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All 30 New Switch Games RELEASE For Week 1 November 2018 | Nintendo News

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This week 1 November 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games release. Which one of these do you like? And which will you buy? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ Top 15 NEW Upcoming FIGHTING Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHLLSwOAme8 -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (230)
sans the skeleton (7 days ago)
Sky time seems sorta intersting
Brandon Collins (7 days ago)
i dont want anymore pixelated indies games give me more games nintendo stop this nonsense
Tim Sarai (7 days ago)
Another load of shit
임현동 (8 days ago)
흠..다 뭔 폰게임으로 밖에 안보이네
Lusamine Pokemonica (9 days ago)
more shit games
Joan Escamilla (9 days ago)
Woah.. so much hating xD. ... ugh
Sam Holloway (9 days ago)
Im really about to just return my switch. 300 bucks for what is basically nothing but inde trash mini games is not worth it. Nintendo just wants money and thats what there getting by making all these little games and remaking old games to be switch compatable and its disgusting. They really dont care about there players anymore.
Kuin Zy (9 days ago)
Forgotten Anna, j'hésite tellement, Diablo 3 m'a fait bien mal au porte feuille déjà x)
skelz81 (10 days ago)
All trash
Peter Parker (11 days ago)
The thumbnail? Is it a real game?
Johnny Rider (11 days ago)
The problem for me isn't that a lot of the games are shovelware, it's the fact they're trying to charge so much for them. A game that costs 3.99 on mobile can cost 14.99 on Switch, there needs to be more regulation on pricing.
Kayten (8 days ago)
This! Seriously, Nintendo games are soo overpriced!
Cris_Stark (11 days ago)
Puras bazofias...para la nintendo swinger no maa
Harif Datuak (11 days ago)
Never buy this console dude
Harif Datuak (11 days ago)
Shit game
Harif Datuak (11 days ago)
Shit console
Nison Limbu (11 days ago)
this is why i sold my switch today,game are so ugly ,phone game are better
Paul Branwhite (11 days ago)
Yeh you play Wolfenstein 2, BOTW, Doom and Bayonetta on your phone.
Carmelo Pantaleo (11 days ago)
Can you or anyone please clarify if the cross-buy is allowed among different accounts or only different console but for the same account?
Raphael Inghels (11 days ago)
Even if it was already released on another consoles, I could never enough recommend Valiant the Great War, it is truly worth it
rumah kamuha (12 days ago)
Makes me wanna sell my switch
rumah kamuha (4 days ago)
+Sasuku-san Gaming good for you, add me ign:GREENCRACK
Sasuku-san Gaming (7 days ago)
I main joule on vainglory
Aaron Celocia (12 days ago)
kinda regretting the Switch after BoTW, bought Splatoon 2 and didn't live up the expectations
crozz 19 (12 days ago)
I love 2D games and 8/16bits but this is getting ridiculous...
whorestopmoaning (12 days ago)
Shittiest games ever
Mavolant (12 days ago)
Lmao I know for a fact you guys down in the comment section didn’t buy even 50% of the great games on the switch. Go get those and stop waiting for more mobile games k
Mike Dayton (12 days ago)
Brawlhalla and Bug Butcher look pretty fun
Max Oxman (12 days ago)
This month i'll just play the new Kingdom Rush game for mobile I guess..
Dot 2375 (12 days ago)
mobile games kek, only worth buying 4 diablo and mh on the go. but eh
Tayshawn Holland (12 days ago)
Everyone save your money for smash bros i need victims to destroy in December
Lord Of Admirals (12 days ago)
Asterbreed looks amazing but that's it, the other games dont interest me.
Unknown (12 days ago)
Only getting world of final fantasy. All of the rest are trash
Nintendorak Yamato (12 days ago)
World of Final Fantasy is the only game in this list
Tria Kurnia (12 days ago)
Nintendo fanboys triggered when someone criticized Nintendo , how childish .
Simoss13 (13 days ago)
Only decent indie game would be Moonlighter. The Walking Vegetables looks ok but Im skeptical. Cant argue trying a free game (Brawlhalla)
Kinder Grinder (13 days ago)
WoFF on Switch = a dream come true! And Sky Force is definitely day 1 buy.
