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Final Fantasy Games CONFIRMED For Nintendo Switch REACTION!

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A BUNCH OF FINAL FANTASY GAMES ARE COMING TO THE SWITCH!!! Consider supporting HMK on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/HMK HMK Merch! -https://teespring.com/stores/hmk-offi... Join the Hectic Force & Subscribe! - http://bit.ly/1ZZdZSY All of HMK's gameplay recording is done by Elgato! - http://e.lga.to/HMK I use XSPLIT for all my streams! If you want to get into live streaming grab Xsplit! use the code "HMK" for 10% off a license! https://www.xsplit.com/buy?pp=WWW_NAVBAR Like on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/HecticHMK Follow on Twitter! https://twitter.com/hmkilla Live on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/hmkilla Follow on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+HMK9CAPN Are You a Content Creator? Join Maker Studios Today! http://awe.sm/jJed8 VG Metal Tracks - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtZH... Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-mu... Effects by http://audiomicro.com/sound-effects #FinalFantasy #FinalFantasyVII #NintendoSwitch
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Text Comments (358)
Joseph Gregorowicz (9 days ago)
You almost said FINAL FANTSY VIII. Why are we not asking SQEX where in the BLUE BLAZES is FINAL FANTSY VIII???
brainfuck.waifu (19 days ago)
"Final Fantasy is coming to Nintendo Switch" The Narrator wasn't kidding lol
Corey Wayne (23 days ago)
I don’t have time to play them all... which one is the best? (Btw I played the original FF on the NES back in the day.)
Rockaman X Six (24 days ago)
your reaction is annoying
Ok this changes everything !!! I'm going to switch to Nintendo switch !!! And I also believe that metal gear solid is coming to switch as well! Can't wait !
Albus (25 days ago)
this dude is losing his mind lol LOVE IT
carol (29 days ago)
In the thumbnail and at the end the dude looked like he was about to jerk off ahahahaha. But yeah, it's like a Homecoming for Square :D
FatRown (1 month ago)
Square went ham and I like it
natedog101591 (1 month ago)
I wish they'd put 8 on Nintendo switch I love that game. But at least they got my 2 favourites from The PS1 era of final fantasy so I can't complain. 7 and 9 So square, now give us FF tactics and ff8 and we're good
Chris Granger (1 month ago)
Since Final Fantasy VII is now coming to the Switch, there should be NO reason to not include additional music tracks to the Midgar stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!
Lee;O Gone Wild (1 month ago)
I tried looking it up, but was there an explanation as to why FF 8 was left off? Other than 10, 8 was definitely my favorite and I feel offended! They also need to put FF Tactics on the switch, that's such a fun game.
Dylan Dynes (1 month ago)
Finally, a decent way to play FFCC multiplayer without all those GBA's.
Pasha Solonin (1 month ago)
All of those FF games will be coming to Xbox One as well.
Maximiliano Bown (1 month ago)
Lo mejor de lo mejor y en switch sublime Final Fantasy VII
Nanaki278 (1 month ago)
Nya! =^_^=
JeremySheer (1 month ago)
All these people clamoring for kingdom hearts on the switch that’s not how it works ever heard of licensing? And it’s impossible to make Disney smile it took 20 years for kingdom hearts to be made. Not including original 15 when the games came into production.
JeremySheer (1 month ago)
Guy freaks out about final fantasy but eight which is so epic gets skipped. Which means Nintendo only got permission to acquire rights to some games.
The Boone (1 month ago)
I think Square is happy with the Switch lol
user102030400 (1 month ago)
I am really excited for 12, I always wanted this on the go.
Epic Ninfia (1 month ago)
be grateful u get ff15 in any form as long as it runs well who cares about how it looks don't be greedy
Epic Ninfia (1 month ago)
they missed a few
TonyKanameKuran (1 month ago)
One of the greatest reactions since Bayonetta being inducted in Super Smash Bros. Stay strong, bruh!
TheSkullKlown (1 month ago)
Wow this is awesome. I have to get the switch now lol
Voan Siam (1 month ago)
I hope we get a Chrono Cross remastered for Switch someday too. That game and Final Fantasy Tactics needs to come to Switch alongside Chrono Trigger and the Secret of Mana Collection (which still needs localization, c'mon Square do it). Also remastered of all the Star Ocean games from First Departure til the End of Time for Switch would be awesome.
Voan Siam (1 month ago)
This isn't the first Final Fantasy XII made it to a Nintendo system though, it's sequel Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings was also released on the Nintendo DS so it makes sense that the prequel would make it to a Nintendo system someday.
