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"Bless Online Hype" Is It Worth Getting Excited? By Skylent 2018

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Text Comments (407)
George Blair (4 months ago)
Just wait until it goes F2P. Course thst means the cash shop is likely on steroids.
cjase6267 (4 months ago)
Told you
HUNNID (4 months ago)
and then it launched aaaaannd it was a flop
Ryan Grylls (4 months ago)
I think you sold me.
Mental Break (4 months ago)
The skill animations look so gross in bless. After bdo, my standards are too high.
Herry Smurf (5 months ago)
asian game is fail no matter what
David Grouix (5 months ago)
PVP in any form will keep me away unfortunately. The game looks good though.
8100rpm (5 months ago)
aion #2
AL (5 months ago)
Stop calling other MMO WoW clone... WoW isn’t as old as Lineage 1
ㅇ ㅇ (5 months ago)
As you all know, this game is made from South Korea which is going to be like have 0 contents but pay to win(to kill players) game. Not even close to World of Warcraft. I am from south korea but i wont recommend any of Korean mmorpg cuz they are all trash but they gonna just focus hard on how to suck your money for 2-3 years then throw that game to garbage can. Just dont waste your money and precious time and just wait for Bfa or something
irish rover (5 months ago)
its a very ordinary MMO that you'll be bored with within a month
peshu toshuv (5 months ago)
In this game, are you locked to the specific type of weapon? For example if I wanna be berserker class, but you two-handed sword, can I do that? Or am I bound to axes only?
SonicEX (5 months ago)
This game is b2p right? I’m not a huge fan of subscriptions
Pando (5 months ago)
Cat and mouse is a tactful way of saying, if you don't like pvp and don't want to be ganked everywhere you go, hide!
Ririn (5 months ago)
You really sold this game to me.
sheenster313 (5 months ago)
I know you called this a “rant” but I just watched this video and you said a whole lot of nothing for 75% of the video
Amocoru (5 months ago)
FFXIV slow paced? Wow, players like this are everything that's wrong with modern MMOs. These super fast paced games have NO depth whatsoever.
Jonatan Widlund (5 months ago)
So. When?
Kalista / Kitila (5 months ago)
As someone who enjoyed Archeage (minus... the horrible marketing, and RNG) I loved having a world I could essentially live in, and do just as you say, where all these kinds of people roaming around doing different things. As long as each of those things CAN help advance a player, not lock them behind a wall, if they don't do specific content.
Cptn Hero (5 months ago)
i think this game is a musthave for people who played aion, and dont have any mmorpg they are in to right now. the classes seem to be fun, smooth story, pve is solid i think, and the open pvp aspect is a thing i had the most fun with, in aion. i spent hours and hours with just running through enemy maps chasing people, getting chased, defending some areas of our home. it was just awesome, and i really hope to get the same thing in Bless online :)
joeynuma (5 months ago)
see this is the biggest misconception about bless was the combat is the issue and it really wasnt i think to many people were expecting BDO type action combat when bless is comparable to archeage and guild wars 2 more so to guildwars 2 the only really sluggish and slow class was the berserker bless failled for number of reasons on both korea and russia ( for a different reason then korea) i dont want to go around advertising my crap channel but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQSPPdEVvw0&t=282s in this video i talk about some of the points of why bless will fail it simply lacks end game content and thats its biggest issue is you can do everything with in a few months and then your left with nothing but a long ass dry period where as games break up their expansions by relesing new content and goals ever several months
aslwo (5 months ago)
Not gonna fall for the hype until I see some first hand reviews of what is supposed to be the 'revamped' combat system.
Jason Dodge (5 months ago)
This video did not answer the question "Is it worth getting excited [for]"? All you did was ramble on about MMOs in general.
Chris DiGiovanna (5 months ago)
TY so much, I was saying the same thing the whole time.......he seemed like he was getting to the core question of whether the game is worth it or not.....then he just rambled on incoherently for 10 mins lol
Ron Harris (5 months ago)
You said you were flying out to San Fran to view the game, that is awesome, SF is really nice. Who is paying for this trip? You didn't mention it...
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Meya Enyo (5 months ago)
Maybe it's because MMORPGs nerf skills for pvp and that nerf isn't seperate from pve uses and so it makes pve harder and sometimes impossible depending on the game. EQ2 had a great seperation of the two types of gamers, it's pvp stats when nerf'd or buffed would not carry over to pve, since all the gear and skills had pvp stats and pve stats.
Fatih Erdogan (5 months ago)
Looks shit, TERA was way better.
Sasha Tisnki (5 months ago)
You basically mentioned all the things that I hate in an mmo and you are calling PvE players to join Bless :D meh. not gonna happen :D I love PvP if it is structured and fair, but getting ganked by a 10 or more level higher player just to be 1-shot while I am leveling and farming, no ty :D You said vanilla WoW "how people camped dungeon entrance to kill opposing faction..." exactly what I'm running away from. Have been following Bless for years, but I'll pass. Not every game is made for everyone, and I made my piece with it. For all the people out there who will buy Bless...enjoy and if you like that sort of open pvp you will enjoy it for sure, have fun.
