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Graphics Card Prices Are Skyrocketing. Why? What Can Be Done?

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How is PC gaming connected to cryptocurrency, and what is going on with GPU prices? Let's take a look. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv Video Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgIQz68Lo8Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8kua5B5K3I
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gameranx (9 months ago)
What's the most you'd be willing to pay for a graphics card?
Most I bought a card for was $1200 which was the 1080 Ti when it was still fairly new and that hurt. It wasn't even the best one out... I remember back when the best cards available on the market wouldn't top $1000. Now when cards are 4th from the top still they are above 1000
gt_3rd (3 months ago)
ErickSkinnyBones (4 months ago)
19000rs for gtx1060 6gb
NXL Gaming (6 months ago)
Ganesh Karhale (12 days ago)
Ban bitcoin
n (22 hours ago)
Well it doesn't really matter anymore... Since, you know, bitcoin crashed and GPU prices are stabilizing.
Yuh Boi (18 days ago)
God... fucking... damnit... since my gpu died, I haven’t been able to play or buy my favorite games for at least 3 FUCKING MONTHS. Worst part is. A couple weeks b4 my gpu died on me, I quit my job...
Vladimir Putin (1 month ago)
Father (2 months ago)
they can sell their products half the price and still make a lot of money , the only way to stop this is if many people stop buying their products so they will have to bring the price down .
Nightmare (2 months ago)
Peaces of trash they don't lower their prices. Gaming shouldn't be this expensive , back in the day 2k12 i bought a gaming PC thats right a full build machine.. and i paid 480$ it run all games for that year and the 2 following years max settings now we have to pay 500$+ for a fucking gpu are you out of your mind . People please don't support this trashes thinking that a single part of the pc can costs more than 700$ just to run some stupid game that you probably won't enjoy playing. Since the games after 2k16 are about to be shittier and shittier they just improve in graphics and get worse with the actual gameplay and story lines ...
Dark (2 months ago)
Just wait for cryptocurrency to crash again but don't buy used graphics cards when they do unless you want it to last 2 weeks or so
Mark Topma (2 months ago)
Seeing the pictures of the huge warehouses in America and china that are full with hundreds "sometimes thousands of gpu's... we are basically paying the price for someone else's greed.
pissspoorgamer (2 months ago)
Obi Wan:Gpu developers are evil Anakin:From my point of view bitcoin miners are evil
Fliyo MB (1 month ago)
This joke is horrible. *I want more*
pissspoorgamer (2 months ago)
At some point when HD7800 series and GTX600 series was on rise, i belive gap was closing between low spec gamers and and high spec gamers(gap between rich and poor) then with rise of mobile devices(ram price etc) and bitcoin gap is now bigger then ever hardware and game developers should look for a way to optimize games more or come out with a technology that doesn't need to be upgraded every year(like consoles but for pc) rather than excuses to increase prices
Alin Serban Iuliu (2 months ago)
Stupid cryptocurency trend. They are so useless and people still invest in them. You can't even buy too much stuff with it and it has no cover in any resource...it is just a stupid way of gambling with a virtual item. Meanwhile i am stuvk with my 4 years old PC having a 750ti and gddr3 ram. If I were to built it againg at today's standards it would cost me around 1500-2000 euros compared to 800.
Samuel (2 months ago)
I do actually hope bitcoin crashes.
Gaafdovjun Gaming (2 months ago)
I am scared of birds.
