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The Simulation Theory - Hacking Reality (Must See)

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This video was produced by Quantum Gravity Research. They post amazing content regularly, subscribe to their channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUyk0KLo7JPLCCh4oRNLzsQ Hacking Reality is the follow up film to 'We Are Living In A Simulation - New Evidence' which can be viewed here..https://youtu.be/97FhauH1J58 This is the new groundbraking film from Quantum Gravity Research. Is there an 8-dimensional "engine" behind our universe? Join Marion Kerr on a fun, visually exciting journey as she explores a mysterious, highly complex structure known simply as 'E8'--a weird, 8-dimensional mathematical object that for some, strange reason, appears to encode all of the particles and forces of our 3-dimensional universe. ENJOY THE MOVIE! And SHARE IT! Main film credits: Host: Marion Kerr Written, Directed and Edited by David Jakubovic Director of Photography: Natt McFee Lead animator: Sarah Winters Original Music by Daniel Jakubovic Rerecording mixer: Patrick Giraudi Line Producer: Piper Norwood Executive producer: Klee Irwin Producers: David Jakubovic, Stephanie Nadanarajah Also starring Daniel Jakubovic as Agent Smooth QGR’S WEBSITE: http://www.quantumgravityresearch.org/ QGR’S BLOG: http://www.quantumgravityresearch.org... QGR’S PUBLICATIONS: http://www.quantumgravityresearch.org... QGR’S FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/QuantumGravi... QGR’S TWITTER: https://twitter.com/emergencetheory KLEE IRWIN: http://www.kleeirwin.com/ Please support us on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/realspiritdynamics OUR RELATED VIDEOS... The Simulation Theory: What Is The Reality Code? With Klee Irwin https://youtu.be/loZ5Da7cQlo We Are Living In A Simulation - New Evidence! https://youtu.be/97FhauH1J58 Quantum Gravity: A New Theory Of Everything https://youtu.be/_v9eTvlLi-s The Code That Animates Reality - Not For Beginners! https://youtu.be/LrSdEup9DKY The Simulation Theory: Nature's Code - With Klee Irwin https://youtu.be/Q2tMbKp4xOs The Simulation Theory: A Message From The Creators https://youtu.be/AkrRRhu8oAI PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & THANKS FOR WATCHING.
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OUR RELATED VIDEOS... What Is The Reality Code? https://youtu.be/loZ5Da7cQlo We Are Living In A Simulation - New Evidence! https://youtu.be/97FhauH1J58 Quantum Gravity: A New Theory https://youtu.be/_v9eTvlLi-s The Simulation Theory: A Message From The Creators https://youtu.be/AkrRRhu8oAI
socialmeasles (1 day ago)
This girl is an idiot.
Barry Ross (5 days ago)
Does this tie into Fibbiniccis curve?
Barry Ross (5 days ago)
When i visualize nothingness I think black void. You on the other hand envision white. Wonder why?
Leslie High (12 days ago)
light is intelligent and used to create life n things, along with sounds that emits vibrations, life in infinite number of possibilities. we are creator's consiousness...we manifest automatically but unaware of it. Abnesia has us, this is our time of remembering who we are really, telepathic abilities would end secrets. open your chakras, be still, observe. Quiet mind. How do you feel,? what do you feel? Be still. Bé in the now coz that's all we have right now. Namesta...wish for all Humanity is INFINITE ABUNDANCE AND ETERNAL PEACE AND PERFECT HEALTH AND WELL-BEING FOR ALL HUMANITY, WE ARE ALL ONE! RESPECT ALL LIFE. DO NO HARM. NAMESTA!
Christine Wolff (13 days ago)
Its true what you say : - ))))) In the Matrix Than all is a rythm a algorythm In the first time i study Knoppix And than i have see what you can do HIHIHIHI A Video a Image or all other things what it is Is simple : 10000111110000 When i make a bad thing than i write it When i make good things too But i hate bad things I reading all HIHIHI We leaving all in a 1 or zero matrix
Midnight_stories (1 hour ago)
You’re not even close, you exist in a quantum machine that has millions of particle types the machine constructs things by vibrational frequencies or sound. There is a positive and a negative version of you and combined they create a singularity or existence. Between each quantum machine are special particle types that only they can use to communicate with each other. How did this happen? AI won or saved what was left. Now go on living your now existent life Lol !
We have 11 dimensions..
Zak Mcnicholas (5 hours ago)
Boštjan Erjavec (6 hours ago)
I'm impressed. A bit too much to comprehand in this instant - but awesome.
Sam Collins (4 hours ago)
the fact that you are impressed whilst confused and yet curious, means that you are thinking honestly and critically. trust me im trying to do the same.
claravoid (8 hours ago)
quasi cupcakes - gina linetti
lonnieherbals (9 hours ago)
In Water... Hot Blonde Chick... Wet T-Shirt contest!!!.... Yeah baby!!! :D
Addidis     no (10 hours ago)
how could you realize zero is a lack of things but darkness is not the lack of illumination?