Allen D Lopez (5 months ago)
bless online sucks..
randyman1331 (5 months ago)
Why does no one ever mention eq? Gw2 is great but I always end up back at eq1 or 2.
Casual Sunday (5 months ago)
pvp its like l2 pvp so it will be nice XD
Christina Paden (5 months ago)
Too bad their underwater looks trash :/
MykeGaming H. (5 months ago)
If this is a pvp game, im in. Time to replace aion
Teutonix (5 months ago)
Yeah sorry but I refuse to buy a game that will most likely be P2W in less than a year. The only Asian MMOs that haven't gone with a crap P2W model are Final Fantasy & Guild Wars the rest all eventually pick it up. They'll promise they will never put those kind of items in their game, but give it 4-6 months & the credit card warriors/whales will be ruling the game. Other than that though liked the vid man
Bart De Vos (5 months ago)
1) give me examples of asian mmo's that said they weren't going to do pay to win but then did, i honestly don't know any, i know many pay to win mmo's, but i don't know any that pretended they weren't at the start. 2) Bioware is the developper of their games, EA is the publisher, and like i said, NCsoft is NOT the publisher of Arenanet, not since 2015, the structure is completely different. Games have investors all the time, these are different from publishers, and do not influence development, they also do not lend their name or brand to the game. The GW2 base game going free to play at the launch of the first expansion is something NC soft specificly didn't want unless the cash shop was redone to adjust revenue, the devs then negotiated a self-publishing deal and dropped nc-soft as a publisher. NCsoft still includes GW2 in their earnings because they still recieve a royalty income from their investment of GW2 trough that deal but the studio is completely independant.
Teutonix (5 months ago)
"I don't know how i can make that more clear, it's not the point anyway." It very much sounds like it was the point you were trying to make, & I never said any were trying to hide it because I know most aren't. Some just don't like it. Different people have different opinions & there have been several Asian MMOs that said it wouldn't be P2W & did change to it later. As far as creative control goes I acknowledged that from the very start, but what I'm saying is it doesn't matter how much creative control they have they are owned by NCSoft. If NCSoft called today & said to change to a P2W market ArenaNet would have to do it. Just like if Bioware is making a game & EA says put this in Bioware has to find a way to put in what they say. You just went off on a tangent about a game that I was actually bragging about.
Bart De Vos (5 months ago)
You don't understand the structure here, NC soft is like a silent investor in GW2 atm, they do not controll anything, GW2 has been self-published since 2015. They expect a certain profit range return on their investment, but how the GW2 devs get there is entirely up to them. If you go to any nc soft website, you'll see the games they are publishing, and GW2 isn't one of them. Or as the devs themselves clearly said in an official AMA "Remember, NCSOFT is our parent company, but decisions about GW2 come from us." I don't know how i can make that more clear, it's not the point anyway. As to your bless comments, honestly i don't know why asian developpers have such a bad rep in mmo's, yes some are pay to win, but it's not like they're hiding it, and it's not like they are saying "this game won't be pay to win". Every single game that's pay to win is that way for a reason, because is freaking works in their market. The culture around mmo's over there is vastly different then in the west. Pay to win works in the east, that's why many of them do it. This is the first publisher that has promised not to do pay to win in the west, and if they make the mistake to do it, they will crash faster then they can say "cashshop", but for now i'd prefer to take the words of the developper who have not done anything in the past to betray my trust, over the doomthinking of a guy who can't get his facts about mmo's straight.
Teutonix (5 months ago)
Ok you are missing the point of what I was saying & yes NCSoft does very much have something to do with GW because they include it with their quarterly profits. I'm not saying anything bad about GW, as a matter of fact I was saying it is handled better than most, but ArenaNet does have to answer to NCSoft & if NCSoft says to change something they very much have to change something. Like I said ArenaNet is a subsidiary & is controlled by NCSoft which is in South Korea. http://massivelyop.com/2018/02/07/ncsoft-q4-2017-guild-wars-resurges-as-blade-soul-and-lineage-m-drive-profits/ subsidiary: a company controlled by a holding company
Bart De Vos (5 months ago)
It's still completely developped by a developper in the west, it's a game developped for the west, it's a western mmo, yes ncsoft was the publisher for a bit, but it's completely self published now. Arenanet based in seatle is now the sole dev and publisher of the game, it is NOT an eastern mmo at all. Since 2015 NCSoft has had nothing to do with GW2 whatsoever.
princely Airewele (5 months ago)
dibs on da human lol
princely Airewele (5 months ago)
u heart everybody how about telling me how to beat the pso2 captha lol o and please??
