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Red Ashes (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com Red Ash wraps up its final hours on Kickstarter, with failure looking to be a dead cert. However, thanks to a "last minute" save by Fuze, the game's getting made anyway... and people aren't happy. An exercise in terrible management and shoddy communication, the hot mess that is Red Ash and Comcept's marketing strategy stands as an example of exactly how big names need to NOT approach the crowdfunding world. At least the cartoon got funded, I guess.
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Jallen (1 month ago)
Man Red Ashe was due to release...last year July 2017. Cartoon was apparently alright so one out of three ain't bad I guess.
alphamone (17 days ago)
The cartoon, despite being 3d rendered, was animated on threes (moving only every three frames) like a cheap hand-drawn anime. Even though pretty much any 3d animation software package made in the past two decades can do in-between frames automatically.
Kingdom of Italy ball (1 month ago)
Solitaire beginning had me dying
Mechanic87 (2 months ago)
Old video, new comment: Solitaire having adds doesn't mean jack to me. If I wanted to play solitaire, I'd grab one of several card decks I own and *_actually play solitaire._*
Edey Boy (2 months ago)
Jim Fucking Sterling Son, you the fucking man! Thank god for you
RocksOwnStone (4 months ago)
Beck and Call. Oh, I get it.... Jesus :-/
1987MartinT (4 months ago)
Honestly, Red Ash and Mighty No. 9 are just sad wastes of potential.
Cobra Conspirator 2 (5 months ago)
0:54 R.I.P. Cell
RevaXartist (6 months ago)
3 years later and where is red ash!!??? Huh!!!???? All we got was one trashy episode of the anime in 3 years!!??!!! 3!! people count em.
DiV4 (6 months ago)
Apparently first episode of the show can already be found on YouTube. And it's surprisingly well made for Inafune's project.
Hazukichan X (6 months ago)
Based on all available data, I get the very strong impression that Keiji Inafune has no freaking clue what he's doing and probably never did. Rockman was probably just the right idea in the right place at the right time (and may not have been entirely his own achievement, to be honest, who knows if he stole it off some unsung hero or heroine), and that one successful game idea was then repeated and repeated until the stamps and stencils all fell apart, at which point he took a break to swim in a pool full of money and then started pumping out Crapperdimension Craptunia using a new and much less right (for any time) sort of stamp. And while we're at it, I'm pretty sure Yuji Naka and Sonic Team are another example of more or less the exact same thing... they had one idea which worked great at the time, thanks in no small part to all the competent artists and programmers and testers and other team members who never got famous, then they kept trying to repeat the success, only in their case they apparently started changing the formula right away and surprise surprise, as they have little or no actual clue what they're doing, the outcome of their dice rolls frequently seems to land on "crap". Apologies to anyone who loves one of the unpopular things; if it's fun for you, great. By all means continue to enjoy. But can we all just agree that the old "Genius Veteran Game Designer" label has seen an awful lot of highly dubious usage over the years?
Glueg Hi (6 months ago)
ima pay microsoft a subscription to turn on your console every time you turn it on it makes you pay a fee or you get arrested
Glueg Hi (6 months ago)
i wouldn't be surprised if that would happen
Ed Le Toggaf (7 months ago)
any chance there can be an update on this game?
Atreuso (7 months ago)
9:22 That looks like Arthas SFM porn intro
Roll Caskett (8 months ago)
As a big fan of Megaman Legends, I would have loved to see Red Ash succeed. Never cared about Mighty No. 9, but something to make up for MML3 would have been nice.
Benjamin Barfoot (8 months ago)
i enjoyed the anime, got the bluray a while back
Iron Ladle (8 months ago)
Seems like they knew that all people ever did in Megaman Legends was kick that can around.
Drawable (10 months ago)
I hate fake laughs.