Samantha Schneider (4 hours ago)
I'm going to have to agree with everything you just said lol
Addidis     no (6 hours ago)
you have a point there, and a great last name (I wonder if we are related). Indeed it slipped my mind there is actually a naught and a zero. I guess im being a geek and giving her shit for nothing when I enjoyed her video. Though tbh, the key part I wanted to understand was when they said they see all particles in e8 how exactly, are they represented. I suppose i will consider her video a success because it is making me think harder than i was prior to seeing it.
Samantha Schneider (6 hours ago)
Technically there is a difference between 0 and ∅. In set theory, zero is a thing, and the empty set is denoted {∅}. So, even though darkness and zero represent a lack of things, they are not themselves nothing, which I think is the larger point she's trying to make.
Addidis     no (7 hours ago)
Correct, you missed the point. Darkness is the lack of light, as zero represents the lack of things. Both represent a naught. a lack of things. Remember the old thought experiments about a shadow that travels faster than it aught be able to , but it doesnt break the rules of physics because it is a lack of light, a naught. Also calling this simulation theory is a rick roll
Jacob Downs (7 hours ago)
she said darkness is not nothing it is something she said zero represents nothing
Azazel Nathan (10 hours ago)
Didn't we already know it was code? Look at your brain. Code. DNA? Code. Locks on organs? Code. We knew this already.
Cap Nyo Face! (11 hours ago)
I wish scientists would TRULY start from scratch. There is no such thing as time or gravity SMH
Mike Paul (2 hours ago)
Are you proposing a starting place?
0 0 (13 hours ago)
Damn, she's fine.
Your Local Memeist (6 hours ago)
el negro (13 hours ago)
formulate without the gravity
lmc1dj (14 hours ago)
Great video. See you in the 8th dimension.
Robert Dempster (14 hours ago)
Trump42020 ! (16 hours ago)
You must be a billionaire s daughter to make a high quality video like this
A ST (18 hours ago)
17:48 the 2D projection of the rotating E8 reminds me of the Sri Yantra. Interesting...
IP Productions (16 hours ago)
The visualization of hidden reality by ancient mystics never fail. Direct experience might not be "scientific" per se, but it's reality anyway.
Abraham Molina (19 hours ago)
Awsome vid
Juan Dieg0 (19 hours ago)
if i was here forever could anyone tell me why
Mark Reyburn (10 hours ago)
Han Myohset (21 hours ago)
I just need a girl who would talk with me about these things 😤
sloop (16 hours ago)
I wanted one to., so I assumed the "Law of Attraction" was true, and used it as if it were true to find a girl. I just daydreamed about a gamer girl who had an interest in video games and random deep stuff like this. It only took a few months for one to fall into my lap. We've been together over a year now. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe not.. but I figured I might as well use every tool POTENTIALLY available, and now here I am, happier than ever before. Despite a dozen relationships and a decade of heartbreak and defeat, this one just came outta fucken nowhere and is everything I ever wanted. Good luck.
Trey Wood (19 hours ago)
Han Myohset hahahahaha
John Hanek (1 day ago)
These guys are never going to see the light, pun intended. They assume things and then invent incredibly complex math models to match what they want to see. For instance: they ASSUME 4 forces in nature. WRONG. There are only 2 primal forces in nature: gravity and electromagnetism. Nassim Haramein worked it out and it's beautifully simple compared to this E8 garbage. 8D to 4D to 3D at a specific irrational angle? WTF? Gives me a headache. And why do they still talk of "particles" when there is no such thing as a "particle"? So-called "Particles" are actually complex energy patterns swirling in sacred geometrical forms, so why do they not acknowledge them as such?
John Hanek (9 hours ago)
From Merriam Webster: Definition of tetragrammaton: : the four Hebrew letters usually transliterated YHWH or JHVH that form a biblical proper name of God — compare yahweh. Not sure what your point is. From this it looks like the Hebrew name for God is directly connected to sacred geometry. Haramein's theory is elegant and simple. Not so with E8 garbage. In nature when you find a simple, elegant solution you are on the right track. You might want to seriously investigate Haramein's work.
Kendall Falk (10 hours ago)
Garbage? This is what nassim talks about. He talks about the tetragrammaton. Everyone has different takes and its all based on different perceptions of reality...what is reality? A shadow
Because then they wouldn't feel superior, common complex we develop in society like how a priest wants you to believe he knows what happens when you die. Smartest man in the world is the one that knows he knows nothing.
Joe Chaney (1 day ago)
I saw something like this on lsd once ive never been able to explain what it was to anyone because it was unexplainable but thats exactly what it looked like but with alot more color
Mr Lee (1 day ago)
Me too
Im sure you saw something...
Sirius Lee (1 day ago)
Been to the state of nothing so yeah... not good. I've seen that crystal too, they were minute and massive, interlacing golden holographic honeycomb structures. Looked a lot more believable than those tetahedron models.
Jose Minyetty (1 day ago)
Loved the video very easy for understand, most of it lol
Lets talk about infinity and nothingness.... Oh it equals ZERO!!! omg yeah lets use our logic to explain something we don't understand... silly 3 dimensional beings.
