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15 Most Addictive Nintendo Switch Games You Totally Need To Give A Shot

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The Nintendo Switch is a little kore than a year old now, but already it's accrued a truly impressive library of a great many excellent games. From generation-defining titles, such as Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, to the definitive versions of older releases, such as Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2, to some of the best indie games out there, like Night in the Woods and Steamworld Dig 2, there's something for everyone on the Switch.  This feature, though, isn't about the best games on the Switch. Of course, quality matters, but there are some games that are just harder to put down than others. In this feature, we're going to take a look at what we feel are the fifteen most addictive games on Nintendo's handheld-console hybrid- the ones that keep you glued to the screen, the ones that keep you coming back for me, the ones you just can't stop playing. Without further ado then, let's start listing them out right away. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-241308979564/ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Text Comments (673)
BooYahBoy (1 day ago)
Title says 15 videos says 14
Kai Kei (2 days ago)
The only games I've been addicted to on the switch is octopath traveler, Splatoon 2, and a mixture of Arms and Mario Kart 8 deluxe. im just waiting to get Fire Emblem and Smash sometime next year ugh maybe even minecraft
Dan Girdler (3 days ago)
Ys 8
Sailus54 (4 days ago)
That ain’t football bub
OpTic ShitScared (6 days ago)
Fuck me dude it took you a minute to explain the title. Get on with it
Pk (8 days ago)
Lauren James (17 days ago)
I just got my switch about 2 months ago. What are some games that you guys would recommend? I have Mario Odyssey, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic and Kirby All Stars. I like games like Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and Golden Sun Lol.
Wilbur W. (17 days ago)
I literally deleted Splatoon 2 because it's too addictive.
Andréanne Maillette (18 days ago)
I would've thought that Fire Emblem Warriors would be there because it is a game that I can't stop playing it's just so addictive!!!
枫 枫 (22 days ago)
Monster Hunter xx as well
da Joker (29 days ago)
Im lvl 99* MAX in Splatoon 2
Alex Falla (1 month ago)
A little kore than a year old? And is it 14 or 15 most addictive games?
The Traveler (1 month ago)
15? Nah, we kid, just 14.
Jay Dursley (1 month ago)
Xeno and Octo take so much grinding
RedheadDevil (1 month ago)
You'reAmerican. In america the sport is called soccer.
Troll n Blink (1 month ago)
cock Zelda and Mario kart 8 came out ...with the launch of the switch ...have you not played anything else ! dick face there are tons of games not only those 2
A I (1 month ago)
check this out too xD https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iasim.gameoftaps
Erin Park (1 month ago)
I heard that Octopath Traveler is SUPER ADDICTIVE. I, myself love the gameplay and everything about it. Totally recommend it :D
Charlie Lai (1 month ago)
Why xeonblade have higher ranking than breath of the wild... nonsense😑
Nepu-Tech USA (1 month ago)
Poken Tournament sucks and Smash is coming out, why would you put it on the list? and Fifa 18 seriously?? you sound like you're just reading a script and never played a game in your life
Cesar Barrantes (1 month ago)
soon should be a new mario kart. cuz after smash with like infinite characters to play with. mario kart now seems pretty cheap. is bullshit
iReflex (1 month ago)
Monster Hunter generations ultimate
Andrews Costa (1 month ago)
Resident Evil Revelations 1/2
the ShaKayB280 (1 month ago)
so opinion based
Renato Cortes (1 month ago)
you never heard of harvest moon?
remco moerland (1 month ago)
Xenoblade takes 80 to 100 hours to complete? More like 100 to 200 hours depending on wether you have mastered the combat yet, wether you grind or not and wether you want to complete the entire story or just beat the game and defeat the end boss. If you would want to complete it 100% id be surprised if you could do that under 200 hours though. I might have only completed 10 to 20% after 99 hours of playtime and ive been busy.
sophiedotexe (1 month ago)
"6 AM in the morning"
frequencyHighGaming (2 months ago)
South park Skyrim Enter the gungeon Octopath
1992lordloss (2 months ago)
mario kart no super mario odyssey no stardrew valley why would anybody like this? breath of the wild Yas minecraft no dragon quest builders no xenoblade chronicles 2 no pokken tournament DX no rocket league no FIFA '18 no sonic mania sonic is vastly overrated and as a series it needs to just die already Skyrim played it to death steamworld dig 2 no splatoon 2 no i know this is my opinion but this is why i dont buy nintendo consoles. they just dont make enough games for it to be worth the buy. zelda and like 2 games coming out next year are the only reason im even considering getting a switch.
