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Zelda Wii U - Hyrule Castle Town (Zelda Unknown : Feat HMK)

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Join me and HMK as we go through how underdeveloped this town has been in the past and what possibilities the leap to a vast seamless open-world in Zelda Wii U can offer to Castle Town. After six months and 11 episodes we have reached the final destination for this season of Zelda Unknown - The capital of Hyrule! Twitter: https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/commonwealthrealm?sub_confirmation=1 Subscribe to HMK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4WRMZHYCvNRlaFe50px5Iw?sub_confirmation=1 Do not miss the previous episodes in the series: Zelda Unknown - Zelda Reborn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leW5nGrRQJs Zelda Unknown - Sheikah Capital https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzmdtECXVUQ Zelda Unknown - Home of Zoras https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm-pUaR7gLg Zelda Unknown - Zora timeline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Mo62M6L9tk Zelda Unknown - Deadly Seas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fL58BTT0dE Zelda Unknown - Mighty Gorons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZYjpC7B2ww Zelda Unknown - Lost in the woods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAw2D_jf3yA Zelda Unknown - Zelda Fusion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM-KljboL7Y Zelda Unknown - The great lake of Hyrule: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVZyGXyCg3k Zelda Unknown - The missing Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obg8IV8UhLI Zelda Unknown - The return of Snowpeak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXH6FsRwO9s Artofjesse: http://artofjess.com/zelda-open-world/ Deviantarts used: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Concept-street-view-2-update-458071198 http://www.deviantart.com/art/Concepting-an-old-tavern-456271629 http://www.deviantart.com/art/Sewer-02-72026971 http://spex84.deviantart.com/art/Sewer-Tunnels-Again-342433491 http://hetman80.deviantart.com/art/Medieval-town-2-260668307 http://hetman80.deviantart.com/art/Medieval-town-4-282717849 http://hetman80.deviantart.com/art/Medieval-town-194828525 http://hetman80.deviantart.com/art/Castle-538510756 http://www.deviantart.com/art/Tavern-197788993 http://www.deviantart.com/art/Environment-study-04-Town-market-337766823 http://rhysgriffiths.deviantart.com/art/Castle-Gate-475206440 http://www.deviantart.com/art/Fantasy-Tavern-Interior-307420942 http://www.deviantart.com/art/Library-96430987 Music: ZREO - Hyrule Castle (A Link to the Past) Witcher 3 - Merchants of Novigrad ZREO - Market (Ocarina of Time) ZREO - Clock town day 1 Redux A Link between Worlds - Mini game theme TheOnlyDeerAlive - cover of Ballad of the Goddess and Song of storms All gameplay footage has been captured by myself with the Elgato HD 60 capture card.
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Text Comments (286)
TheOneGuy1111 (4 months ago)
Or, you know, it could be razed to the ground.
Phantom 134 (7 months ago)
Man... I wanted all of these possibilities in botw 😞
Dustin Proffitt (8 months ago)
So sad coming back to this video knowing that we basically didn't get a castle town at all.
a (9 months ago)
tbh,i was pretty disappointed with what we got
a (1 year ago)
sadly,it are just ruins
Lugund_of_Lenk 123 (1 year ago)
Rewatching these after completing the game, man this was overhyped. Still amazing
Wingman22101 Live (1 year ago)
do you think there will be masks?
Andrew E. (1 year ago)
I like the sewer idea, I think it could be an optional dungeon that is started through side quests,  such as if their is a lot of gang wars in the town and they want you to help them find their hideout and after continuous side quests it is revealed that the gangs hideout is in the sewer system which ends up being a dungeon.
Jack Allen (2 years ago)
I don't care, just get rid of the fixed camera
Andrew E. (2 years ago)
I think that having the sewers as a dungeon is an excellent idea, I think that it could have simple enemies such as rats, keese, rope, redeads, etc.. but have very complicated puzzles and layout.
zane dezmi (2 years ago)
so you're basically saying that you want an upgraded version of Xenoblade chronicles Zelda edition
Agent 187 (2 years ago)
I quit Zelda: Twilight Princess because it quit the game without saving.
Guy Fieri (2 years ago)
I hope we get a Castle Town like TP or OoT but this time you can actually have camera controls.