K.D. Beebe (1 day ago)
How long were they filming? This narrator's hair is changing colour... is it just me?
socialmeasles (1 day ago)
This girl is an idiot.
Dan Gorosito (1 day ago)
Amazing film, especially if a girl looking like a cloned Scully from X-Files is the host to explain quantum references. Seriously. Witty, deep, entertaining enough and a learning experience altogether. Kudos to you! :)
Miles Evans (1 day ago)
Two moons.
mat 33 (1 day ago)
O.k crazy girl listen carefully take off all your clothes ! you dont want to .dont wooooory they'll still be on I'll explain later when it makes more sense just take my word for it.😅
azdjedi (1 day ago)
This was good. I'd make the title more descriptive, though; it didn't do justice to the content.
vorpal22 (1 day ago)
I have a PhD in math (combinatorics) and have never understood Lie groups and algebras in the slightest. I could grasp them theoretically in terms of their properties, but they still made no sense to me. Thanks for providing such an interesting, easy to understand view of them.
Rodge Dodge (1 day ago)
For us dum this video is key explanation. Thank you !
Stan (1 day ago)
Kira OConnell (1 day ago)
Maria Kanaseki (1 day ago)
Man, that was the most intense introduction I´ve ever seen in a video
Travis Thacker (1 day ago)
Darkness is the absent of any light as our eyes know it..................it is a color spectrum absent of any color or light within the spectrum of light......................so technically it is nothing, it is the void. Simpy by saying that nothingness is something cause it has a name does not make it a something it only means there is some one present to say that there is..................creation of the human mind. Try to imagine the thought of before you were born, we know shit from books and parents and history but we have no conception at all of what really happened before we were alive................that's nothing or at least nothing as we can know it as a living being. Either you live and take in data and process data and store data or you dont....those are the only 2 options for "living" creatures.
vorpal22 (1 day ago)
+Travis Thacker I haven't had a seizure, but I've taken a lot of dissociative drugs (think things like ketamine and PCP) in my past, which essentially turn your brain off: it is a fascinating experience that feels of nothing when you undergo ego death.
Travis Thacker (1 day ago)
That's how I view it. If you have ever had a bad seizure before you might understand even better. I have some neurological BS that effects me almost like a super phobia, any time I have to give blood I pass out but it's more of a seizure rather then simply passing out. I still have to do my normal monthly visits to the Dr. and usually every month it's damn blood samples. I hate it...............long story short every time I go out I can tell when my brain starts to drop mu BP and I know i'm going lights out so to speak but for the first few seconds I can tell I'm still alive.....then wack nothingness like no existence no concept of nothing and the next thing I hear, smell, see, feel is what ever is in front of me when my eyes start receiving data again.........it's scary as all fuck cause for about 45 seconds after my eyes start seeing again my brain has like no working ability and it takes about 30-40 seconds or so for me to even realize anything or who I am or what I am.......it's no fun. The only thing I know is that whatever is going on in my brain is not sleep, not a dream, not awake, just plain ole nothing no anything. It's actually not to bad really all in all except the coming back out part. Always made me think that's what death is ..........not so bad really once you have a tiny idea of it.
vorpal22 (1 day ago)
To have darkness, you'd need to have space that could be devoid of light: hence, you don't really have nothing, because you have space. Imagining no time and no space. I agree with you about the nothingness from our personal perspectives before we were born. This is also why religion and the concept of an afterlife is rather silly and childish: I was nothing for 13.8 billion years. In another 60 years, I will die and return to nothing. My life is a tiny anomaly in space-time, and the status quo for all but an infinitesimally small part of the universe... so why should my lack of existence disturb me at all?
Maya (1 day ago)
You guys and gal we're awesome! Thank you so very much for this education 👏🙌👏🙌 Quantum Physics is were its at!
Ashray Hebbar (1 day ago)
This is a great video. A big thanks to the people who created it.
Jones Jão (2 days ago)
No. Eternity, infinity doesn't exist, since we can't even conceptualise it. Which is different from things we know to be true but cannot and xplain fully such as the existence of universe and black holes. Those are the biggest mysteries. Maybe with AI we can get closer to the truth about infinity, quantum and more.
Bobkapp1 (2 days ago)
Buy a kaleidoscope. Simple.
roB9099 (2 days ago)
Our reality being a shadow... Made me think of allegory of the cave. Is our understanding of consciousness and reality predicated on our perception of the dimensions?
Rev B Righteous (2 days ago)
This was excellent. You were very encapsulating.
Eric K (2 days ago)
3-D tetrahedral lattice is not contiguous, given that the dihedral angle is arccos(1/3)~=70.52 degrees. If not contiguous in 3-D, the regular simplex is not contiguous in 8-D. This could resolve by making the simplexes irregular if equidistance needs to be maintained among vertices, but does this cause a deeper problem to explain to make the theory work? I wonder, does the lattice have to be a static quasicrystal, in that the lattice gaps are closed by energy ripples as if it were a giant paper fortune teller? And, why 8? Why not 9, 10 or N? These questions and observations pop into my head; it will be interesting to see how answers to these and other questions unravel in related videos. This has me thinking ... cool stuff.
