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Aliens: Colonial Marines - Game Over, Randy! (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com Randy Pitchford recently boasted about avoiding a lawsuit regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines. Whether or not Gearbox Software should have been sued for it is irrelevant - Randy has never explained himself nor the lies told, and never said sorry. In this quick-to-forget industry, Gearbox Software may be sitting pretty comfortably, happy to have wriggled out of trouble for one of gaming's shameful releases. For some of us, however, it's never game over, Rand. It's never game over. [Footage credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZuUQy_T2I4, http://www.videogamer.com/videos/aliens_colonial_marines_what_the_hell_happened_to_aliens_colonial_marines_2.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J8SzBhjqaQ]
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Stone Osborne (10 hours ago)
RobotnikPlays (14 hours ago)
It's hilarious to hear about the broken AI here now that TypoGate is a thing.
Riuka theBat (1 day ago)
Jim, watch this!!! Someone actually fixed a bit off the alien's AI!!! https://youtu.be/v_SdkxbgOV0
S Dew (1 day ago)
well Jim it seems the alien AI is brilliant, it was a software typo that made the aliens act stupid!, it was 1 misspelled name..you can correct that mistake your self, and than the alien AI is fixed..game should have been patched ofcours, because the console people cant change the line of coding to correct the alien bug!. sid alpha made a video about it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_SdkxbgOV0 jim sterling is boogie with balls, if boogie had any balls hes name would be jim sterling!.
MeGBill (2 days ago)
And the aliens AI got fixed by a small fuckin misstypo after 5 years !!!!! And its from a modder who does not work with them .....
Abdulla Ahmedi (2 days ago)
why did they do the scam? Easy money. If you want publishers to release games ready and patched, do not buy them at launch. Negative press may not ruin revenue but people will not trust you in the future and you won't have any revenue then. Don't buy games at launch if you want companies to get it together. #justiceforgamers
6Qubed (3 days ago)
hey jimbo did you hear about the coding typo
Sebastian Andersson (3 days ago)
Aliens: Colonial Marines AI was broken because of a Typo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_SdkxbgOV0
27kmaster (3 days ago)
oh wow how insane is this, something so small they never fixed. Proof the aliens AI was bugged cause of a single typo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_SdkxbgOV0
Mahrooby (3 days ago)
@5:32 what gearbox fucking *DID* to Aliens: Colonial Marines only rewatching this because apparently someone fixed a typo in the aliens' code that, well, had disabled their AI
William Brinkley (3 days ago)
A modder actually found a typo in the games programming that fixed the AI. Apparently Gearbox felt the game was too difficult and decided to blind the AI enemies with a misspelling in the games coding, and by correcting the word “tethering” that was givin an extra “a” (changed to teathering) AI enemies will then use advanced maneuvers and flank you. PC players can fix their own game by fixing that code, while console players are stuck with broken AI. Gearbox refuses to patch the game, as that would make the game too hard and would be admitting that the AI was nerfed to start with.
chaosbot (3 days ago)
Jim Sterling, totally agree, lets see them do that again on refund steam.
EightThreeEight (3 days ago)
Strict666 (3 days ago)
Try the new AI-fix? LoL
Panino Manino (4 days ago)
Jim you die cumming when he hear about the last news about this case.A single letter...
galidroo (4 days ago)
pile of cunts...
Colin R (4 days ago)
"I sat not three feet away from you, randy" Great out of context quotes of our time
Arcademan09 (4 days ago)
So according to Randy the market is always correct, therefore Battleborn is confirmed complete shit
meh meh (7 days ago)
Never let this go, the world should be constantly reminded of what a cunt Pitchford is.
Wilmson (7 days ago)
So Jim Sterling took a trophy from the Bulk... good to know.
Alpha Crusaders (7 days ago)
(Late Reply) I completely agree with you
MrRhysReviews (8 days ago)
"Atlus taught them to be/do better" Looking back it's actually true... SEGA has been significantly better since the acquisition of Atlus (so glad those rumours of Nintendo acquiring Atlus turned out to be false so I can keep supporting them on PlayStation primarily)
Sky Irwin (14 days ago)
Randy Pitchford seems like a insanely delusional narcissist with a hero complex.
David Carlton (21 days ago)
The worst thing about this whole fiasco is that people still bought borderlands 2 and will be looking forward to 3 instead of saying actually FUCK YOU I ain't giving you my money
Scrap (1 month ago)
Randy Pitchford is a smeghead. *I couldn't help it.*
RomeroFanboy (1 month ago)
FUCK EA, FUCK UBISOFT, FUCK KONAMI seriously these companies mean bugger all now.
BiscuitHead (1 month ago)
What's your name again?
EpicRob (1 month ago)
Remember, no preorders.
MTLion3 (2 months ago)
Smacking the Alien with the Dildo - I lost my shit XD
Asteroid Arts (2 months ago)
Hit him lad!