Carlos Huayta (1 year ago)
Guy Fieri Nope, now it's destroyed
Guy Fieri (2 years ago)
+Chef Boyardee It should also take a lot of inspiration from Windfall Island and Clocktown.
Taiga Aisaka (2 years ago)
10:16 Screen shot XD Weeeeeeee
1990loulou (2 years ago)
I think they should bring in ganondorf but not as the main bad guy drop your pitch forks and hear me out in every game link doesn't know hes the hero until he has the master sword so why not do the same with ganondorf why not have him start out as a nobody a thief that tried to rob link or maybe even a friend of link that becomes jealous of links skill and growing power and so he starts to try getting power for himself and slowly he begins to fall and as such begins the rise of the dark lord ganondorf and he fights link to show hes just as good as him and that he should be the hero only for him to slowly be over taken by Demise's curse. think about it ganondorf always is right there all powerful and bam final boss we know nothing of him how he got his power how he earned the triforce of power nothing he just is so they need to give in game detail about his rise.
The Child (2 years ago)
I like those ideas but you asking waaaaaaaaaay
The Child (2 years ago)
to much
Three Blind Mice (2 years ago)
I have an idea. Maybe early in the game, you can explore the castle freely But its still the final dungeon. I love climbing the castle for whatever reason, fighting off Ganon's forces. Speaking of that, I have an even better idea. Maybe you can DEFEND the castle from Ganon's invasion.
Did anyone see the star of David? I did.
Sab I Am (2 years ago)
I really want more npc's you can talk to and do things for.  And I don't want 'fake' doors.  I want to be able to enter every building I see at some point in the game!  REALLY want that!  I want it to be that every place I see, I can access somehow, someway.  Exploration at it's finest!  And I love the dungeon idea for the sewers.  And the castle being an actual castle.  I loved that about the Spirit Tracks game.  You could visit the castle and it wasn't treated as a dungeon!
TvSonic Serbia (2 years ago)
I just don't want it to feel too medieval.
Kalashnikov (2 years ago)
+TvSonic Serbia They are all pretty medieval to me except maybe WW
TvSonic Serbia (2 years ago)
Not really, only Zelda 1,Zelda 2,ALTTP,OOT and TP had a medieval theme,ok maybe Majora's Mask,and while that is a lot,its still about half of franchise
Kalashnikov (2 years ago)
+TvSonic Serbia Why? Zelda has always had a medieval theme
달그림자 (2 years ago)
The only game I know of where Hyrule Castle is a friendly location you can explore is Minish Cap.
evilwarcow (2 years ago)
I would love to see them actually make a Zelda game that has EVERY Single thing that they have ever done for a Zelda game in one BIIIIIG Game that would be about 10 times bigger than Skyrum, Witcher, GTA V, World of Warcraft, Assassins Creed and Fallout combined. You would traverse vast planes, vast oceans, vast lakes, vast forests, Vast Jungles, Vast Deserts, Vast Swamps, Vast mountains, Arctic Wastelands, a vast underground world, A good many of places to go under the sea. Some places affected by a high amount of Magic, others not affected with high amounts of magic. Essentially something like a very big and colossal sandbox but a Legend of Zelda Sandbox that has a wide variety of places of going to. You would be able to be in Hyrule, Termnia, The Ocean version of Hyrule, Go to the Underworld, the Shadow World. Anywhere and everywhere that you have been able to go in every single Legend of Zelda game that you could possibly know and imagine. You would start off as a Child version of Link about 8 years of age, and you would progress until he is about age 35 and a Grand Master of the arts of being a Hero. And hey if it does happen.. It will be dangerous to go alone... So take this! 0<==={========>
GBThor (2 years ago)
can't wait for the new zelda game
Daniel Sutton (2 years ago)
I think it would be great if they took a leaf out of Skyrim's book and have different fractions that you can alley yourself with. Some of these factions should have headquarters within Castle Town that should lead into large, engaging quest lines. This would add a bit of depth to Castle Town and make the experience of Zelda Wii U all the more enjoyable.
