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Want A Chance To Win PUBG Or Counter Strike GO?

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PUBG And Counter Strike Steam Game Giveaway Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SubTechofTomorrow Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 Days & Support Tech of Tomorrow! http://amzn.to/12JFYau Don't forget to check out the website! http://www.techoftomorrow.com Check us out on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/TechofTomorrow Stay updated on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/techof_tomorrow Tech of Tomorrow Music! http://www.techoftomorrow.com/music The Benchmark Song: The Human Zoo - Free on Spotify! http://spoti.fi/10Vz31z - Amazon: http://amzn.to/12Rh6kI - iTunes: http://bit.ly/199301I
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Text Comments (223)
Tech of Tomorrow (9 days ago)
Have a great day and enjoy the giveaway!
Pablo Garcia (8 days ago)
Tech of Tomorrow Big Bro I know you like to do this but would it be best if you could spend a little more rest time
vipin meshram (8 days ago)
I will really want PUBG for my PC coz my mobiles battery doesn't lasts long, and then i have to stop playing which is very sad :-( . Fingers Crossed
Nick Henson (9 days ago)
Tech of Tomorrow I'm stoked. I have PUBG and would really like to get Global Offensive.
Does the retweet count as a share ?
Dan Dishonored (9 days ago)
beware, my Steam account is blocked, because I did giveaway and people cheated on given games. I can no more do giveaway of that games. It was CSGO. So use some third party site to get codes or alternative Steam account. Valve punish you if people will cheat in "game ban enabled" gifted games. related discussion: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/10/1697175413684251264/?tscn=1528651340 sorry for my bad english
Carl Singh (3 days ago)
I would love to own a copy of PUBG! :)
Deam Zoro (5 days ago)
if i win GTX 1080 ti from your giveaways, i would be great for this two game. @Deam_Zoro
Velek PW (5 days ago)
I would want CSGO so I could play with my friends.
bryan kwakman (5 days ago)
I want PUBG because I already own CS:GO and I want to try a realistic battle royale game.
bryan kwakman (5 days ago)
My Twitter is @BryanKwakman109 btw
rafie_ the great (5 days ago)
I would like to have PUBG in my game collection because it is really a great game . And I don't want to pay money for great things so If you could give it to me here in South Africa I would be really happy
Daniel Anyi Ding (5 days ago)
i want PUBG
gxraS Arti (6 days ago)
pubg pliz
Gagan uska teddy bear (6 days ago)
i want counter strike because my pc can handle it and there are tournaments and if i play i will become a pro player
Game Crusher! (6 days ago)
need a power full gpu to run these game smoothly!
clarkkent999 (6 days ago)
*_Not joining the giveaway as I've already own the games. Nonetheless, best of health to you Elric._*
Andreia Lopes (6 days ago)
Thank you so much for making such a wonderful giveaway :D Good luck to everyone
Bruno Miguel Mourão (6 days ago)
Thanks for the chance. This is phenomenal ;)
Marco José Lima (7 days ago)
Thank you so much for the opportunity :) You're absolutely exceptional.
Pasta Games (7 days ago)
i want PUBG cuz i have csgo and i love to have PUBG
Can I has pubg?
Surya G Surya (7 days ago)
I want pubg; sharing can be via WhatsApp???
Robert Rinehart (7 days ago)
glad your doing better man games are what ever man, just glad ur doing okay
ntnavy1 (8 days ago)
hoping to get PUBG so i can finally play it to see whats all the fuzz about the game
Syn Jae (8 days ago)
Because i want to play pub g on my First ever built pc well i hope it can run it lolz
Zardox Drezeer (8 days ago)
I want wins PUBS, oh! man its gonna be awesome Tech of Tomorrow #TOT Its chaos all over again.