Nick Hoover1979 Wride (2 months ago)
GearBucks is one of my most hated companies up there with EA, Activision and Ubisoft, not only because of their greed, and their lies but the fact that all of their recent games are consistently garbage tacked together with cum and fingernail clippings! Now greedy GearBucks just buy out other IP's and resell them for a premium complete with shitty DRM! How many times have they resold Duke Nukem 3D?!
Steve of the Dead (2 months ago)
Seeing what they did with Bulletstorm was just fucking embarrassing. I loved Bulletstorm when it originally came out, that game deserved much better treatment than what Gearbox gave it...
tiacat11 (2 months ago)
Does anyone else find Jim's laugh to be really creepy? Like maybe it's just his persona but every time he does that quiet little chuckle I get chills.
Rotten Cheerio (2 months ago)
How is gearbox still a thing when Borderlands 1&2 are the only *decent* games they've made? Who still buys their shit? *WHO ARE YOU* .
KRedV (2 months ago)
The only reason I kinda liked this game is because I payed $2.50 for it. And was a mildly entertaining co-op experience for the 3-4 hours we played.
Deviant30 eh (3 months ago)
and where did you find a dildo that big? I am looking for a friend...
Deviant30 eh (3 months ago)
I was just watching AngryJoe's vid on this and I see you mention.. and I think you deserve just as many views as him. Anyways I love your subtle humor.
Rio Stro (3 months ago)
thank god, for jim
Husam M (3 months ago)
Holy shit the audio quality on the intro is amazing!
Neverheart (3 months ago)
Hey Randy.... Thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling Son and any game Pitchford is a part of does not get my money. And oh yes I really hope Pitchford enjoys the oppressive, awe inspiring weight of Jim's powerful, tergent Glory constantly resting on your unworthy back.
Hazukichan X (3 months ago)
"No one likes to be called a liar, especially if their intent was pure and they always spoke the truth when they spoke it." ...I think this Randy person may find that most people always speak the truth when they speak it. That is, in fact, the only way to speak the truth... when you are speaking it. Doesn't mean they didn't speak a ton of lies on the side, of course, and "pure" could mean pure anything. The intent could be pure greed, pure self-interest, pure callous disdain for one's player base... all pure, no? And so, in this statement, he may not have been technically lying... but what he's saying doesn't necessarily mean what he thinks it does.^^
ArmyAnts Studios (3 months ago)
Rhaenyra Reigns (4 months ago)
@11:46 - Perfect ending. <3 You've made your point, sir. ;)
Rhaenyra Reigns (4 months ago)
"Family friendly fv<khole." - Jim Sterling 2015.
Rhaenyra Reigns (4 months ago)
That's one beautiful knight costume @5:51 <3 But... why the hell the very next one features a wyvern that I'm wearing as a necklace?! O__O'
Rhaenyra Reigns (4 months ago)
Lol @5:10 - "Liars Who Lie". <3
Rhaenyra Reigns (4 months ago)
Beautiful background instrumental. <3 Reminds me a bit of the one used by *Because Geek* in her videos.
Daniel Cannata (4 months ago)
Someone should have praised the game enough to get an interview with Randy, then turned completely the other way upon getting an interview with him. Giving randy a taste of his own medicine.
Damien Clark (4 months ago)
This whole country was built off of Greed and thievery nothing any company in America does shocks me nothing bad about this country does either
Shyho (4 months ago)
Darth Revan (4 months ago)
It's now 2018... Never forgive or forget this absolute fucking bullshit. Fuck you, Randy Pitchford.
D Dorcha Graine (5 months ago)
Third street penetrator!
Derrick Castle (5 months ago)
Angry Joe cracks me up lol
jigidoo84 (5 months ago)
I remember in the nintendo era playing games that were quite frustrating, representing the franchises loosely. To this day no game has ever made my blood boil and my wallet and ass feel looted. Jim, thank you my brave sexy beast. Fuck geabox and their magic tricks.
movietester100 (5 months ago)
Never stop, never let them cover their fails & fouls!
Wildxbuckshot (5 months ago)
The nonecannon pulse rifle weapon skin which wouldn't load right away but looked great was all I give credit for in the development of this huge FU to the fans
Donald Rohrbacher (5 months ago)
Unknown 2031 (5 months ago)
Aliens VS predator Is still a better game than this and it’s fucking years older than it
Nao Shadowpaws (3 months ago)
AvP2 was a brilliant game, played it all the time. Shame that it's been so long since we've had a proper game based on either the Alien or Predator franchises.
blu (5 months ago)
What is up with the prawns???
Steve of the Dead (2 months ago)
I think it's something like half of a prawn's body is its digestive system, so it's essentially full of shit, and Jim uses pictures of prawns to imply that someone's full of shit.
Dave (5 months ago)
He's just a coward, I wish someone would smack him...sorry I wouldn't normally say that but cowards like him deserve it. All about money, couldn't give a rats arse about people. They use and abuse people for their own gain. Less of people like him the better. Hope he is properly taken to court the snivelling little cowardly rat. Ugh it boils my blood. Well done to you mate fair play.
Bas Oosterling (5 months ago)
Note just how similar his reactions are to almost all of those asset flip developers. Just noticed that, it sort of shows a similar mindset between him and the likes of Digital Homicide if you ask me.
