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Top 10 Most Powerful Avengers in the MCU

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Top 10 Most Powerful Avengers in the MCU Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest These heroes are the strongest of the strong. From Vision, to Iron Man, to the Hulk, the MCU is populated with many powerful characters. WatchMojo ranks the top most powerful Avengers in the MCU. Watch more great super-hero content here: Top 10 Improvised Superhero Movie Moments - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQayZlZ4d-w Top 10 Superheroes Who Have Worn the Venom Symbiote - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PY-LrarDe4 Top 10 Villains Turned Superheroes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tekXsZA6ikM Check out the voting page for this list and add your picks: https://www.watchmojo.com/suggest/Top+10+Most+Powerful+Avengers+In+The+Marvel+Cinematic+Universe Special thanks to our user liam_schell for suggesting this idea! List rank and entries: #10. Falcon #9. Black Widow #8. War Machine #7. Iron Man #6. SpiderMan #5. Captain America #4. Vision #3, #2, #1??? Watch on WatchMojo: http://watchmojo.com Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (2794)
WatchMojo.com (4 months ago)
Guys Doctor Strange is not an Avenger??????????????????????????
Konny Ezeama (13 days ago)
+Jeamus Yeah Iron Man is dependent on his suit & Cap is dependent on the super soldier serum. Same with War Machine & Spidey.
Artistic Avinash (15 days ago)
Now he is.
Luke randall (16 days ago)
WatchMojo.com yeah he's not
AK -47 (16 days ago)
Dalvir Singh (29 days ago)
Make a video of all the rankings of mcu avengers and non avengers both included
Srinivas (13 hours ago)
Where is Black Panther?
Kishor Suthar (18 hours ago)
Are u idiot... Iron man on 7th position... Just removed this clip Because proof is avenger infinity war
susmitha k (1 day ago)
1.thor 2.hulk 3.dr strange 4.vision 5.cap 6.iron man 7.wanda 8.spiderman 9.black panther 10.winter soldier
krishna Parashar (1 day ago)
Iron man was most power full
Rinko dey (1 day ago)
SUBIR DAS D.M (2 days ago)
Ironman is much better than Captain America.
MLG Maker (2 days ago)
Iron man is stronger than captain america
khenaado mckalin (2 days ago)
i totally agree
never give up (2 days ago)
Hawkeye is stronger than falcon and black widow.
ioanna Melisser (3 days ago)
oh my friend where is Doctor strange?😥😥💔💔
Sugandhi s (3 days ago)
Where is panther
Saad Qureshi (4 days ago)
Iron man is most powerful than no.4
Brendan Carter (4 days ago)
Thor. Without a doubt.
Trey Ellis (4 days ago)
What about Doctor Strange
Bartanur Satish (5 days ago)
1.Thor 2.Scarlet witch 3.Iron man 4.vision 5.Hulk
Hareesh Sugumar (6 days ago)
Shamira Varas (6 days ago)
cap sucks
廖晋杰 (6 days ago)
Thor is also not the strongest
廖晋杰 (6 days ago)
Iron Man is always the best
Ajay Vt (6 days ago)
Iron man way better than cap and other heroes .He should have been in top 5
Dr. Strange (7 days ago)
i thought i was a avenger?
Ram Khadka (7 days ago)
Hulk is stronger then Thor. He suppose to be in first place..
marrtin 147 (4 days ago)
Have you seen Infinity war? Iron Man was fighting against Thanos with 4 Infinity gems and it was not so easy for Thanos so Iron Man is definitely stronger than Spider-man and Cap
Sharika Subah (7 days ago)
Man I think iron man is more powerful than wanada,capten amarica and spider man
General Scar (8 days ago)
thor rocks
Μπου Μπου (8 days ago)
Wolverine 1
hollander (8 days ago)
Visions needs third place.he is stronger than hulk
Mr. Blue (8 days ago)
Very stupid list!Iron man should have been in the top 5 I mean the guy saved new York from a nuclear bomb prevented ultrons meteor from destroying 3/4 the earth and he managed to make thanos bleed!
