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Minecraft Mobs: Blaze

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Text Comments (131)
PlagiarismGuy (1 year ago)
They are cute 😁😊
yorusuyasoulYT (2 years ago)
I can tank 4 of them at the same time
This is for everybody that likes blazes 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Hayyan Baig (1 year ago)
Dib Membrane it's their opinion
U should have said blazes r stupid
Hayyan Baig (1 year ago)
Dib Membrane stop hating them they are very interesting
Sapa Holliday (3 years ago)
One of my nether portals spawned right next to a blaze spawner and I've just had to build a cage to catch them in the overworld, which was of great interest to the enderman, had to knock the corner off the portal too
Kenji Wellman (3 years ago)
If any of you are wondering how to not get burnt in the nether, if you stand on a cauldron filled with water than it will extinguish that pesky fire (but will drain the water by one tier).
+Kenji Wellman Yup and that pesky little fire is stupid too
Kieran Borovac (3 years ago)
Oh look! In this video we see the lesser spotted avatar mistake, in which Toby's character appears to be speaking David's voice.
Luis Burgos (3 years ago)
the blaze rod link says coming soon and i look to my left and i see a video on it what the heck?!
WheatleyOS (4 years ago)
okay this was uploadedtwo years ago and the blaze rod video link says "available soon!?" lol well rip blaze rods
MegaMGstudios (4 years ago)
and when you stand in them you will catch on fire
bcfblack (4 years ago)
blaze rod vid is up (update annotation)
SamWinchester11 (4 years ago)
I came in and destroyed their spawners in passive mode without realizing what they were. Now they spawn no where in the Fortress. A warning to others that may yet to experience them.
a single white female (4 years ago)
Just blaze!
+NorT kiddish
+a single white female Just Retarded
NorT (4 years ago)
Lincoln Beckett-Scott (4 years ago)
the light level that is needed to deactivate there mob generator is stupid ridiculous
Jaro De Bie (5 years ago)
Just Blaze!
KChaos005 (5 years ago)
their melee attacks actually do more damage than their fireballs (4 hearts opposed to 3 from fireball)
Jacob Wright (5 years ago)
i love these guys when in creative
Luke Pigwalker (5 years ago)
Try to weaken a blaze using Splash Potion of Poison
Alex Rooney (5 years ago)
Lucie Poshe (5 years ago)
Is it me or do blazes look like homer simpsons?
Horizon (5 years ago)
Potion of Fire Resistance.
70s man (5 years ago)
mine did that too
I cannot play Minecraft because my mom delays it Monday-Friday. Reason- I have school.
70s man (5 years ago)
This guy forgot to mention Blazes' vulnerability to water.
bagatikenn (5 years ago)
Shevanda Alfaridzi (5 years ago)
blaze only spawn in anywhere in nether fortress
David .McKane (5 years ago)
I'm sorry why did you recommend this to me I know all this already all I wanted was to see how to make a generator
Faysal Gaming (5 years ago)
i didn't know you could hurt blazes with snowballs !
John Border (5 years ago)
Click Show the comment for a pointless adventure starting with a gift code generator.
ReadeDraconis (5 years ago)
A worthwhile note is that fishing rods are very effective at pulling blazes close. Hook 'em, pull 'em close, thwack 'em with your sword, then hook 'em again if they stray too far from your blade. You do take some damage, but it's a quick and easy way to take them out, from my experience.
ultraawesome jaime (5 years ago)
i made a portal and then came out in a nether fortress....
Abdy (5 years ago)
go away
whoeveriam0iam14222 (5 years ago)
only on nether fortresses
thgcboss (5 years ago)
fucking unrelated.
Arcralf (5 years ago)
He's not. He's trying to steal your credit card number with phishing.
Rigor Mortis (5 years ago)
Yes they do, as long as the light level is 11 or lower.
thexorode (5 years ago)
I forgot to say that I was talking about the Xbox version!
qaz wsx (5 years ago)
If u walk far enough,you'll probably find another nether fortress. The Nether goes on for something like 10 million blocks in any direction, so it's pretty unlikely that ALL the blaze spawners got destroyed.
thexorode (5 years ago)
Is it true that blazes spawn naturally? My friends destroyed all the blaze spawners in my server, and I don't want to create another world!
Isabella Haldeman (5 years ago)
dont forget the burning. big spinny burning flying mobs of death.