Jon dow (5 months ago)
FUCK this peace of SHIT game!! #FUCKkonami.
Nao Shadowpaws (3 months ago)
O.o Colonial Marines was developed by Gearbox, not Konami.
baashdi hobstocking (5 months ago)
sadly i also pre-ordered duke nukem. and BL2 . . .never again.
xGAMERZOMBIE48x (6 months ago)
Pre-ordered it....gearbox will never get any money from me again....I don't care how good Borderlands is....screw them.
The Cavalier Cat (6 months ago)
Never has a game devalued so rapidly. Day one, full price, 7 days later...half price...a couple of weeks later....£5.99
Shayne Thomas (6 months ago)
This game made me swear off Gearbox for life. Never again will I buy any game developed by the cunts.
Vance Cooley (6 months ago)
I still remember seeing the demo and hearing all his quotes from the movie. It rubbed me the wrong way. Then it ended up being a lie and nearly 5 years later I still hate him
Jean Bryot (6 months ago)
we need more poeple like you, who brave enought standing as vanguard agains this Greedy motherfucker CEO. Go get em JIM
joshua armstrong (6 months ago)
Randy wants to be pounding it...pounding it...POUNDING IT xD
Rex Remedy (6 months ago)
randy bitchford's aliens colon marines
Togepi1234 Gaming (7 months ago)
I'm starting to think that ACM was originally just a COD copy in space, but when they saw they could make more money using an existing franchise, they shoehorned in aliens because money
Damien Clark (7 months ago)
Same shit happened then thats happening now No one voted with their wallet.
Rex Remedy (7 months ago)
a bit like the pope, but with a bigger dildo... :-)
clancy2k (7 months ago)
I still fucking hate Randy Bitchford with a burning passion over this game all these years later.
JiNQuisiTiVe (7 months ago)
I come back to this video at least once a year.. I think it's due to the bad taste for pre-ordering the Collector's Edition
psychotrip (7 months ago)
Whenever I mention false advertising in one of my articles, I always link to this video. Jim sums this shit up perfectly.
Mi-28 Havoc (8 months ago)
I know never to question Jim fucking sterling son, but I think a better Angry Joe clip would have been the beginning of his review....just saying man.
Kevzete (8 months ago)
What a massive fucking dildo, and that big purple thing is a cunt aswell.
xxSpike1989xx (8 months ago)
a dildo sword lmaoooooooo, but yeah gear box screwed us harder than even the dildo sword is capable of doing.
TheBlackSheep (8 months ago)
"ACM is Infallible, a bit like the pope but with a bigger dildo" 10/10-IGN
Broken Nose Media (8 months ago)
"... but with a bigger dildo" made me burst out laughing
Gabe Trinidad (8 months ago)
Remember when this was our biggest problem as gamers... now we have to worry about release betas, complete games piecemealed via dlc, and friggin MICROTRANSACTION LOOT BOX GAMBLING!!!!
Lithus17 (8 months ago)
I’ll never buy another Gearbox game again as long as Pitchford is at the helm.
Nevan Ford (8 months ago)
And now the current broken game is Space Hulk Deathwing
Coldkill2001 (9 months ago)
God damn I love that intro song
nohints (9 months ago)
Never forget!!! I think we should never forget about what fucking Microsoft tried to do to us either.
Vossler Gardia (9 months ago)
Buy nothing from that piece of garbage.
WollongongWacko (9 months ago)
Lol born depressed!
Rob Dillenger (9 months ago)
do u hav a hardon 4 me mr. big man ;))))) +++__________________________
Leon Quigley (9 months ago)
Fucking hell Jim you had me in stiches at the end, subbed.
Roger Diking (9 months ago)
Jim thank you for this video you said everything i couldnt say to bitchford he deserves everything he gets i didnt remove colonial marines from my steam library so it can consistently remind me not to preorder.
Avid PCGamer (9 months ago)
NO MAN'S LIE is bad, but unlike ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES, at least it's actually playable
C T (9 months ago)
I fully comprehend & support you & gamer snot letting this go.. the principle behind the arrogance and BS which means scamming is disgusting.. & it's everywhere..Sadly it's in gaming.. THANK YOU JIM STERLING
Isn't that demo footage crap false advertising? Im pretty sure thats textbook false advertising. Why were they not charged for that? The justice system is fucked in America.
DaBest Styles (9 months ago)
Sega made up for it
DaBest Styles (9 months ago)
Boycott Borderlands 3?
Renegade Vile (9 months ago)
You've got a hard-on for him, Jim.
Seth Lucas (9 months ago)
Not a "work for hire" company. That's what every company is when they make a game based on different piece of media. Even if the game is amazing, it was still built from the ground up by company who sold\bought the chance to do so, regardless of passion or not.
WeCoolWeCool BOUNCE (9 months ago)
Rimmer: LIAR!
gamelegend alpha (9 months ago)
Around 7:00 in that case sonic 06 would be a masterpiece
TaoScribble (9 months ago)
Moral of the story: Never buy anything that Gearbox has even breathed on.

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