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Logitech G Play: POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System

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POWERPLAY Walkthrough with Chris and Andrew. With POWERPLAY and LIGHTSPEED technology, Logitech G has solved the barriers to high performance wireless gaming. Input lag, wireless disconnects, and dead batteries are now a thing of the past. Welcome to the future of wireless PC gaming, achieved through advanced science and unrivaled engineering. POWERPLAY is a wireless charging system for gaming mice. The POWERPLAY base generates an energy field that is transformed into charging current by the POWERCORE™ module, which attaches magnetically to compatible wireless gaming mice. The beauty of POWERPLAY is that your mouse will charge while you’re at play and at rest. We’ve made it that simple. It just stays charged. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg http://www.instagram.com/Logitech_G
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Text Comments (312)
Dear Chris and Andrew, I have the G900 and although used for not much over a year I think, the battery, with regular charging from PC only, is almost dead. This is really a problem for me as I bought it for wireless more accurate graphic work. The cable does not allow for the sensitivity I need, it is not so flexible as the sensitivity of the mouse. I would like to ask how can I have it replaced, or considering this is a design/technical issue with the mouse somehow, would it be possible to change or part exchange it for the G903 which I am imagining will always be charged over many years as long as it has the mat with it? Many thanks, yours sincerely, Kelvin Bown (historical photo restoration specialist/artist/exhibitor and huge promoter of Logitech merchandise amongst my circles)
Ilias P (26 days ago)
Im confused. How is it wireless then? you have to connect the power supply to the mouse pad through a cable. So you are actually wireless for 10cm
GreedyFlygon (1 month ago)
absolutely love it! Thanks logitech for supplying me with the best wireless peripherals.
Fredrick Allen (2 months ago)
Mouse pad is WAY too small. Make a bigger option, and make the price reasonable. Wireless charging is not expensive and is not worth $100. Not even close.
UniQue_G Music Studio (3 months ago)
Cameron Field (3 months ago)
Cool... but you know... latency
balaji hustler (3 months ago)
does it only works on this mouse pad that comes with it ?
Anthony A (4 months ago)
If there was a Hall Of Fame version to go with my Hall Of Fame GPU, I'd totallllllllllllllllly get it without ANY hesitation, fuck lol.
WyattEntertainment (4 months ago)
i find it really funny how the pad is connected to a wire that hooks into your pc just like a wired mouse i honestly think this is pointless i have a wired g402 mouse and i dont have to worry about any problems with it lol
Соɾу ℛ. (4 months ago)
Gamers want GIRL FRIENDS!
Anthony Schlessman (4 months ago)
could i use my own mousepad?
GamingWithMus (4 months ago)
Will Logitech ever stop making products better than the best?
Julien Lauzon (4 months ago)
g pro , if not its sad but im not buy this until g pro version
Tygurz (4 months ago)
I've been using my G703 for about 4 months now, and I think it's the best mouse I've ever used for gaming. The charge still holds for 32 hours, charges in 1 hour, has no connectivity issues, has never glitched out, and has the perfect shape. I won't be getting this mouse pad however until they make a large version. Seeing how great the G703 is, I'm content with waiting however long it's going to take.
TechPimp (5 months ago)
Notice how they never show you need 2 USB connections the whole point of wireless is to not have any USB connections if you can just use bluetooth 5.0 and it has enough bandwidth to not have any lag and use up way less battery.
Mergatroid Mania (5 months ago)
I like using a higher DPI. I also have a smaller space on my desk for a mouse pad. This pad looks like it would fit if I turned it sideways, but then the part with the plug would likely stick out the side too far. Too bad you can't move that part from the wide top to the narrow side, then I could turn the pad sideways to use it. Still, even so, I love this idea and would purchase it in a second except that, you know, regarding the price...I have looked around online today, and I don't know if there is a shortage causing prices to go high, but everywhere I look this mouse is either out-of-stock or selling from $260 to $300 CD, and the pad is $200 CD on Amazon.ca. Excuse my language but, are you out of your fucking mind? At $260 CD I might purchase the G903 mouse IF IT CAME WITH THIS PAD AT THAT PRICE. You think I'm spending almost $500 CD on a fucking mouse and pad? Hey, I'm no cheap ass. I have a freaking awesome gaming PC, and I own a RAT 9 and a Steel Series Sensei Wireless mouse, so I am no stranger to purchasing expensive mice, but this mouse is way, way over the line for pricing, especially with this pad. I hope these utterly ridiculous prices are temporary, perhaps the result of a sell-out or something. There is just no way in hell any mouse + charging pad, is worth almost $500 CD unless it has diamond focused lasers, or at least sharks with freaking laser beams on their heads.