Laurie Sanchez (2 years ago)
Zelda song
garrett D (2 years ago)
lol go screw your self on the un redoable quest that you cant restart that sounds horrible. the games to big to redo for a couple things, bad concept in my opinion.
shuzilong (2 years ago)
Hmm, idk it all seems to be a lot of expectation towards the game, Yeh I agree it would be amazing the have all these features and expansions placed into it, but that amount of development seems like it would be more prominent and accessible were it to become transformed into an MMO, then again a game like (grand theft auto 5 speaks otherwise with how massive it is). So.. I could be wrong?
Jesse Horvath (2 years ago)
There are a couple problems with the desire for a castle town like the one described in this video for Zelda Wii U. (I understand the video is speculation, wishful thinking, etc. so I'm not criticizing the video. I just feel like adding a bit to the discussion) Firstly, the producers have said that they used influences from Japanese animation for the art style. In the trailer from E3 you can see farmers wearing straw hats like those seen in most Asian cultures. If an Asian-centric culture is presented in this game it is extremely unlikely that there will be a castle town that resembles what is discussed in this video. This video imagines a medieval style castle town with European influences; Twilight Princess's castle town in particular relied on such influences. If they decide to create a capital with some kind of royal focus, they might decide to frame it like those from Feudal Japan and the time of the Shogunate. This would be a very welcome change from the usual medieval style towns that many of the Zelda games have used. Another issue is that several of the ideas for the new castle town raised in this video presupposes that the Zelda Wii U will fall somewhere in the existing timeline which actually would limit them heavily on the types of cultures they present, architecture, etc. The producers have remarked that by doing away with most Zelda conventions in this game, they will also be operating from outside of the timeline. Commonwealth Realm even has a video addressing this fact and wondering whether or not Zelda Wii U will be a reboot of the whole series so as to not restrict the type of world that is created by the pressure to match up with existing games. I think it's very hard to speculate and fantasize about this game using our knowledge of past Zelda titles, which to me, an absolute diehard fan, is tremendously exciting. While I hope Nintendo has learned from the mistakes and successes of past games and can utilize what worked and omit what didn't, I'm expecting a brand spanking new experience with unique ideas and fresh visuals.
Bry Sun (2 years ago)
I have a feeling that the new castle town will introduce a lot more influences from feudal Japan to compliment the visibly European-inspired look of the buildings. In fact, I think the castle town will end up combining elements of Feudal Japan with Renaissance Europe. To put it into perspective, think about the architecture in the Manga series' Naruto and Attack on Titan combined - with Legend of Zelda's own unique style - and then you can picture what a new castle town will look like. As stated in previous videos, the new game will have a lot of Japanese influences (more so than it already has). Another thing that you guys mention is the ability for a character to be good and bad. Unfortunately, one established convention about Zelda I doubt they will get rid of is the fact that this is a kid's game. Games like Elder Scrolls and Witcher, on the other hand, are not. Nonetheless, I am sure that there will be an unlimited number of side quests - and unlike those other open world games developed in the west, I'm sure that the side quests for the new Zelda game will be deeply personal just as they were in Majora's Mask and we will actually care about the characters and emphasize with more people. The Legend of Zelda will have a much different way of portraying suffering to make it emotional and personal to the player. Other open world games mostly focus on realism and war to the point that we don't give a fuck about any NPCs. If they make Zelda Wii U too much like other open world games, Hyrule and its people will just lose that charm they have always had. The Hero of Time and a Witcher are completely opposite types of people, and elements of their respective games simply can not carry over between one another. Right? You just can't make a Zelda game have the same type of dark realism as other games - it just won't work. Of course I would love for this game to be as massive as other open world games with a lot more NPCs to interact with, but at the same time I don't want to sacrifice size for detail. I don't care if there are a million people to talk to and a huge city with open doors; if I don't care about those people and the buildings don't serve a purpose, then there just is no point. I think that Majora's Mask should be an example of this. It was a game with a world that was quite small, but the amount of things and people and details packed into Termina made it magical for the player and gave us a memorable experience. I felt like Twilight Princess, although having a relatively larger world, lacked the same magic and attention to detail. However, I'm sure the developers will do a perfect job of combining a huge world with the same memorable experience we already know!
Miguel J (2 years ago)
You are GREAT in keeping the hype save!
Miguel J (2 years ago)
You are GREAT in keeping the hype save!