Owon Dyah (5 months ago)
7:38 - 11:09 it's reason why I'm gonna try the game. Glad that somebody actually noticed that...
cjase6267 (5 months ago)
this game is trash
Y Y (5 months ago)
Hello!!! I am really excited for this game and cant wait to buy it. In 2006 I started playing Lineage 2 and played it up until it became free to play (that's when it turned really bad). I loved the PVP in Lineage 2, anyone and anything could attack you anywhere outside of cities. And that is why i am excited for Bless it reminds me of Lineage 2. Open world PVP, open world bosses, competition over a grinding spot, MASSIVE castle sieges with 500+ players. That is what i lived for in Lineage 2 and that is what Lineage 2 ruined when it went free. The only thing i hope is that in Bless PVP it will be same/close to what Lineage 2 did. Where you are free to attack people in the open world but if you PK someone its not without a consequence. I hope PVP can be just as rewarding and exciting. I hope open world bosses will be a big part rather than everything being in instances. I like the feeling of fighting a boss with a group and looking over my shoulder for enemy parties trying to take this boss for themselves. Sorry for the essay I'm just super excited and hope that people who are skeptical will at least watch some videos and decide after release if they find it interesting.
Grxkas (5 months ago)
The only that never has been pay to win game is world of warcract and thats why it still survives until today
Liun (5 months ago)
Grxkas (5 months ago)
If its buy to play im not buying it...not same mistake as black desert online and i would definetly better go play battle of azeroth
austin garner (5 months ago)
My friend and i are planning on play the game the first 24 hours once its released! Also from what i have found looking up the PVP side of the game, only the other faction can PVP you. So nobody would have to worry about getting PVPed until they go to part of the world that both factions can be in. At least that's what it seemed like.
Lifekilldren Vargas (5 months ago)
Bless looks amazing and the gameplay is ok. I think its worth a try. But the Best mmo ever is phantasy star online 2. It has everything pve pvp character creation with over 500 different outfits and accessories. 4 race and 10 classes . And it's been going for 6 years straight. With over 50 different bosses and new bosses and stages every 3 months. Pso2 is the grandfather of all mmo. All mmo gamers should at least try it.
Lifekilldren Vargas (5 months ago)
PsychoRabit ..well to bad for you. But mmo that have a franchise of 20 years long and a sequel of 6 years long is not trash at all to the 10 million players that still playing it. And lets not mention that this game came out in 1987. A clasic will remain a clasic. But i dont bllame you. This game is only for fans or gamers that want something different other than med evil looking mmo. But enjoy what you like, i will remain playing pso2 untill the wheels falls off.
PsychoRabit (5 months ago)
Tried it, is trash
Brian Hermelijn (5 months ago)
Does anyone know if Bless will only be on Steam or will it be available to purchase on gog.com or somewhere else?
usernametaken 56 (5 months ago)
I got hyped until I realized it is a PvP game. It will be a gankfest so Ill pass.
Twixic (5 months ago)
Did he say weary about it? xD
fatfat panda (5 months ago)
When the Japanese gamers go on steam and spend 10,000hrs on steam. ggwp
Oogly_ Boogie (5 months ago)
Is this game a sandbox? Can i do stuffs like fishing or sailing?
cjase6267 (5 months ago)
lmao get real
joeynuma (5 months ago)
LMAO this is the best looking mmorpg asside from black desert out there and even in some areas it surpasses black desert especially when it comes to architectural details if you dont like a game thats fine but saying it looks like shit your either a troll or have a eye problem
cjase6267 (5 months ago)
no, this game looks like shit
joeynuma (5 months ago)
no fishing or sailing is in the game. sadly bless has some of the best looking world ive ever seen to date from any game and detail out of this word one zone lookgs like the grand canyon one factions main city (spieza) is roman like while other is gothic castle type crafting system when we played was just poor everything was under one craft both on KR and RU no special animations nothing just a craft bar loading up done in a menu. game is 100 percent open world
joeynuma (5 months ago)
@sky hey big mmo player here me and my guild helped write the english patch for bless (Cult) we played on both russia and korea and had alot of fun up untill max lvl we are big pvp type players but enjoyed some of their raids and dungeons as it was actually challenging cool thing about the dungeons is unlike wow instead of focusing on your dps etc your focusing on co operation who is standing where and when to move who is gonna take the next hit etc rather then whos dick is bigger i remember in one of the raids or dungeons one person dies everyone dies moving on to my main point bless biggest issue is it lacked end game content to do outside of basil gorge there isnt really any reason to pvp (open world wise ) there still is arena and 100 vs 100 ( which is twice a day) but one thing archeage did right is encouraged players to go back out in the world farm in old zones get special mats, housing, trade runs , Events, bless doesnt do any of this which is ashame because their open world is massive most of the pvp is gonna take place while lvling as you start sharing alot of quests and zones with the reds however once max lvl asside from a few dungeon skirmishes at the entrence your really not gonna see more open world pvp and the city sieges dont happen as often as they should
joeynuma (5 months ago)
just made a video talking about bless as i do think its worth playing i just know its not gonna last inless they add more content to the game
joeynuma (5 months ago)
the thing is they need to implement more pvp content that encourages people to get back out, battlegrounds similar to how warcraft does it would not be a bad place to start since how this game is done. btw the pet system is really well done anything can be a pet or mount depending on its species type
skyesfury (5 months ago)
I don't like PvP. Mainly because I suck at it. But I'm still going to be jumping into Bless to check it out. Knowing there's a consumable that will let me exclude myself from PvP just gives me a little more reason to jump in.