Brendan (1 month ago)
I hope Final Fantasy X/X-2 and 12 get physical releases for the Switch
TonyKanameKuran (1 month ago)
The good news is that Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remasters and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will be available at retail next year. And since I have a MicroSD memory card, I'll be buying VII and IX at the eShop.
Brandon Williams (1 month ago)
Finally Cloud being in Smash has meaning. This is what I’ve hoped would become a reality. I even predicted it so I feel empowered. I can’t fucking wait for World of Final Fantasy.
YSN CAPTAIN (1 month ago)
Sora for smash!!!!!!!
law35penn (1 month ago)
I wish part 1 with upgrade of gameplay and graphics remake for the switch
Maury J. (1 month ago)
No big deal most of these are already playable on the psvita... that's the big fuzz about?
Joshua Suh (1 month ago)
+Maury J. No one expected main Final Fantasy games after 6 to be brought to Nintendo Consoles. To suggest that Kingdom Hearts has no chance despite Nintendo getting 4 games from the series already is very misguided. I am not saying that it is indefinite, but considering what I just saw today, I would not say that it is impossible.
Joshua Suh (1 month ago)
+Maury J. Also, who says Fallout will not come? Bethesda has been very supportive by including games from they made and are even including new games coming to the PS4 and Xbox One now.
Joshua Suh (1 month ago)
+Maury J. I said MAIN Final Fantasy games, I was not referring to Spin-offs.
Joshua Suh (1 month ago)
+Maury J. Tetsuya Nomura himself stated that Kingdom Hearts 3 is possible as the game runs off of Unreal Engine 4 which the Switch supports. The reason why the game has not been announced for the Switch is because the game is already too far in development and they do not wish to delay the game any further.
Maury J. (1 month ago)
+Joshua Suh so just because there's a bunch of old ass final fantasy ports on the switch that means KH collection is coming to the switch?...no you live on false notions on a fantasy world, so just because FF7 is on the switch you start dreaming false notions?...WTF....Nintendo switch also got doom but you don't see fallout on the switch now do ya?... stop living on fantasy world full of fake "what if's"....KH is not coming to switch keep dreaming.
Graefoks (1 month ago)
These are also coming to Xbox One.
DavijoMan (1 month ago)
Switch can have KH3 pocket edition 2 years after the proper version comes out! lol.
Keaton Lightspeed (1 month ago)
so just to recount Final Fantasy CC WOFFM XVPE XII CMD VII IX X/X2 or all coming to switch that's 9 final Fantasies in all they're practically shouting that KH3 is coming to the Switch and Sora4Smash
Ashema Bahumat (1 month ago)
Fucking pathetic, just more ports already available on stronger consoles and pc. Couldn't even run the real FFXV on the switch, had to opt for the meme version
Marcixchu Marcixchu (1 month ago)
I was so freaking out
Drakshara (1 month ago)
Final fantasy was really hot in this Nintendo direct. So happy that VII, IX and X are coming!!! (In my case, specially IX. :P)
Kurasaka (1 month ago)
BlueHarvey (1 month ago)
IMO my favorite reaction of yours on a reveal. It's soo freaking cool to see my FF titles back home.
Welp. Guess 8 times Final Fantasy. Thats only cause Octopath Traveller was such a milestone tho. I wonder 🤔 could TGS bring KH 1.5+2.5+2.8 on the Switch for next year while saving KH3 for January 2020 and having Sora be at TGS as a Smash reveal?
Charlie Grace (1 month ago)
Pocket Edition XV actually plays a lot better than I thought it would. I was expecting a shit show... I’m pleasantly surprised with how faithful it is to the original. Ascension Point system is back too! (Heavily condensed but still good)
Zen Gene (1 month ago)
FF IX is coming to the Switch? Can I get my child Vivi in Smash Bros now?
MrDancemonster (1 month ago)
What is with the hate for FF8. It’s not coming for the switch and it’s still not on PS4
Rockaman X Six (24 days ago)
the gameplay suck
Matthew Leisure (1 month ago)
At least now I finally have a chance to play FF7 and FF10.
Matthew Leisure (1 month ago)
Lee;O Gone Wild I’ve wanted to play them, but I’m just not really a fan of turn based battle systems.
Lee;O Gone Wild (1 month ago)
You've never played 10?!? It'll change your life. FFF 7 is ok, 8 is a million times better, but 10 is... LIFE changing. I've bought it on the Ps2, Ps3, and Ps4 haha and soon to be buying it on the switch.
