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Top 10 Best Selling PS4 / Xbox One Games Of All Time

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Top 10 Best Selling PS4 / Xbox One Games Of All Time 402thunder402 Plays GTAV - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOMyHZFxzqw So, what do you guys think about the best xbox one and ps4 games of all time ranking? What games do you think should have made the top 10 best selling of all time list? Leave a comment letting me know! Top 10 ps4 xbox one Source - https://charlieintel.com/2018/11/02/four-call-of-duty-games-appears-on-best-selling-list-ps4-and-xbox-one-life-to-date/ Enjoyed this COD BO4 1080p Gameplay? Hit 👍 "LIKE" 👍 - Thank you! Hey there - I'm 402THUNDER402! Thanks for watching one of my videos! :) I make daily gaming videos and have a load of fun doing it. Make sure you're checking out more of my videos and "SUBSCRIBE" to be notified every time I upload. Thanks - Enjoy the video! :D ► Subscribe to Thunder - https://goo.gl/8ywzNR - 402THUNDER402 ► Follow me! • Twitter - https://twitter.com/RealThunder402 . My Second Channel (TSG) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OahJqXvDd0 ► The equipment I use! • The headset I use - https://www.amazon.com/ASTRO-Gaming-Headset-MixAmp-PlayStation-4/dp/B014F77FGA/ref=sr_1_4?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1534077875&sr=1-4&keywords=astro%2Ba40&th=1 • How I record my gameplay - https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Yeti-USB-Microphone-Silver/dp/B002VA464S/ref=sr_1_cc_8?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1534077924&sr=1-8-catcorr&keywords=blue+snowball • Improve your aim (10% off) - https://www.kontrolfreek.com/?a_aid=t . Improve your connection with the best gaming router Netduma website: http://www.netduma.com/ Use code "THUNDER" for $10 off! . The best gaming controllers on the market! Order your Scuf Gaming controller today -https://scufgaming.com/store/ use promo code THUNDER for 5% off all orders. BG Music by - https://www.youtube.com/user/redhooknoodles Thumbnail by - https://twitter.com/WonEyeGamer Subscribe for more videos! - 402thunder402 Video uploaded & owned by 402thunder402. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!) #BlackOps4 #PS4 #Xboxone
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402THUNDER402 (12 days ago)
Ok everyone what's your favorite PlayStation 4 and xbox one Games? Drop it down in the comment section let me know! Please Like, Share & Comment If You enjoyed This Video and have a great weekend!
Israel Valdivia (9 days ago)
How is infinite warfare not atleast number 1? Wtf
Keegan Johnson (10 days ago)
WW2, BO3, MWR, Fallout 4, GTA5. But nothing tops BO2 and WaW!
bob saget (11 days ago)
chats9 (11 days ago)
Yo thunder love your content bro. Please please highlight this latency issue many of us experience. The game is so good but unplayable for some us including myself and friends people seeing me first on their screen can’t win a gunfight whether I shot first or pre-fired pre aiming having the drop on them I still die it’s frustrating. Lowest pings are God’s of the game if you and the rest of you-tubers highlight this for Activision/treyarch to put a cap on ping or something tweet them and the others to highlight it as well it’s not fair to experience this in 2018 I just want to enjoy the game. Thanks bro
dementedsoul10 (5 days ago)
Aw , iw just because u didn't like it don't mean shit. I loved those cod games so go fuck yourself
Clayton W (7 days ago)
For you playing as much as you do and not have diamond or not close to it is embarrassing
Clayton W (6 days ago)
402THUNDER402 yes thunder 😂 you play for a living
402THUNDER402 (7 days ago)
As much as I do? Lmao 😂
KevinKoolx (9 days ago)
It's Halo 5: Guardians! Yeah the multiplayer is really fun. Not your traditional Halo but still a blast to play! Everyone really should give the game a go! Halo 5 is part of Xbox Game Pass and you should download!
TeeJay_CC (9 days ago)
Is the game lagging in this video or the frame rate is stuttering? Wtf is wrong with bo4 lol..
Migz Mx (9 days ago)
Cold Blooded,Dead Silence,Acoustic Sensor  thats what every one is running.. VERY TACTICAL.  This COD is becoming one of the worse of all time. Nothing seems to be getting fix.