PsychoRabit (5 months ago)
This is an open minded person in its natural habitat. I too don't like games that focus too much on pvp, mainly because I used to play mmos on a shitty ass laptop. Not anymore.
MrDstroy (5 months ago)
Well said, If I saw you in game I would definitely teach you how to pvp.
somer summer (5 months ago)
this game is so big and huge and neowiz is doing an amazing job though people who dont make games think you can add something in 1 hour. no even 1 little thing like a skill or so can take weeks.. I just find those people such a kids cause they try to cry about something that they do not have experience about -.-' I have my hopes and cant wait to buy it
purextreme (5 months ago)
From what I’ve tried so far in the JP version and what would make this game incredible but lacks are more classes and imo this game needs some type of dual spec or awakening since thats popular in certain mmos but for example the Guardian with a 2H sword, Berserker duel wield axe, Palladin 2H hammer, Mage flying elemental blades, Assassin chain blades, Ranger dual bow guns, Mystic true summoner w/orb/book/wand either one, i know im dreaming and will never happen but would be cool what you guys think?🤪
Nicholas Lim (5 months ago)
would it be f2p or p2p?
MrDstroy (5 months ago)
Buy to play
Mr. S (5 months ago)
Misa Kitten (5 months ago)
What worries me is that they decided to not have any player to player trading. Already saw what this did in bdo. It completely ruined any kind of reaching a goal together. Everyone was just doing their own thing and it made the game feel like a single player mmo. We couldn't have anyone in the guild focus on specific crafting since well they couldn't support the rest of the members anyway. And they use the "It's to avoid RMT" excuse to justify it. I just think it's a very lazy method that really prevents nothing in the end. RMT will still happen with power leveling, having to give your account to a RMT site so they can grind gold for you, content clearing, gear grinding and so on. All stuff that could be left to guilds and players to help eachother with if trading was possible.
Cristian Togin Ray (5 months ago)
They allow trading between guild members at LEAST. Removing it alltogether is a bit concerning.
Alexander Reiss (5 months ago)
The actual reason Is that there's an exploit in wich you can duplicate items via trading, that's why it got taken out, and it seems they either never fixed it or they never could because the code in the unreal engine they're using is a freaking mess
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Im worries too but lets see how they handle guild banks and stuff like that or maybe trading is almost pointless like in GW2.
Leafbinder (5 months ago)
This Concern probbly worries me the most, Player to player tradeing was the Main reason i didnt like BDO but i do see the flip side being no bots and chinesse farmers driving the prices to nothing on crafted items. Its a tricky problem to say the lest. They Had an Auction House in the Japanise Version though so who knows.
Ichi Glenndevis (5 months ago)
I miss games with forced PvP. I love open world PvP. I feel like if Bless doesn't become P2W it could really become a great game.
Ichi Glenndevis (5 months ago)
Archeage too. But both games are quite P2W. And sure BDO's p2w isn't as bad as archeage but still.
Pi dako (5 months ago)
Gigits Pony (5 months ago)
This MMO looks promising. Ive been on and off of trying to find a new one since i played GW2 to death. Honestly I'll probably be the Animal finder and do all that. Depending on how many characters you can have I'll have different characters for different things.
FatBandit (5 months ago)
Aww so PvE is actually impossible on this game due to weeks of ganks? Thats a shame.
Alfred Bars (5 months ago)
sorry for not being hyped as you are skylent, but a game, that had failed already 3 times, with a lot of problems, with a lot of pay to win issues, with a bad combat system, a BUY TO PLAY game that has a PAY TO WIN cash shop.... what can i say, its not something that actually hype me up, there is a lot of people backing it up now a day, but the truth to be said is: its an old failed game, that just got a western release, it will fail as failed the first 3 times, so dumping money in a failed game its a little wrong i think
Alexander Reiss (5 months ago)
Are you aware that the fanbase was the one who forced the b2p, right? They were going f2p and then people started whining about that bots, that chino Farners, about 12 years old, blahblahblah. Just go to threads in the steam hub of january of this year and you will see the shitstorm between f2p and b2p enthusiasts. A more valid criticism would be why a company is obeying randoms fot the financial decitions of their product
WolfHeartedBeing (5 months ago)
There are no infos on the in-game cash shop as of now apart from the promise that it's not gonna be pay to win and only gonna be for "convenience" items (think GW2 cash shop, maybe even lighter). The failed versions of the game can heavily be traced back to the Korean and Russian Publishers (Korean Version did NOT appeal to korean market at all because it was too "western" in it's gameplay loop, while Russian Version was made extremely pay to win while also being extremely low on optimization -> russian publisher pretty much made Bless into a cashgrab in that region). This is why Neowiz said they still believe in their own game , they are gonna rework and self-publish it. They have history in self publishing (a game named Black Squad, which is also apparently known for having one of the best ingame cash-shop solutions with a happy playerbase and no pay to win). So yeah...your fears of "the game having failed in 3 other regions" and a "pay to win cash shop" (no idea where you're getting that from) are semi-valid, but there's a reason why so many ppl are jumping on the hype train :)
purextreme (5 months ago)
I was hyped for this game for the longest time a couple of years back till i tried the russian version and it was decent but i didn’t get into it now currently playing the JP version and i have to say its better but I don’t see this game in the long run specially now that i saw the new combat system all i can hope is that the new combat trailer is some kind of pre alpha test before a possibly better EA release version cause compared to the click tab combat I wasn’t impressed specially the palladin which is my main in the jp version hopefully im wrong and the and we get a better version 🤞
Alfred Bars (5 months ago)
i get your point, but sorry to say, but the game to me looks like a big scam, buy to play, so the are actually start making money before they release the game, with the cash shop, they gonna make more money for almost ZERO development, i think they are just trying to milk mor money from the game, and eventually it will die, as died in the other regions, but they learned the lesson, so making buy to play, they ensure the money making issue, maybe iam being a little too wary, but this is my first thought after researched about the game, and about the other regions info on the game
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Failed games are the most popular games in the world. Because they were the ones that fixed their issues or evolved.