Quiwi Lin Lisolet (1 year ago)
It's a friggin' standard in game developement that you take your minium needed budget, double it because things WILL go wrong and then double it again because more things WILL go wrong. Just be open about it and you can ask for 4 times the minium budget and promise to put the possible extra cash into extra content or updates or whatever. It's much better than asking for the minium and delivering shit. Example A: I ask for 100.000$ and if I hit few roadblocks that means I can't deliver everything I promised. At least in timely manner. I'm sorry, but I will add the missing content if the game sells enough. Example B: I ask for 400.000$ and tell you that it's more than I need, but I can guarantee everything I pitched. All leftover money goes to free updates and making sure you get the best game I can make. I'm pretty sure that me in example B will get to fund another game via Kickstarter. (Of course it depends on me being actually sincere and skilled enough to make all that I promised)
Laura B (1 year ago)
I cannot get enough of Jim Sterling!
Montesama314 (1 year ago)
People aren't going to remember Shovel Knight being crowdfunded... but they'll remember Mighty No. 9 and hold their wallets a little tighter.
Goku x Sephiroth (1 year ago)
Jim's laughter at the beginning is the same as that clown who used to chase me in my nightmares as a kid
kendog84 (1 year ago)
Cacacacacastlevenia....? I don't want to believe what I saw.
EdmacZ (1 year ago)
5:10- 5:25. Instead Yooka-Laylee still managed to find other ways to fuck up.
Th3lonef0x (1 year ago)
what happened to this game now?? is it out?
elin111 (1 year ago)
By now it seems unlikely to ever be released.
Nick K (1 year ago)
Looking back now, you have to ask yourself. Did they know Mighty No 9 was going to fail and was trying to create a backup game to try again or just make more money before the storm happens?
AwesomeGuy227 (1 year ago)
My mum walked into the room as erotic violence came on, fuck you jim
Mecha Crustacean (1 year ago)
Come on Konami! Is that the Bres- I mean *best* you can do?
JPKVideoBlog (1 year ago)
For anyone curious, the anime seems to have been completed and will be shown in theaters next month (along with a couple other projects, which were part of the Government Program to help fund and train young animators). It's unclear how Studio 4C (since they're the ones maintaining the Kickstarter) plans to release this to backers currently, so I'm curious. ....as for the game....? ........................¯\_(ツ)_/¯
magicrainbow aids (1 year ago)
Preemptive comment
Ieuan Hunt (1 year ago)
Windows 10 is the worst virus I've ever had.
Xandermorph (1 year ago)
"Now listen here, you crrrrrretin!" LOL XD
Simon Belmont (1 year ago)
Can we all praise this god tier youtuber known as Jim Fucking Sterling Son? Can we get a holiday based around him?
Simon Belmont (1 year ago)
Indeed, it shall be GLORIUS! Except I dont have any of those things T.T I never played pogs.
Stop Hating On Aqua (1 year ago)
Yes, YES!!! We shall call it.... Poglin day!!!! A day where we trade Pogs, Boglins, and play Spin the Dildo Bat to commemorate our lord and savior, God's gift to Humanity, Jim Fucking Sterling, Son. P.S. Jim 3:16 says #FucKonami.
OWEN 009 (1 year ago)
Cry like a mega man fan on launch night
John NoNameGibbon (1 year ago)
They had me at "Erotic Violence".
Jeremy Seal (1 year ago)
I hope Recore flopped.
Mishthecat (1 year ago)
Jeremy Seal thats the problem we put so much trust in keiji that all it took was him to fuck it and now people are starting to mistrust IGA koji igarashi the guy who produced one the best games of all time (you probably know what it is) and kickstarter in genreal.
Jeremy Seal (1 year ago)
+HunterMishky 117 He damn well tried that's for sure. I also backed Bloodstained Ritual but Mighty No. 9 has made me much more cautious when it comes to donating money on kickstarter.
Mishthecat (1 year ago)
+Jeremy Seal keiji inafune practically RUINED the name of kickstarter.
Jeremy Seal (1 year ago)
+HunterMishky 117 I hate to wish ill on people but that kickstarter was a disaster. I was so hyped and I backed it. Then they had the nerve to launch two or three more before mighty no. 9 released. Get outta here what that crap.
Mishthecat (1 year ago)
Jeremy Seal it did.
Superfield (1 year ago)
To anyone who isn't happy with the fact that Windows 10 Solitaire not only has ads, but manages to have framerate and slowdown issues (fucking SOLITAIRE), you can find downloadable versions of the Windows 7 editions.