Old PartyDave (1 month ago)
I'm so happy, FF7 is the one game which I really really wanted to play yet, didn't And now, I can play it in the most awesome way of playing it
Jose Gamer99 (1 month ago)
I was thinking on getting ff10 and wof for the PSVita, but i changed my mind (mostly because of Zack okno)
Jose Gamer99 (1 month ago)
Aww Zack 1:03
Kenny O'Shay (1 month ago)
No Final Fantasy VIII & XIII trilogy shm Square Enix. 8&13 trilogy wasn't the best Final Fantasy games, but still they was Gorgeous&Good.
Brandon Stinson (1 month ago)
I would be more interested if they ported the World of Final Fantasy sequel from phone to Switch and translated it.
klumper7 (1 month ago)
This is every mans dream come true ;-;
Samuel E. Valdez (1 month ago)
The hype train is on everyone
Nuruddin Shah (1 month ago)
2:45 That "THURST" was HMK cumming Just saying
Alessandro Savoncelli (1 month ago)
Wtf who cares
Alessandro Savoncelli (1 month ago)
+Fabian Krummeich ok man
Fabian Krummeich (1 month ago)
A lot of people, including myself, care
ratsak craving José (1 month ago)
I'm pretty hyped for these, I'll probably buy all of the numbered FF games on the switch as I've only played parts of IV and VI
Dado Dem (1 month ago)
Eira (1 month ago)
Michieliosi (1 month ago)
I really hated that you dismissed Crystal Chronicles. That is a great great GREAT GAME!
dark jak (1 month ago)
The hype is real
Landis 97 (1 month ago)
welp, time to buy ff12 for the third time!
Juanathan Fabio (1 month ago)
Yay yuna rikku and pain are back ❤️
Nathan Davies (1 month ago)
And some going to Xbox too.
Liedaazn , (1 month ago)
If they release ffxiii and ffxiii-2 and lighting returns. I’ll bust a nut
My dick was satisfied when I saw this Flood of Final Fantasy, like holy shit. The Switch is killing it so far
Felinara (1 month ago)
RIP FF8... again and again. Why they do it dirty like that!! XDD
Eolia (1 month ago)
Now I really need to buy a Switch lol rip my wallet
John Diaz (1 month ago)
So glad I bought a switch. FF8 should get a remake that game was ahead of its time.
the7anime7angel (1 month ago)
Now id bet money that all the kingdom heats games will be on the switch after the ps4/Xbox release
Zachary Erickson (1 month ago)
My sister is mad that you dissed Crystal Chronicles. I am upset that they used the crappy version of Final Fantasy 15. I guess I'll get the PS4 version. NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY! I hope this is the actual HD remaster of Final Fantasy 7 and not just an HD version of the Playstation 1 game.
Francis Ronald Go (1 month ago)
You have the best reaction. I am hopeful KH will go to Switch!!!
efrainleal2 (1 month ago)
When you consider ff7 was going to come to Nintendo years ago, then it's totally a big deal. :D
Falling Star (1 month ago)
Wait.. MYSTERY DUNGEON! !!! Where's Pokemon mystery dungeon!!!!😂
Azure Lionhart (1 month ago)
Nintendo is gonna react their goal with millions of switch units sold lol the Switch is becoming something I might buy now.
LevelZeroSage 1 (1 month ago)
Nintendo: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is coming to the Switch! Me: That it? Nintendo: Final Fantasy WoW Me: Cool. What else? Nintendo: FINAL FANTASY XIV POC.. Me: Nah Nintendo: We got FFXII Me: BOOOOOOOOOOOO Nintendo: FINAL FANTASY VII, IX, X PART 1 and PART 2! Me: OHHHHHHHHHHHHH...wait? Where Squall? Nintendo: -_- S Q U A L L B O I S
Brandon Williams (1 month ago)
*IV, V and VI
LevelZeroSage 1 *XV
Apollo Justice (1 month ago)
.........wait That's it? XV Pocket Edition and remasters? I kinda expected more...
Travis Touchdown (1 month ago)
I'm actually thankful to Square for bringing these old games to switch, hopefully ATLUS sees this and decides to bring over their old shin megami tensei games.
Harieth Velasco (1 month ago)
My reaction was... Where's 8?
Kaibaman41 (1 month ago)
The Final Fantasy's are also on the Xbox One and I'm super happy!
knuckleheadtori (1 month ago)
Let's see... Crystal Chronicles World of Final Fantasy Maxima Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X & X-2 and Final Fantasy XII Yep! My wallet's gonna be a whole lot lighter by the end of it.
