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DAEMON X MACHINA - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2018

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A brand-new, fast-paced mech action game from Kenichiro Tsukuda is coming to Nintendo Switch. Take your Arsenal, a fully customizable powered suit, out for an array of missions to surmount the enemy at all costs. Coming in 2019. Follow Nintendo E3 Coverage! http://e3.nintendo.com #NintendoSwitch #DAEMONXMACHINA #E32018 Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! https://goo.gl/HYYsot Visit Nintendo.com for all the latest! http://www.nintendo.com Like Nintendo on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Nintendo Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/Nintendo Follow us on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Nintendo Follow us on Google+: http://google.com/+Nintendo
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Text Comments (1099)
MYeimer Javier (1 day ago)
what is name song?
DFO Sinestro (3 days ago)
there better fuckn be a demo for this cuz if i buy this full retail and gameplay is completly different im going to be pissed. i already have bayonetta 2 dont need a gundum clone
an Armored Core with DMC Music! Amazing
Someone br (7 days ago)
Bandai Namco this is how you make a Gundam Game.
Spawny2002 Spawny2002 (7 days ago)
Oh look it's a metal gear rising GUNDAM edition
TheAmazingDeltax (7 days ago)
I want this
DIO BRANDO (8 days ago)
Zone of the enders 3 looks great
CerauniusFornicatio (8 days ago)
SinLikeSnow (8 days ago)
Well hey I guess this will help me wait for Armored Core VI
Mr. Ouija (9 days ago)
Dear all video games, if you could make all games look like THIS that would be great
Kyle Davis (10 days ago)
Just saw this on the Nintendo direct and it got my full attention!
Plutia chan (10 days ago)
*Mainsystem, engaging combat mode*
Johnny Huang (11 days ago)
Looks metal.
Sabo (12 days ago)
i hope i'm not the only one who's really enjoying the music in this trailer
Miguel Mex (13 days ago)
cell-shaded mas Nintendo es una combinación ganadora
As Kela (13 days ago)
Russian subtitles please
Sicarius Seven (13 days ago)
Damn console exclusives. I know this was made by the Armored Core team but now I'm 100% mad. Wanted an armored core since forever!
BigAlvideos101 (18 days ago)
Is this game a Nintendo IP?
the soundtrack reminds me of metal gear rising
abangade 1217 (22 days ago)
You can't jump or fly 1/10
IcyLucario (7 days ago)
That information is flat-out wrong.
Joshinator S (23 days ago)
Lady Asirpa (29 days ago)
What's the soundtrack ?
Titanium Salmon (1 month ago)
This is what Mega Man X7 wanted to be
124megaman (1 month ago)
So bigger isn't always better? Cool.
Ardeamnis (1 month ago)
I'm loving this game from what've seen until now!! I'm wondering though if it'll have multiplayer, but anyway I thini nothing got me more excited than this!!!
H the Warrior (24 days ago)
I probably will. I mean Nintendo is launching there online service in a while, so it would make sense for their next few games to be online
A Wizard (1 month ago)
It's like Zone of the Enders had a love child with Neir
Mario De Nisi (1 month ago)
1996 neo genesis evangelion 2018 daemon ex Machina 😍
KefkeWren (1 month ago)
If this has multiplayer, I am 300% sold.
H the Warrior (24 days ago)
I probably will, since Nintendo is going to launch their online service soon, it would make sense for them to have this exclusive be able to go online
Miles Gomez (1 month ago)
The weebness begins
crispy cashoe (1 month ago)
Yes yes it's the guy who did the designs for AC, Macross, etc. "That's no skell it's an Armored Core" "So many noobs calling these skells" "What is a skell, exactly? That's an Armored Core" We get it - you got to play games we barely know about now since it's out of the limelight. Let people have fun, ffs.
ユーネト / Yuuneto (1 month ago)
Gregory Delaney (1 month ago)
Nero_XD (1 month ago)
Can i Play it Multiplayer?
NotDWaddler (1 month ago)
Armored Core? That you?
Jeffrey Fap! Here (1 month ago)
espero que salga para pc tengo amo los juegos de marvelous tengo todos los senran kagura
Jackled ! (1 month ago)
I really want this on PC
TonyKanameKuran (1 month ago)
Sorry, Jackie... but Daemon X Machina is a Nintendo Switch exclusive... *Published by Nintendo!*
CHRISTIAN R. (1 month ago)
Jackled ! I’m pretty sure it’s exclusive
Saru Xp (2 months ago)
ALLGames&Tech (2 months ago)
Baby Amored core! Hope they make the real armored core too!