Tom Mito (1 year ago)
Megaman, Final Fantasy, Castlevania... why they keep doing shit things to what was once very successfull fanchises. If the creators have gone, don't even try if you don't have the same level of what the creators originaly have in mind.
Brian The Destroyer (1 year ago)
The start of this video is by far the funniest thing you have ever said....
Neenjah Rammus (1 year ago)
Been using Windows 10 for going on a year now, and the only time I've ever launched Solitaire was just now to see if they really had put ads on it or kept them there. Apparently enough people laughed in their faces to convince them it was not the best of ideas.
i Draw (1 year ago)
I've launched/delivered 6 successful Kickstarters and each of my campaigns has doubled in final campaign funds AND backer count from each previous one and that's because I engendered a sense of trust from the people awesome enough to invest in me and the artistic products I want to create. I've heard from numerous people who complimented my campaigns for being so transparent and communicative, which led them to refer others to my subsequent Kickstarters and that's how it should be. Kickstarter is great IF you respect backers and don't think of them as an endless resource to draw from. You have to want to give more back (in terms of hard work, passion and material rewards) than you think your backers will want to give you. That mutual respect is how you get to do what you want and have people pay you to do it.
Mishthecat (1 year ago)
Giggle smith you just cant treat you're fans like an anime fan on prom night.
Kyle Crofts (1 year ago)
Pooky1991 (1 year ago)
Apparently Red Ash is still being done. They lowered the goal to 150,000 and made a bit over that. So there are people who apparently still trust them with a kickstarter. Gonna be entertaining to see what comes out of this
Outarel (2 years ago)
I have faith in red ash. Because i want to have faith. I want to believe that megaman legends 3 can still be real. Fuck me probably, it's gonna be shit and i'm gonna be disappointed
Outarel (1 year ago)
+Bas van de Kleut Hope so.
Bas van de Kleut (1 year ago)
+Outarel Since they have a triple-A publisher breathing down their necks I'm sure we'll at least get to see something.
Outarel (1 year ago)
+Bas van de Kleut July 2017 But we'll be lucky if this even is released... even luckier if it isn't complete trash.
Bas van de Kleut (1 year ago)
Do we have a release date for that yet?
ozeal D. (2 years ago)
i love me some jim sterling!
freenadd (2 years ago)
what was that last bit? ....what was it? #fuckkonami
CN What I'm Saiyan? (2 years ago)
Red Ash: The Official Chinese Knockoff of Megaman Legends!
Mr Dweet-Dweet (2 years ago)
Jim'll make a great Joker
Mr Dweet-Dweet (2 years ago)
No, He'll be the Pengker or Joguin
CN What I'm Saiyan? (2 years ago)
Just gotta get rid of that Penguin bod (no offense)
I know this is one year later but I have to say it. 7:11 - What the hell happened to context clues? They teach you in school how to identify context in text (and speech by proxy). Do they not teach that anymore or are people just blatantly ignoring the context of anything that was previously said just to attack someone and show their ignorance? Never mind, I just answered my own question.
ninjabuddy1 (2 years ago)
I want this game to be good I don't have money in it I didn't like MN9 but there are a million megaman and castlevania clones there aren't many games that check all the marks that Megaman Legends does with me. I hope somebody stops inafune from shitting the bed and take over the entire project
lunavixen015 (2 years ago)
The Red ash anime isn't even at the voice acting stage yet it seems
Benjie Leshansky (2 years ago)
Will Megaman fans ever catch a break?!
Dio Brando (2 years ago)
Its handeld very fucking well!
PokeMaster22222 (2 years ago)
Too bad Mighty No. 9 sucked. That makes this even worse - fucking hell, Inafune.
TIM IS DEAD (2 years ago)
ugh jesus christ what's funny is that you can just disable the ads with airplane mode. Oops. now I wonder how much it'll cost to use MS Paint Premium.
TIM IS DEAD (2 years ago)
(actually, I do think that TF2 is the best game ever to handle microtransactions at allbut that could just be me)
TIM IS DEAD (2 years ago)
Lunasticks (2 years ago)
+The Insane Mentalist Better than that! Introducing our new Microtransaction-system! You thought TF2 crates, CS:GO cases and Overwatch loot-boxed were bs? With the new Paint-packs, each costing 5.99, you can get ONE random feature within each pack! Can you get the ULTIMATE RARE DROPS like "Transparancy", "Importing pictures" and "Ablity to save your drawing"?!?