Eduardo Castillo (8 days ago)
i will want to have pubg because is a lot of fun and is a really cool game right now :D thanks elric
Diabetus_Elitus (8 days ago)
Thanks for all the awesome stuff glad to hear about your health
Kasrowi (8 days ago)
still waiting for the build in the corsair 275r
well i got both games so i won't compete
Legacy (8 days ago)
your health have really improved alot and it show off at every corner glad you are good now :) just looking at the amount of giveaways you are doing it's just too much lol thanks for the free cute things too :)
Daniel Tasayco (8 days ago)
Purply Pop (8 days ago)
My twitter is Purpleypopp and i would like to win because i want to try those games
Boris Aleksić (8 days ago)
I would like to win CS:GO not for me but for my friend as a gift for his 18th birthday that's coming in July :)
Sarath kumar (8 days ago)
ya ur doin nice man keep doing nice videos and i want pubg to make youtube videos so if i win o will be proud of u man thnx
Dude chill (8 days ago)
So great to see you getting healthy again dude, rock on....
frikynikkid (8 days ago)
Hope I get the pubg, I been patiently waiting for it. I enjoyed the mobile version.
Must Play (8 days ago)
hey there TOT thanks for the giive aaway i would like to win any of them i'll sell it and buy a keyboard for my pc
Drew Decker (8 days ago)
I want pubg
andre molyneaux (8 days ago)
First let me say happy you are well, I have never played PUBG and would really like to play it.
nitin ankit (8 days ago)
I don't have pubg so I need it 😂
Ricoo altar (8 days ago)
its really depressing having no money to buy pubg i recently graduated but i cant just spend money on games so really hope i win this games -> pubg
razhu (8 days ago)
I´d like to have PUBG to start grinding with my friends :D
Pako St (8 days ago)
Have a great day!
coxy ofnewp (8 days ago)
Great giveaway Elric.. Glad to see your doing so well..
Hussin Almtearat (9 days ago)
I hop i win❤️
TastyHam (9 days ago)
"big giveaway" *maximum $100 if u're not dumb to know where to buy them* "other giveaways he's doing" *giving a $1000 graphics card*
youcef choiuha (9 days ago)
having good times
chiefhamim (9 days ago)
Hey Elric, I've build a gaming PC 2 months ago. I've purchased CSGO already but I really want to play PUBG, I hope I'd win a copy of PUBG <3
MaTtRoSiTy (9 days ago)
Have both of them but giveaways are cool
Cazenoviia (9 days ago)
Would LOVE to win a copy of PUBG! Great videos as always Elric.
Chase (9 days ago)
good luck everyone
Tom P (9 days ago)
Your hands dont seem to shake as much as before. Could this be from resolving cervical disc herniation and post rehab??
BackFireZz (9 days ago)
id like pubg :D
Prakash Sinha (9 days ago)
I love pubg and csgo both
TheNightmareXII (9 days ago)
awesome... :)
• iFinitγ • (9 days ago)
I want pubg to play with friends.
vishal Sharma (5 days ago)
• iFinitγ • I want pubg to make friends 😂
Stephen Haskins (9 days ago)
I'll have csgo, don't think my pc will run pubg haha. Thank you!
Miljan Kostadinovic (9 days ago)
I feel kind of weird when you have to explain how you don't use us subs in a "cheap" way to make money If people are so arrogant to say such thing they shouldn't be allowed to have a yt account Your content is great and you should get paid to do it, just like any other job in the world, if you're good at it you get paid
Cefix Snowman (9 days ago)
CS:GO for a smurf acc. PUBG not in my collection yet so thats why I‘d like to have it.
Lucian Andries (9 days ago)
Already own them... :)
Alex Paf (9 days ago)
thanks dude! :) glad to see you back to 100%
chandrahas sahu (9 days ago)
When will you announce 1080ti winner i am very exited to hear😍😍😍
chandrahas sahu (9 days ago)
I would like to have counter strike because i have pubg it's not running due to my laptop specification But it can run counter strike.
Akshay Choudhary (9 days ago)
Because pubg has the most awsm graphics and want to make a youtube channel so pubg 😍
Mustafa Shah (9 days ago)
I would like to win pubg 😁
Johnson Choh (9 days ago)
Pubg pls
Cyber SharK (9 days ago)
Been looking to get on pubg on PC for a long time, been playing pubgm for a long time. Good luck to everyone!
