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What's Winglet working on? + Patreon announcement

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Shiny new Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheWinglet
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The Winglet (8 months ago)
If you wanna donate to me on Patreon, follow this link and click "Become a Patron": https://www.patreon.com/TheWinglet If you can't donate or just don't want to it's okay, I still love you <3
Fish (3 months ago)
I was that guy who asked about the Phadora chronicals. It might of been a different acount but that shit was me!
Marcus Volpicella oh cool I will use it too
Yolkolai (3 months ago)
I recommend that you put your patron link into every single one of your videos' descriptions!
Fortress22 (3 months ago)
“Still” Lol
xAssassinosx (4 months ago)
I really want to support you but sorry mate I can't :(
Rays (26 days ago)
well i wanted an sfm poster from you but the problem i can t add ppl
Gibus Ghostly (1 month ago)
I found some music that you might want to use in fedora chronicles 4 https://youtu.be/b22D1QS4PD8
Dapper Doc. (2 months ago)
You either hear this alot or not enough, but you're fucking amazing at SFM animations. Just seeing that little snippet of the Fedora Chronicles part 4 shows how amazing you are, the lighting, the effects and the fluid motion. I love your style man, keep it up!
TheMiraculousSquid (3 months ago)
How about you do animate in steam is so easy
Jeff Zhang (3 months ago)
u mean SFM? He's been doing it for years. It takes time and patience.
Hirakai Ko (3 months ago)
Grats on finishing the course man, hopefully they all learned a lot from you ;)
My Name Is Adrian (3 months ago)
"And I'm also working on the 4th Fedora Chronicles." Hell. Yes.
Patt Zilla (3 months ago)
If the next one is just fucking mvm I will kill
Some new Youtuber (3 months ago)
*T H A N K S M A T E ! ! !*
What about burning through space 3???
she's a Killa Queen (4 months ago)
Winglet farming
Goldenmann (4 months ago)
I dont know if that was ask already but will ther be a continue for live and let spy
TitanicalDestroyer (5 months ago)
DINOSOWER! iceisnice (5 months ago)
i want to see the 3rd Burning Through Space
DaRealMeme (5 months ago)
Twitch=better app confirm?
TheOnlyTacho (6 months ago)
Dude, little idea, remember Australian Christmas Bloody Miracle? Yeah, you do. Maybe Scout and Demo should travel the world and beat up countries then make peace. Sound good?
Nonoplaysroblox (6 months ago)
Can't wait for this
Fursonita ღ (6 months ago)
What is this game called?
_-1ts J4yx-_ 0A0 (6 months ago)
I would donate if I wasn’t broke
Tony Callme (6 months ago)
at least youre faster than the Update itself
Mr. Krabs (6 months ago)
Holy fairy fucking god mother did i hear 4th part of the fedora chronicles? Well fuck me sideways and call me jimmy because my penis is more erect than that bedrock bullshit in minecraft.
Kerbal Fire 2.0 (6 months ago)
I think your the best animator have ever seen apart from the late kitty 0706 and MechaForth keep it up with your AMAZING animations and all the best for the future p.s loved your overwatch vs tf2 video :-)
progamerr_ 12374 (6 months ago)
Can you continue the gray Mann robot attack
Quite A Festive Cookie (6 months ago)
Heyyyyy Thats pretty gudd!
Xenex Xenon (6 months ago)
come on wingy!!! make a video if you cannot make it i cant force because!! im your super fan!!!!
Scrailz :D (7 months ago)
I just got an add
Bendy BOO (7 months ago)
Just a question. Your demoman is like in the backround of every video but is that a easter egg in your videos or is it just becus idk?
XKIXG (7 months ago)
when the views is not getting you money so you start a patreon to get cash
데이터Dayter (7 months ago)
I really want to be like you.. Winglet But, It's too hard to me to make high quality sfm video..
64 Pizzas (7 months ago)
Congrats man!
Radu Spatar (7 months ago)
You make verry cool animations. You could make a tutorial for basic steps for an animation. :)
Ivan Serna (7 months ago)
is there going to be a remake of operation 2fort
The Main (7 months ago)
*tell us he was working on something* *gameplay of him teleporting himself*
ilay (7 months ago)
I'm hyped
cozy boi (7 months ago)
lmao the gameplay 🤣🤣☠☠
Elgars Kurklietis (7 months ago)
Just take your time. Better make quality videos and good videos. Dont try to make them as fast as possible. You know that we will be waiting for your videos we don't care how long it will take but atleast you make quality content. And we will support you anyways. Keep your awesome job up. All of your sfms is just awesome and overthinked. We see that you put time and effort in them. And thats what we respect . All your hard work will pay back. Keep up, and dont give up.😊😊
INCEPTION Last Name (7 months ago)
Live and let sny :D
Badass Toad (7 months ago)
Welcome back Winglet! :D
Fish Dish (7 months ago)
when will you make the remake for the fedora chronicles episode 1
Spooky Peek-a-Boo (7 months ago)
Mann I can’t wait for the part 6 (cause why not include the burning through space both parts) but I wander what part 6 will be like and I wish the chef pyro and the medic lieutenant never died in live and let spy but they are both long dead
Seal Stealer (7 months ago)
PAYDAY 2 - And Now We Wait Also, why is it that I keep getting ads at the very VERY end of the video on mobile?
Juan Samue (7 months ago)
When wil it come?
Banana Yuke (7 months ago)
Has anyone made a yo-yo taunt?