Hadouken OCX (5 months ago)
@Skylent Games i dont tell you to play or make videos about Bless lol. ?!
Philip Kendrick (5 months ago)
i see alot of tera in bless having played the rebuild server.
Robert M (5 months ago)
Me personally; not so much scared or weary. The game's not out yet and I'm tired of the constant horizon with games coming soon. so bored with what's out now.. I'll totally hop on the bless wagon.
AlexanderLouis (5 months ago)
Finally someone who is just excited and full of joy and hope to try a new MMO, that looks very promising :)) we've waited so long for a new one and I read so many people complaining and worrying and stating things they can not confirm right now. That's sad, but for everyone who IS hyped like me, let's stay like this and let US make this new experience a great one. Cause after all, it is us player who make or break a game. I want to MAKE this an awesome game and play it :)) someone said an MMO is just as good as the people you play it with!!
xOmey Krion (5 months ago)
finally WoW is going fucked
Brian Knieling (5 months ago)
Why are you even hyped. 2 classes not even in game at release. 5 is like ridiculously low. Remade combat would have been unacceptable if it released in this form during its first launch. Generic quests, mount system from Riders of Icarus. Forced pvp with cash shop item at cap to prevent. Unoriginal dungeon boss pve content. Poorly optimized even with outdated graphics. Limited crafted limited further by requiring high pvp rankings. Which pvp is unbalanced and blade and soul does arena pvp way better. Only 1 tank and one healer at release rip queue times unless you role what arguably looks like a snore festival post combat update.
Brian Knieling (5 months ago)
Alexander Reiss maybe they should restart with unreal 4 could be for the best or move on. This cash grab is to regain some losses. We all know that and allow it. If the target audience is gw2 players there's no reason for anyone to leave gw2.
Alexander Reiss (5 months ago)
You can't fix the performance issues, Bless uses an early stage unreal engine 3.5, wich means it has a incredibly messy code, you can't fix it, the game was built over it and with dx9, the only way to fix it would literally be start the game from scratch again with unreal 4 and re-using the assets, wich would be what.. 4 years?. And this combat would have been pretty much accepted back in 2013, people was rising the guild wars 2 hype back then.
Philip Kendrick (5 months ago)
ill reserve my personal judgement of bless and its cash shop for release, left BDO along time ago for the above reasons you mentioned, its just a time sink and cash cow :(
Brian Knieling (5 months ago)
I maxed a few 65s on Tera console already that's how bad the market is. Stop supporting bad p2w cash shops or unfinished titles. Force new mmos to innovate or die. 90% of the mmos need to condense into the top 10% and we stop supporting every new release like it's the best thing since sliced bread. If you ran out of content in wow or ff14 pr hate grinding games like tera it's ok to take a break and come back after a patch or expansion. Supporting bless because we're all bored isn't good for anyone. When the servers lose half the player base in 3 months it's bad for everyone involved. Bless is a game that needs at least another year of development. Yes FF14 re release did well it also took them along time to do it with tons of community feedback bless might get to it one day but releasing in this form is atrocious in 2018.
Philip Kendrick (5 months ago)
but for now what other options are there ? aside from supporting pyramid schemes like AOC ? this style of mmos is common because of how universally popular it is otherwise we'd all be playing consoles.
Brian Knieling (5 months ago)
Sounds like we found an emissary. Guess honesty will be gone on this channel.
JK LN (4 months ago)
Kinda Grumpy he is a sellout, it is such a shit game
Brian Knieling (5 months ago)
You could at least say paid promotion or emissary member in titles going forward for all these channels.
Philip Kendrick (5 months ago)
how dare he enjoy his job and chosen game.. without consulting everyone opinions fisrt..
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
You arent wrong. Emm means bias.