TonyKanameKuran (1 month ago)
Sorry, but the developers who had made Armored Core had split up and gone their separate ways.
Bryan Holman (2 months ago)
I might have to give Nintendo switch the respect it deserves for making this game now
peripheralbloodsmear (2 months ago)
Oh god, the mechs reminded me of Blue Gender
Ryan Shipbaugh (2 months ago)
Man this is so cool I might have to buy a switch just for this game!
Sand Candy (2 months ago)
Looks like lost planet
Grimsikk (2 months ago)
this looks dope
Racer D (2 months ago)
Zone of the Enders style game play please
Ganzo Garbanzo (1 month ago)
go play Xenoblade Chronicles X
Jet gamer (2 months ago)
I don't know about you guys, but this makes me think of gundam for some reason
crispy cashoe (1 month ago)
+A lonesome travler WH A T Don't mess with my feelings like this, dude.
A lonesome travler (2 months ago)
Here's a little fun fact about this, the Japanese voice actors of the gundam characters Char Aznebel and Amaro Ray are going to be voicing major characters in the game.
Jet gamer (2 months ago)
Either way, I'm really interested in playing this.
Corbin Jose (2 months ago)
Cuz their the basis of giant robot fighting :p
Naiko (2 months ago)
Lydon Lewis DoUbLeZz (2 months ago)
how did I miss this finaly another mech title on the go or at home thanks Nintendo!!!🤩😍❤😭🤣
Lydon Lewis DoUbLeZz (2 months ago)
Corbin Jose I just found 2!!! 1s 5, ones 20 bucks
Corbin Jose (2 months ago)
There's another one on the Eshop that's pretty fun! I forget the name.. Something assault something.. It's on sale right now, too, I think..?
gtafan110010 (2 months ago)
Oh hello there, more edgy armored core. It looks like it could be fun. The music cut off was just nasty though
g. w (2 months ago)
Yess I have been waiting so long for a mech battle game on switch
Psykodiak (2 months ago)
Wonder if there's any hope of online play.
TonyKanameKuran (1 month ago)
Stay tuned for more information... or better yet, check out the hands-on gameplay of DXM from last June's Nintendo Treehouse LIVE @ E3 2018.
Frosty (2 months ago)
Boy the cell shading looks like BoTW which looks great! The hype train is on!!
Dragoner Productions (2 months ago)
Hum those designs look oddly familer... Something out of the armored core series *Sees credits* Oh that explains it.
Long-Haired Luigi (2 months ago)
Hmm! Looks cool, sure hope it’s as cool as it looks!
haime cayanan (2 months ago)
Wow! I can't say it is kinda like MH, but it is mecha, what else can i ask for?!😂
John Abraham (2 months ago)
Strange how it looks to be a fast paste game but the animations are so sluggish.
Joel Gabriel Anghel (2 months ago)
Epic next month ill buy the switch
Non Non (2 months ago)
ليش نهايت التشويقه كذا غبيه😂😂💔
Ragadan Aviatori (2 months ago)
RyddoTakakura (2 months ago)
This along with smash is why I'm getting a switch.
Star Verix (2 months ago)
This and Star Link will be my go to games
Star Verix (2 months ago)
Confirmed to have multiplayer
Grivera (2 months ago)
Naiko (2 months ago)
it has multiplayer
Michael Sistak (2 months ago)
So its basically a highly stylized Armored Core?
TonyKanameKuran (1 month ago)
...powered by Unreal Engine 4!
coliXion (2 months ago)
Armored Core??????
Derek Stewart (2 months ago)
Armored core!!
Matthew Cusanelli (2 months ago)
its not armored core but i guess i'll take it.
GuardianZET (2 months ago)
For the AC fans, this actually has some of the lead developers for Armored Core 2 and 3 on the team. Hype af.
Deathrace King (2 months ago)
This was the most interesting thing that you guys had aside from Ridley in Smash, and you literally showed a trailer that got cut off. Fire that editor and fire whoever decided that this unfinished mess was ok to show during E3. WTF is wrong with you guys?
Fox Hound (2 months ago)
I love it when we get 2 minutes on this awesome looking mech game... *But like half an hour on Smash*
Lauchlin Yurchuk (2 months ago)
Who else thought this was a Xenoblade Chronicles X sequel trailer before the title was revealed during the E3 stream
Ridiculicious (2 months ago)
It's like "Duex X Machina", but edgy.
Kaiser Charles (2 months ago)
i dont call this game demon i call this game gundam and dues ex on switch
Zavik 424 (2 months ago)
Gotta grab this 1
Adrian JSon (2 months ago)
I knew i recognized that music in the beginning. Street fighter X Tekken Character select screen
Anhilliator1 (2 months ago)
"Welcome back, Raven."
