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Yugioh! Old School Mail Day. Awesome Packs and Old Cards! Sealed Product

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Austin Ballentine (8 months ago)
You got my toon world and necross!! it's okay I got toon blue eyes black skull dragon manticore spellbinding circle all 10s from him he's a good guy and you got great cards
Koya (8 months ago)
the one that taped those card on the cardboard needs to find a better way for shipping lol
Twerking Man (8 months ago)
What blisters are they and do you have any for sale?
Vintage Yugioh (8 months ago)
Twerking Man Tactical Evolution and they will all be opened as part of a series
YugiohTube (8 months ago)
Putting my mail to shame! That $35 reborn is wild.

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