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ZT lunchbox jam w/BedHead!!

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Late nite early morning what ever! Excuse the hair! Les Paul to bb preamp to Giga delay
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Smoothtlknwhtboi (6 years ago)
mscarney302 (6 years ago)
Despite the bed head. This is epic. You truly sound amazing and have such great taste for chord selection and run progression. A cross between Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani.
Smoothtlknwhtboi (8 years ago)
Lol bed head is a reference to my hair! A sleepless night so I played straight from waking up. You must catch things in the moment
ivrz (8 years ago)
nice demo thanks cool sounds. I have one on the way tommorow and this is the nicest sounds ive heard from the zt of all the youtube demos. By the way whats a bedhead? thanks
ciclosonico (8 years ago)
Hey I love this "spacey" sound and chords!!!
Smoothtlknwhtboi (8 years ago)
sounds great! I havent used it live, because I am really liking my 65 Amps head and cab and dont want to change. ZT is such a pedal friendly amp. Sounds better much better my iPhone killed the audio quality
edwardz65 (8 years ago)
Cool sounds. I have to hear this thing in person. Sure would be nice to carry to some of my gigs, jams, and practices.

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