Liam Dunne (9 days ago)
A hell of a lot more people prefer playing WW2 than blops 4. A lot of people hate the new game, and even your own videos are getting more and more negative about Blackops 4
DJ Lune (9 days ago)
Yo show sum gameplay of God of war KiDD
Gentleman (10 days ago)
Can 2k just release Borderlands 3 already?
Keegan Johnson (10 days ago)
The lack of bullet flinch in this game is infuriating. Obviously most noticeable with snipers, but it's across the board. I'm the type of guy who hates using the best guns in the game because I feel like a tool doing so. I have good reaction time and consistently could be in the top 3 of the WW2 scoreboards. But it just plain sucks when you land several shots on an enemy just to be melted by 3 bullets from them. And when I have the ABR which is a battle rifle, and hit all 3 shots at center mass of the chest or even a couple to the head, yet they land 3 out of the 8 they sprayed at me with that OP bullpup assault rifle, and I die, I just want to throw my fucking controller. At range, yea it should take 2 bursts, but not when they are 5 feet in front of me. And often at range it takes 3 bursts! Ridiculous! I just want to use the gun I like the looks of best succesfully! BO2 weapon balance was damn near perfection, BO3 was pretty good also, what the fuck happened??
ShowTime Player (10 days ago)
I can’t wait for Christmas Noobs ❤️. They are going to get FUCKED! Like I think is refreshing because the skill based match making is crazy!
Dom Anthony Jesus (10 days ago)
People have different opinions I'm no ignorant bastard but really? Both lists really really disappoint me because exclusives or not why are the most popular games cash grabs? You may not be into story games fine, but sheesh there are so many shady anti consumer games on here. The micro transactions, season pass, lack of content, etc. is just so bullshit. Yet these games are top charts on both lead consoles. Smh you know what? I get companies can be shady on their own, but gamers sure as hell didn't help 🤦🏽‍♂️. It is nothing new but seeing it as tangible proof really gets you thinking.
Jordan (10 days ago)
No one actually bought infinite warfare for infinte warfare. They bought it for MW1. They advertised you buying infinte warfare and getting a free copy of MW1 but really it was the other way around. They knew no one wanted IF, you could tell because in order to play MW1 you had to have IF installed. Honestly that is the only reason I didnt return IF the next day.
Press A to Continue (10 days ago)
I lost interest with BO4 than BO3. The players are just aids and sweaty.
william ozzy (10 days ago)
I thought it was just me on Xbox one. I feel the pain. I off load the entire magazine on a guy just to get killed with two bullets. LOL
Hit (10 days ago)
No Last of Us, No Bloodborne, No Uncharted 4, No Spiderman, and No Horizon Zero Dawn on the top selling games on Ps4? That's gotta be a fake list :/
arad21 (10 days ago)
I cant play core mode in Blops 4... The instant healing cheese is too much for me. I healed 3 times in a single fight yesterday and then quit, because this is NOT CALL OF DUTY
Duck Slayer (10 days ago)
Blops4 runs like shit in its current form. Complete lack of gun variety SMG's can't beat assault rifles and snipers dump on both. The camper specialist and boring killstreaks make me yawn to boot.
MrMegaflame (10 days ago)
2k should be 1 for the most paid to win. If you think micro trans are bad in cod, go play 2k
LEX Maximaguy87 (10 days ago)
Doggy is like....nope!
Evan Does Stuff (10 days ago)
We all know they released this list before giving RDR2 a chance to sell, we know damn well it woulda been #2
Evan Does Stuff (10 days ago)
402THUNDER402 yeah Spider-Man was solid
402THUNDER402 (10 days ago)
Spider-Man too
Vixsu _ (10 days ago)
You should try to do a collab commentary with one of your YouTube pals 🤘🏻
Rudy Gonzalves (11 days ago)
this never showed up in my subscriptions, good thing i always check your channel manually
Spicy Ninja (11 days ago)
Halo guardian is the normal Halo 5
Rob Nomad (11 days ago)
Imho infinite warfare is way better than ww2. I had a lot of fun with iw and mostly got bored with ww2
iShortDan (11 days ago)
Fortnite is free.
louis webtser (11 days ago)
9:00 Halo 5 guardians Really??
Unknown94 (11 days ago)
AW/SHG had changed COD
joshua somers (11 days ago)
Love you thunder
Jordan Graves (11 days ago)
My Maddox does not shred like that lol
Gerald (11 days ago)
Vitamin D difficeint😭😭 love these roasts
Blake Peace (11 days ago)
That intro clip... and the kids still want to say that sniping isn’t OP lol I don’t think these kids know what OP means.