I C (5 months ago)
My g903 just hovers across the Logitech hard pad, while the g502 has a little more grip. It makes me wonder whether the gliding resistance on wired mice is tuned in such a way that there is still enough grip so the resistance/affect of the cord wont be felt as much? On the g903 anything attached to it would be noticeable for me because of how extremely smooth it glides across the hard pad.
Jordick (5 months ago)
Dream come true...if only it wasn't so damn expensive..
ByTekno (5 months ago)
1 mouse PLEASE!
MingxGaming (5 months ago)
way too small
Just Jordan (5 months ago)
Sexy asf
Victor jacobsson (6 months ago)
This is super! The only thing tho is that you want it larger for the low sensetive hardcore players
Erich Weiss (6 months ago)
This is literally the stupidest fucking idea ever on the goddamn planet. Having a wireless gaming mouse is fuckin retarded as you'll always have better reliability and latency with wired connection, so firstly having a wireless mouse as a gamer is kinda doofy, so what do you do? You make a USB charging mousepad? Ok so of all the things that COULD go wrong in a gaming match. 1. battery of the mouse 2. wireless connection of the mouse Now, your adding to the things that might fail 3. USB powered gaming pad... Or you could just buy a decent wired gaming mouse. Seriously....you're the dumbest mofo on the planet if you buy this.
Sparky (6 months ago)
You need more mice options for this type of system. Like the G700s. So please get on the ball and move over more mice to be able to use with this system.
Kobra Thor (7 months ago)
Sounds cool on paper and all, but what is the durability and guaranteed lifetime of the wireless mouse internal battery? Doesn't the permanent gain/loss of electricity overheat the internal battery thus greatly shortening it's life???
Aidan Prenderville (7 months ago)
Sick work on Logitech Powerplay I liked it....😊...
RobyLV (7 months ago)
this is trying to fix a problem that does not exist.
Where can i get this
Akif Çelik (7 months ago)
woww Cabled mouse pad?!!! Another unnecessary crappy invention by overly priced pc gear company.
ccc (7 months ago)
wel FUCK U LOGITECH after using my G5 for euhm 12years or so i thought hey lets get a new mouse then i saw ooh powerplay G and then the price slapped me in my face like a old pair of sweaty DONKEY BALLS 300 fucking euros are u fucking MENTALL or WTF!!!!!! ill just buy some new sliderpads and use it another 12years cuz hell wil have to freeze over before i pay that much "TO SOLVE A BARRIER"
Mike Rasmussen (7 months ago)
Can you make a bigger powerplay @logitech G
Jeremy Boateng (8 months ago)
Has anyone tried it? Does it suck or rock? I recently bought a tablet from Logitech for Samsung Tab E and it interferes with my internet connection. Now I'm scared to try anything wireless from anyone.
Rex Li (8 months ago)
Can the g613 connect through the power play mouse pad too? this way, only the pad needs to be plugged into the pc
LiveLikeIcarus (8 months ago)
Can you guys make an extended mouse pad with this technology and also incorporate a wireless keyboard? =P thanks!
Levente Tüdős (8 months ago)
Ben H (8 months ago)
Would this work with the G900 mouse or is it G703 and 903 only?
jacky chong (8 months ago)
DOES IT REQUIRE A POWERFUL cpu ? cuz it is laggy is csgo
CanigetAsourat (8 months ago)
Make Logitech Gaming software for mac pls
Jason Nguyen (8 months ago)
Can it use for wireless charger phone ????
Dylan Dam (8 months ago)
Next step, make it wireless lmao
Peter Davis (9 months ago)
Good lord that price is crippling
Caymwin (9 months ago)
Make one with a larger mousing surface for low sensitivity gaming and im all in!
maymay (9 months ago)
Sure buy!!!! my g903 is waiting to be paired with this device. but its hard to find the powerplay in my local gaming store
x_Lowkeu (9 months ago)
Wireless charging system Then why is there a cable on the charger -_-
Cameron Field (3 months ago)
Because you are charging the mouse not the mousepad...
Dan (9 months ago)
I now have Powerplay. From my experience, Powerplay technology truly revolutionize and solves battery life issue when using wireless mouse. Wireless charging system continues to recharge the battery via power core module until it's between 85%-95%. Once it's reached the limit, Powerplay module itself will stop recharging until battery decreases below 85%. That way, not only it keeps battery operational , but also to prevent overheating to keep module and the battery alive. All in all, I'm glad I no longer have to replug & unplug the USB charging cable again and I can continue to use my G903 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse indefinitely! Indeed, is very expensive and you're paying for premium since Powerplay is brand new wireless charging solution and was incredibly complex and difficult to built and construct wireless charging solution in very thin form factor. But thankfully, I used 30% discount code from Father's Day and it was well worth the investment. Nonetheless, it kind of sucks for those customers who own G900/G403 and another downside is that G900/G403 doesn't support Powerplay, which means it entices G900/G403 customers to buy either G903/G403 which is going to cost another $99.99/$149.99 USD.
