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Taunt: The Trotskyist Tricycle

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Vote for my new taunt on the Steam Workshop! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1538922252
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The Winglet (1 month ago)
If you want to see this taunt in the game, consider voting for it on the Steam Workshop! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1538922252
Voltaire (9 days ago)
Wait no I change my question, do you like the Ctf game mode? THAT is a question I would like an answer to.
Hashveen Singh (15 days ago)
aww yis, well done
Tonho Barru (18 days ago)
Hey friend don't forget the serie of robots pls thanksss
Voltaire (26 days ago)
Will you make another q & a? If you do, I have one BURNING question: Do you like random crits? It's a really torn topic...
JustVladYT (28 days ago)
Fornite VS Team Fortress 2 :D
QuantumHawk (21 hours ago)
Hey winglet. Can you maybe make either a short 10 second video of engi in mind games saying “darn” when he gets turned into a dispenser and saying “godflabbadangnabbadang” or whatever during HHH fight?(when the door started closing). I wanna make those my ringtone but it’s hard with the other sounds/video in the video. Btw mind games was really good I thought it was cool. the fact that the dispenser was destroyed just shut up the engi, I thought he died.
Colin Passalacqua (1 day ago)
What computer do you make your animations on
Nigga stole my bike (1 day ago)
*friendlies rise up*
Oliver Norlin (3 days ago)
You need to create a New video This month
Gamer's Bun (3 days ago)
It's like the new scream fortress X taunts.
DKStudios (3 days ago)
man. i would vote for this, but i forgot my steam password, and i havent gotten a reply from steam help
Cihan MRT (3 days ago)
I hope its will come
Candy Queen (5 days ago)
Why did the bike fall over
Salih Çamkıran (5 days ago)
New video please i love your all video
JamezGamer222 Rblx (6 days ago)
This is the Cutest TF2 Taunt i have seen in my Entire life
Nathan Kitchen (6 days ago)
XD dat funny
Bendigo (6 days ago)
I got more entertainment on this video then all fnaf sfms combined
iampinkpandagirl (7 days ago)
How did this not get in game??!
Tails (8 days ago)
Hey Winglet could you make a engineer vs heavy video ? Its basically like Mario vs Donkey Kong but its engineer and his army of mini engie's (which are these toy version's of engineer) and heavy has kid napped some one random and engineer is trying to save that random person do you think you can do that ?
김선주 (8 days ago)
GuestNimation (9 days ago)
Extra Status: On Stop Enemies Who Saw You Will Laugh at 10 seconds
I hate myself (9 days ago)
Is this dead channel ?
Kolby Cochran (9 days ago)
When will you put out another animation
Meme Review (9 days ago)
Hey winglet why don't you do a sfm about captain punch vs Saxton hale
Mr tajmooregaming (9 days ago)
0:51 his mouth doesn’t move
Phlog Flying Phwyro (9 days ago)
"Heavy will break bicycle now." What heavy says as he gets on the tricycle
Anne Agustin (10 days ago)
Vote pls I really want dis taunt
Anne Agustin (10 days ago)
That's perfect
Vlant (10 days ago)
Now we need saw mask on heavy
Upgrade (10 days ago)
The new tf2 weapon looks great to use
Yousterz (10 days ago)
poor heavy lost his tricycle and got laughed at :(
Mudança Temporaria (10 days ago)
you animate in graph editor or in motion editor
Jeff Dunham (10 days ago)
Wow fedora chronicles is looking good
ricefield_man (10 days ago)
*New Russian tank ready to fight in the Battle of Kursk*
Javelin 693 (11 days ago)
This taunt is actually really good. I'd use this after every single round wins as heavy.
Deluxe Guy (11 days ago)
Is the video intro a Saw reference?
Roo Gamatars (12 days ago)
I would rely on if I need an animation done.
Robert Quinn (12 days ago)
This will go great with the Chicken Kiev Cosmetic!
Evil Pumpkin (12 days ago)
Does this Work on other characters too?
Hortensia FX (13 days ago)
Honk honk
Rino Takashi (13 days ago)
Just like Saw game
Evans 35 (14 days ago)
Dude, if you want to make a taunt for a class, then make sure, that it fits the character. This one does NOT fit the heavy even a bit
Mr.Firefox (14 days ago)
You are amazing
DPTBOOM 718 (15 days ago)
Jigsaw reference?
Joe Redd (15 days ago)
live and let spy, when will you release the new one..
andrew the jew (15 days ago)
reliable transportation for permanent revolution
Handsome Jack (15 days ago)
I'd Buy this when it comes out
Ryan Bishop (16 days ago)
New Medi-gun concept: The Munnach +15% Über gain -10% Heal rate +10% ammo regen per second on patient. Über charge: Everyone within half a medi-gun’s range becomes invincible for 4 seconds. The name: ‘Ammunition refill’ in german is ‘Munition nachfüllen.’ So abbreviated is mun & nach.