Boxing BadB0B (5 months ago)
Can't waiiittt
Flawless Chase (5 months ago)
Anime AMV (5 months ago)
Since vanila WoW only bdo and Rift(back in the days) gave me the same feel.
Elazul2k (5 months ago)
Also, i'm looking forward to griefing the fuck outta the non-pvp folks. Been a long time since I've played an Open World PvP game.
Proxydus gaming (5 months ago)
Considering that the early-access STEAM version has been substantially modified in comparison with previous Korean, Russian and Japanese versions, the game should be all right. But for sure it won`t be an MMORPG to last for 10 years. But until Ashes of Creation comes out (in Q4 2019 the earliest), BLESS seems to be the only viable option.
BreacherUP (5 months ago)
lol this is a total fluff piece...interesting to see youtubers who were critical of the game to the point of shit talking it do a complete 180 as soon as they become emissarys lol....
Alexander Reiss (5 months ago)
The only youtuber who i saw contradicting their past videos are Cryy and Sywo, and Sywo was the opposite, he was hyping the game for 2 years and then in march quit
Paul B (5 months ago)
It will be pay to play. Purchase the game for whatever they release it at. And there will be cash shop options we just do not know to what extent yet. So far they have stated no pay to win, however other games have stated that as well.
Islands Of Nyne Moments (5 months ago)
will it be free2play???
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Find a video where I then 180d
Maximus Joseppi (5 months ago)
"pvevp" just means a PvP game with pve in it. Most MMO players are not pvpers, hence why this game has and will continue to fail and any game like it has a very low toxic population.
John Williams (5 months ago)
congrats man
ASCENSION (5 months ago)
Combat rework feels good, but even those promotional videos have apparent framedrops. If they can’t optimise the game to play smooth on probably very OP rig what hope do I have on my consumer grade machine. Pvp and lag don’t mix so I’m certain it’s gonna tank harder then wildstar.
JP Shot (5 months ago)
People that lern the mmo genre from WOW and plays only WOW they not going to like this game 100%
Conan (5 months ago)
Skylent really knows how to say the same thing 3 times in one video, such a great orator -_-
Martin Errecarte (5 months ago)
Had to watch on 0.75 speed, you just talk too fast =S haha! Edit: you lost me when try to compare it with Vanilla Wow... Omg...
JP Shot (5 months ago)
Every WOW player thinks that every game copy something from wow because some mmo actually did it in the past. but on pvp believe me you dont need to copy wow, wow always had bad pvp even vanilla
NoOBGamerDZ (5 months ago)
From what i have seen, i can't be hyped for this trash and here's a list why : - FPS problems with even high end PC's - PVE is so fking bad and i don't even know what ppl see in those dung xD ( mechanic stand point ) - combat looks like a 10 years old ( even wow's combat is way way way better ) - Open world PVP isnt something new so tell me why should we get hyped for this trash ?
Ali Salih (5 months ago)
I've always been a PvE player but the mixed PvP and PvE sounds fun im kinda excited for it
Blackstar Uzumaki (5 months ago)
I hope it comes to console one day.
Ryan Thompson (5 months ago)
I think people need to stop hyping games. Time and time again they fall dramatically short of what's being put out.
Ryan Thompson (5 months ago)
Whatever floats your boat
Keisan89 (5 months ago)
I think it's okay to be excited for something, instead of being skeptic or even apathetic. Healthy skepticism is a thing, but that's not what youre preaching. Jaded and salty. Thats probably more accurate. Jumping quick to insulting people who question your opinion reinforces that. Save yourself the trouble and time and dont bother with Bless, Ryan. You'd probably end up as the guy who rage quits after being griefed for a few hours. Btw, you called the guy a moron because you didnt say the game was dead, but then made a hypothetical statement about "seeing it now," speculating the possibility of the game being dead. Chew on that for a minute.
PsychoRabit (5 months ago)
This comments are fucking hilarious lol. I feel bad for Skylent, poor dude just have a bunch of kids fighting in the comments.
Ryan Thompson (5 months ago)
Leafbinder Poor thing I must have hit you in the feels.
Leafbinder (5 months ago)
Make sure ya add that to your guild resume Ryan you will be a shoe in for sure. You sound like a shortbus windowlicker anyway.
R C (5 months ago)
I want to play it :D want to be the candy Healer :D
saleh jehad (5 months ago)
after playing playing blade and soul for a very long time .its killing that no game can match the combat system i had witnessed and bless online is not an exception :(
James (5 months ago)
Ya im gonna play this game but stay away from large scale cluster fucks. I dont know why anyone likes lag fest, light show, aoe spam pvp. Stupid
Keyoshi (5 months ago)
now i feel sad knowing its gonna be pay to play , i was hyped
Sven (5 months ago)
Why is that?
Vincent Valentine (5 months ago)
Just wait a few months and it will be free to play
Sven (5 months ago)
Most of the times i ignore post like this, but sometimes i think they got some misinformation. There are people out there spreading misinformation about the games. For me there are multiple options and i will not judge them unless they want me to :D The 3 "marketing" strategy can be work but that really depends on the Developers. If they know what to do and how to do it. I can say for sure that whether it will be F2P or P2P both can work. but that is another topic :D I wish you a nice day sir!