Jay Upadhya (2 years ago)
Zelda WII U takes place before Ocrina of time and Before Hyrule warriors because because Zelda part one And part 2 and A link to the past and Zelda WII U and Hyrule warriors leads to Ocrina of time because after all it is about the father of the Hero of time and Ocrina of time and Majoras mask is about his son
Oni Master (2 years ago)
+Jay Upadhya 1. Hyrule warriors is not apart of the Zelda timeline. 2. Your comment overall made not a lick of sense.
TonyDaExpert (2 years ago)
This is good and all but I still want this game to feel like loz instead of a basic mid-evil game
DarkMirria1 (3 years ago)
all these ideas sound amazing. I would love to see the Kokiri appear once again.
Eli Butterfield (3 years ago)
Idk guys. I like the idea of a larger castle town, but it also can't be TOO large, since if this thing DOES take place just after S.S., everything will in its infantile stages, and not robust and grand like T.P. (besides, the forest over took the old town which is why they moved and built a bigger one). I do like the idea of districts. ..but still... it shouldn't be as big as you guys are wanting it to be. --sure we can't take concepts from the Witcher 3 and stuff but that's not what it should BE, because it's a TLOZ game.
Mark Walton (3 years ago)
I don't agree with choosing to be good or evil. Link is known for being good it would be a bad decision to let people decide. Imagine if the next batman game you could be evil, it doesn't sit right.
Hyper7 (3 years ago)
twilight princess had so much wasted potential
Alex Hiller (3 years ago)
Will there be a love interest instead of Zelda?
Kevin (3 years ago)
If I could wear masks in the new Legend of Zelda..... *<3*
Onion rephil (3 years ago)
You guys are expecting too much from this game... It's just a LoZ game.
Synyster Hope (3 years ago)
whats the anime in this video?
zfreak1234 (3 years ago)
I love every one of your guys ideas but I'm so scared that the Wii U won't be able to handle something like that and at the same time pay attention to give us a modern HD graphic...what makes you so confident that it will work? Please keep up the great work. I love each of your videos:) thanks
Zoe Hannah (3 years ago)
It'd be cool if the sewer dungeon were like one Under the Well in ocarina of time. I hated that place but it was so well done and was rather entertaining. F&*$ dead hand though no more of that nononono no.
Winds (3 years ago)
They should have dragons
Brandon Baggaley (3 years ago)
Or perhaps the villain takes control of the castle and Link has to sneak in through the sewers like in Twilight Princess.
Hordil (3 years ago)
"Link" is in the Description bellow.. NOOOPE he isn't. x)
tjlnintendo (2 years ago)
Kilravok (3 years ago)
Two points: 1) the majority of doors should be locked, but I admit, there should be some way to gain (unsolicited) access to the insides. Hyrule Castletown is not a small village where neighbour trusts neighbour and doors are left unlocked. It is a capital city with thieves and burglars, one of which potentially might be the player....see yourself be dragged to prison if caught smashing people's jars for hidden rupees. 2) the castle should not be accessible to the player, who is at least at the start, if it follows the core convention of even the first Zelda games, a nobody, not yet proven to be the hero (Zelda 2 is an exception to this because there you play the very same incarnation of the first Link after he has proven himself already). Until you are proven and recognised as a key figure to the fate of the kingdom, you should not be able to freely enter and roam the castle. Sneaking not it, by climbing over the wall or running through the sewers dungeon, should be possible.
Logan Burke (3 years ago)
no moral choice! you're a hero. act like one at all times.
Logan Burke (3 years ago)
+Logan Burke (unless it a specific instance so you grow your character blah blah)
The Devil's Edibles (3 years ago)
I'm really hoping they design some brand new races. I mean Dekus, Gorons, and Zoras are great and all but I would really enjoy some new ones with some newly themed dungeons that aren't related to any of the previous titles. I also would like a dungeon similar the the well from OoT
Bolt187119 (3 years ago)
Do you make it to the cloud district very often? Oh, I suppose not.
david blain (3 years ago)
there is a lot of good ideas but you try a little bit too much to make Zelda Wii U into The Witcher 3.
Hylian Cece (3 years ago)
lol Princess Mononoke
Hylian Cece (3 years ago)
Ohhhhh I like the idea of a library !
Harlia Fruffle (3 years ago)
Thank YOU for making these great Videos!
Rikk Wolf (3 years ago)
You're watching Pointless Speculation Theater!
