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BBC Produces Multicultural Propaganda For Children

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Text Comments (1460)
miko Dafoot (20 hours ago)
fukin commies...
Linux DOS (1 day ago)
Right On .. This is the same crowd of msm owners and manipulators feeding the masses their controlled propaganda. Deception on grand scale by the lying cuck BBC. Hate speech and all that is censorship and silencing people and crippling free speech.
What's going on in England is what they are trying to bring here in America and it would be accelerated if Killery Clinton were president. Luckily it is slowed down by Trump's win. But for how long?
Actually a "Democracy" isn't virtuous system to embrace or idolize, it's mob rule. If you're sane and not inherently tyrannical you don't want an actual democracy. "You keep using that word( Democracy). I do not think it means what you think it means." — Inigo Montoya. It's really annoying when people use the word Democracy when they erroneously mean fairness.
J P (1 day ago)
White people should be entitled to have their taxes refunded - the entire state has turned into an antiwhite operation.
penguins inadiorama (1 day ago)
So here's the thing immigrants do not have respect for the host culture, as their actions bring about the demise of that culture, there can be no respect for it.
ThisIsNotPictureTube (2 days ago)
I'm tired of the little cartoon guys, and what happened to the regressive news? Was the bomb
Rogerborg (2 days ago)
Why did you apologise for saying "Offence is taken, not given" ? Did you not hear your own words, or just not understand them?
Nope, didn't mind this one. It's annoying they think the north of England only consists of one accent but That's how London thinks everyone in the north talks.
の 。ーH00DW1NK (2 days ago)
Now the vid has 10K dislikes. Lol
の 。ーH00DW1NK (2 days ago)
Isn't "multi-cultural nation" an oxymoron? : /
AKUJIVALDO (2 days ago)
12.15-12.25 LOL so no British people ever fried fish before Jews showed them that fish can be fried, being Island nation? Ok, fk off BBC.
trooperJac (2 days ago)
What annoys the fuck out of me is the way these fuckers always find something that is seen as traditionally 'British' and then assert that it's all the idea/product of immigrants or foreign nations. 'wull, fish en chips is made ba muslim homos from Uganda ser really thas ner such thing as British is ther' - GTFO.
Bort Flong (2 days ago)
Atlanta Falcons logo appearing for some reason...
shadowsa2b (3 days ago)
Shared identity and experience through oppression and persecution...in this way they can justify persecution of white straight males by saying, in essence, "they havent had it bad enough yet, so they dont deserve to exist"
shadowsa2b (3 days ago)
Inclusivity? The left keeps using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means
Hurricanelive (3 days ago)
It always grinds my gears that nations turn in these multiple enclaves of criminals which is really just overt invasion. Just mass migration and in two generations you've murdered a society and it's moral values. A polluted society chosen for said pollution, political engineering, socialism, diversity, and anarchistic nike-ism. The melting pot is broken and either we get insular like other nations like Japan, China, Russia that are not tolerant and protect their identity and nationalism for the next 4 generations and do away with the welfare state, or we break down into a dystopia hell hole and pray someone either has the brains to lauch the nukes or rise up and get smart. And I do not think Mars is an option. In the cycle of life, a nation has no where to go but to stay strong through POWER or become hundreds of piecemeal city states where every little dirty third world enclave/town over has as little difference in what gods they pray to and language.
ACRON verse (3 days ago)
I had no idea that you can sum up that being British is actually all thanks to the Jews from South America. #woke btw.. at time of me commenting, original video stands at: Views: 27,780 Likes: 54 Dislikes: 10K
Dustin (3 days ago)
Kalergi plan. Research it. You should be scared.
Vlavitir glutginskiya (3 days ago)
throw all those foreigner invaders out. save the peoples of Britain
Gakkari Aki (3 days ago)
45 seconds in and I already have a gun in my mouth. This lady talks like she sat on a stack of pretentious dictionaries and got 'em stuck up her arse.
mrman991 (3 days ago)
Seeing "tolerance" as a binary thing seems foolish. I mean, I'll tolerate someone talking crap about something they know little about in a pub but I'm not going to tolerate that same person becoming a teacher and teaching that same misinformation to kids in school. Same as I can tolerate someone being scared of others but that doesn't mean I'm going to tolerate that person forming an arming and waging a war on a fictitious threat.
Z M (3 days ago)
The left has taken away individual liberty in Britain.
A Guy Named Alfons (3 days ago)
Dave. Its times like this that make your stuff so hard to watch. With respect to your hard work talent and intelligence. You are on the edge here. All states developed or fought for ethno state status. Including your own. Self rule. An ethno state is the natural answer to human happiness. Britishness is found on a dna test. The problem and solution is right in front of your face.