KonaGaming (5 months ago)
Sven ignore the post. It’s a 15 year old little kid wishing everything was free to play. Not realizing free to play ruins this genre . He will grow up and realize buy to play is the best option for this game. Get a job. Do some chores, mow a lawn ffs . It’s not expensive kiddo
Sven (5 months ago)
It will be B2P and not P2P. You pay 1 time and thats it.
Raisa (5 months ago)
PvE and PvP communities should be isolated in their own separate game modes. Last thing I want is some ass hat walking by and ganking me for the shear hell of it, because that's not fun at all and that's honestly why games like EVE Online have an active population of under a 100k
Raisa (5 months ago)
John Thomas thats hardly true when pertaining to the majority of eastern MMO's which actually favour PvP players %99 of the time. So I'd say the opposite is true, and that at least one eastern MMO be more PvE oriented.
John Thomas (5 months ago)
Allie Jeans Most people either like PvP or hate it. I'd say 80-90% of players are opposed to PvP, but on the other hand 80-90% of MMOs are PVE focused. You have to let the PvP people have a game every now and then even if we are the minority.
Raisa (5 months ago)
Kinda Grumpy. I'll be definitely playing the game, but I'm just strongly against the idea of having any affiliation with the kind of PvP players that enjoy ganking others in the shear name of tickling their huge ego's in an open world setting, however in a confined space like battlegrounds arena's and that sort of thing its not so bad. But outside of that its so counter productive to the kind of gameplay PvE players enjoy doing on a whole. It would be a far better system if it worked like I cant believe I'm going to say this games name, but world of Warcraft where you can flag or un-flag your self and anyone not flagged can not be killed. That way gankers cant kill those who don't want anything to do with the PvP portion of the game. You can mock me all you want, but I know I am not the only PvE player fearing a situation of being forced into PvP. It should be a game mode of choice and one would initially assume it would be if your going to design a game with a large emphasis on PvE content. The short and simplistic version for you TLDR's here, PvE players don't want anything to do with PvP'ers the end.
Philip Kendrick (5 months ago)
i agree they are, but that doesn't stop you from forming friendships, in these style MMOs you typically find RPK players and people who enjoy killing those players, forming a buddy system could be a solution, the games fun hope it doesn't deter you from trying it out.
Raisa (5 months ago)
Kinda Grumpy. Its hardly a complained more a statement of known fact, that PvP and PvE players don't typically get along with each other and for good reason. They are both so vastly different from each other in terms of their mentality, that its just a stupid idea to put them both in the same game.
Lady Irene (5 months ago)
I'd like to play this game... but due to my experience with the cash-shops and the promises I just feel like I should wait to see what they will ACTUALLY do with it. Blame all the pre-MMO's that broke players trust!
Ciel (5 months ago)
Happy for you skylent I wish you the best!
AnimeSynchro (5 months ago)
Everytime when he says "Pve", "PvP" or "Pvevp". You have to drink. :^)
MegaPain Quest (5 months ago)
what is this bullshit? is it worthgetting exited over? is your audience infants who dont know anything about themselfs?
Botty (5 months ago)
I played the Japanese version of Bless and looking at the combat changes I am actually more hyped for the game, personally II am not a PvP player and when I do get attacked in open world I don't even fight back because I can't be bothered...but the game has so much to offer for non PvP players, I Iove being able to capture and lvl pets and mounts etc. The game is visually appealing too. I for one convinced my fiance to play the game with me and we as a couple convinced about 20 other friends to play with us as well so I sure as hell am stoked and cannot wait for it to come out already! Also loving the no p2w thing, I absolutely hate p2w!
Aulerius (5 months ago)
Botty Exactly I agree with you.
Ferluci Rurouni (5 months ago)
I've been waiting for this game for so long. I hope he brings me the same feeling I had when playing aion
levi t (5 months ago)
pre sponsored video nice.. aldo needs another ad. shill af
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
There we go someone gets it!
Sergiu Sprintar (5 months ago)
there's no 'try bless" its buy to play its "buy to check it out" which isn't worth it given its premises so far
Sergiu Sprintar (5 months ago)
I heavily dislike the idea of refunds. As I'm a heavily possessive guy, and once something becomes mine, i have a hard time of letting it go. Being a person, an object and an abstract thing like a game. So, while i do thank you for the information, it doesn't help ^^
TheHausi91 (5 months ago)
on steam you can refund every game...
ContactWithTheEnemy (5 months ago)
You had me at Vanilla..!
FatKidWithFudge (5 months ago)
Ah right, forgot about the pve/pvp thing. Welp hype died just a wee bit for me. Haven't cared for mmo pvp since I was younger. While I know it can be fun, and is fun at times. Not really my cup of tea anymore. I will sill check it out ofc, cause god knows I need a little spice in my mmo life. But I just know it will become a numbers game. Last game I played, and took part in owpvp, was BnS at the lv45 cap in Misty Woods. Won't lie and say it wasn't fun as hell. But then it became a numbers game. Then the pvp politics..... If I do get into this game, it will more then likely be limited after a while depending on how this pve/pvp will work.