I G (2 days ago)
I love Irwin's theory! This is awesome! The lower dimensional quasi crystal is like the spark notes version of the book of reality, a book which we do not have access to due to the limits of our human body's preceptor organs, which we are taught to use for analyzing, understanding, registering information about the world and people around us. Perhaps mastering meditative techniques, as described by teachers and writers of spiritual and religious literature is an introduction into training and teaching the brain to register information beyond the 3D summarized version of the world/universe. Perhaps that is what Jesus did and that is how it was in fact possible for him to walk on water, change water to wine, and make many fish out of just several. According to historic literature, there are others which have mastered these techniques, yet much of this literature was regarded as fabricated and unfathomable. Perhaps Irwin's research will lead to a brighter intellectual future in which these historic events would be regarded as truth. One of humankinds' biggest fears is a fear of the unknown. Once we can grasp the idea with our mind it would be feasible to see how completely possible it is for someone to do things which appeared for many year to be impossible. I mean, Jesus studied in Egypt, a civilization which at the time was home to some of the most advanced populace of humans who had access satellite and laser technology. There is something to be said when one is regarded as an intellect within civilizations such as that. It is almost ridiculous that it has taken us this long to crawl out of the dark ages into a future where we are only now beginning to see the feasibility in this individual's existence as someone who perhaps was trained and successfully able to perceive into the 8D dimension of reality itself on a conscious level. I do not want to denote the others who have been written of in history as individuals who trained to consciously delve into deeper parts of our existence. These are remarkable individuals as well. With all gifts, understanding, intellect, and knowledge we must use them to do good. Growing up I read this was what Jesus did with his ability and this is why he embodied God, as God is The Highest Form of Love. Anyway, the video was amazing and I feel so honored to be able to watch this free online! Thanks so much guys! Please feel free to read work which technically references Irwin's work in a philosophical angle, if you may: https://evolutionoftime.wordpress.com/author/evolutionoftime/
Da Ga (2 days ago)
i want to have sex with this woman forever. than when she ask when its gonna end ill tell her never
Da Ga (2 days ago)
infinity crap.. thats so stupid
ivonna.tinkle (2 days ago)
So E8 is everything and nothing. E8 is existentialism of the millenial or the triple aughts?
Phillip filkins (2 days ago)
"69" ... Billy Mattison
Karen Palma (2 days ago)
uhm.. so basically everything is influenced by your daily life ?
Cole Bengson (2 days ago)
imagine watching this on dmt
MiamiDanny (2 days ago)
The cat nat hehe maybe not
the cat Nat (2 days ago)
Cole Bengson no
Dmt may allow us to briefly experience existence in these higher dimensions.
Shenlan (2 days ago)
*Just enjoy the damn pool*
Sammy TheGod (2 days ago)
Damn she is fine.
ian ball (2 days ago)
so if there is meny universes and dimension the would pack like oranges. ball 's ,bubbles the pure light is everything the pure light energy. Its a singlarity . and we are all part of it. everything is 8. god is the light. so god is 8 ,8 is everything of light. rubber space. work out the light and you hit the nail on the head. the sperm enters the egg and theres a flash of light. but if filmed with a very high speed camera then slow it down. you get the outer opening up to let the light through. like the shutter on a film camera. same with a nuclear flash. the force moves from the center and the light shines through. for a few seconds or so. god is the light and could that be the big bang theory. life and everything else come from the light. born from it die and go back to the light. i know all this is fact. check it. and bingo. the answer to everything
Kendall Michelson (2 days ago)
i sapose you think space is really what nasa claims to be.
hopeless potato (2 days ago)
the f@#$
Kendall Michelson (2 days ago)
theo physics mwhahaha.
ian ball (2 days ago)
hense the No 8 is regurded as a lucky number by the chinese. the west claim 7 is lucky.the balance is correct not the odd number but 7 has a meaning in some things.
Lori BE (2 days ago)
Feel free to share all your point of views with all numbers...
Lori BE (2 days ago)
CONspiracy theories do not exist within reality using numerology. Feel free to share all your point of views with all numbers...
Bro. Ra'id Rasuli (2 days ago)
The reason 7 is used, is because its based on masonic numerology. 4 and 3. the 4 being earth and 3 being the heavens
Kendall Michelson (2 days ago)
can you explain why and how ppl have so much proof that the earth is not round?
sloop (16 hours ago)
Kendall Michelson 2 days ago i sapose you think space is really what nasa claims to be. ------------------------------------ Kendall Michelson 2 days ago theo physics mwhahaha. ------------------------------------ Kendall Michelson 2 days ago you are smokein smart and hot. ------------------------------------- ....you're a weirdo... either a troll, or an idiot.
blightedmonkey (2 days ago)
Please dont procreate
Jonathan Vaughn (2 days ago)
Your asking a backwards question, we as a species have so much proof the world is round, a small group of people claim the earth is flat but give 0 evidence. I've had a few friends entertain the idea and one friend who is a believer of that nonsense... but whatever logic I put forth to him his end answer when he can't explain stuff is a giant machine is confusing everyone and we are just being brainwashed. Never mind the entire basis of shipping and transportation of goods around the world is dependent on our knowledge of the earth being round. Never mind that you can pick up a ticket and calculate the miles and hours it takes to go around the world (better yet, go become a pilot and travel the world). So to round things off... there is ZERO proof the earth is not round. Is it a perfect sphere? No, but its a round ball.