Cookie Holic (9 months ago)
That size is enough for wrist type user. I have 40x40 pad and I use only 1/4th of mousepad as mouse only needs to move 2-3cm from left to right or from bottom to top.
Personal Computer (4 months ago)
So, when we don't want to charge the mouse, we need to replace the base of the mouse? No simple on/off button on the charging base? How is that simpler than just plugging in a data cable? And I don't want it to always charge, the battery life will be shorter than new tech smell :) So, is there a way to not charge the mouse, and not needing to remove charging base on the mouse, is there on/off option for the charging? And, can the surfaces be bought as spare parts, without the charging base? It is not good if I have to pay 100$ whenever I damage a surface. If there isn't, I see no replace my Vespula and G900.
Personal Computer (9 months ago)
It is 34x32cm...what for do you need larger mousepad? I have Razer Vespula which is 32x26cm, and never did I need a larger mousepad playing CSGO and LOL. I think it is all in your head, just stop tossing your mouse around :)
moon cricket (10 months ago)
wow this is revolutionary id never imagine something like this
Doctor Satan (10 months ago)
Or you could buy a mouse with a charging stand so you can use whatever mouse pad you want. Asus Spatha cough-cough.
TrumpKingsly (10 months ago)
So, get rid of the cord on your mouse! And then attach it to your mousepad...
_ThePacan4ik_ (10 months ago)
Robi Dawn (10 months ago)
cant buy it till it gets into the stores come on...plz
Robi Dawn (10 months ago)
Dan L yeah no best buy in australia
Dan (10 months ago)
Why not check out at Bestbuy?
Agent Office (10 months ago)
Hasyidan Paramananda (10 months ago)
Can i charge my phone with it ?
Robi Dawn (11 months ago)
get the damn power play pad on PC Case Gear Already
Grespino 1 (11 months ago)
can i use this through my own mat?
Zeth Andrews (11 months ago)
I actually don't see the point, I have a wireless mouse because I sit across the room from the tower and screen and don't want cords hanging across the room, with this you're still tethered so to speak because of the pad and it's cord. It seems like very little gain for wireless unless you have a desk set up... not sure how well this would work if (like me) you don't. It's intriguing but still don't see a point behind it other than bragging rights.
UnstableAgenda (11 months ago)
Wait so I can get a wireless mouse to use on my wired mouse pad?
serpathius (11 months ago)
PowerPlay roads with electric cars Kappa
PCFanatic LetsPlay (11 months ago)
You need to come out with a G700s version that can use this technology.. The G700s has the best button layout I've ever had in a mouse.
Ash Rana (11 months ago)
I'm still using my trusty G5 Snake skin one
Andrew Freire (11 months ago)
Will g900 chaos spectrum work with powerplay or no? Thank you.
Patrick Yee (11 months ago)
Love it and want it, only one thing is the size, but I know you guys can do it.
Hawkinsm210 (11 months ago)
I just got the g903 in today, aside from the wireless charging capabilities that it will... soon? maybe? offer, my g700S i feel is superior in nearly every way... keep in mind, i have long ass fingers. so i like a thumb rest on my mice so i dont have to drag my thumb across my mouse pad. Hey logitech!!! Hit me up with a G903 with a thumb rest? :) please?
Dark Exsphere (11 months ago)
Ok so i Just bought the G900 for 170$ CAD... should i return it and buy the G903 for 200$ with the possibility of buying a 100$ CAD mousepad that'll wirelessly charge? how long will battery remain usable? will it degrade like phones? GAH I don't really care about the weight adjustment, the wireless charging is what i really really want. But from the video i understand that i'll need a logitech 40$ cloth/hard mousepad + 100$ logitech powerplay charger thing +G903...130+200 = 330$ CAD plus 13% tax. vs what i have right now 40+170 = 210 CAD + 13% tax
IG 113 (11 months ago)
Duplex39 (11 months ago)
So ah my question, can I wirelessly charge my phone on this mouse mat? cause I normally just leave my phone on the mouse mat (and i dont use a lot of my mouse mat when i game)
David Stump (11 months ago)
I wonder if this with other wireless charging tech like for cell phones? Lay your phone on the mat and charge when you're no using the mouse.
RedReign (11 months ago)
When is the release date? I have the G903 and im sitting here waiting my ass off.
RedReign (10 months ago)
I suppose late August then.
David Stump (11 months ago)
I saw something about August. http://news.logitech.com/press-release/consumer-products/logitech-g-continues-wireless-superiority-new-powerplay-charging-sys
P. Wingert (11 months ago)
I wish they would put an EL strip around the powerplay base and give you the ability to make it change colors.
Leo Nemec (11 months ago)
make mx518 wireless with powerplay function and im sold just take my money logitech
galvanize (11 months ago)
I love this product, but I really fucking hate these robot marketing acty videos....