BonboriChan (3 years ago)
Sorry man but, Speak Up and lower the background music XD
Dan Backiel (3 years ago)
Happy mask man comes back from termina with majora's mask and become the villain
qOLOp (3 years ago)
Permanently failable quests worked in Skyrim and Fallout because they had very many generic side quests and much less emphasis on collection. It wouldn't work in Zelda unless it had a New Game+ feature. Maybe multiple choices for quests though.
K Mayne (3 years ago)
So.... all speculation? ??..... and hmk..... fml..... and unsubd....
kawaiinekochick2 (3 years ago)
I must say, I completely disagree with the details you think would round out the game to its fullest. To have hours worth of books to read on the lore of Hyrule would completely lose the air of mystery that Zelda has always had. Not to mention considering that each title typically acts as its own stand-alone tale linked mainly by a general lore, it would create so many opportunities for Nintendo to Retcon (And they probably would) that it would make it difficult for new players to appreciate what the series DOES have to offer. I won't detail the rest of what I disagree with, that just stood out the most.
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
CR-Update: As a result of the overwhelming response from you on the first season of Zelda Unknown and the Zora History Time episode, I am glad to announce that the channel will go through an overhaul (rebranding) and this fall I will only upload the following high-quality in-depth series: - Zelda Unknown season 2 (premiere, Tuesday August 11th) - History Time (premiere, Tuesday August 24th) - Zelda History Time (history and theories, premiere when I hit 5K Subscribers!)
ChampionAshley (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm YAY!! I loved this series!! in fact, im planning to make a map from these videos and send it to Nintendo!!
DuckOfBlubber (3 years ago)
A Sewer Dungeon would kill me ...
Dreamer Dawn (3 years ago)
If there is a dungeon in Hyrule Castle Town then it could be in the sewers. The sewers would be dark and full of dangerous creatures. It could also be a series of mini dungeons that you use to get to areas that are blocked off initially. Say that a thief runs into the sewers and the guards are blocking off street access to the district the thief was spotted in. To unlock the district you have to enter a mini dungeon and may find the thief in it.
Adrián Rodríguez (3 years ago)
All your ideas are very cool, I really like the video! Nevertheless, I feel you're overestimating what this game is going to be, thinking of it as the game that is going to have the best of all the past Zelda games. You're comparing worlds and gameplays like The Witcher, Assassins Creed and Fable with Zelda and sadly, Nintendo has not wanted to compare with the competition in the last 9 years. Nintendo solution to all the fans that wanted a more realistic Zelda, sequel to Ocarina of Time and with HD graphics was Twilight Princess, and that's it. All the things that you (and I) want for the next game, are all the things that we imagined 4 years ago for Skyward Sword, a game that disappointed me in many ways. I just hope that Nintendo has heard what many of his fans who grew up with Zelda want, because I don't want to point the TV with a tablet for discovering stuff, I want what you guys want too. Greetings!
Nykademos (3 years ago)
Zelda Unknown: Enemies and Bosses
simdog32 (3 years ago)
+M. Productions
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
Nintendo president Mr. Satoru Iwata has passed away at the age of 55. A legend and great human is gone way too early when he still had so much to accomplish for the company that meant so much to him.  We will always remember you for what you did for Nintendo and mankind and the risks you took that brought your company into a second Golden Age. (Wii, Nintendo DS and 3DS and Nintendo Directs) Deepest condolences to your mourning relatives. Commonwealth Realm.
Commonwealth Realm (2 years ago)
Done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW-M3uToejo
TrippleDot (3 years ago)
I agree with some of your Ideas, but arent you guys thinking It will change the Zelda Formula? I mean Gangs, guys really? Thats something GTA should stay with. I want a classic zelda game with all the pieces of a good zelda game.
Alex the Scrub (3 years ago)
I would live to see Zelda U to be like skyrim with different weapons and armor and a lot of side quests different play styles ex: stealth and buy able houses just think how much fun it would be with groups you could join. Reply if you agree and wanna add on or disagree for and explain how it won't work!
Lone Decendent (3 years ago)
do you guys believe that midna may make a comeback in the new zelda wii u?
Ian Page (3 years ago)
I really want that book
Ted Molu (3 years ago)
Would you link the version of the ballad of the goddess that was playing in the background of video near the end? It was awesome!