Kendall Michelson (2 days ago)
you are smokein smart and hot.
Khloe Rabnta (2 days ago)
The whole thing made sense till we got to quasiee crystals or whatever you guys called it.
night Candle (3 days ago)
pretentious crap, irritating cock hungery presenter.uninspiring vague.
Manoj Bhaskar (3 days ago)
Energy create by the mitochondria it creates all physical movement is possible just l think...
at me (3 days ago)
hey guys, just a heads up IM A FEMALE INTERESTED IN THIS SUBJECT... and probably smarter than you too
smile444 (2 days ago)
because, did you look at the comments ? A look of insecure teenagers are saying "Huuuuh a girl that talk about science, that is FAKE NEWS girls are not smart enough lol !" it pissed more than a few people
Brian Strachan (2 days ago)
at me .... wow... an your probly a pretty as hat full of broken eggs... good luck too you...
Jonathan Garrett (2 days ago)
Are you smart enough to get out of the pool before you get all wrinkly?
Khloe Rabnta (2 days ago)
Doubt it. Why would a actual female feel the need to say something so obnoxious.
night Candle (3 days ago)
i think your actually a gullible idiot.and value this video.
david ouellette (3 days ago)
YES to many distractions ones mind must be cleared to think about these things yes all thing must connect the bending of space to gravity explain a lot of missing thing they did not understand im glad there are great minds that think about this stuff . amazing we humans can put together things like this .LOVE the way she explain everything SMART BEAUTIFUL KIND WHAT MORE DO WE NEED .TO bad people don,t try to make others reality great this world would be a very beautiful world to live in. eight sided object is that a octagon.
Jacob (3 days ago)
Yeaaa ok.
Cassidy Fisher (3 days ago)
She got a fat booty tho.
Bobby Digitol (3 days ago)
Cassidy Fisher id take a whack at it
Marcelline Choisne (3 days ago)
ahahahahaaaaaaaCassidy,thats a pure women comment lol
Andrew Greiff (3 days ago)
I like the idea! If you would understand that you would then have power to create your own reality - your mini world! that seems crazy but is it really ??? knowledge is power...
Grace Wei (3 days ago)
This was great, finally something relatable 😘
Mona Liza (3 days ago)
14:20 I got confused af
Paul Howard (3 days ago)
Mind boggeling video. Thank you for sharing peace ✌
Olga Nadal (3 days ago)
incredible video, thanks
bratwurstmaxxe haxxe (3 days ago)
this is just a movie with actors not reality the reality is like in comments bellow said primates need girl like this
Aitotlg Acmo (4 days ago)
need a wife like this girl. smart, knowledgeable, beautiful as well as very awakening with mysteries. It's true but it's very very very hard to find one like her.
Aitotlg Acmo (1 day ago)
+Bobby Digitol I really want to know wether what you're saying is true. yes a lot of guys swap genders. But is this girl a real dude who swapped gender for real. if so, what's his real name?
Bobby Digitol (1 day ago)
Aitotlg Acmo lol plastic surgery and hormone treatments can do ya wonders! But hey it’s 2018 there ain’t nothin wrong with a lil man clam lol
Aitotlg Acmo (3 days ago)
+Bobby Digitol oh I can see that. she has a girly vice. female parts. acts like a female. talks like a female. So if she is a male to you after all that. It's okay, cause different people have different opinion.
Aitotlg Acmo (3 days ago)
+Davie Dood I honestly have nothing to do with what you say. I appreciate your effort being mean. But it's 100% lame. 👍☺
Bobby Digitol (3 days ago)
Aitotlg Acmo she’s actually a dude
Filipp Agafonov (4 days ago)
Just fell in love with science... aaaaand the presenter 😅
Vonnie Wilmans (4 days ago)
Soooo... quasi crystal language in an e-8 machine can basically create me a Belgium hot chocolate like in star trek 🤔
Gianluca Morelli (4 days ago)
i'll take it on board but as i am completely ignorant on the subject i won't accept all of this as truth. just exercising critical thinking
Book Snake (3 days ago)
Nathan, lol peer reviewed articles? You know how often peer reviewed articles get through without any scrutiny?
Nathan V (3 days ago)
You sir do well by not accepting this as truth. Seek peer reviewed articles in scholarly journals if you are looking for hints of truth. Always exercise critical thinking on youtube.
Book Snake (4 days ago)
Funny. This is a fairly well produced video, but "quantum" anything sounds like pure bullsh*t.
Equity Enhancers (4 days ago)
imagining nothing would make nothing something. it is hard to still the mind and not think of anything at all including nothing.
Howard Bamber (4 days ago)
My she is HOT, intelligent and thinks about the stuff I obsess about. Love!
joe hendrix (4 days ago)
Book Snake haters gonna hate. Trolls gonna troll. Even though she’s just the actress she is college educated and she is hot. Keep trolling biatch.