Epari Satwik (9 days ago)
Harman Deep (9 days ago)
I like survival games
rifai amir (9 days ago)
i hope i win this game, always wanted to try playing PUBG! btw glad you're fine now mate
Tech World (9 days ago)
I love PUBG so that I can give the giveaway to my wife so both of us can play
Houssem Beats™ (9 days ago)
I am big fan of PUBG
Clement Thien (9 days ago)
Agree with you on PUBG vs Fortnite, I just prefer Pubg, which was why I got it on steam couple of months ago. Havr not played CS since version 1.0 but will be very nice to have another "go" at it if I get picked. Twitter handle is Clem1982. Peace!
RakasansLegacy (9 days ago)
Stay healthy man!
Roneson Angelo Abug (9 days ago)
Already have CSGO so I'll go with PUBG Please =D
IDMooseMan (9 days ago)
@Tech of Tomorrow, thank you for conducting another great giveaway. I saw this, "PUBG And Counter Strike Steam Game Giveaway", in the description, but did not see a link associated with it.
Pierce Nielsen (9 days ago)
Who needs pubg and cs go when you already have it, yeah...
ZOMBIE SOW (9 days ago)
Done and GL yall ;)
blast2fire ™ (9 days ago)
Wow Elric, you look so much better. I'm so happy to see that, you're live and doing well. That being said, I was really worried about you before due to your health. In all honesty, you looked really sick before and I was really worried. Anyway it's great to see you looking healthy again, and happy to see the new content.
Doomguy (9 days ago)
PUBG I can see people wanting, but who is out there that wants CSGO but doesn't already have a copy? It's a 6 year old budget game...
Tech Dose (9 days ago)
ChiaGW (9 days ago)
I want pubg!
Nikolai Rosenov (9 days ago)
Don't want to win anything just wish you to be healty from now that is most important thing
Vamshi Krishna (9 days ago)
Thanks a lot for the giveaway, sir. I like PUBG so much. If I win, I can play with my friends. Good luck, folks. Peace :)
hossam noweser (9 days ago)
Need those man 😋😘
Diyath Kumara (9 days ago)
Still waiting for the 1080Ti giveaway to conclude so i can stop fantasizing about my imaginary GPU that I would realistically have no chance of winning......
shinigamilord86 (9 days ago)
i havent tried fortnite / pubg
rafaat ashour (9 days ago)
i will pass my eyes on the 1080 Ti ;)
Yash Mendiratta (9 days ago)
Tech Of Tomorrow Is Awesome...
David Abazadze (9 days ago)
Already own cs go hope i win pubg
MRDEADLYFPS (9 days ago)
i really want this games, this 2 games already on my steam wishlist for 1 year. i hope i can win one of these games :'(
Lance Carter (9 days ago)
Golden Life Gaming (9 days ago)
Funny thing is most people own pubg and csgo and they are really cheep
Tech Dunk (9 days ago)
Already have both, so won't enter this one. Good luck to everyone else!
NeoS Ek (9 days ago)
I have CSGO so rooting to win that PUBG copy :)
Nick Henson (9 days ago)
I'm stoked. I have PUBG and would really like to get Global Offensive.
braveone13 (9 days ago)
I would like PUBG !!! I don't want CSGO because i have it!
Nanang Kwoel (9 days ago)
They are nice games but I prefer PUBG than CSGO
NytOnPeliAika (9 days ago)
I would like to have pubg because my friends are telling me to buy it all the time.
Tamas Debreczeni (9 days ago)
Because PUBG is awsome
shadopanda (9 days ago)
I'd love to get CSGO because all my friends have the game but I don't have pocket money to spend on it
I haven't tried pubg yet. Been playing CS since the late 90's.
Avg Lebowski (9 days ago)
If it’s Called Counter strike go where’s strike go lol
Colon Dead (9 days ago)
Omg I want to play Pubg. Thank you for this opportunity

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