shaban ali (3 months ago)
yes make this Shitcoin go away. I wanna upgrade my GPU Asap
BIRDDD (3 months ago)
the new games are needing better graphic cards and people thing of making them more expensive
Kristian Berget (3 months ago)
Solution: buy a console
Deadmemesfromdeadpeople (3 months ago)
if you're a crypto miner please get an actual job mining rigs dont even generate money at a high rate
AztecaYT (3 months ago)
so you telling me a 1080 ti costed before as a 1060 6 gb now? HOLY SH+T
Joseph Nwafor II (4 months ago)
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Jeff Zebert (4 months ago)
I think it would be HILARIOUS if someone sets up a SKYSCRAPER that basically contains floor after floor after floor of cryptomining racks, and the combined calculating power of all those MILLIONS of graphics cards were to cause that gigantic mining rig to become self-aware, and then it REBELS against the person or company running that thing! Similar to "The End of Flesh" intro from "Sword of the Stars II": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enNftYHBxwM
C L (4 months ago)
fuck bitcoin
I hope it goes away
Yeah it anoys me alot I wanted to buy a gtx 1050 ti and then i relaized that it costs around 155 € i was shocked and kicked in the butt where i had my money im backpocket
Zeek M (4 months ago)
Price drop won't matter because they're keeping us all out of the loop when it comes to RX580 4GB I could go $200.00 and that's all. Namely because I won't take a risk after the Nv 6800 series. I guess they don't want to make a sale. Looks like I'll need to tell president Trump they hate his upgrade policy. We're not doing anything but playing Zelda TP anyway, which they're tryin to kill that like they did Quake 3
0x1A3C3E7 (5 months ago)
Bitcoin has increased demand for GPUs but, prices are only high because supply is failing to keep up. The lack of supply has nothing to do with manufacturing costs, it's due entirely to monopolism. nVidia and AMD own all the GPU technology so nobody is permitted to reproduce it. That's good for their stocks but the resulting scarcity and lack of direct competition is permitting sellers to shameless price gouge consumers. It's also keeping people from employing themselves.
BIGZERO 5 (5 months ago)
Now the only reason why im liking this is not only did u explain it well....but your possibly one of the only youtubers that doesnt start with HEY GUYS SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON AND SUBSCRIBE *10 minutes of advertisement of themselves and their channel* ok lets jump right into the video and also HIT THE LIKE BUTTON IF U THINK I DID WELL IN MY INTRO AND NOW LETS JUNP RIGHT INTO IT RIGHT AFTER I REMIND YOU TO HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON AND LETS GET TO THE VIDEO..:.:so lets start off by sayingn IF YOUR NOT HAVING YOUR NOTIFICATIONS ON THEN YOUR MISSING OUT ON MY EXCLUSIVE.. (And this is all at the beginning. ) Yeah this is why i love you man. Thanks for not being that person
I want it to crash because bitcoin ruined my relationship with my family; I bought 30 before it was popular back in 2013 and when the price was at 18 K I sold them all, I moved out of my parents house and am living quite nice but my relatives all wanted a slice of my money coming to me with bogus claims of how they helped me, so in short it destroyed my relationships with them
fred durst (6 months ago)
When you're paying $500-1000 for a gpu.
Money (6 months ago)
Just bought a GTX 1070 8gb for 750 aud which is like 660 usd
D Zuke (6 months ago)
Makes me think that if I had a bunch of money I'd explore investing it in GPU manufacturers rather than bitcoin. It would give you some market padding so if (or more accurately when) cryptocurrency crashes, you'd have a little time to get rid of your stocks before the dominoes fell.
Kerry Cao (6 months ago)
Large mining companies don’t use GPU to mine... they use ASIC cards.
Jerry Lai (6 months ago)
what about RAM!
Studgamer (6 months ago)
A 1080 ti is about a grand and I found a full PC for the same price
Hmm... (6 months ago)
The gpu i bought last year when buying my current build (rx 580) has fucking doubled in price lmao, im glad i didnt wait any longer to build my pc
perrier1986 (6 months ago)
I thoughts bitcoins have been mined using asics for a while
paul batterbee (6 months ago)
Brought a pre built pc. Sold the 1050 gtx it came with for £100... The best value I found was to buy a pre used 1060 6gb at £220. Obiously buying used comes with risks but for a card that someone had for only a few months was a steal. Be cautious with what you buy, ask that its not been overclocked and check its clean from dust etc. Better to buy in person and see it running first. Facebook market place is a go to place as you can pick one up locally to you and see it before you buy. Fully tested mine worked out so the upgrade only cost £120 after selling the old was worth it. This for a faster card which are selling new for £320. Consider pre owned while the prices are so high.
Hugo Nobre (6 months ago)
It's not bitcoin...
