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How to play Java games on Samsung Galaxy Y

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Reza Toza (1 year ago)
the emulator java on my gt s5360 is force close please help me
let me telll yall it wont work on android 4+ and there's a big chance of brick
xvzw (3 years ago)
all your links in all the videos dont work man
kienkenzo (4 years ago)
Link jbed die can you fix link.
kienkenzo (4 years ago)
Link jbed die can you fix link.
FuZeKyro (4 years ago)
Can u give the link again because the link says the blogs been taken off
rajan gurung (4 years ago)
can i play candy crush in my phone after this process?? if not please make video for candy crush saga for galaxy y..please
Joshua Pampola (4 years ago)
The app java emulator is keep on force closing im using stock rom.. What should i do to fix it.?
Joshua Pampola (4 years ago)
The app java emulator is keep on force closing im using stock rom.. What should i do to fix it.?
samy hani (4 years ago)
Thank you very much +galaxyyarchive , I will subscribe for your next videos Does it work on Samsung Galaxy mini GT-S5570 ?
juris lauva (4 years ago)
only please wait...
Zie (5 years ago)
yes there some
Vincent Roy Diaz (5 years ago)
I am using Galaxy Pocket, yeah it work on my phone using CWM but after successfully installed the java application and launch it. There is no screen appear. Please let me know if you encounter similar problem.
Jerome De Jesus (5 years ago)
where we can download free java games?
steven chong (5 years ago)
Wifikilll got support galaxy y ?
Iskandar Dzulkarnain (5 years ago)
Its working on nemesis 2
Vicz D (5 years ago)
wow,its work my galaxy y Its very helpful thx guys
Darko L (5 years ago)
DOes this work for Samsung Galaxy note?
john michael aloro (5 years ago)
i think the CWM doesn't work
Nicolas McBustnutz (5 years ago)
where can i download java gmaes
Can you make this for Samsung Galaxy Chat?
Asish Thomas (5 years ago)
Post has been deleted...
Daniel Santos (5 years ago)
Where can i download java games??
raju sharma (5 years ago)
it's taking too more time for sarting JAVA
Haizarul Fareez (5 years ago)
how to uninstall it admin???
hamdane said (5 years ago)
my galaxy y become so lovely thank you
tadastadas81 (5 years ago)
The graphics are very buggy i cant even start the game.. Any help ?
galaxyyarchive (5 years ago)
Look for 240x320 or 240x400, both should work.
E.B.U Gamer (5 years ago)
galaxyyarchive (5 years ago)
I have no idea why that happened, sorry. The post has been restored now and link should be working.
mohan ranganathan (5 years ago)
i done it but file not open
unik-cell (5 years ago)
no me anda como lo desinstalo expliquen porfassss
galaxyyarchive (5 years ago)
lam fet (5 years ago)
will i lost my files or contacts ?
RSM (5 years ago)
bro in the last i cant find any files but i put in sd some game files (apk) please help me
Ahmed Ehab (5 years ago)
when i install it will java and apk games work
galaxyyarchive (5 years ago)
I think it should, Jbed wasn't specially released for Galaxy Y only but for Android phones, so give it a try. :)
galaxyyarchive (6 years ago)
Could you explain the problem a bit more please?
Yash Gupta (6 years ago)
Pls hlp the app did not cme
galaxyyarchive (6 years ago)
Yes I believe Jbed should work with most Android phones.
Chris Villanueva (6 years ago)
will this one work in galaxy mini s5570?
galaxyyarchive (6 years ago)
People in the comments say to use Root Uninstaller, so give it a try. ;)
Adisak Khotarak (6 years ago)
Would you please show me how to uninstall. Please reply. Thank you.
Alexas (6 years ago)
Why i cant play not tuchuball games
Vedant Mistry (6 years ago)
use root uninstaller
トラッシュ寿司 (6 years ago)
Hey plz help when i download a jar file and copy it to my phone and scan for it it says that it doesn't find it ?????
galaxyyarchive (6 years ago)
Not really.
M L.A (6 years ago)
Is there a risk of bricking
budscom (6 years ago)
finally i used (root uninstaller.apk) to remove rooted jbed hope it helps...
umashankar sharma (6 years ago)
thank u very much and a very good video:)
galaxyyarchive (6 years ago)
For unrooting, you need to find the guide which showed you how to root it, there must be an unroot file to do it for you. I personally have not tried uninstalling Jbed for now. It's harmless to keep it anyway.
budscom (6 years ago)
zup guys, how to unroot or uninstall jbed?
prajwal jain (6 years ago)
awesome man...................
galaxyyarchive (6 years ago)
Are you sure? Did you look carefully if it didn't display some error while flashing this in CWM?
Luka Hacek (6 years ago)
I've done everything as you did but when i go to the menu there is no icon Java!pls help!
Yadvinder singh (6 years ago)
don't worry pal i tried it on creeds rom it works gr8...........can u find a way by which we can play portrait orientation java games
galaxyyarchive (6 years ago)
Well this is basically just a Java emulator app, worth a try. ;) I've only used this on stock ROM so can't give you a true answer, sorry.
Yadvinder singh (6 years ago)
will it work for creeds custom rom....
pottu la (6 years ago)
worked for my samsung galaxy xcover :)
galaxyyarchive (6 years ago)
I did not copy anyone. I had Jbed for atleast 3 months now and recently decided to show the SGY users who want Java games.
rock badesha (6 years ago)
your are do not copy my video tittle
Tom Dacer (6 years ago)
Haha cute game

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