C05MIC Studio (13 days ago)
And now for my comment. INDIE GAME RAPE seriously nex gen CAPABLE console and we get indie games......... seriously my phone could play these........... Let's see sole serious development nintendo save the low pixel for mobile and bring us some eye catching graphic wowing titles.
kezia rachellea (9 days ago)
Yeah you're right,even a mobile phone can play the sims, life is strange, resident evil 5 and even GTA, i mean like Nintendo need to wake up, their innovation of hybrid console is dope and superb, but some of their games are not really superb and look like handheld's from early 2000s, hope there will be more AAA games release soon
marky bbop (12 days ago)
Nintendo can't help if an indie company wants to bring there game over to the console. The most powerful system, the pc gets miles more crap. What Nintendo should do is have a team dedicated to porting over games and offer there services to third party titles to bring the game over.
땡컨만두 (13 days ago)
Piece of shit
Tanque (13 days ago)
James Sieff (13 days ago)
What's the game in the thumbnail?
Bunny Meats (13 days ago)
The Bug Butcher!!
Craig Morgan (13 days ago)
Issa no, Only buying smash.. than I’m done with 2018..
Caleb Youn (13 days ago)
Didnt pay 500 bucks to play indies. Up ur game nintendo...
ReZisT Lust (5 days ago)
I paid just for the switch and am playing paladins for free
Hugo Dleon (6 days ago)
Vou compra meu nitendo swintch. Amei o novo console e vou comprar meu pro controler. Também
JIM JONES (7 days ago)
I tried playing MERCENARY WINGS but it has ching chong language and writing that I do not understand!!! It has no normal talk (ENGLISH) in it!!! ONLY DING DONG WING WONGS SHOULD PLAY IT!!!
Kaiser Grey009 (8 days ago)
I dont think I like these games i was gping to sell my xbox 1 for a switch to play metriod prime Hunter and fire emblem
Callumkitchen 206 (8 days ago)
+Shirako Takamoto expand your gaming horizon? Seriously? Most of the games you have listed are ports, Nintendo did not make these games, think about what you type before you post it.
HelikaonIX (13 days ago)
Moonlighter, Brawlhalla, Vaginal Wonderland, Carnival Games, Astebreed, Townsmen and Noir Chronicles look cool
Spongey Cake (13 days ago)
Looking forward to moonlighter! crashlands looks interesting as well!
Só porcarias. A falta de criatividade desses desenvolvedores é de arrepiar.
Hayden Foxx (13 days ago)
So sick of all these indie games that look like mobile ports.
GuyRification (13 days ago)
Hmm Astebreed, Crashlands and The Bug Butcher all look nice but I just can't play anything other than Dark Souls right now, so they'll have to wait!
VideoJays (13 days ago)
Promise IllBeNice (13 days ago)
Why doesnt these indie titles just stay on 3ds and not flood switch market? I know about 95% of people who owns the switch has a 3ds anyways.
Mar Vill (13 days ago)
艺臻马 (13 days ago)
4399 game
Derrick Kelly (13 days ago)
We better atleast get call of duty 3 since bo2 was on wii u i need a fps on thw switch that has online play no wolfenstein n doom wont do
Ricardo Lopez Jr (13 days ago)
I'm not gonna lie shapeshifting detective looks different and interesting cant wait to play
Rgoid (13 days ago)
Varion reminds me of the Bishop of Battle from Nightmares.
Creeper DudeBro (13 days ago)
I believe that Atari Flashback Classics is releasing on the 6th of November, according to a recent listing of the physical version on Walmart! Nevertheless, a good video!
Atlas World (13 days ago)
A tutto lo staff Nintendo, mi chiedo perché continuate a fare giochi così stupidi e insignificanti quando dovreste puntare un alto con dei giochi con una grafica ai livelli di xenoverse 2 o FighterZ invece di programmare dei giochi che hanno la grafica dei primi giochi di zelda o di pokemon e mi riferisco ai giochi con una grafica in pixel quando avete a disposizione dei budget e una console ancora tutta da scoprire, piantatela di puntare a dei giochi per una clientela di bambini e cominciate a fare sul serio per i veri pro gamer quelli che preferiscono un competitivo perché la community vera è quella di pro gamer
Indra Halim88 (13 days ago)
I need pes 2019 uncharted call off duty and good of war is here in nintendo switch i need this game is grafik2 the best in nintendo switch
Sergio PM (13 days ago)
Bug Butcher! :)
Hyper Metroid (13 days ago)
Remember kids, all these games are also for Xbox One, Play Station 4 even Steam ... Do not be hypocritical, if you say that there is garbage in Switch, then the other platforms are a dump. Personally, I'm only interested in Grip and Brawlhalla
Joom (13 days ago)
Rogue Legacy and full met furies are the only ones here that looked good, everything else looked a bit like shovelware. I'll go to the end defending the switch, but I can't deny the eshop is far from flourishing.