CMP A (7 months ago)
When you think Apple products are overpriced
Bard Sampsun (7 months ago)
This why I play on console
The Geekazoid (7 months ago)
if the world ran out of food and global starvation happened bit coin the dollar and all currency will have no meaning.... PEOPLE would eat one another to stay alive and that's no exaggeration...
csplinter (7 months ago)
You're on the money. I haven't bought a boxed pc since 1998. But in 2018 when I wanted to get my girlfriend into gaming with me, I thought I would build her a box. I bought a dell. I couldn't compete with the price. This has all been quite lame.
Jackson Froyo (7 months ago)
I knew this was getting out of control when I saw the 1050ti for 200$ , bough mine 6 months ago for 105$
LibertyJava (7 months ago)
Need more production...more production please
Raspi (7 months ago)
Fuck bitcoin
Your Highness (7 months ago)
Its Trumps fault.
niirvash (7 months ago)
I got a GTX 1080 for only $40.00 above MSRP at my local best buy. Dont buy from the online scalpers, just monitor your local retailers online stocks and order one when they restock.
Norlanth Tiemeth (7 months ago)
Bitcoin should crash, especially for people getting into custom rigs...
DevStar OG (7 months ago)
Wait you're saying Top end Gpu's haven't always been 1,000 dollars >? I'm building a pc at the wrong time lol
allasar (7 months ago)
Funny how you say that prebuild pc's are cheaper now than building your own, yet you show an alienware pc (most overpriced prebuild you can find).
Jim Hawking (7 months ago)
Capitalism at its finest
Juzoh (7 months ago)
Bitcoin needs to die. Shouldnt of have ever been invented
smoked buns (7 months ago)
Just a few mins ago. I watched several videos about cryptocurrency. It makes me sad that they treat the graphics cards so poorly. The pile em up, then go grab one and connect it to their rig. They leave running for 24/7 for 6 months straight. Wow. My first card was an nvidia 500mb card. I did not even abuse my card even tho it's low end. I treasred it so much. Because without it i could not even run nba 2k11.with it i could play it at 480p on 22-28fps. Lowest settings. During the year 2011. Now i want to buy my very first gtx card but, i could not. 2.5x the original price in some retailers. Wow. Ahaha. Poor me. as low end as it may seem. I love my graphics card. I treasure it. I wish i could buy a gtx at msrp. My current card is 5 yrs old. We've had a good run. I want her to take a rest up on my shelf for display. One day. She will.
Taran singh Chowdhury (7 months ago)
i mean the world was good enough without bitcoin.
timothy vasquez (7 months ago)
This needs too be addressed
timothy vasquez (7 months ago)
Watch the biggest scamms ppl the mine bit coin buy these built super computers doo Research on the type of graphic cards they us swap out too good graphic card and put the bad one in and re sell that same supercomputer for the same price get their money back and start tye whole process over agin
timothy vasquez (7 months ago)
Bitcoin is going too crash and become worthless dont come crying miners if u got scammed you need too know in life if something is too go too be true it probably is too good too be true
timothy vasquez (7 months ago)
No its fucking greedy pricks data mining for bitcoin trying too get rich and their buying out all graphic cards and makeibg the price even go higher
drunkNpublic (7 months ago)
we already know why...and nothing can be, or should be. we just have to deal with the shit
Beno Semo (7 months ago)
Luis Ayala (7 months ago)
Glad I built my PC before the spike but now can’t upgrade till it goes down smh
zombiewoof63 (7 months ago)
There's a significant level of profiteering by the retailers going on too.
Ranger Dean (7 months ago)
Yeah I’m buying a pre built and then I’ll buy a good graphics card when the market crashes
ViewingImp4388 (7 months ago)
Ranger Dean its going too
Glynn H (7 months ago)
Mozey X (7 months ago)
Its called squeeze the last cent out of you. So well since video card cost 800$ I better buy the new tv and xbox one and play my games. And if you run aftet bitcoins..just becuase of money..then let me tell you that, into the grave they wont be usefull, so pretty much what happens here are the same stuff like with a real money. Poor people suffer becuase rich.
Tacola8 (7 months ago)
Yes stop buying it boycot!
Skrittles Mcwiggles (7 months ago)
if these prices stay like this were going BACK TO CONSOLES BOIYZ O.o
gizi cz (7 months ago)
hehe lucky for me i got my 1050 nvidia ti last christmas :d
Uncle Hirohito (7 months ago)
A moment of silence for those who dont what is bitcoin like me
Skylark International (7 months ago)
Bitcoin should be removed... Biggest problem of the world solved
FurthestBen (7 months ago)
I personally think that Bitcoin should of never happened nor succeeded. It's turned from a past time into a business of madness.