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+ted moberg-lundqvist TheOnlyDeerAlive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1xlhW-07Ew
Vertluc (3 years ago)
I watch and comment a bit late haha too bad for me but I can use this comment to thank you for the quality of the videos and there contents ^^
Brian Bernstein (3 years ago)
rather than a good/evil meter, how about 3 different meters for power, wisdom, and courage?  you could fill up wisdom by solving puzzles, courage by rescuing people or surviving difficult tasks like swimming super long distances under penalty of drowning...  power by over taking bosses.
Luis Ugalde (3 years ago)
We basically need a larger, wider, more epic version of Clock Town. That is the only town in the Zelda series that feels and looks like a "real" town/city.
Luis Ugalde (3 years ago)
Nice video as always.  Good to hear HMK talking stead of yelling ;)
Rene Laroche (3 years ago)
congrats for your hard work.. you put a lot of efforts in thoses videos and it paied off. They are well made and the subjects appeal to us all :) I know everything has been said about what could the next zelda could be and in the end we will probably end up surprised anyway but i wish you could put some new theories online in the future so i will have something to think about. Again: Great job!
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
The last chance to enter the giveaway is tonight. Tomorrow I will get to know the winner after conducting a lottery. PS: "The Making of Zelda Unknown" video will be up this upcoming Monday July 6.
Lúthien Lúinwë (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm I already subscribed to your channel a long time ago, so now I am commenting for the contest entry. Good luck to everyone, and keep up the great work on these Zelda videos. I look forward to each new episode.
zelda foxx (3 years ago)
Don't you think your setting yourself up for disappointment by over predicting and hyping what is going to be in the game As I highly doubt the zelda team will do something like this And from the sounds of it you just want zelda wii u to be the witcher 3 which I personally don't want I have the witcher 3 so I want zelda to bring its own style to the seamless open world
ThatEntityPerson (3 years ago)
Oh damn they brought Mr. Hype... eer I mean HMK. Seriously, HMK is SO annoying! HALF of his vocabulary is the word hype!!! Like seriously, I SWEAR that's all he says!
Tyler Jaynes (3 years ago)
+Entity1037 Hey, I'm just happy his English has improved. I quit watching his videos because, like whenever he'd say a word, in this case "another" he'd pronounce it "anutter" and the baby talk got old
arkayneshad0w (3 years ago)
+Entity1037 *shrug* Whatever. Opinions. I like him anyways. :P
blragh TK (3 years ago)
all this and no load screens! jesus. Being as I don't know what causes/requires load screens as opposed to seamless transitions I can't really speak much on it. is wii u as strong as the competitor systems? I mean sure I'd love all the nifty stuff and I'd be willing to sack some load times. Also when asking for bigger and better worlds and environments, I hope you like looking at them 100,00 times because it's gonna be a long walk. I liked in the old games when the towns were tiny and there was less nps, it kept me on my mission.
Will Burns (3 years ago)
alright, comment away. Good luck everyone, the book he's giving away looks pretty cool
Captain (3 years ago)
comparing witcher 3 to Zelda... laaaaame.
ChiefRaccoon48 _ (3 years ago)
Congrats on reaching 4,000 subs! Keep making these awesome videos and im sure you'll grow beyond your dreams! :)
izzi go (3 years ago)
One of the reasons i love minish cap so much is cause of its castle town, you had bakers cobblers a library and hyrule castle town had vassal's maids and servants in it, it was pretty fricking detailed for a GBA game :D with the ability to eat apples in ZWIIU i hope we get to eat at castle town as well or villages cants survive on soup and potions  and now apples forever Link!
DHMusic (3 years ago)
+izzi go You could also eat apples in A Link to the Past! :)
Keyslayer_117 (3 years ago)
I only recently found your account but all I can say is wow! I'm a HUGE Zelda fan, and your videos just bring the games to life in a way I hadn't thought possible. I definitely can't wait until season 2 nor can I wait for your new history time videos. I especially liked your video on Zelda Wii U and the possibility of pirates. I would love to be able to win those compendiums, but I'll be content with the additional content coming soon if I don't. Thank you for your wonderful videos and please keep up the excellent work!