Stacona (2 months ago)
I love everything about this trailer so much, opening it up for their Direct, the random heavy music and screamo lyrics, baddass mech game, explosions everywhere, cell-shaded style, and then just randomly hard cuts everything, and then goes into a red background and white text windows movie maker credits sequence... THIS IS PURE GOLD!!! And yes, I am hyped for this game, I will be getting this especially since after seeing gameplay reminds me heavily of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series for GameCube and N64.
TomAss 54 (2 months ago)
Looks Great!
Serranity (2 months ago)
I thought this was the Xenoblade X sequel at first since the mechs look the same and it flashed X a couple times
TheGoldminor (2 months ago)
Is this suppose to be time exclusive? Or is it switch exclusive forever? Or is it an exclusive at all? P.s. i'm down if it is a switch exclusive.
A lonesome travler (2 months ago)
Just to name a few of the things that the team behind this worked on; armored core, macross, escaflowne, paltobar, ace combat, fire emblem, cowboy bebop, no more heroes, ghost in the shell, and many more. On top of all that they actually got the Japanese voice actors of Char aznebel, and Amaro Ray of gundam fame to voice two major characters in the game! Daemon X Machina is a veritable who's who of some of the biggest names in all sifi-fantasy media history and I can't be more excited!
MandingoV2 (2 months ago)
candpforever (2 months ago)
It likes the hybrid of AC and ZOE, which I love!!!!
Tony Maccheroni (2 months ago)
Nintendo, please. For Jesus love, give us the soundtrack in the background already.
NightMayor (2 months ago)
I'm intrigued. Looks like Armored Core for Answer.
Corded Hornet (2 months ago)
Armored core drone right lol
LeAaron (2 months ago)
I'm gonna beat the breaks off this game. Are mechs going to be fully customizable? They have to be!!!
crispy cashoe (1 month ago)
Yeye Producer man said so
Lord Snow (2 months ago)
I'm a huge Mobile Suit Gundam fan, and I have a feeling that this game is going to have a great story. Not sure if it has online, but this game looks great!
Lord Snow (2 months ago)
A lonesome travler Wow, that gets me really excited! Thanks for the heads up. This and Fire Emblem are looking very promising for me so far.
A lonesome travler (2 months ago)
Well they reveled at the end of it's treehouse presentation that the Japanese voice actors of Amaro Ray and Char Aznebel are voicing two major characters in the game, so there could potentially be more gundam stuff in here as well.
Aztec0523 (2 months ago)
Is it just me, or is anyone else getting major heavy Armored Core 4 vibes here? If it plays anything like AC4 Answer, i will have a lot of fun.
Rawgamer360 (2 months ago)
Why does 2019 have to be so far away
TonyKanameKuran (1 month ago)
One word-- *QUALITY!*
Sam Time (3 months ago)
Its armored core reborn in cel shades!!!!
A lonesome travler (2 months ago)
And it fits so well, especially with the abstract colors like the sky being red instead of blue.
Classified Info (3 months ago)
Xenoblade X?
Sir Kibble (3 months ago)
Closest thing we're gonna get to NGB.
Demented Demencia (3 months ago)
This just reminds me how much I want a Xenoblade Chronicles X port to Switch
Carcrafter7 (3 months ago)
Armored Core is that you😯
Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu (3 months ago)
Cell shading sucks. Draw it or render it, dont do both
crispy cashoe (1 month ago)
Luis Páez (2 months ago)
Don't worry. Not all of us can have good taste.
Eddy Sarcastic (3 months ago)
I feel like it needs more sound effects added in to add a little more impact to the hardcore action feel. I hope their second trailer would be fully complete and not half cut
Stanley Opar (3 months ago)
Sorry Armored Core.... ....You took too long
A lonesome travler (2 months ago)
+raynaldo arlen k.eman no nine breaker is the title bestowed on anyone who has defeated the nine ball. A feat made even more impressive if that person can beat nine ball's upgraded version nine ball seraph.
raynaldo arlen k.eman (2 months ago)
you mean nine breaker not nine ball
A lonesome travler (2 months ago)
I shall salute, and pay my respects by making Nine-ball and white glint when I get the game next year.
Dabomb 333 (3 months ago)
I was fooled that it was a 3D Reboot of the Assault Suit Games
Piers Mearns (3 months ago)
*Halfway done with editing E3 trailer *Nintendo Direct is in one hour "Yes, I'm rendering the finished trailer right now."
Chuckle Cheese (3 months ago)

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