Book Snake (4 days ago)
She's not that hot and how is she intelligent?
Les McDow (4 days ago)
Truly amazing. How is it that you find the exact thing like this in your life at the exact moment you need it?
Ian Maille (4 days ago)
Someone get this to joe rogan
joe hendrix (4 days ago)
Book Snake (4 days ago)
lol, he loves to try to sounds smart. He'll eat this up.
Monkey Business (4 days ago)
I saw a white wall of tetrahedrons popping out at me when I almost died while under anestesia and my lungs collapsed. (Not tunnel with a light but tetrahedrons) I couldn't explain it then but now this is making more sense to me. This is why I am drawn to to the idea of world being a simulation. This was the first time in my life I actually saw something that I can remember while under anestesia. This puzzles me and I am totally now in favour of simulation theory. I am raised as a Christian but science makes progress all the time and humans create and discover new things and if we believe we are created to the image of our creator, then we will have the same qualities such as a hunger and drive to explore and understand things as well as to create new things. The mankind is in search of the question why we are here. The universe is very mathematical and we can explain a lot of things thanks to mathematics such as algebra and geometrics. I am fascinated by these explanations and wondering where it takes us next. Thanks for this enlightening documentary.
shay Israel (4 days ago)
As a Christian simulations theory makes sense considering the Creator knew the end from the beginning and how Jesus and the other prophets spoke of the end time prophecies
intormay (4 days ago)
if e8 is a sud group of 3d the if matter is influenced by gravity and magnetic the if you could govern the frequency of magnetic fields and gravity forces could not e8 be move in the 3d in that idea could rearrange reality
MoonTeller (3 days ago)
Which is exactly what happened with the Mandela Effect. Magnetic resonance has shifted and other dimensions of "reality" have gotten muddled together.
We eat Beans (4 days ago)
This woman is yummy
sammy lee (5 days ago)
I love it even in the quantum realm the birds are really fit
Leeanne Weir (5 days ago)
0:27 - 1:33 it buting some one in a box is it? Or is that just me imagining
da1onlynickvicious (5 days ago)
Holy shit thanks for that
Paul A (5 days ago)
A woman explaining what hacking is, what a fucking joke!!!! What's next, your next video having a man explain how to give birth? Men think outside the box 1000x better than a woman can whom thinks with feelings.
sloop (16 hours ago)
The propensity and talent for geometric visualization may be linked to the increased size of the hippocampus in males. The increased size of the hippocampus in males may be linked to the necessity of prehistoric males mapping out local territory and mentally simulating predatory encounters as a means of training. It is not proven that males have better geometric visualization, it's just a side-note hypothesis about the size of a specific part of male vs female brains. Also, everything I just said is completely made up http://www.multiplyingconnections.org/become-trauma-informed/male-and-female-brains-are-not-same TLDR: Females have larger hippocampuses. I know nothing about the difference between male/female geometric visualization. Have a nice day.
chesterules (3 days ago)
@Leeanne Weir Except maybe Manny Pacquiao :D
smile444 (3 days ago)
@Jacob Unger anthropologues. You knows, the guys whose whole job revolve around finding how our ancestors lived ? and you didn't post any link. Nor did you use facts. I told you the real, scientific method backed facts. Do you want the links to the studies ?
Jason Marinara (3 days ago)
+Elyse Virtue the truth may hurt, but it's still the truth.
Jason Marinara (3 days ago)
+Elyse Virtue maybe u shouldn't be assuming my logic is flawed without doing any research. Tell me, why did evolution decide to make equality rather than proper function? How is my logic even flawed? I use actual facts and science and all u can say is that I shouldn't base a woman's intelligence off of facts about their intelligence? How the fuck does that even make sense? Beyond that, how would u personally, ignoring all science, have any idea how your intelligence compares to others without viewing research or alternatively living in someone else's head? Did u even watch the bear grylls documentary I linked? Stop thinking with emotions and start actually thinking. Smh.
Elizabeth Vos (5 days ago)
Came here for the theory, left because of the fourth-wall-breaking woman explaining this to us as if we need a woman of a certain size with a certain amount of makeup and dress - in a pool - in order to anchor us into watching this. No, I don't need an objectified woman to explain this to me in order to pay attention. The makers of this film give their audience no credit. P.S.: The nine worlds of Yggdrasil is one example - among many in various cultures/religions - of an awareness of multiple dimensions.
ThomasTheGr3at (2 days ago)
A high quality production movie that this person has clearly put a lot of time into herself through her acting and make-up and actually enjoys what she does, but this other individual has to immediately judge based on her own falsified agenda. What a shame. This person has been in many other videos/movies and is passionate about what she does. Disgusting that this other person feels the need to share their narrow-minded opinion.
Ishani K (3 days ago)
Omg get a life😱
Shane Sotelo (3 days ago)
I agree. You're making a problem out of nothing. Just stop.
