Later they would sue him for being too good at his persuading them into being screwed.
Sheeba Kitty (1 month ago)
What about the RESPONSIBILITIES that comes with Liberty? PEOPLE who have lived under tyrants have no idea or care about those responsibilities... they resent responsibility... THEY reject western values because they aren't western.. Different races produce different cultures and widely divergent standards of living as well as what is acceptable societal behavior..
Sheeba Kitty (1 month ago)
Tolerance is the position of LOSERS... the acceptance of your own harm and hurt. It is not a virtue...it makes COWARDS out of men Here's what it means to TOLERATE Something.... Tolerate: allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference. be capable of CONTINUED subjection to (a drug, toxin, or environmental condition) WITHOUT adverse reaction to it. SO we are expected to TOLERATE all this crime and subject ourselves and our families to verbal abuse mental and physical abuse until we are totally destroyed. Demoralized completely by TOLERATING THE AGGRESSIVE ACTIONS OF OTHERS AGAINST US?? Wtf?? Tolerate 1 : to allow something to be or be done without making a move to stop it : PUT UP WITH <refuse to tolerate such treatment>
tommy atkins (1 month ago)
Do not pay BBC licence.
Comment Freely (1 month ago)
11 mins england has the islamic moon god symbol and Ireland has the cross.
Joana R (2 months ago)
Bogdan 705 (2 months ago)
10:59 that better be the flag of romania not the shill copycat chad
Marion Morrison (2 months ago)
Tolerance doesn't mean acceptance. If we are tolerant but not accepting then we are ….., you guessed it, racists/sexist/xenophobes.
Latvian Dragon (2 months ago)
8:13 ej to nost, Latvieši.
Fek The First (2 months ago)
It is truly pathetic
CVZeroOne (2 months ago)
Thot police > Thought police
J-Boogie Brown (2 months ago)
Hold on, that Glaswegian woman paints her face blue and white when she watches the World Cup??! Why would she do that, when Scotland haven't qualified for the World Cup Finals for 20 years?!
J-Boogie Brown (2 months ago)
You should check out the video uploaded by a youtuber called earthling carl, a couple of months ago, that highlighted the fact that that the famous "Ten Pound Pom" scheme, that encouraged indigenous white Brits to leave the country and move to Australia for a mere £10, was actually introduced just after the Second World War, when we were told that the country needed mass immigration, due to an acute lack of workers to take jobs.
voxer99 (2 months ago)
The BBC, funded by the public, won't allow the public to comment on their work. Arrogance beyond belief.
Liberty Phelan (2 months ago)
The BBC teach video is a starting point for a discussion about what British identity is. It opens up questions. No doubt lots of pupils will come to the conclusions you do about British identity but don't patronise them by suggesting they aren't going to think for themselves. You show your own paranoia and ignorance about how citizenship is taught in schools.
Game on (3 months ago)
I don’t know who runs the bbc but most people I know understand that they hate brits yet we have to pay for that crap.
Queensland Born (3 months ago)
Smart man keep up the good work
Shockadelic (3 months ago)
02:19 So kids, the big rough brown bits are really high and the big blue bits are wet and deep. And they've existed all over the world since the beginning of time. That kept people apart for thousands of years. (Boooo!) That's why there's 6000 different peoples in the world. (Yeah!) But now we have aeroplanes, we can bring them all together and eat fish and chips and watch telly. (Yeah!). But some nasty people want to keep the fish and chips all to themselves (Booooo!).
Shockadelic (3 months ago)
Sooooooo, colonial empire building was a good thing now? It thought it was evil White supremacy.
brian jones (3 months ago)
Disgusting tripe, the bbc and the social marxists that work there need to go to South Africa and preach Diversity to all the lovely people living there!!
Danny Fubar (3 months ago)
Excellent post!
Travis Anthony (3 months ago)
LGBTQ a community of mental illness , yeah lets celebrate that, wait...no lets not.
Travis Anthony (3 months ago)
You should do a vid on the hilarious & sad british army recruitment videos ,when i saw them I was ashamed and im American.
vic twenty (3 months ago)
just because a psychopath changed full stop to period doesn't make it not English!!!!!!!!
vic twenty (3 months ago)
Luca Blight (3 months ago)
Disgusting shite!
Poéme Georgia Bower (3 months ago)
Well I'm American and I really like Monty Python, so I guess I'm British too!