Scout Black (16 days ago)
0:22 "i want play a game"
NGSpy (16 days ago)
Checking for prankz... NOPE IT AIN'T APRIL 1ST
Quartaz Aqua (16 days ago)
Where is Team Fortress 2 vs Fortnite?
GoldScissor_ 905 (16 days ago)
Looks lile the scout made it first, but its a scooter.
Blunderful Red (17 days ago)
All we need now is to add an ice axe to the game.
Spencer S (17 days ago)
Now this is how you promote a taunt
celark (17 days ago)
Does the tricycle break at random times? If so, it would mean people could have tricycle races where the last tricycle standing wins
Jordthe destro1 (18 days ago)
He's like Billy from saw
Bob Brewer (18 days ago)
winglet, can we get a sequel of overwatch vs tf2? if so, use a map from overwatch and put Brigitte in it. it's my biggest request. please do this for your subscribers
The Winglet (7 days ago)
Yeah I'll make another one soonish
CharIsFar (18 days ago)
Winglet started out making pretty rough SFMs, and in only a few years he became one of the greatest people to ever use film maker and is now making community taunts. That is just fucking amazing
Rome (18 days ago)
Welcome to SAW 2.
Deeth Irteen (19 days ago)
Never in the history of playing TF2 have I wanted something in the game so badly!
JustGaming Productions (19 days ago)
Me in that taunt will be like: YOU SEE ME ROLLIN
Donuberry (19 days ago)
Great idea, ready to get ruined by Volvo
Jake W (19 days ago)
Hmmmmm scout tricycle was added...
RobinBonhomme (19 days ago)
No Spy putting an icepick through the spokes? Missed opportunity
Kaiden Phillips (19 days ago)
Heavy: Giant man uses tiny trike
FamaLama (19 days ago)
Winglet you should team up with some other animators and make a tf2 movie, TF2 infinity war!
김찬주 (19 days ago)
it is nice!
Brick Salvador (19 days ago)
I want. No.... I NEED IT!!!!
Ludwig The Medic (20 days ago)
Man. I wish you could make a Medic Taunt with a German Panzerkampfwagen IV.
《 Дархан 》 (20 days ago)
Пила отакует
Shakeela-Milkshake (20 days ago)
Do we have a circus-bear-morph-thingy for the Heavy yet? No? Well, they better make it for this taunt. Xp
Sherhan_play Show (21 days ago)
You are russia я тоже российский
Добавьте маску пилы , будет прикольно !
Cythes 11037 (21 days ago)
I think you meant the TroITSKIY Tricycle? I dunno, do what you want.
Space (22 days ago)
Heavy-“Do you want to play a game?”
dfpp113 (22 days ago)
are you give up "The Fedora Chronicles"?
The Winglet (7 days ago)
are you give up on me?
Joo2oob (22 days ago)
Why hasn't this been added to the game yet...
XeonGame3k (20 days ago)
Joo2oob it was for scout
Macwolf04 (22 days ago)
all i can think of is the Tsar tank now
Lance Pizon (23 days ago)
I love it, this taunt is so hilarious !
Steri0Killerz (23 days ago)
Heavy wants to play a game
poop (23 days ago)
Tokyo Drift : Night Of The Heavy.
TheFightingBros (23 days ago)
You're so lucky that you can easily find voice actors for your animations.
Elcey Van Winkle (23 days ago)
I want to play a game
ItsNotorious (23 days ago)
I think we have had enough vehicles.
Surrealaryan (23 days ago)
I think now you should work for valve
Connor Buchanan (23 days ago)
I have steam money saved for when this comes out.
Superjonno03 (24 days ago)
I wonder why are here taunts expensive?
GaminGundam ANIMATIONS (24 days ago)
Can it be a pyro taunt too?please?
Dshim (25 days ago)
"do you want to play a game?"
Osmar Pavia (25 days ago)
Yeah Put in The game!
Top Cat (25 days ago)
Argentenuem (25 days ago)
Please do "Meet the Jarate"
GoldBeam 12 (26 days ago)
He needs a jigsaw outfit
SilverKid (26 days ago)
Ааа! Nice work mann Respect+
Harold (26 days ago)
I guess that all of the classes are getting... mobility taunts now?
Monkeybrain32 (27 days ago)
Amazing. Definitely voting for it
G4M3RBRO (27 days ago)
I’d really love to see this as soldier got a miniature tank and scout got a miniature scooter
Gamedude 2198 (27 days ago)
Maggic8bal l (28 days ago)
Ur animations are rly RLY good and I love ur SFMS I noticed how much work u put in them
Liana White-Rosas (28 days ago)
Create the 4th episode The Fedora Chronicles or the remake of operation 2fort please
Manolo Salazar caja (28 days ago)
Salgan los latinoamericanos
Old Agent II (28 days ago)
I can already imagine the servers that are filled with heavys riding tricycles into people
Πολυ καλο
Mr. Eazily McTriggered (29 days ago)
We may not have this right now, but Scream Fortress 2018 gave us the Scooty Scoot, a taunt for Scout that involves him driving a comically small moped.

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