TIM IS DEAD (2 years ago)
+The Lunatic Fridge That sounds nice, can you support vectors and actually use seperate layers and transparency like a REAAAAL paint program?
Lunasticks (2 years ago)
Don't worry it's literally almost exactly no money at all! Only like 19.99 a month! Also check out our "New Colours" DLC pack for only 20 dollars!
Siege Kall (2 years ago)
Would love to hear your opinion about the news that H-game farm sim Breeding Season is effectively dead when Lead Artist took all the assets to make a similar game on his own.
Psera (2 years ago)
Transparency Jim? What about all those pogs you bought with funding money? We've all heard the rumours.
alexanderalexandrou (2 years ago)
We now know Inafune just likes money and delivers underdeveloped shit.
Gnome Warlock (2 years ago)
The fake laughing at the beginning was painful to listen to... Good vid otherwise.
Hazukichan X (6 months ago)
Personally I feel Microsoft wanting a subscription fee for friggin' solitaire was very deserving of an approximated Joker Laugh... but that's just my opinion.
JKSSubstandard (2 years ago)
You know...ive been watching your show for over 3 years now and I still cant tell if I like it or HATE it...maybe some more time is needed.
Misu (2 years ago)
hey jim butdontyouthinkyourebeinghypocriticalbycriticizingcrowdfundingwhilebeingcrowdfundedyourself
Absadab (2 years ago)
whoops spelled that wrong, have a good day
Misu (2 years ago)
+Lucas Eriksen it may be ineffective but it's definitely not irrelevAnt 'tis but a joke regardless
Absadab (2 years ago)
hey ミスット dontyouthinkitsprettyirreleventtocommentonanearly1yearoldvideo
bsnxenogear (2 years ago)
I think, knowing what we know now that he was actually being a hypocrite. I've seen the patreon page of this show, it does not show the amount he's spent on cheeses, pogs and the various sex toys he uses or favors and he should be ashamed.
Flacid Frank (2 years ago)
At first I thought that fuck Konami news was a goof by Jim...
TheReaperNerd (2 years ago)
Never change, Jim.
Martian Buddy (2 years ago)
Is thar beta gameplay? I honestly feel MN9 did a bait and switch.
Harley Frank (2 years ago)
Konami shouldn't exist. They are a crappy company that SOMEHOW managed to get some talented people. However now they are shunning those people and kicking them out. MAYBE THEY WILL FINALLY DIE!
TvSonic Serbia (2 years ago)
Even after Mighty Number 9 failure, I have small hope for Red Ash, probably will pirate it first.
Arcademan09 (2 months ago)
TvSonic Serbia is it even happening anymore?
??? ??? (2 years ago)
From that red ash demo It looks like cheap plastic fuck dat piracy for the win on this one
antman1001000 (2 years ago)
AhahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh you poor naive soul.
Hell yeah, Gunvolt was pretty boss. I loved it.
Hat Emerald (2 years ago)
Why not try Gunvolt while you're at it? It's already got a sequel & its decent, actually
Bacender (2 years ago)
SUPREME OVERLORD Stumbled onto this video after watching your recent Mighty No 9 video. Still as accurate as ever.
spazzdineveryway (2 years ago)
Just left "The Mighty Has Fallen" Jimquisition. Brilliant!
Mighty No. 9 was 3D at one point?!
Sebastian Gipson (2 years ago)
Luickx (2 years ago)
Lapin (2 years ago)
4 million.
Lazy Lee (2 years ago)
and now that MN9 came out... he'll probably need the Kickstarter money to fund Red Ash
Austin Vanderveer (2 years ago)
I loved the Joker laugh at the beginning.
עמית פארן (2 years ago)
Theres a Shekel in the thumbnail! I CALL RACISM!
Redblaze27 (2 years ago)
The campaign that made Keji Inafune feel like an animé fan on prom night.
dracocrusher (2 years ago)
+Mama Luigi So hung from the neck with a shitload of broken glass in their eyes then?