Wolfie (3 years ago)
awesome!!!! Love the sewers dungeon idea. So.......um......can't wait for season 2! How does giveaway work?
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+whiteagle 546 Through lottery, the winner will be announced in the "Making of Zelda Unknown" video which I am working on as we speak.
Noah Patoray (3 years ago)
Great video!
Qzarz (3 years ago)
Haha I don't know about the gangs thing, doesn't seem super Nintendo like but otherwise I really like the ideas presented here. Even though I don't see it super likely, l think a lot v of these ideas (the district's in particular) could be well implemented into the game. Nice work as always.
MattyShore99 (3 years ago)
Great video. I can beleive I found your channel only today
MattyShore99 (3 years ago)
+Commonwealth realm True, Love your snowpeak ideas
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+MattyShore99 On the bright side, You get to enjoy the entire season, and see how much the series has improved since the first episode. ;)
Simon Rockstream (3 years ago)
Love it! Been here since the first episode :D
MTTGaming (3 years ago)
Great job you guys are amazing at what you do
Cullen Latham (3 years ago)
im not opposed to hyrule castle sewers as a dungeon, but i can also see it as an extra dungeon with bonus rewards (like oot's gerudo training ground [with better, more relevant items/upgrades] or the pit of 100 trials from the paper mario series.). i can see certain areas of the sewers being less dungeon-like and more district-like, maybe with the rouges and refugees or possibly a new race of civilized mutants. I would also love if this bonus sewer dungeon would lead to bonus areas that would be otherwise unaccessible with various upgrades, minigames, and shops. Certain areas of the sewers may be harder to reach at certain points of the game with various manholes (used as entrances and exits) opening and closing at certain in game times or unlocking after a certain amount of progress in the main story or side quests. With such a large dungeon, they should have map fragments (some possibly only obtainable from a shop in the sewer) that show only a small area of the dungeon, which rewards exploration of the sewers and only helps you navigate areas you've all ready visited. the sewers should be completely interconnected but enemies may be more or less difficult on certain paths. to maintain a story required dungeon in hyrule castle town it could be either in the gang/ruffian district (like clearing out a mob syndicate base complex) or within a different realm connected to hyrule from within a certain building (like how oot warps link to the center of the chamber of sages, which is within the temple of light, the temple of light being in the recently formed dark world, after pulling the master sword; or lorule from a link between worlds.)
Kitty Lue (3 years ago)
Great episode!  Yes, I do hope this Castle Town takes some things from Clock Town, especially since the development of Zelda Wii U and Majora's Mask 3D overlapped.  I like the idea of several different districts in Castle Town, and it would be nice to have NPCs react realistically to the player.  I could go on and on, but it'd be stuff already mentioned in the video, so I just highly agree with all of the things in this video!  xD
Commonwealth Realm (3 years ago)
+Ben Demamp Still mr. Eiji Aonuma had large impact on it and is most likely drawing quite a lot of inspiration from it to Zelda Wii U. (day and night cycle, dynamic towns and NPCs with day and time activities and obviously superb side-quests)
Kitty Lue (3 years ago)
+Ben Demamp Ah.  Right.
Ben Demamp (3 years ago)
+Kitty Lue um mm3d was developed by grezzo not nintendo
Noah Ploderer (3 years ago)
Aw man !  That book looks super cool, may I have it?!
SyluxV (3 years ago)
Thanks for making the videos Konrad. I am glad that I found your channel.
Dark Storm (3 years ago)
Could there possibly be a swamp in Zelda Wii U?
Link Noir (3 years ago)
That would be cool! A mystyrios swamp full of magic and creepy animals!
Corey Reynolds (3 years ago)
I want the "Legend of the Hero"!  Can't wait for season two! The sewer idea is great. One thing that frustrated me on OOT was that you couldn't go into the castle! I always hope there was a secret way in but...no, so disappointing. I did however enjoy the TP castle even though it was a dungeon. I liked how it wasn't a hybrid of all the other levels in the game ...like most of the other Zelda games' final levels are. And it was two-staged with the outside then the inside.
vsaddison (3 years ago)
I want to enter the giveaway~! 😊
TowerGuardian6 (3 years ago)
Excellent job on season 1 overall. It is your videos that at least help keep my excitement for Zelda Wii u going. Hope season 2 is just as good.

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