Brandon Williams (1 month ago)
knuckleheadtori 2019 is looking so lit! The year Final Fantasy returns to where it started! ON A NINTENDO CONSOLE! Finally Cloud being in Smash actually has meaning. This is what I’ve hoped would become a reality. I even predicted it so I feel empowered. I can’t fucking wait for World of Final Fantasy.
Alejandro Villarreal (1 month ago)
In had the same reaction when I saw crystal chronicles I was that is already announced fifteen pocket edition also the rest I was okay but then when they said wait there is more I almost lost it. When I saw 7,9 and 10 and 10-2.
Zero2XSammy (1 month ago)
but 8 is not here maybe they plan HD remake like 10-10 2 and zodiac for 8?
Zero2XSammy (1 month ago)
but unless the switch get's memory upgrade's or allows usb Drive memory soon we can not fit the actual 15 since it is 97GB+ 15 can run on it i mean look at doom wolfenstein and that deamon x machina running on it hell just make a better memory storage type since 250gb microsd is so bullshit and you can not use multiple sd's for some reason
Berry Pie (1 month ago)
So no FF7 remake, I guess it’s cool. Still hope for KH3, possibly but if FF15 can make it than who knows
joyconboyasmr 64 (1 month ago)
No final fantasy 8?
Christian Carlan (1 month ago)
I still want 4, 6, 8, and 13 lol
Christian Carlan (1 month ago)
Probably not. You probably think 7 is better than 6.
Let's Philosophies (1 month ago)
+Christian Carlan but I'm intelligent enough to understand one through 12?
Christian Carlan (1 month ago)
13 is great. Just because you're not intelligent enough to understand its complex narrative or to appreciate its battle system, does not make it "garbage."
Let's Philosophies (1 month ago)
13 is garbage
Tyler Adase (1 month ago)
Square and Nintendo have gone full circle! The fact the VII is finally on a Nintendo console is a big deal!
CrimsonBlitz13 (1 month ago)
HMK busts a nut in thumbnail
BEATmyguest31 (1 month ago)
That thumbnail lol make sure to use tissues afterwards
James 23 (1 month ago)
When I saw this i was like YESSSS!
Farera Wei (1 month ago)
now i want Kingdom Heart games for PC. NOW!!!!!
Z Man7 (1 month ago)
Kinda wish they put the PSP versions of FF 1&2 in a Switch bundle.
Belakitu (1 month ago)
Sofaris (1 month ago)
I am in the process of saving up money fore a new console and I have a really hard time to decide betwen PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The PS4 gets Kingdom Hearts 3 and has other interesting games I dont even have to buy becuse I can rent them fore free from the library in my city. But the Nintendo Switch has Bayonetta 2 and gets Bayonetta 3 and I love the first game. The downside is that there are not to many other games on the switch I care about. Yeah Mario and Pokemon are not my cup of tea and I have just a little bit interest in Zelda. On paper the PS4 is the better choice but my heart seems to leaning more to the Bayonetta games. But now the Switch is getting FFIX which I am interested as well. On the other hand I can get FFIX also on the PS3. I guess I should not think about it to much until I actually have the money to buy a new console. But its a really tough decision.
Ansei Evergreen (1 month ago)
I legit upset that FF8 was skipped XD butvhappy to sweep the other three
Doubledasher (1 month ago)
I cried when 9 got shown... straight up bawling. Favorite game of all time
Malcolm Lemons (1 month ago)
What's with the cum face thumbnail??? 😂😂😂
mikasha stewart (1 month ago)
i now have a place to re play all my final fantasy games again
Kevin C. (1 month ago)
I need a switch now lol
Chris Canido (1 month ago)
wow you mush be really hype hmk sir
Kaguya (1 month ago)
Nintendo Switch is now the King console for Final Fantasy.
Kaguya (1 month ago)
well I've played PS4 and did see Final Fantasy 7 among the treasure trove of PlayStation gems of the past but having a Nintendo Switch now and knowing its features and gameplay well enough to know that PS4 even with its cross- compatibility with PSV will never match the versatility of the Switch which lets you play at home and on the go with just the picking it up from its charge dock action and with this versatility in mind Nintendo has become the king of consoles for Final Fantasy because nothing beats the hybrid of gaming nothing.
tc_ct (1 month ago)
Except the Ps4 had those games longer and it has the Real FF15 as Well as 14
Star platinum 25 (1 month ago)
A lot Final fantasy on switch Something tells me that sora is going to be on smash
Sir_ Mattimus (1 month ago)
Kinder Grinder (1 month ago)
"Oh, it's Crystal Chronicle." *a few moments later* "No way, no way, no way!" That was my reaction, too. :)
Z Man7 (1 month ago)
I am legit hype as fuck for Crystal Chronicles.

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