ThomasTheGr3at (3 days ago)
wtf is wrong with you. overthinking things that don't matter at all. like the goal of the video isn't at all related to obectifying ANYONE and that's the first thing you think about. gimme a break. it was put like this because it was interesting to watch. you are part of the reason there's any objectification at all anywhere so just stop. we should not treat or even perceive anyone as male/female or whatever. we should just see them as a human. by you pointing out that this human is being objectified, you're creating objectification itself by seeing this human as a woman thus contributing to the problem you aim to solve. so just stop.
Desmond Jackson (5 days ago)
lol. Yeesh. You need a safe space in a Quantum video? Yikes.
pothead 69 (5 days ago)
Is it weird that I fully understand infinity
sloop (12 hours ago)
1. Sometimes people believe they understand infinity. 2. Some people believe infinity can't be comprehended. You're a pothead, OF COURSE you can come up with something that represents infinity.. but Julian is a dunning-kruger skeptic (or maybe just young). The "infinity" the video is talking about is referencing an "unending amount of something". The circle example isn't more and more and more of a circle, it's just the same circle.. but can you imagine a straight line that never ends? It is continually more new line, eternally. It's easy to comprehend going in a circle forever (even if you don't know it's a circle), but comprehending an unending amount of new things is harder. I'm sure it's possible to conceptualize with drugs, but I'm not sure you understand the real meaning of the type of infinity the video talked about. Also cut back on the drugs, they lead to heartbreak (unfortunately) in some form or another. Take it from a veteran.
pothead 69 (5 days ago)
Ok It is explained, now the comprehension is up to u
Julian Heers (5 days ago)
LMAO good explanation again buddy ...
pothead 69 (5 days ago)
It's obviously hard to explain but like if ur walking straight around a sphere which u might be thinking is a straight line, is an infinite direction. so don't be correcting people & keep playing Zelda
Julian Heers (5 days ago)
a circle is not infinite you have no idea what you talking about keep puffing ur backwoods and think ur smart
Savanna Chevalier (5 days ago)
Ruined my shroom trip at 4:30
somot olovo (5 days ago)
If the universe were infinite in time, the present would never reach up and we wouldnt exist since there would be infinite time to the past.
Shane Sotelo (3 days ago)
+ThomasTheGr3at Lol yeah but he doesn't understand that he isn't able to understand so it's pointless to get him to understand.
ThomasTheGr3at (3 days ago)
wtf? the first 10 seconds of the video showed you that you can't understand that... the point was that the past doesn't matter at all because we have just always existed.
Skelen (5 days ago)
Sigh* we have the technology to feed everyone and take care of the world the problem is the powerful people don't care and they want poor people so they can stay rich and stay in power...
Shane Sotelo (3 days ago)
Well now your just grouping all rich people in 1 category. There are lots of wealthy people who donate lots of money, create fundraisers and do all kinds of stuff to help out. It's not only rich people who needs to help out. It's everybody. There is not enough people who help out period. If everybody did then there wouldn't be bums on the street asking for change because all the middle class people who help first. But nobody helps out. Well not nobody, but not enough people in general help out. Doesn't matter if ur rich or poor. If 9 out of every 10 people would donate then we would have no problems. It wouldn't matter. But it's more like 1 out 50 people donate. So stop acting like ur the only one helping out and that all the worlds problems are because of rich people. We live in a world of duality. If there were no poor people then there would be no rich people and vice versa. A perfect world would be lovely but not at all likely.
ThomasTheGr3at (3 days ago)
yeah obviously. if you're rich why would you want anything less? if I was rich I would want to stay there. the rich people wouldn't be rich if they gave money away like wtf? that entire thought process is retarded how would rich people even exist if they gave their money away wtf?
Felipe Fernandes (4 days ago)
Elyse Virtue you again ?
Skelen (4 days ago)
Elyse Virtue I donate money to the less unfortunate believe it or not and on top of that I'm homeless I live in my car and storage and yet I still donate, what's your excuse?
Elyse Virtue (4 days ago)
Okay, so what is stopping you from helping out the less fortune? Hmm
Bitcoin Overdose (5 days ago)
not my proudest fap
HomeGrownPyro (3 days ago)
😂😂hahaha! Best comment I've read in a long time lol
Off Grid Madman (3 days ago)
Skelen (5 days ago)
I think reality is numbers, I'm number 24, what's your favorite number? That's who you are, done solve finish.
Phillip filkins (2 days ago)
"69".... Billy Mattison
Jack Mehan (5 days ago)
You used a chic in the video to talk about science....that's funny. about 1 out of 10,000 chics like science. So..thumbs down
Jack Mehan (2 days ago)
smile my original post stands as true and correct,. Chic's just don't enter the field as much as guys and thanks for agreeing with me!
smile444 (2 days ago)
40% Of woman in the profession and growing means 60% male and shrinking. Almost 50/50. Overwhelming. Yep. I am one big liar. You want me to stop being PC. Cute. I was just being polite. Buddy you don't want me to stop being polite, . Trust me. Have a nice day.