☠MrHairyNutz☠ (13 days ago)
FF maxima needs a physical release - all i play are physical games.
B (13 days ago)
I had already planned on getting Final Fantasy, but I forgot about games like Astebreed which have been on my radar.
Meow Maximum (13 days ago)
Why the hell are there soooo many indie games they are soooo garbage they all look the same they all have that low poly "beautiful" look, it's annoying
Metabates (13 days ago)
Meow Maximum The problem isn't that there's so many indie games, that's not really fair to say, the problem is that Nintendo is using them as well as ports as leeway for not releasing more first party. I mean we have Metroid, Fire Emblem, and Animal Crossing on the way, the next Zelda game is supposedly in development and Pikmin 4 has allegedly been "almost finished" for years, presumably the reason it's taking so long is because they they designed it for the Wii U and based a lot of the gameplay around the game pad. All of those are 2019 at the earliest and 2018 has had very little first party/exclusive releases, likely because they thought the Labo was going to carry them for the next several months and expected to be this huge thing that it didn't end up being. It looks like the only ones we're getting before the end of the year are Pokemon and Smash, and Pokemon doesn't look good. Here's hoping they're staking a lot on 2019. But honestly 3 AAA first party games isn't enough.
Simon Graf (13 days ago)
which game is that on the thumbnail?
Andy Hiulyanto (13 days ago)
I think it's world of final fantasy
Kirill Gavrilov (13 days ago)
Какая же одичавшая хуета(((
Heartless (13 days ago)
В основном казуальная и по большей части восьмибитная херня. А стоящие игры уже издавна кушать на ПК - и там они один в 5 дешевле.
KingHans (13 days ago)
Bajo la idea del retro nos quieren vender cualquier basura, la mayoría de los juegos son horribles
Dragon XLR (13 days ago)
Varion kinda reminds me of Custom Robo...I miss that game😢
Red !! (13 days ago)
They need to bring the sims 3 or 4 to switch
naruto5569hokage (12 days ago)
Fr man sims would be great on switch
ionstar751 :D (13 days ago)
switch has way tomany 2D games man ugh
The Bearded 1 (13 days ago)
Crashlands, Rage In Peace, Full Metal Furies, Rogue Legacy, The Bug Butcher, The Walking Vegetables, and Valiant Hearts all look like games I will pick up eventually. Varion is on the fence. But I just got Streets Of Red and The Video Kid and Knock Knock recently. Plenty to tide me over. :-)
B (13 days ago)
Yeah, there are quite a few this week I planned on picking up.
Aytreya44 (13 days ago)
Мужик делай в описании перечень игр
John Borra (13 days ago)
What’s the cover photo game?
Sujan Sitaula (13 days ago)
Omg more potatoes game comming plz stop it omg...
James Keith Tampus (13 days ago)
What the Fuck! are those games!? Well what can I expect from Nintendo 😥😥😥.
인생달콤 (13 days ago)
디아블로! Diablo!
Mugen Jin (13 days ago)
God these games look boring.....uh...
muhammad amirul (13 days ago)
JP,NA,PAL what thats mean? Anyone can help me?
Steven Fobian (12 days ago)
Ivan Quintero such a big world we live in and it only consists of North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Wow!!
muhammad amirul (13 days ago)
+Ivan Quintero oh thnkd guys very helpful cause im malaysian walways waiting new games to come in Malaysia
Ivan Quintero (13 days ago)
muhammad amirul JP is Japan, NA is North America, PAL is Australia and New Zealand.