Seth Kauffman (2 months ago)
0:31 "this list isn't about the *best* games on the Switch" *goes on to list 12/14 games that are undeniably some of the best games either exclusively for the Switch or are older AAA titles ported to the Switch*
WebTV4Me (2 months ago)
One day godfather google will have a better system in place that checks title to video, and everything in between. Any discrepancies and it will automatically reject the upload, sending it straight to video purgatory, while providing a little asterisk next to the user’s name.
odharas (2 months ago)
Nine Parchments is cheap (on sale) and addicting.
Kevin Good (2 months ago)
For story driven games(not including Re masters, that DOESNT count): breath of the wild, odyssey Indie: binding of Isaac, gungeon, hollow knight, the end is nigh, dead cells, pixel junk monsters 2 < ONLY if you’re into tower defense Multiplayer hits: Mario tennis (in my unpopular opinion, Mario kart isn’t that fun), donkey Kong country, jack in the box series (you need internet for this one, mobile hotspot is sufficient) These are my recommendations based on what I’ve bought and have found myself pouring hours into.
cActUsjUiCe (2 months ago)
Top Gun Gaming (2 months ago)
This list was..... painful to watch. Try again
animegirl16091 (2 months ago)
Right now botw is number 1 one for me.
AidoPlays (2 months ago)
Gamerax : who needs sleep anyway Me : Your a youtuber that means u dont
ice la honk (2 months ago)
Shearman TheWeeb (2 months ago)
Where the fuck is Disgaea 5? That masterpiece is the most addicting game I've ever seen. And Hollow Knight ( I know it wasn't on switch at the time), Gungeon and BOI are also very addictive.
Glitchie (2 months ago)
Octopath Traveler should be in this list.
My First Nintendo (2 months ago)
is that killer clown? how is he on the switch version wouldn't he be on playstation? is that ps4 footage?
killmebaby (2 months ago)
Only on xenoblade can you addictively play 100 hours in 2 days
nel c (2 months ago)
Other than Zelda and Skyrim, the rest of the games are trash. Neither they are addictive.
JCAnimus (2 months ago)
Mario kart (always a fan of Mario kart), odyssey (only till I beat the main story line), stardew valley (adore it!), botw (was pretty addictive; had is on Wii u), xenoblade chronicles can be addictive to a degree.
marcus stillwell (2 months ago)
What about DOOM!
Matthew Buss (2 months ago)
yeah im not buying another game till a real fire emblem or a real pokemon comes out.
luis matos (2 months ago)
Splatoon and Stardew Valley own my life .... I am struggling to finish Zelda because I want to play the other two ...
Kevin M Abraham (2 months ago)
“Fifa-“ okay im bored
LiquidCandy74 (2 months ago)
Where’s the 15th
chikoelliot (3 months ago)
Mega mam x collection :-0
Meli - Overwatch (3 months ago)
69 hz (3 months ago)
Oof A lot (3 months ago)
Mario kart 8 deluxe is kinda boring when you played like 30 minutes of it
e x t r a s a u c e (3 months ago)
So i need to play xenoblade chronicals first or can i just go straight to xenoblade chronicles 2
LinkFromFlorida (3 months ago)
I just can't stop playing xenoblade chronicles 2
Mike Norris (3 months ago)
I played rocket league for less than and it ended up in my archive data
Cyber_Dyne_1988 (3 months ago)
For me at the moment: Go Vacation 😆
Reefat Bakht (3 months ago)
Most addicting/fun games on the Switch for me are: 1. Xenoblade 2 (story is the best on switch and beautifully delivered) 2. Puyo Puyo Tetris (if you play Tetris, this game online on handheld is exhilarating and I can't do short sessions - I have to improve each time I play) 3. Sonic Mania (I got addicted to speedrunning - you can get obsessive, I enjoyed the graphics colours and variety of each level, got taken to another world with the music and literally think it's the most memorable tight platformer in so many years. It always feels fresh too) 4. Splatoon 2 (the tactical play and great controls get you addicted very quickly and it's a joy to hear and watch too. It's also deeper than I have time for and always think of playing it when I have more time to truly enjoy it) These are the best games on Switch and all others I played have sort of lost my interest now.
DboiTheSavage (3 months ago)
Narrator says 14 games, title says 15 games...
Alex is kpop trash (3 months ago)
what is Skyrim like? i'm not sure if i should buy it, i like open world games like Zelda BOTW. does it have a storyline, or do you just explore the open world?