Mama Luigi (2 years ago)
+wolfan20 to me it's more like an anime fan after seeing the live action Attack on Titan movies
The Gaming Pal Wolfang (2 years ago)
actualy its worse,its lika an anime fan on the dragon ball evolution premiere
dracocrusher (2 years ago)
The Red Ash Anime: It's never going to be seen by an anime fan on prom night.
thesxex (2 years ago)
Gordon Chin (2 years ago)
Classic Japanese Fat-head.
Sybaification (2 years ago)
and I take away the greatest lesson of the week.... Fuck Konami. Glory be to high Lord Jim
DASH64 (2 years ago)
Yeah but its not Megaman Legends 3, and since the series actually has a story, fans of the franchise that inafune wanted to help fund red ash arent even that interested. Its a very mixed reception, and it deserves it
OfficialZoiden (2 years ago)
Your laugh is hilarious.
Cameron West (2 years ago)
CN What I'm Saiyan? (1 year ago)
Cameron West HIT THE LEVER!
Dakota Highmiller (2 years ago)
what the hell happended to mighty Number 9 what the fuck
LeeLemon008 (2 years ago)
I'm curious - is your profile picture meant to be Kingdom Hearts made to look like Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan? ('Cause the latter is what I thought it was at first glance, with the framing and whatnot.)
dracocrusher (2 years ago)
They took the money and ran
CN What I'm Saiyan? (2 years ago)
Awesome things that are awesome happened
Tord L (2 years ago)
who is the girl at 9.06 in the vid?
Północne Granie (2 years ago)
Best joker laugh ever.
normalguycap (2 years ago)
Comcept and Inafune: Reputation destroyed.
Andrew Thomas (2 years ago)
Especially now that Might Number 9 was utterly panned.
Brackynews (2 years ago)
There's no way that many cans fit in that trash bin. Japanese probably doesn't even have a "kick at the can" idiom.
Samael16661 (2 years ago)
I have been soured on the entire concept of crowdfunding from day one. I don't pay for products in potentia. I simply don't have money to spare on that regard. I'll buy a finished product, but unless that product is out there, there's always a chance of everything flopping and your money being lost.
MforMovesets (2 years ago)
Rather fund an Undertale cartoon than an anime of some generic game. And it doesn't help Mighty No. 9 to have a graphics designer who has seemingly planned to sabotage the project the whole time. Also... Patreon, transparent... AHAHAH! AHAHAHAHA!! HA!!! It's the "so far I didn't make an effort for you, but hey, if you pay me, maybe I will... but it's not measurable or guaranteed" way of funding.
Vitamin S (2 years ago)
if Microsoft were a person I would cyber bully them to the brink of suicide.
33melonpaws77 (2 years ago)
I think game developers need to hire someone for the position of "Keeping It Real". This employee needs a stick, a megaphone, and will oversee all aspects of creation and marketing decisions. Whenever the heart of the game fades or the devs get greedy, "Keeping It Real" should come in and smack the dollar signs out of their eyes, shout that they have fan's expectations to uphold, and get them back on the right path.
33melonpaws77 (2 years ago)
Mighty No. 9 had problems too, didn't it? I read a forum thread on the official site. People were complaining because the game got held back (again) and some didn't care about playing it anymore. I wonder how the game is going now it's on shelves?
memer (1 year ago)
1:07 Jim You Okay?
Christopher Blair (2 years ago)
I still think crowd funding is a useful tool but I'd be lying if I said I don't have to be extremely sold on a product and confident in it if I'm going to throw money at it these days. Stuff like this has made be more likely to not support crowd funding campaigns.
Donn Eckman (2 years ago)
You're a hypocrite for eating food but liking food I don't like. Seems logical.
Cortez (2 years ago)
And even after proving that he can't manage his funds. Tim Schafer makes his 3 million on Psyconauts 2. I don't know how he does it, man...
Megfreakx3 (2 years ago)
and than wegot psychonauts 2 >3>
Myller (2 years ago)
Best intro ever.
Romano Coombs (2 years ago)
Mediocre Display = Shamepuru Dishprray! Nice bit of nostalgia from Total War series!
dilanciara88 (2 years ago)
lol I do thank God for you, Jim

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