Jack Mehan (2 days ago)
smile yes I read them. But the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of science and math students are Male. Facts are facts and we can't change them by lying which is to say being PC. Have a nice day
smile444 (3 days ago)
what i proved with my links that there is more and more women in the domain of science and engeenering since equal competence between sex is now accepted by everyone who's sane and not sexist little assholes who's salty because grils won't take their shit end end up alone and hurt in their manhood (probably literally) while being sure their male alpha powers would have them fighting for him. But of course i should have take into consideration that morons like you tend to have a bad case of tunnel vision. Is it enough beyond the politically correct for you or should i add all the ways failed abortions like you are ballchains of our society ? The TRUTH is you are a coward who came vomit it's frustration on the comments after the last one after many many girls humilliated you by "daring" to refusing your...Let's say advances because no one on the internet can slap you like the little bitch you are.
Jack Mehan (3 days ago)
Shane....as a youngster you better learn quickly that the real world is not going to conform to your millennial distortions...Run along now boy.... (This is more fun than I originally expected)
Jersey Bound (5 days ago)
Using the number 0 describing it as nothingness and something doesn't work very well. SO without light there is nothing but dark (well nothing you can see with your eyes). darkness is a thing but with similarities to the number 0 Darkness can be represented as nothing and everything all at once as well. so using the number 0 after explaining darkness is darkness would mean that the number 0 is the number 0 but also represents nothing as well as darkness. So you've just cause a conundrum in your explanation of nothingness.
J. Green (3 days ago)
Exactly. But as our view of reality is simply a shadow, we can't even begin to have any other explanation for nothing. We need zero, so that we CAN have a number system and we Can have a way to explain reality. 0 was one of our greatest inventions.
Av Ku (5 days ago)
Fact Techz too explain most part but in different language (Hindi) Just you got more technical
Le Vi (5 days ago)
Nice video 👍💖
Barry Ross (5 days ago)
Iuliu s (5 days ago)
folow jesus christ he truly is the way truth and life yo uar a dead man walking get back to jesus christ do the truth say the truth let your yes be yes and no be no and let it be true , . get ride of the father of lies and the lies in you , stop teling lies your ar worshiping the devil by teling lies ,tell the truth for its pelaseng to jesus christ ,your under demon posesion , earth is flat research flat earth . we fight against principalitis = truth vs lies ,get out of lies stop lieng your worshiping demons say and do the truth your yes be yes and no no ,waht ever gous over yes and no comes from evil jesus is the truth literalmente.
J. Green (3 days ago)
What? Just, what? I'm Christian too, but I haven't the slightest clue what you just said. And do you really believe the Earth is flat? That's just ignorant, and is not related to christianity in the slightest.
Shane Sotelo (3 days ago)
If you can't even spell the first word in your message correctly then how do you expect anyone to take you seriously? I mean, it's the first word man. C'mon. If you can learn about Jesus and flat Earth then you can learn to spell a little. Why make a comment that nobody can comprehend other than you? You must be typing nonsense if even the auto correct wouldn't help you out.
ThomasTheGr3at (3 days ago)
+Jersey Bound hmm... interesting concept, but I don't think it's quite right. yes, religious people may be described as claiming they've found the cat. but atheists are not claiming to have found the cat. they claim to know the cat exists somewhere in the room and are actively searching for it while in their present time just accepting the fact that they don't know where the cat is yet. they aren't afraid of not knowing something. religion fills the gaps in of things we don't have an answer for. atheists are OK with not understanding those gaps.
smile444 (4 days ago)
you should talk to a confessor. It will greatly help you Because they often have a doctorate or otherwise a solid base in psychatry
DawnOfHackers (5 days ago)
you make christians look bad...
cliff onator (5 days ago)
Darkness is the absence of light. Nothing
J. Green (3 days ago)
Nothing could also be described as an empty, vast, white space. Furthermore, If you want to get extremely literal, darkness is described as black. black and white are technically the same color, but just different shades. White can also be divided to make all the colors, and color is determined by what wavelengths of light an object absorbs. For example, something "red" is just absorbing the blue out of white light, and the red is bouncing off of it. This is why once the light reaches our eyes, it appears to be red. Darkness is the absence of light, however darkness and nothing are not the same thing.
ThomasTheGr3at (3 days ago)
+Jersey Bound that doesn't make sense. nothingness being described as a white-wash..? nothingness IS nothing. darkness is something. it is a set space with nothing INSIDE that set space that is something. very weird to think about.
Jersey Bound (5 days ago)
The issue lies with darkness like this. though the light is gone you still have objects in front of you. problem is you just can see it so there is still a thing in darkness. the number 0 represents absolute nothingness. even the shape is that of a universe with nothing inside. truth be told the theory states that if nothing existed everything they think would be what we call white wash. just nothing but pure white light as you float in a plain of non existence.
Jersey Bound (5 days ago)
but darkness still exists and will always be a thing however may not be infinite . her using the number 0 didn't help at all either as darkness isn't an invention of man. darkness existed before and will continue to exist after all is gone. 0 is a man made construct, it is a number even though it has no value but is still a thing. sure its nothing in the numerical sense but i'm glad i have 0 diseases that will kill me as when darkness comes i'm just a little afraid which is only a natural human response to such things.
Lakadumalikaiyai (6 days ago)
good job david... marion is a natural casual explainer
Erik Dobson (6 days ago)
Please have my babies

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