Final Oblivion (3 days ago)
I actually reported the video. Let's see what happens.
SithLord (3 days ago)
Mass immigration is white genocide.
MrMike855 (3 days ago)
It is kind of ironic that, in history class, people are perfectly willing to talk about how a lack of shared values, beliefs, and languages lead to the fall of the Roman Empire and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, but when it comes to the West, it's considered racist to talk about it.
XPrisoner 267X (3 days ago)
You have to love the channels that disable the comments , doesn't that just tell you everything you need to know , please don't respond to this comment i'm not interested in your feed back i'm just here to tell you your an idiot and you got it all wrong
Mike Somes (4 days ago)
Ok BBC we Have To have respect for each other really no one I meet for the first or last time gets respect its. Wait wait for it It has to be EARNED. You give people space and move on with your life. So if I come the the BBC you will respect me No you won't you will be polite as all good humans are but if I fart and say ops let that one go you would say respect not one of mine trust me. And bring back The Singing Ringing Tree loved that. One other thing if all this whatever it is is so sweet so satisfying why do you keep on telling us it is WHY. It like saying ice cream is yummy chocolate is yummy carrots are yummy sorry I love carrots. WE KNOW so why do you think you have to keep telling us how wonderful it is Why please why any way didn't watch the program the women seemed let's say strange like an old teacher I had even then half the class sneaked out and played table tennis Any way take care. And long live the non bias BBC. And bring back white horses. Loved that Saturday mornings.
Mike Ehinger (4 days ago)
No group of people in Britain are suffering as much as the historically native British peoples. None. F the BBC.
Mike Somes (4 days ago)
Mike Ehinger agreed.
Jurist (4 days ago)
Cullen you putz, What does the LGBT have to do with it? They are the driving force of the multiculturalism, it is a tool to promote the acceptance of their anti christ behavior. If you haven't noticed diversity is just code for HOMOS, they have to drag everyone else into the mix so that they can claim equality with others, you do know that the perverts have long been claiming that their sexual deviancy is on par with race right? Or has you atheism so blinded you because you love the perverts since if their sexual immorality is okay then yours is also.
Joseph Dimen (1 day ago)
Jurist No gonna argue about homos. He'll one day find himself against them for their more decadent behaviours especially what the left has pushed from the LGBT. Gotta love young drag queens and the eventual legalization of media with sexualized kids as a means of controlling pedophilia.
Hiraghm (4 days ago)
Moderns confuse "respect" with "civility". We can expect to be civil to one another... but respect is _earned_ , not expected, and not owed.
Hiraghm (4 days ago)
Geez, they try to make Britain sound like the US. First... individual liberty and equality are incompatible. You can't have both. People aren't, in fact, equal. Second... Democracy and rule of law are incompatible. Democracy is, by definition, rule by majority opinion. It's why America is a republic and _not_ a democracy.
Chris Cosby (4 days ago)
You'd have to be pretty fucking stupid to just go along with this shit, wouldn't ya?
Jay Jay (4 days ago)
Bunch of leftist shit, thank god the tide is turning! Classical Liberalism is slowly returning
Taylor taylor (4 days ago)
Death to liberals everywhere
Gold Coin (4 days ago)
That repressed peasant from Monty Python's the Holy Grail makes more and more sense each day.
Nico Sun (5 days ago)
BBC stands for... British Born Chinese
Wokewell Dankington (5 days ago)
Bread and circuses is now jeans and footy.
Kyle S (5 days ago)
The Strange Death of Europe was one of the most interesting and infuriating reads I've had in a while. If only it wasn't o relevant and true...
Foebane72 (5 days ago)
That video sounds like it was narrated by Philomena Cunk, Diane Morgan's extremely unintelligent character.
TacoSallust (5 days ago)
Subjects, not citizens
Niko Giove (5 days ago)
Now, today 17 april 2018, the original BBC video has 10511 dislikes and only 52 likes!
Rick Boyd (5 days ago)
We have such multicultural propaganda in Russia. It was especially strong under liberals in 199x, but still continues.
A D (5 days ago)
Brilliant video
Tomas de Torquemada (5 days ago)
The BBC video was one the most disgusting, loathsome , treacherous, vomit inducing pieces of propaganda bile I have ever seen . To hell with the enemy of the state BBC !! . I just clicked dislike on their video , heart warming to see it has 51 likes and 10k dislikes .