Myung Kou Kang (13 days ago)
Although I’m not getting it, why is World of Final Fantasy Maxima an eShop digital download only? The original version had physical release for both the PS4 and the Vita. Also, I hope that both Syberia and Syberia 2 are on the cartridge, instead one of them being digital download while the other is on cartridge. It never made sense to have one on the cartridge while having the other downloadable, not when both could fit on a single cartridge. I’m sure both the first two Syberia games could fit on a single cartridge.
cartoon boy (13 days ago)
Syrbia looks good
Romeo Duque (13 days ago)
I heard the Siberia games are ok , but the rest look not interesting at all
mazrimalthor (13 days ago)
Shadow of Loot Box...lol...day 1 buy
Rob Nel (13 days ago)
Skyforce now coming to the switch
De Von (13 days ago)
Shapeshifting Detective... Is that a game?
Haabemaaster (11 days ago)
Someone didn't grow up in the 90s.
Joep Suttorp (13 days ago)
Woahh early
JevzGaming (13 days ago)
Nintendo fan say that nintendo switch is a powerful handheld console this year. Yes.. I agree, but how come nintendo switch launch so many garbage games if that handheld console is powerful.
C05MIC Studio (10 days ago)
+creative username I appreciate your thoughts but it's not just me you have your view I have mine I grew up through the evolution of gaming so when I talk I know why I speak the way I do theres a shift in the industry in gaming and, I'm not gonna say you may or may not know but it's not the same anymore. I would love to enjoy gaming but it's not the same that's why I develop my own 3d content and 3d model to explore boundaries that games wont put in because of money!
C05MIC Studio (10 days ago)
+creative username the only dumbass is yourself needing to talk like a child 2 win an discussion because you wanna feel good about yourself. Furthermore I dont buy indie games but there are not enough titles to keep me interested. You wouldn't know anything about game development i do. So keep your insults to a dull mull
creative username (10 days ago)
+C05MIC Studio then don't buy 2d games dumb ass. There are plenty of big AAA and AA games on the switch. Hell even in the indie scene you have ambitious 3d titles like fast rmx, grip, Outlast, rime and layers of fear. Either way it doesn't matter because stuff like moonlighter looks great and is probably going to sell really well on the switch
C05MIC Studio (10 days ago)
+creative username you still dont get. Because of people like me who wanna see actual work in there games we wont buy the switch. My interest is not pixel mashers on a grade AAA capable console. When devs created console they had the vision of using the power and performance to bring the next frontier. That's what made it exciting every game was an upgrade to the previous gen. What ever will pay them to make a buck nintendo will let rape them in Arse because Money, look at blizzcon aka diablo immortal, some will agree some wont the fact they can develop a powerful graphics for mobile is no short of amazing work but indies??? Its not my thing I will voice my thoughts just like 1000 others because I'm passionate about wanting to enjoy games instead of recycled garbage with a different title!
Miklo Sandoval (10 days ago)
with all do respect and I do mean with all do respect but I didn't know you had experimental surgery to have your balls removed 😂😂
Rockaman X Six (13 days ago)
more shovelware coming to Nintendo , wtf
GuyRification (13 days ago)
On every system there are good games and shit games. Have you seen what comes out every week on PS4?
+James Keith Tampus Quiet dumbass
AnimOyuncu (13 days ago)
James Keith Tampus (13 days ago)
Nintendo is only for only Mobile games what do you expect?
Pally Dan (13 days ago)
Moku (13 days ago)
so excited to have Rouge Legacy on the go!
Christopher Groce (13 days ago)
Grip combat racing I think is free this month for xbox live users
mazrimalthor (13 days ago)
+Christopher Groce good to know. Which reminds me, i still need to sign up to that
Christopher Groce (13 days ago)
+mazrimalthor sorry it's coming to xbox game pass
mazrimalthor (13 days ago)
No it isnt
EmpireZ Creed (13 days ago)
Brawlhalla is better than smash bros
Smash Bruddahs (6 days ago)
+Yakō kuma well thats why O just play with friends who arent retarded like that
Yakō kuma (6 days ago)
+Smash Bruddahs Until you play with spammers and campers. Its good for a really small distraction.
Smash Bruddahs (10 days ago)
Its not. But Brawlhalla is a great fighting game that everyone should try. I was skeptical at first but enjoyed it a lot!