Shearman TheWeeb (2 months ago)
Alex is kpop trash Trust me it is
Alex is kpop trash (2 months ago)
Shearman TheWeeb- I'm going to research it more, but i think i'll buy it. A completely open world game sounds really fun to me
Shearman TheWeeb (2 months ago)
Alex is kpop trash I would say xbox or ps4 if you don’t have a good pc but if you can only get it on switch then it’s still great to play on there.
Alex is kpop trash (2 months ago)
Shearman TheWeeb- Unfortunately i haven't played it, i don't have a good gaming computer so i'm not sure which platform to buy it on
Shearman TheWeeb (2 months ago)
You haven't played Skyrim in 2018? Jeez. It's a great game that's open world and it does have a storyline. It's really fun and you should buy it. The main story isn't that great but there's tons of side quests with much better plots. It's probably the game that I've put the most hours into but I'm not sure because I've played it on tons of different platforms that don't all count your hours.
Ebbz Smitty (3 months ago)
Hahaha. I bought Pokken Tournament on whim upon buying a switch a couple weeks ago just because I wanted a game to play. Literally played the game three times before becoming disinterested. (Which is weird as I LOVE Pokemon.) ... And I traded it in for Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition, because I remember Harvest Moon fondly from when I was younger. And I thought to myself, "maybe I've outgrown handheld games/ just not interested anymore..." Only to realize that after I had started up Harvest Moon, I ended up playing a solid FOUR hours of it, uninterrupted! Hahaha. I felt my eyes feeling droopy, only to see that it was 2:30 in the a.m. 😂 Talk about addicting...
You[']r[e] wrong (8 days ago)
Ebbz Smitty I don't want to disappoint you, but Lights of Hope is developed by the former publisher, so it is not created by the original developers, just greedy frauders who know that people will buy the game because of the name. It is good to see, that you can actually enjoy it though.
Dan Gottsacker (3 months ago)
You forgot Hollow Knight.
callmesteam (3 months ago)
No Binding of Isaac or Enter the Gungeon? No PinballFX3? All games that have giving it ‘just one more try’. I love Steamworld and Sonic, but once they were done, I was done. Not addictive and short experiences.
Jonathan Diaz (3 months ago)
Mario Oddssey Got boring really , really boring
Stori 01 (3 months ago)
"They made Sonic great again". I feel like the reason game reviewers constantly try to hammer it into people's heads the Sonic franchise sucks is because they know not everyone is convinced, and they hope if they repeat it ad nauseam it will force them to change their minds. They probably think if you don't agree with them about Sonic, it delegitimizes their reviews. They just can't have it that there are people out there who think the Sonic franchise is made up of mostly good games, with a few duds. I'm not annoyed that they have a different opinion. I'm annoyed by reviewers constantly parroting the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over until they get their desired effect on the masses. Nope. I'm still not convinced. I don't care if every reviewer says the same thing in every Sonic review. I still think Sonic is a good franchise.
Danarchy3 (3 months ago)
Wow, I've never seen a game from this channel but if they are all like this I can pass all together. Half the games on this list are OOOOOLLLLDD, and available on many other systems. The other half SUCCCKKKK. I own a switch and I love it. But the games on this list feel like they just pulled popular games out of a hat and said uhh yeah these games are hard to put down sure
Arr Gee (3 months ago)
I agree with all of the games on your list except for Sonic Mania, it's just so boring.
Twigg4075 (3 months ago)
So, is it 14 or 15? I still say LoZ BotW is one of the most overrated games ever. The breaking weapons are just plain dumb. How does a game released in 2017 hardly have any spoken dialogue? There is no way a PS4 or XB1 game would have received passes on huge negatives like that in a game. I love how you used clips from the PS4 version of Rocket League. I'm pretty sure Sweet Tooth isn't on Switch.
Groundedboss204 (3 months ago)
I’m playing rocket league daddy do not disturb me
Tatianna Wright (3 months ago)
Bro I'm so late but after I saw Minecraft I remembered how I used to play it all the time and how it would be so refreshing to just play without mods. Ahh nostalgia 🙂
Baz87100 (3 months ago)
seni video aku (3 months ago)
Splatoon 2 its worth game to buy?
Lazzy Seal (3 months ago)
No Darkest Dungeon in the list? disapprove..
WarMight (4 months ago)
Did they really just compare STARDEW VALLEY to ANIMAL CROSSING instead of HARVEST MOON?! Disgraceful...
James Daly (4 months ago)
7:08 Thank god that was on the list, I just came here to see if Skyrim was on the list, and more importantly how high it was
Mr. Blue Sky (4 months ago)
I’ll wait for elder scrolls VI
Lodakk Brown (4 months ago)
Kynaeus (4 months ago)
mario kart super mario odyssey stardrew valley breath of the wild minecraft dragon quest builders xenoblade chronicles 2 pokken tournament DX rocket league FIFA '18 sonic mania Skyrim steamworld dig 2 splatoon 2
Wurzelbert84 (4 months ago)
Same old, same old! I want new stuff (!)