Zpp Policeman33 (11 days ago)
Halo 5 is bad, Thunder. Don't get it. It's like Advanced Warfare, but worse.
Shawaiz (11 days ago)
You hate the game when it's not going your way....
402THUNDER402 (11 days ago)
most ppl do also, it's called human nature lol
VzKraazy (11 days ago)
As always thunder your comentary has me dying , i love it keep it up. Fall out 76 is turning out to be trash aparantly. Much love from ya boi in Argentina
Mi2Lethal (11 days ago)
When ever Thunder says ‘WHAAAAAT’ I laugh my ass off
Bobby Burnett (11 days ago)
this game is too sweaty for me. i dont have any fun anymore
SlynigaSylve (11 days ago)
Cod games in both top list... But they still dont buy servers that not lagging.... Activision is The biggest troll company ever....
sladey31 (11 days ago)
I just threw up on my phone! I’m soooo glad I didn’t buy that shite this year
GavinM91 (11 days ago)
Even the dog is sick of this fucking game already !
THE DARK DARK SIDE (11 days ago)
I'm happy to see iw on the lists I loved iw my bullets work on that game regardless of my shit internet
ROFLgator (11 days ago)
HI Thunder, can you play some Halo in your channel, whenever halo infinite comes out? Would love to see you try it out on your channel.
rackum44 (11 days ago)
What are these developers thinking buffing snipers give me a FUCKING break and I didn't even buy THIS SHIT GAME or never played it. I said I'm never getting burned again from Call of Duty im done!!!!!!rdr2 is forever
x ARIES x (11 days ago)
Red Dead 2 Game of the Year!
zachary burdette (11 days ago)
Games get most of their sales around launch.
John Buffington (11 days ago)
Last year was grand dad blooping this year grand son is blooping. Love the game but 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Forever84Gaming (11 days ago)
God of war for sure 100% should be number 2 if not 1.....this list is bull#&$t but great video thunder as usual if you want to know the facts come on iiiiiiiinnnnnnn
Brian Payne (11 days ago)
How did Spiderman not make this list with PS4?
CrimsoN GunneR (11 days ago)
This game is terrible for the casual player. I'm only level 33 because I only play like an hour or two a day and all it is is full parties of diamond camo sweats jump shotting. This game also needs more game modes
bens zak (11 days ago)
I think game of the year is gone be between gow or rd2 but i think gow will get it because santa monica bring a realy revolutionary things to gaming with something like no loding screen ect..
Ralph Harris (11 days ago)
Only reason infinite warfare is that high is because of Call of Duty 4 Remastered.
Ricky Rodriguez (11 days ago)
U got hit lb and rb again to send the dog..its like the squad..gota send them
bob saget (11 days ago)
DemiGod Scrub (11 days ago)
God of War 4..is Loved..
Vince Vandal (11 days ago)
When was this list published? I can't possibly imagine Spider-Man not making that list.
DemiGod Scrub (11 days ago)
I don't know von.. I didn't die fast enough .. I think you need to buff the snipers again 😂
cristian arredondo (11 days ago)
http://www.vgchartz.com/platform/68/xbox-one/ this list is different than the one you have
Joe Krle (11 days ago)
Coldbloodsd is broken asf. When i use it getting killed by killstreaks constantly
Vince Vandal (11 days ago)
LOL another intro of Thunder not reading the stereo instructions 😭 You set the dog to Patrol Mode so of course he's not gonna go anywhere bruh
Moodman002 (11 days ago)
Halo Guardians was not as good as Halo 3 or OST or even Halo 4 but its not bad. I want to play God of War as I have heard good things about it.
Seth Rummel (11 days ago)
Played for 8 hours today and almost every game was sweaty af. Games were always ending with with the winning team only winning by 1 or 2
NPC 1 (11 days ago)
devastating scorestreaks
Shisui (11 days ago)
Damn nigga get to the list
Arslan Mir (11 days ago)
I'm a bit baffled to not see R6 Siege on one of the lists.
Shisui (11 days ago)
Honesty a ps4 only list would have been good
Bradley McGinnis (11 days ago)
Whatever they did in this patch has completely ruined the game. The sbmm seems worse than ever
samuel todd (11 days ago)
Wheres spiderman? Baffled
Roosevelt Gillette (11 days ago)
Be interested in a follow up to see if RD2 uproots any of these.
run 187 (11 days ago)
Surprised God of 2018 was so low. just finished new game plus today 🙂.just need to kill all valkyries and get collectable now .favourite line in the game has be when kratos says boy🤓..