AnimOyuncu (11 days ago)
+EmpireZ Creed retarded xD
EmpireZ Creed (12 days ago)
AnimOyuncu triggered
Rawr5649 (13 days ago)
Considering how good the D3 port is, I think I'm done buying games for awhile
Rawr5649 (13 days ago)
+Justin Hazlett good luck. For me the prices is worth how much time you spend playing it. I can't stop. Check out metacritic reviews if you're on the fence
Justin Hazlett (13 days ago)
Thanks. I need to purchase then.
Rawr5649 (13 days ago)
+Justin Hazlett For me it was 100% While it can be called "repetitive" the combat is fun, the graphics are great and the controls are super responsive. It's an ever progressing gear grinder and unlike the PC version, you can go on adventure mode online with people asap. I love it.
Justin Hazlett (13 days ago)
So Diablo 3 is worth the buy?
Rawr5649 (13 days ago)
jozef taliga (13 days ago)
All these showel ware games called concepts looks so samey!!!!! Tragical Tendo 😂😂😂😂😋
nowonmetube (13 days ago)
Jay Comedy (13 days ago)
No surprising.... A year later and still no real Triple 8 games like PubG or COD or BF nothing not even need for Speed only mobile games.... WTF NINTENDO
Brandon Matarrita (11 days ago)
"Triple 8" wow this guy is from the future
Lord Of Admirals (12 days ago)
+plasma master the ganes you mentioned are games im not fond of and i have the copies on xbox 360 and steam, but I see where you're coming from, though there's still very little ports that have interested me, Asterbreed that was shown in this video was the only game I care about in this weeks list. Dont get me wrong, i havent lost hope, but Nintendo just hasnt given me a reason to get it. Like i said, if they released stuff i like such as mario rpgs, ff13, mw2, or crysis 2, then id consider, hell if they ported vanquish to Switch then id buy the console for sure because that game would be perfect for the platform, but sadly that's not the case. Im jist gonnavwait for that new Switch then hack it to emulate and maybe Pirate.
plasma master (12 days ago)
+Lord Of Admirals Way I see it, more PC game r being ported to switch so if some big games ( some of which already have. Example - spintires mudrunner, LA Noire, ya know some very big games ) be ported lots of times then other devs will catch on and we will get some awesome games.
Lord Of Admirals (12 days ago)
I gotta agree eith you, only game on Switch i want is kirby super star allies, but one game isn't enough, if crysis 2, waw, mw2, mario galaxy, ff13 etc. Games i actually want to play on thr go like the ones i said aren't on the Switch, and are from last gen, it's just dissapointing, the switch has so much potential but it's wasted on mostly indies, maybe ill wait a year or 2 later and hope there's and interesting port or title that comes out. Right now, im just dissapointed in Nintendo.
Jennifer Cushman (13 days ago)
Only some of those games looks interesting to me. But I am going to wait until next month to get more Switch games. Since the only games I really want for this month is some more puzzle games for my iPad mini 3. And the Get Famous expansion pack for my Sims 4 game.
Brandon Matarrita (11 days ago)
+Jennifer Cushman ok,but what has to do that your favorite anime is sailor moon with pokemon
Jennifer Cushman (12 days ago)
+BootyGoblin No I am not. For as long as those Pokemon games have been around. I have never once been interested in playing them. Mainly because I never like Pokemon. My number 1 prefer Japanese anime has always been Sailor Moon.
BootyGoblin (12 days ago)
You gonna get the pokemon game?
علاء علام (13 days ago)
Where is Mario games? 😡
xVenomzzz (12 days ago)
You literally got 2 this year and that makes 4 in total Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario Odyssey Mario Tennis Aces Super Mario Party
Metabates (13 days ago)
In development? I mean first of all, I wouldn't put that in plural. You do realize that developing Mario games takes a long time, right? They probably didn't start the next Mario game until after Odyssey was complete, meaning it shouldn't come out until 2020 at the earliest. Super Mario Bros U and Super Luigi U are getting ported as a bundle, and you've also got Odyssey, Mario and Rabbids, Super Mario Party, and Mario Tennis Aces as options. We're not getting a brand new Mario game any time soon, deal with it. I mean you say that as though you expect them to release one every week. You do realize how long game development takes, right? علاء علام
Ryqo SG (13 days ago)
I can play Brawlhalla on Switch lmao
Early acces key? Same
Itz Mikez (13 days ago)
Ya New video:)
black thunder (13 days ago)
Not fiesta one

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