Willthedude498 (5 years ago)
Unknown Kaos (5 years ago)
use a potion of fire resistance to killl a blaze...
eduardo ramirez (5 years ago)
just stop with the BUDDER NO your not sky so stop you wanna be
kurosujiomake (5 years ago)
fire resist makes these things the most wonderful exp farm in minecraft
panch (5 years ago)
big spiggy flying mobs of death! XD wanna hear it go to 0:39 XD
biglambie (5 years ago)
Part of the Sky Army? (I am)
DuYuMuMu (5 years ago)
DurintheDeathless1 (5 years ago)
no i watch david all the time thats not him he just has an accent
TheCunningHunter (5 years ago)
blaze rocks
WastelanderPony (5 years ago)
Isnt the voice david's?
chibichan888 (5 years ago)
'Not played by Nicolas Cage' Cue the Minestucks.
Ender-Chan (5 years ago)
Tea of blaze rod
GodLovesMe666 (5 years ago)
He sounds like a newfag, just ignore him.
Ben S (5 years ago)
Though just as on firery, if u know what i mean
Ancel4 (5 years ago)
Rules 1&2 only mention a certain board, not the website itself. That's like arresting me because I took a toothpick from a restaurant.
FireBIaze (5 years ago)
Exactly my point... But I kinda stick to 1&2 you shit. And 9fag is the cancer that is ruining it. Just like you.
ZoneSlav (5 years ago)
Fire resistance potion is super useful!
SleeplessShitposter (5 years ago)
Not played by Nicholas Cage... YET.
Ethan Fearghail (5 years ago)
no thats because it cam through ur portal
Ancel4 (6 years ago)
>Not knowing that "meme arrows" started from 4chan long before 9fag even existed
FireBIaze (6 years ago)
>Le meem arrows le le le >9gag army!!!!
TheStargateNerd (6 years ago)
>Mojang. >Lose money.
TheStargateNerd (6 years ago)
Get out.
JIMMY TEO (6 years ago)
If water how?
Brahmin Herder (6 years ago)
I never thought about using snow balls on blazes.
Bran (6 years ago)
Why the hell is David speaking with Toby's picture in the intro?
Cringe Maestro (6 years ago)
Seems legit.
Adjuni (6 years ago)
I like how they missed the part about telling people about the Fire Resistance potion. Makes fighting blazes a cakewalk.
Jeans (6 years ago)
Nicolas Cage.
general allahu akbar (6 years ago)
sorry checked it and your right but still no reason to pirate it
jr2nd (6 years ago)
its only 20 euro's or £17
Afrew Spines (6 years ago)
"Hey where's that golden apple? I was saving it after I got nauseated by that rotten flesh."
TheSpartiatus (6 years ago)
fake and gay!
Hero of Light (6 years ago)
Shut up...
Stefan Videnov (6 years ago)
Oh, The Horror :O
general allahu akbar (6 years ago)
general allahu akbar (6 years ago)
really? cmon its 26 dollar/euro cmon that not much all they want is that little money to keep building and improving the game and if you cant pay 26 dollar/euro sell your computer for food because if you cant afford mine craft you need your money in more inporttant thingd to make this story short gtfo and stfu
Melted Sherbert (6 years ago)
MrSinxist (6 years ago)
Blaze=my fave mob
OhTimmyG (6 years ago)
ME! (6 years ago)
@vzzbhfy yeah man i know what you mean and dude! ive been playing this game all week its worth a look: bit.ly/NUm5I2?=ewrne
Alex Ir. (6 years ago)
holy cow this is the first video i find in my hole life with no dislikes :OOOO
SnakeSalmon8izback (6 years ago)
he's not, shit that has to sarcastically be spammed on you tube isn't likely going to be true
Nulono (6 years ago)
How do I disable a blaze spawner?
you have to find a nether fortress
Justin Howell (6 years ago)
Make a video for the new infected villagers! (They came out in the latest snapshot)
dudeofwar3 (6 years ago)
Lol I just watched Ghost Rider before watching this
Marius Langeland (6 years ago)
uhm... Pigmen? Magma cubes? Ghasts? Those are just annoying. The blaze is the worst mob.
PerfectChaos177 (6 years ago)
"BIg spinny buring flying mobs of DEATH!!!" thats like the bset way to dscribe them ive ever heard... though, almost every thing in the neather can be described as that XD
mimiwilletts (6 years ago)
then i would hate them :D
Solenoids (6 years ago)
Thumbs up if you think notch should do a let's play.
nintendofan9001 (6 years ago)
Like they don't have enough money >_>
Delta Matt (6 years ago)
There not losing money, they're not gain money. :P
Motherdragon64 (6 years ago)
Don't you idiots have anything better to do?
Latisan Sklay (6 years ago)
HA! ...I see what you did there.
janserya000 (6 years ago)
lol nice
Bowfry Frenchtie (6 years ago)
Lol it's like every new vid has a new video link that says ''Coming Soon''
Bowfry Frenchtie (6 years ago)
That sounds awesome. But what would it be like?
yikecs (6 years ago)
Umm...it showed Toby not Dave....
Sonicyay2 (6 years ago)

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