William DeMarco (5 days ago)
Keith Wiggins (5 days ago)
Why are only immigrants allowed to keep their cultures? Heck, they can't even be criticized. It's pretty obvious what the agenda is here. Especially with how nowhere in this propaganda does it show migrant hate crimes. Of which made national fucking news might I add.
Cartoonman154 (6 days ago)
Down votes now 10k. lol
most excellent video, Dave. your points are spot-on without crass insults or putting an Alex Jones on the viewer. when i saw that "informative" video i almost threw a fit and destroy everything in my room; propaganda this bad is what's killing everything fun in my life.
melting pot? more like a Malthusian TNT pot for me!
Guy Jones (6 days ago)
Christian King, Christian Laws, Christian People
Alex (6 days ago)
Not really, England is secular.
Anti Antiwhitism (6 days ago)
White Genocide
TubeTheWorld (6 days ago)
"tolerence" is NOT a British value not a value any nation should have unless they are suicidal and want to be conquered and replaced. You are either in the nation's interest or you're not. "Tolerence" should never be required for you to enter and live in the host country.
oyinbo peppe (6 days ago)
Wow! that film was terrible! Shocking!
Adam Jirmus (6 days ago)
No history no nothing. Just go eat your italian kebab pizza and be cool...
Dan Brown (6 days ago)
The BBC respect paedophiles, Marxist social engineering, open borders, mass immigration, feminism and all leftist subversive ideologies including identity politics, Islamism and Sharia law, and the grooming and rape of British children en masses by Muslims - but truth, justice, patriotism not so much and when it comes to Christianity, men and the British people they are the ultimate hate mongers. The BBC should have been shut down long ago as a foreign agent and anti British propagandist.
GoPro Dog (6 days ago)
The real melting pot of cultures and peoples was Hungary, as long back as a thousand years ago. And then the jews came...
LizPlays (6 days ago)
Gotta love how they steal the melting pot line from the US and then completely miss the point. We say melting pot b/c you get a bunch of different ethnicities that then meld together over time (2nd or 3rd generation) to all act American. That is the opposite of what that video describes. That video thinks of Britain as cultural salad not a melting pot.
Joseph Dimen (1 day ago)
LizPlays Melting pot makes more sense that way.
aaron hall (6 days ago)
Man no one has pride in their contries anymore. :(
nightmareofkaitos (6 days ago)
my country needs to get a grip. And reacquire it's identity.
What does BBC really stand for?
Frainie 12 (7 days ago)
I thought you were a computeing channel not a news one
Truth & Justice (7 days ago)
*B* olsheviks *B* roadcasting *C* obblers
4:57 When the Left talks about racism, it's always the Whites who are depicted as racist. Ironic "innit"? :)
The Jewish orchestrated kalergi plan
Ingleprop Noosegarm (7 days ago)
It should be called the Anti-British Broadcasting Corporation. It is disgusting that such moronic propaganda is made using money stolen from the populace.
John Hagan (7 days ago)
Any attempt to wash national identity as an artificial creation of the "oppressing class" should always be resisted. It is an attempt to disguise the amelioration of culture as pseudo-intellectual nuance. Keep resisting.
Spun Defiant (7 days ago)
Wait, aren't those five things at least supposed to be the shared values.
Matthew Travis (7 days ago)
Are they not even hiring voiceover on merit at the BBC now?
i7fan (7 days ago)
Multiculturalism doesnt work - anywhere. It will always be segregated. How can a culture that looks down on women and homosexuals for example coexist intermingled with a culture that sees women and homosexuals as equals? It cant. Not without a lot of friction at least. Multiracial is another thing. Works great as long as everyone is on the same page. Soft culture differences such as food, music and language is not a problem and should be celebrated because we learn from each other, but the different values are the problem. Why is it so hard for people to understand this? Just go as a westerner to Dubai for example and drink a glass of wine there. Get ready to be grabbed by the police since you arent allowed to drink alcohol. Or women who dress the way they feel like will also not go down well there. You see, it goes both and all ways. Different cultures cant mix because of the friction it causes. When two or more cultures become equally large there will be a war between them because each side want their specific culture to be the major one in that society.
Victor (7 days ago)
The video is just babble... they never answer "what does it mean to be British"
t44e6 (7 days ago)
I like how they claim to value liberty but will arrest you for teaching your dog the Nazi salute.
sylezjusz (7 days ago)
Lol @ 8:18. Some captions pretend to be in Arabic, but they're gibberish with disjointed letters.
Fred Bloggs (7 days ago)
Just complete bollocks. A load of Left wing anti-British ideology.