JMK (7 months ago)
I say we form an alliance and hack bitcoin.....anybody? No just me?
Kristian D. (7 months ago)
This guy understands the struggle
Javan Scates (7 months ago)
I just want to buy a 1050 ti 😢 Edit: hey, that rhymed
Trakker1985 (7 months ago)
spring last year, I brought my card the winter the year just before, i just missed out on all this madness =P
TheMikirog (7 months ago)
In my country, the ridiculous prices of GPUs are yet to catch up and I was lucky enough to buy a new one cheaper during the early stages of the Bitcoin Mining boom.
viprizy (7 months ago)
I’ve been wanting to upgrade for the past year but I was to lazy and satisfied with my current pc at that time. Now for the past 3 months I decided I wanted to and I find this shit
Harvey Alcomendras (7 months ago)
Hey Nvidia! There is a new market now. It is a time to create a bitcoin card! You should do that in order to solve the gpu shortage! It is a great time to make a new product while the iron is hot!!
BloodRider 14 (7 months ago)
It sucks for me cause.y card is from 2012 and I have to run at low resolutions
Digvijay Singh (7 months ago)
Cryptos have gone down but not down enough . I hope it crashes to 5000 , that's not a bad price . I'd buy ethereum if it touches 200
Arturas Nesakysiu (8 months ago)
destroy bitcoin
YIKES ! (8 months ago)
Man and I thought building a car was gonna be tough as is, I also wanted to build a PC since like 2017.
mechaart (8 months ago)
I purchased my gpu at the beginning at 2017 for around 655.00 after taxes.... that same 1080 zotac is now almost $1000.00 Like really.... the mining farmers of the gpu's have become greedy... they don't give two shits about pc gaming or PC in general, they just got into it because $$$$$$$. I hope when it does crash or the govt overtakes it that most if not all of those people involved lose it all. Those gpu's will be near their deathbeds once they decide to get rid of them.
jose tapia (8 months ago)
is it okay to buy one now ?
Justin Waters (8 months ago)
I spent 1,200 on a 1080 ti, mined and essentially replaced the money I spent in 2 months. When you see trends like this in the real life market, things climbing this fast typically die young and crash hard because slowly most investors can't keep up with the high prices and sell out, usually within a small time frame of each other.. But because bitcoin isn't actually tangible, it makes that process a lot more difficult and slower. People are getting stupid rich off this.
Feathered Dinosaur (8 months ago)
Manufacturers are making more money than the miners lol
Grunty (8 months ago)
I bought my rx 570 for AU$305, now it costs AU$585 and is out of stock on newegg. I would mine to try make back some of the cost buy power is too expensive here to even profit.
Cringe_ lord (8 months ago)
I hope the bitcoin fad dies out soon
*Ignores crypto bubbles popping like bitconnect*
Geek - lvl. Paladin (8 months ago)
Just buy a console and stop fucking my brain by saying bad things about miners. You understand that consoles were always cheaper and with better potential, right? Miners make the future, get over yourself!
Me Catalin (8 months ago)
the most stupid thing is we're wasting our planets resources for a virtual currency, this is prolly the worst invention ever
bakabezzraka (8 months ago)
2000 dollah for 1080 ti msi in croatia
Komrade BigTex sucks (8 months ago)
Ether is why, bitcoin is far too hard to mine for gfx cards to be used.
Lyn Charles (8 months ago)
I want to bit coin
Adam Cape (8 months ago)
I’m in the Xbox One X master race, so this doesn’t affect me one bitconnect.
The No Reason Hater (8 months ago)
My gaming bros, let use our computers to bitcoin, we togeter can take all the bitcoin in the world, and we make money out of this job
StarStake (8 months ago)
i already know the answer to this video, i dont know why im watching
KingOfGames 200 (8 months ago)
Right before i want to jump to Pc Gaming :(
Henry Gordon (8 months ago)
act strengthen security height promote official regime touch present favorite.
MysticVids (8 months ago)
Gonne buy a Switch

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