Keisan89 (5 months ago)
My understanding is that if people want to feel like theyre actually "part of the game," Neowiz wants that feeling reinforced by participation in the standing conflict between the Hieron and Union. How can there be "war" when there's nobody to go to "war" with, ya feel? Thats what is so great about the idea for Battle for Azeroth. Its a rekindling of the old horde/alliance rivalry, as opposed to "lets hold hands and fight a new antagonist" in the more recent expansions. I get it though, pvp isnt the end-all-be-all; i enjoy pve and raiding and all that jazz too. But at the same time, its great to have a feel for some competition, especially when the context pretty much sets things up that way.
Zionn VII (5 months ago)
yeah I don't really care about the pvp anymore, since most newer MMOs cater around the pvp ignoring the rest of what makes an MMO great It actually got me to hate pvp now days. It feels like pvp killed MMOs for that reason.
adam cox (5 months ago)
I've been waiting for this game and what it offers since i played lineage 2 for 5 years....WoW was never my thing but this game touches on so many systems that I'm intrigued by and i think will compliment each other well......i'm beyond hyped and honestly even it only delivers 65 percent of what i think it will...it will have my attention for a LONG time to come.
Mads Andersen (5 months ago)
Are you gonna make a video on the new combat system they just released videos of on steam?
Halbarz Felarrow (5 months ago)
Glad to hear you will be an emissary :D Keep up the good work !
Halbarz Felarrow (5 months ago)
Quick update on my own post actually xD Would it be possible to make a crafting video for Bless online ? :) I kinda feel like there is no good info on it at the moment.
Mr. Mint (5 months ago)
Forced pvp mmo huh, yeah though now that nerdSlayer has made good points as to how all pvp mmos failed hard, pvp in mmos is not a thing and will never ever be, its just another small side content that mainly caters to the niche part of the audience which are the generic cliche competitive and tryhardy personalities. I dont have anything against pvp players, its just that nowadays they mostly ruin a lot of mmos that wanted to try out a new concept besides the same thing which is pvp by their self centered pride and exaggerated seriousness, and i respect pvp players that give good impressions to others by respecting them as well like you know the usual ones you see in other games like GG, good fight, you fought well, etc.... nowadays pvp players that played that one game for so long and eventually proclaim themselves to be hardcore are at the end of the day, embarrassing themselves and exposing their weak character rolemodel, which is selfishness, nobody wants a player that is begging for trouble, and the pvp players that deserve to be hardcore are not only skilled and loyal player, but also good moral characters and do not have the fame and power go into their heads by the impressions of others and still have their perspectives on the game fun to play, and not anything else. And the fact that new games like this one nowadays are designed to be easier and take literally almost no brain to use in order to win in it. Though i understand the motive to those, the devs found out their game is not popular due to it not fitting the majority, so they design it on an easier pace so that the majority can fit in, which is a good move on that part. So im mainly hyping on Peria chronicles now, as it is the only upcoming mmo that is bringing something unique that makes it stand out, and im not a weeb, its just that its giving a really interesting selling point where instead of the game giving you the stuffs you grind to, like quests, mobs, and the worlds, you yourself will make one, not only for you to play on, but also to others that want to participate in that event.
Mr. Mint (5 months ago)
In terms of popularity and its lasting relevance to the mmo genre, yes, and i am taking this reply as a real one than it is i assume a sarcastic one The test of time really burned down the mmo market tbh, and since you are actually a very brave and honest youtuber, that doesnt mostly use flower words and can give off hard hitting fighting ones, ima be open on that. I just want an MMO that has good balance on pvp and pve, nice economy standards and community, and mastered optimization with all major problems and most minor problems solved, to the point that i dont care if its gameplay is underwhelming or even bad at best, as long as community is great and fun to be with, optimization is mastered, and economy trade standards are balanced, its okay to have pvp in an mmo, as long as its not very oversaturated that makes pve look pointless, it must be balanced, you know what they say, balance everything and it will all be enjoyed.
Skylent Games (5 months ago)
Because runescape, eve, wow and gw2 are such failures...
J LIN (5 months ago)
If you believe that this game wont be awesome please don"t let this video distract you from the fact that i have a really good friend in Nigeria that you could greatly benefit from.
Another (5 months ago)
I recommend to people to look at the possibility of pay to win, before buying because can happen... easily and sadly.
Botty (5 months ago)
If our version is anything like the jp, kr or even russian version of the game we won't see any significant p2w, even now the jp server only has very minor things on the cash shop like costumes for character and pet, rng boxes (costumes, mounts, gathering tools etc) but really absolutely nothing gamebreaking on the cash shops i have seen. Obviously they could always decide to change their mind and turn the western release into a cash grab but just from having seen the cash shops in other regions gives me hope that they are going to keep their word of no p2w, afterall its the developers themselves publishing, not the greedy publishers of the west. Fingers crossed!

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