Spoopy MoonCritter (7 days ago)
Haha that dumb video has over 9.2K downvotes to 47 upvotes at the moment.
Poisonedblade (7 days ago)
The speaker sounds like a retard, both in pronunciation and content.
GenBloodLust (7 days ago)
what accent does this presenter have its grating and makes her sound like she has a speech or mental issue. There is a British conservative speaker that has this same accent and it hurts my Standard American ears. Ive only ever heard it, that I can remember, twice, and I studied abroad in Wales. I'm sorry if that statement is too problematic.
Messenger Charles (7 days ago)
10:50 loads more clenched fist Commie salutes. It's time to shut the BBC down and arrest the hierarchy for treason. Call me if you need help building the gallows.
Messenger Charles (7 days ago)
It's probably a cartoon produced by stupid infantile emotional Marxist feminist dyke females.
Messenger Charles (7 days ago)
1:43 "Individual liberty" symbolised by the clenched fist of Communism.
alan seward (7 days ago)
Barcelona Declaration,we need to worry
Khoa Nguyen (7 days ago)
I am non-white, I live in Vietnam. I saw the left as sickness of this world. White build a lot of thing and I really love to learn from them, more than hate you guys. Scum bag leftard goverment and idealogical, they only love submission people. While the white people have "so many idea", "so compassion" and they try to keep you in silence. I want to see value of this life, more than Orcs spread all over the world, kneel and bow. :( :( Please resist!
Stargazer80able (7 days ago)
berserkerpride (7 days ago)
At one point is it ok to trash your state funded propaganda outlet for working directly against it's own people?  If Britain were to ever rise up trash the BBC offices first.
ross (7 days ago)
You can be a British citizen and 'be British' and keep your identity as someone from a different country - e.g. You can have a Jamaican identity and be British. But you can't have a British identity because that doesn't exist!!
Drawn To Ice Hockey (7 days ago)
I'm Welsh. Not British. I like eating bara brith and cawl. I play Welsh folk songs on my pibgorn (it's a Welsh hornpipe) and I'm fluent in Welsh, I sing in Welsh, I go to Eisteddfodau every summer and watch S4C. HAVE THAT BBC LADY IF THAT'S NOT CULTURAL IDENTITY I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS
Drawn To Ice Hockey (7 days ago)
What so is it my problem that Welsh isn't the 1st language of Wales because the English tried to remove it from our country? I know what you mean, but it's rather ignorant to gloss over this. Especially with you being an Irishman.
mahoney86 (7 days ago)
"The result of intersectionality is individuality" - Jordan B Peterson
darkdawnbringer (7 days ago)
Why cant they just leave the kids alone? You to talk about something talk to adults, maybe teenagers, but doint brainwash kids, thats just sad. And i think this should be made illegal, corupting the minds of kids should be a crime.
Lolwut? The British empire was not la place to be freed from oppression, it was the opposite.
Steven Jacks (7 days ago)
"Britain" said in a condescending way in a South Asian accent, good start BBC...
нεcкαвσσ (7 days ago)
*(((Bolshevik Bullshit Corporation)))*
rwatertree (7 days ago)
>Scotland in the World Cup
daz h (7 days ago)
iam scottish and dunno what the hell the bbc(British bullshiting corporation) is on about with the scotland part dunno anybody that dose all that stuff she says allso us scottish people hate being called British we always say we are scottish as when people say brittish its allways england there describing plus everybody up here is pro yes the indy ref was rigged btw but anyway its only a very very smal number of folk in scotland who identify as British these people are usually orange walk people and unionists what we consider traitors up here but again this is the bbc talking shite onece again
TP Two (7 days ago)
Wrong! I'm a Gay and I live in United Cockdom, we live in glorious dick tatorship, by our Queen Elezabeth the sexond. Walled off from the rest of the country by a huge dyke, our pop ulation of Madonna enthusiasts (both the singer and our faith of Lapsed Catholism and our sins being washed away by Jesus's giant second coming), has been declining but we don't know why?! We're a very top down society, and our micro climate of constant rainbows is very depressing. please help, I'm secretly straight!
sonoki82 (7 days ago)
Is the UK a nation or a bus depot?
Rich Dubbya (7 days ago)
Propaganda.... Wow....
Lord Mayhem (7 days ago)
Ha ha, so Australian English is different to normal English, well there you go! We speak a foreign language here!
Camel76 (7 days ago)
42 up 9,006 down They should just shut the channel down.
Camel76 (7 days ago)
I know. I went to their discussion section and asked if they ever thought about giving up and shutting the channel down. ;)
Adrian (7 days ago)
they did the comments

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