Martin Olminkhof (11 months ago)
was expecting the comment section to be full of unlimited power memes.. how disappointing
Raz290 (11 months ago)
Seems cool but the mouse pad is far too small for low sens gaming, so pass for now. Make one at least the size of a QCK+, then I will be interested.
MrTinyThumb (11 months ago)
when is this coming to norway, i need to buy one ASAP
Lone Wolf (11 months ago)
I want this but its too bad they currently only are using one form factor of mouse. I like my mouse to have the slant of the G700s mouse. If they plan on releasing that style mouse with programmable thumb buttons to work with this I will for sure go
Alan Corns (11 months ago)
This has actually been done before. Lets hope this one does its job. i actually can not remember who did it first but it has been done before.
Walter (11 months ago)
Ok, so not only would you need to pay top dollar for the power play pad, you ALSO have to buy a brand new G903 for it to work??? I have a G900, which isn't going to work. This is little more than a gimmick to get people to unnecessarily replace their perfectly good working mice. Rubbish!
Qrmas (11 months ago)
Logitech should made Wireless version of G Pro Mouse.
ZiMRA (11 months ago)
i mean sure... its kewl but wireless mouse.... ;/ last i checked no one uses wireless mouse for a reason ...
Hulk (11 months ago)
I don't understand what you're saying, this is superior to a wired mouse in every category with the exception of the restricted pad size.
Natshoun (11 months ago)
Does my G900 Chaos Spectrum work with the powerplay mousepad?
Toni (11 months ago)
that means you constantly in the magnetic field from that mouse pad which is not good, also that pad won't fit in my desk mouse draw either, so really they should have made the wireless charging separated and wireless charging aint nothing new, i had this 7 years ago on my toothbrush.
RyV3TOficcial (1 year ago)
have to charge the mouse pad
BIG BOSS (1 year ago)
This is genius!
Patrick Star (1 year ago)
2:01 This advertisement is brought to you by Emperor Palpatine
Ali-W7 Ananza (1 year ago)
only thing sucks is the mousepad costs more or just as much as the mouse itself xD i rather get two mice and charge one while using the other
Mark Wendell Jose (1 year ago)
Danila Bagirov (1 year ago)
по русски базарьте!!!
Andrew Fantolgo (1 year ago)
Logitech answered my prayers for a gaming mice that won't ran out of battery thanks Logitech and at the same time i feel swindle cause i bought Logitech G900 chaos spectrum...i bet that Logitech can make a mouse that can levitate so that it is frictionless btw is it possible that i could exchange my g900 for the new g903? im willing to add some extra cash for it
JustGaming (1 year ago)
*...radiation..?* That's the first that came to my mind when I first saw this.
Anonymous Youtuber (11 months ago)
Wellington Marcos ikr also don’t do vaccines they give you cancer lol hahaha
Wellington Marcos (11 months ago)
Me too,i have a RGB mousepad,and i shut down the RGB,i dont like to put my hand over the light,this give me fear,i dont no why i buy this hahaha
Durahl (1 year ago)
People complaining about this tech ( obviously ) not supporting other brands and not truly being wireless when the device you use clearly is but just the surface it's being used on isn't reminds me of the typical, ignorant Trump supporter ( Getting him elected set an entirely new standard for stupid ) which in my books is/wasn't a good sign for humanity.
Isaias Cal (1 year ago)
4 years my ass, u got this from that one random guy on ure headphone trailer
Alexandre Gaudreau (1 year ago)
If I am bound to ONLY use their mousepad that's super extremely overpriced big time then no thank you. Why don't they sell the receiver and the base separately so we can then use our OWN or already EXISTENT mousepad so I don't have to thrown in the garbage for example my 40$+ Corsair MM600 or my 75$ Razer Firefly?! Anyway if it's the only difference and you have to pay a 30$ premium between the G403 and the 703 just for that feature alone which I ain't gonna use... I'm not too lazy to be unable to plug/charge my mouse once in a while before going bed, I already do it with my cellphone, mp3/amp player so not a big deal if I can save 100$.
Al Insan j2 (1 year ago)
work on other mice
TeenageNerd (1 year ago)
Meanwhile at Razer: Lets add more lights to the mouse!
Auroz (1 year ago)
Yeah uh ... 120 € mouse and 130 € pad, really?
iTechReviewer (1 year ago)
something tells me I'll end up reviewing it
FGBruh (1 year ago)
1 thing to do though is make the wireless base (for the mouse pad) large enough so we can fit a G640 on there. I also wonder if this will be backwards compatible so I can fit the power core in my G403.
Luna Charming (1 year ago)
Okey iam a Logitech fan but this.... 10 years ago there where allready induction mice like the A4tech i owned, that cost about 15$ its old tec! , I suspect the big battery corporations didnt like it and got rid of it

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