Kubrat Kozhuharov (7 months ago)
Fedora chronicles ep.4 is like half life 3 it's coming soon
Aldestructo4321 (7 months ago)
RIP Mayan project
Engi boi (7 months ago)
I used a speaker to watch this video and 2:18 scared the crap out of me
Engi boi (7 months ago)
I got an ad before watching this
Denim (7 months ago)
Burning in space part 3?
TEXAS (7 months ago)
Aviad Peled (7 months ago)
So good to have you back
- Trumbo - (8 months ago)
well...I'm just enjoying his loyalty
i dont know what to say (8 months ago)
Face reveal
RichER PlayZ (8 months ago)
You are big dude for this community . Nislt leaved us but you luckly didn't. Respect about these videos u make 🙏
Aiden Emerson (8 months ago)
I have over $100 shut up and take my money
Teodor Schulman (8 months ago)
Studying? As if the best 3d animator on Youtube needs to get even better.
IOOIOIIOIOIIOOI o (8 months ago)
Robot Nr.183 (8 months ago)
Doglette (8 months ago)
oh yeah baby
Hit SaiiYAJiN (8 months ago)
I really love you dude, just go like that...
StickMaster600 (8 months ago)
Great Winglet.
Shod Bump48 (8 months ago)
Nico Packalen (8 months ago)
BOI If I would have been born in a rich family I would give you 20e per month.And love your work keep it up. The dankiest Boi has returned.
Ace Clover (8 months ago)
Will our TF2 characters make an appearance in your videos if we donate?
Gamer666 (8 months ago)
Jack Spedicy2 (8 months ago)
Oh yeah, also youtube has gone from: click bait cancer every where To: the cataclysm,random youtubers get no money for hidden reasons and noone has sued youtube for this yet
Despacito Spider (8 months ago)
Dashing Steel (8 months ago)
So that means the new Fedora Chronicles will be ever flashier and even smoother since you've studied that course? Awesome!
Griffin Bowling (8 months ago)
Rise of the Wing-imator; a great sequel to the 2013 Wing-imator.
Thinh Pham Tan (8 months ago)
Singlet: I'm also working on ep 4 of the fedora chronicles Me: yes yes yes. Definitely
TheCommunistGamer (8 months ago)
Looks like I picked a good time to subscribe, then
InfiniWolf (8 months ago)
I forgot I subbed to you
Shinefine 3 (8 months ago)
ERROR WOLF (8 months ago)
I -hate- you!!! *love*
HappyScout3 (8 months ago)
Congrats on that :)
Squypt (8 months ago)
I glad that you're back i thought u will quit youtube just like star_ and sin
Martin k918 (8 months ago)
AntraKx (8 months ago)
Wtf is that background gameplay
rickiest rick (8 months ago)
Ur the best animator
rickiest rick (8 months ago)
Nc I’m glad for ya m8
bepis H (8 months ago)
now you're gonna go for a fuckn phd aren't you -_-
Yondoth (8 months ago)
Welcome back, man!
exoticpizza the puglord (8 months ago)
Can you happen to include some sort of medic wearing the vitals vest and merk's muffler using the quickfix?
William_BroBrine (8 months ago)
As long as your having fun making the videos im happy to watxh them
Serb00 (8 months ago)
Are you a teacup or an aussie?
Slade_Kraven (8 months ago)
"I'm also working on the Fedora Chronicles Part 4" *VIEWER HAS A HEART ATTACK FROM HYPE* Thanks for helping me get into SFM. :)
Undef1ned (8 months ago)
glad to know you're back man, the little teaser for an sfm video was really good in quality so im excited to see more. i cant really support you on patreon but instead ill just watch every new video you make w/o adblock
Choco Bro (8 months ago)
Do you play on PC or PS3?
Eddie Lee (8 months ago)
3D animation. Congratulations!
Anders Cierniak (8 months ago)
You’re a freakin’ legend
Anders Cierniak (8 months ago)
I missed you man You’re my favorite sfm animator
Ben Le (8 months ago)
Dankimus (8 months ago)
The 3rd fedora chronicles was so goddamn good idk how the 4th could compare
TacoArmyUnite! (8 months ago)
aye, you should hit up SoundSmith, he could help you, he actually asked to help u in a vid (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToiuMk6akzw skip to 5:20)
Snippydur (8 months ago)
"Fourth Fedora Chronicles" So a SFM YouTube channel that is run by one person is more consistent than a multi-million dollar company that made award winning games and never finishes a third installment but now instead of developing games for the continuations of the award winning games they work on a card game spin-off for an IP that has been overdone by the company in recent years while leaving the fans of the other IPs starving for content. Well as long the obviously described company doesn't dedicate all the time and money into the 2 IPs (COMA 2 and Cops VS Jihads) and focuses on the other IPs like Holes&Robots, Taken from the Living, Cool Nerd, and Tea For 2 I'm going to be fine with that. Oh wait they dedicate their time to COMA 2 and Cops VS Jihads with a tiny bit of Tea For 2 somewhere between the Summer Smoke sale and the Fall Smoke Sale.
Coolchou Zhao (8 months ago)
heyo man, it's time for the submission for saxxy :D
Oana Oana (8 months ago)
My record boton of de middle of the screen disepear how you do to poot it back please ?
Svarog (8 months ago)
As a recently made SFM artist(recent being a few months ago) This is great news. Good luck!
Beck Boggs (8 months ago)
That’s some riveting gameplay right there.
EggPlantWings 35 (8 months ago)
"I am working on the fourth fedora chronicles" THE PANTS ARE OFF!
David Nguyen (8 months ago)
your videos are best winglet!!!!My favourite is live and let spy😀🤗😀

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