Adam Barker (3 months ago)
The Jews at the BBC should be rounded up ad hanged.
John Lovelace (3 months ago)
Read suicide of a superpower, about the USA but much can be applied to the UK.
Stupidity has taken over!
What a suprise...comments blocked!
Hans Gruber (3 months ago)
Sofia Bichette (3 months ago)
Her accent, it is the worst.
Sir Star Rydah (3 months ago)
Why did they depict race hate crimes as whites only doing it? What about Muslims targeting only non Muslim and mostly white girls in their tens of thousands?
Marina Knife (3 months ago)
Giya George (4 months ago)
Thought this was a different type of BBC
Ruthvik Wadhwa (4 months ago)
"Actually, mass migration began into Europe after the Second World War, to fill labour shortages. Europe is now considered home to the people of the entire planet, as a consequence of multiculturalism which tells people that they don't have to integrate into the native culture of their new host nation. Ghettoization becomes inevitable, and parts of the country dominated by a particular foreign group, start to resemble their nation of origin. They eat the food, speak the language, practice the religion and celebrate the customs & traditions of their place of origin. Social cohesion breaks down and ultimately, the populace becomes more divided." Absolutely GOLD. Everyone must understand this, regardless of their race, ethnic background, or birthplace of origin.
BurntBacon (4 months ago)
"is there such a thing as being more British?" yes, if someone is from England, they're more bloody British then some japanese guy aren't they?
Dr. Depresso (4 months ago)
I didn't understand a word you said, but I liked anyways
Benny in The House (4 months ago)
Perhaps it's time to consider an Alternative to Liberalism, it's clearly not solving the problems of Multiculturalism and Multiracialism.
Raging Tout (4 months ago)
There was a time I would have loved to travel Europe. That time is no more.
When in Greece do as the Greeks do, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. I don’t give a shit who comes into Europe or what their skin color is, all that matters to me is that if they wanna live here they have to follow our customs and traditions. You can be in touch with your own customs and traditions too as long as you aren’t forcing it on other people and aren’t harming anyone by doing so, preferably do your personal practices at home like everyone else. There is a small population of hard working Indians living in England and I’m glad they live and celebrate English traditions and such while also being able to celebrate their own traditions in The privacy of their own home. Can’t say the same for all the refugees who come to Europe expecting everything is gonna be handed to them on a silver platter and not to mention changing our modern and tolerant society into a sharia law one.
O A (4 months ago)
You must red pill in life too and not just on YouTube
jac of harts (4 months ago)
If you don't stand for anything you fall for Everything!
jac of harts (4 months ago)
Who's down for another crusade
Khandov (4 months ago)
>suitable for 14-16 yo's Is that because other ranges are presumed 3woke5this?
As a Brit, I’m ashamed of the government’s view where we need to accommodate for everyone else *but* the actual native population. Obviously not to say the natives deserve better treatment, but that everyone else is treated better than us.
Hurk drubman Jr (4 months ago)
Damn, I always hated BIG BLACK COCK, who knew they had this shit as well
SK Wills (4 months ago)
There is really no such thing as Freedom from Religion. All of the Non-Religious people are really just following modern Secularism, which in turn is just another form of Religion. With that said, modern Britain pushes the Religion OF Secularism on Christian, and does actively discriminate against Christians. Muslims are of course not required to change and are left alone.
Crylec (4 months ago)
Britain is not a melting pot and neither the u.s sure they both have a large minority population. But they are a mostly Christian white nation. Anyone says otherwise is blinding themselves from the census. Also the language barrier is a major problem for a coherent society. Look at the Austria-Hungarian Empire. The great war made their military suffer from german speaking commanders along with soldiers having no idea how to communicate with each other. To anyone who would say I am a racist or that this is just for racists to justify themselves and their prejudices. I would like to say that I do not incite hatred for different cultures nor ethnicities. I believe diversity could only work if it happens when both individuals adopting similarities with one other or common ground. Such as music or religion.
Nacho (4 months ago)
A test determines you to be part of an ethnic group and or race?
Grenadier Gemini (4 months ago)
Me being a Russia in America: *Blare hardbass while wearing a gasmask and gorka screaming* “YA SHPION!!” Is that a Multi-Culture enough BBC? No? I have be black? Weird. But to be serious, the reason most places aren’t “Multicultural” is because these people do not consider the already existing cultures to “have a culture” it is stupid.

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