Always Wright (4 months ago)
Yes I do play until 6 am in the morning
Cqllel (4 months ago)
I think I'll get xenoblade tomorrow.. But I also want the minecraft bedrock edition for the switch. And Stardew Valley was good on the switch. I never got into it. Mostly bcuz I got bored as hell. I just didn't know what to do or where to go or what was in the game that I could get. I haven't played it much at all. Only 15 hours since I got it on April 23
XxChampion AloxX (3 months ago)
Cal'el Fyre you should get it of You haven't already
Krizefugl (4 months ago)
monster hunter...soon. atm for me its binding of isaac :D
Karen Ho (4 months ago)
I couldn't stop playing Xenoblade 2 for weeks. Even brought it with me on a flight to HK.
V IE (4 months ago)
Dunno why I prefer Octopath demo than Xenoblade... haha guess im old school
Lancer Shade (4 months ago)
Stardew valley the reason i bought switch
San-G (4 months ago)
Description: *The Nintendo switch is a little kore than a year old now*
Jolt of Lightnin (4 months ago)
They couldn’t get a 15th so that just slapped it in the title anyway for views XD
Dani5295 (4 months ago)
I just recently bought Stardew Valley and I have actually spent over 24 hours, all at once, playing. The same of how I did with dragon quest builders
mikeakaspike (4 months ago)
In the first 30 seconds he says the library is impressive, then proceeds to list 50% of the actual AAA titles, all of which are the only in the category he labels them in. What a joke.. I love the switch, but it's library is full of junk tablet game filler, and a few AAA titles which have been mentioned to death as if they aren't the only games on the system. Nintendo, let's get some more 3rd party games out there. You've doing great with the in house games, but you can't keep up.
William Hetherington (4 months ago)
Of that entire list the only game I found addictive was Zelda. ... Sonic was fun, but a chore at times, Skyrim is great but not as magical as Zelda, Mario was fun but easy and not fun enough to keep playing after I beat it, Steamworld is too low-budget indie looking for my tastes, Mario Kart is ok in small doses but not enough to keep me glued to the system, Splatoon and Rocket League dont have any appeal IMO, Minecraft and DW Builders? Sure, if this were 10 years ago... ... honestly, the game Im addicted to at the moment is Shantae. never thought id like it but it's reaaaaally fun. last addictive game I played was Wonderboy Dragon's Trap...
Jai S (4 months ago)
The title said 15 but the intro said 14 wth.
Therealm14 (4 months ago)
I can agree with all of these except Fifa. I have a ton of friends on Switch and only 1 of those friends has Fifa and he played it less than 5 hours. Literally nobody talks about it im kinda scratching my head on how Fifa made it onto here. If u do an updated list Fortnite is obviously a no brainer
stoptakingusernamepls (1 month ago)
Sports game are just fucking boring in general imo.
Kailyou (4 months ago)
i couldnt even finish zelda. the boring story and the repeated stuff made me tilt too much. there even was the exactly same guy telling me exactly the same text in those temples. felt like it was created in rush to have a release game. waiting for smash.
XxChampion AloxX (3 months ago)
Kailyou ._.
Connor Jaffe (4 months ago)
Kailyou The game took 4 years to complete
sandeep patharkar (4 months ago)
what about MHXX??????????
Xernios 5265 (4 months ago)
I agree with #1
Mr Gaming BRO (4 months ago)
where is Enter the Gungeon ?
Brian Eckels (4 months ago)
Skyrim isn't on my list. It's still glitches and dark as hell in dungeons. They stopped updating it too.
Rich James (4 months ago)
No suprises on this list.
Dustin Weist (4 months ago)
I've played Splatoon 2 and it's nothing if not boring.
Ryan Clemons1 (4 months ago)
I was told Xenoblade 2 is not very good.....
Ryan Clemons1 (3 months ago)
I played it and i really liked it
Slobertooth 13 (3 months ago)
Ryan Clemons1 I think you'll really like it, and if you do I highlyrecommend checking out xenoblade chronicles 1.
Ryan Clemons1 (4 months ago)
so far it's been fun only two and half hours in but just got to a part that made me sad only for the game to fool me and make me smile.
San-G (4 months ago)
Ryan Clemons1 well enjoy the journey.
Ryan Clemons1 (4 months ago)
I just got the game today if i don't like it i want my 60 dollars back ;)

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