Roosevelt Gillette (11 days ago)
That damn quick scope crap is worse than freakin cancer! Damn!
Latharean YT (11 days ago)
Why are all your AI controlled streaks stupid Thunder lmao.
Ascenndant (11 days ago)
That first clip is why SMGs need to be good.
ticker (11 days ago)
Lost 11 TDM games in a row. Sweatier than a catholic priest in a daycare center. Time to kill is longer than a flight from new zealand to alaska. Gotta put it down for a while. RDR2 is calling. Thanks for uploading. Cheers brother!
SuperArppis (11 days ago)
XboxOne, only FPS games... well except the GTA5, but you can turn that into FPS if you want. Well ok same on PS4 pretty much, except for God of War. Which is awesome.
Marcus Aurelius (11 days ago)
Intro was classic! COD in a nutshell
Digitalgaming (11 days ago)
Digitalgaming (11 days ago)
LMAO..... HAHAHAHAHAHA what the fuck? @ 1:31 OMG yep! after that update when live this game is officially BROKEN AS HELL! I really don't know what the fuck is the agenda with these developers and snipers! it's a mystery to me!
Dean Ward (11 days ago)
God of war let's play?
Alan Keeley (11 days ago)
Legit tryarch are trolling u bro the stuff that happens to you 😂😂
stardust 932 (11 days ago)
0:03 you means games where all of a sudden there's gonna be a bloopcopter in the air followed by mantis followed by 2 Ajax with shields and 9 bangs ready to go etc etc followed by the other team catching up when you have a lead of say 200-100 in hardpoint for example and you lose...... 1:40 and ppl on pc requesting treyarch to buff the rof of the paladin and other snipers... Like srsly ppl are mental if they think snipers need more buffs ... Nerf these fucking snipers ...
Steve Harvey (11 days ago)
That intro is the definition of black ops 4
YoungBoy FA5 (11 days ago)
Lmao I love your sense of humor thunder being subscribe since BO1 days.
e_ptx (11 days ago)
DAMN! Your channel is dead.
Salty Discipline (11 days ago)
You were hyped for nuketown?!?!? What happened to bo2 thunder?!?!?!
Kareem Agee (11 days ago)
Stop complaining so much and get better at the game........SIMPLE
Qcumberr (11 days ago)
Love you Thunder but I cannot believe you just said COD WW2 is better than BO3 lol
AverageJ (11 days ago)
Omg the snipers are AIDS!!!!! So stupid that shit happens to me all the time 🤬....
God all mighty (11 days ago)
God of god war is not underrated lol
Brothers in Arms (11 days ago)
Thunder the reason theirs more shitty games on the Xbox list is because the player base is more little kids
YoMrRice (11 days ago)
"Blops 3 < WW2" what?
IRISnGEN (11 days ago)
I never played any of the GTA's
Grandpa Gaming (11 days ago)
Thunder, every lobby is a sweat fest. I had one sniper kill me 5 times and every time I had him down to 10 health and then boop, dead.....
402THUNDER402 (11 days ago)
Yeah man we living in a world full of try hards, it’s awful
FaZe TFue (11 days ago)
Thunder with another banger 🔥 you should do top 10 cods. In my opinion bo1 is the best cod
Ksauxe (11 days ago)
The score streak are kinda lame there’s no attack dogs , no swarm , vsat , or nothing that will be a game changer in matches and the game is kinda boring
SinkingOrange (11 days ago)
Is this only full priced AAA games? surprised to not see PUBG and Cuphead on the Xbox lists. Spiderman I'm sure will crack the PS4 list soon enough, if it hasn't already.
How to scare thunder on halloween Dress up as a blooping ghost with diamond camo kar98
Ovi 113 (11 days ago)
Lmao intro clip just goes to show you how broken cod has became
Maximum Doggo (11 days ago)
Damn both red dead and bo4 already gonna be like too five when updated
Killateral (11 days ago)
For all those PS4 exclusives people keep talking about, both consoles only had 1 exclusive in the top 10.
Kako Bilmax (11 days ago)
Hahahahahah sniper are op bro every time that I die like that I just turn off my ps4

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