Coolcat 6000 (9 days ago)
Why did you put iron man so low
Kyle Panuncillon (10 days ago)
Iron man #7???? Really???😕😕
Kaleb R (10 days ago)
Iron man and Spider-Man went hand to hand with Thanos for atleast a minute alone each. Cap lasted 10 seconds
Judge Druss (10 days ago)
iron amn is should be better than captain america (or fair to say convict because of his overload of steroids
Mgoh Lg (10 days ago)
Were are quick silver
Ashu Patel (11 days ago)
Where is Dr strange
Sathyen V S (11 days ago)
1st comment
Sathyen V S (11 days ago)
Spidy is not stronger than ironman
Harshitraj Singh (12 days ago)
I am impressed by this rankings as Captain America is ranked at 5 and above Iron Man and Spider Man as Cap had kicked ass of Iron Man before in Civil War
Madridista Praveen (12 days ago)
You messed up when you kept Iron man at number 7 spot infinity war made it clear Iron man with nanotech is way powerful and should be kept in third place.
Karuna Kothari (12 days ago)
Ranking is wrong
Sanju Dhamala (12 days ago)
1 hulk 2 Thor 3 3scarletch witch
Sushant R Nair (12 days ago)
Ironman at 7!!?? I m out...
Sheehan Paul (12 days ago)
Hey iron man deserves higher in the list , he has a whole army of suits called iron legion , captain America would be deafeted if it was one on one ....
rey d (12 days ago)
Whare is Winter Soldier
Tech Poojary (13 days ago)
I am not agree with this
Tech Poojary (13 days ago)
I am not agree with this
איתמר גור (13 days ago)
Uhhhh black panther, someone?
Konny Ezeama (13 days ago)
1. Thor (of course) 2. Scarlett Witch 3. Vision 4. Iron Man 5. Hulk 6. Captain America 7. Spiderman 8. War Machine 9. Falcon/Black Widow 10. Black Widow/ Falcon This list only includes OFFICIAL MEMBERS OF THE AVENGERS after Infinity War. So don't go crying to me because you don't see Black Panther, Ant Man, etc. Iron Man is stronger than Hulk because not only did he beat him with the hulkbuster, but lets look how they compare to their fights with Thanos. Yeah. Iron Man made him bleed when he used 4 stones, while Hulk got his butt kicked as Thanos didn't even use any stones. (He had the power stone but didn't use it) IronMan is also stronger than Cap because he gave Cap AND Bucky a GREAT run for their money in a 2v1 fight, with Iron Man actually almost winning the fight despite it being unfair. The top 3 should be self explanatory.
Nikolas Basmajian (14 days ago)
List after Infinity War: 10. Falcon 9.Black widow 8.war machine 7.spider man 6.captain america 5.vision 4.hulk 3.iron man 2.scarlet witch 1.thor The only hero in Infinity war who became an official Avenger who wasn't already an Avenger was spider man.
ShadowStorm55 (14 days ago)
Iron Man has always been far more powerful than Spiderman or Captain America, but even more so with his new suit in infinity war
Adrian Rohde (14 days ago)
Who agrees that iron man should be better than captain America
Krishna Kumari (15 days ago)
You dumber
Krishna Kumari (15 days ago)
Why did I keep iron man in the 7 position
Young Red (15 days ago)
Where’s hawkeye
anagh BG db (15 days ago)
top 5 should have been 5-Hulk 4-Thor 3-Cap 2-Vision 1-Wanda
341110097 (12 days ago)
anagh BG db Tf How is Cap stronger than Thor god of thunder
Cartoon world (15 days ago)
Awesome Anbar (15 days ago)
Thor like raging fire Hulk like smoldering fire Hulk didn't even have a proper screen time in infinity war, iron man is strong as well, he killed thanos' ship in The Avengers, i would say Tom Holland's spiderman seems weak, if he were more experienced he would defeat Cap mainly because he has super strength like Cap and has agility and stuff, antman is strong as well, i say if he came in infinity war he would shrink, enter thanos' brain and expand and blow his head
Seyfullah Demirtaş (16 days ago)
vision was so weak in infinity war
Tapendra Saud (16 days ago)
1.Thor 2.Hulk 3.Scarlet Witch 4.Iron man
Rishav Kaushal (16 days ago)
Thor is most powerful
Luke randall (16 days ago)
Spider-Man is not an avenger
Bar Levy (16 days ago)
Spider man said he don't wanna be an avenger...
AK -47 (16 days ago)
Tejas Rama (17 days ago)
what the heck how is spiderman stronger than ironman? That's just stupid.
sabyasachi nautiyal (17 days ago)
Cap is not weak It's just that iron man is better Even without his armour his intelligence overpowers cap
Jilo Bernabe (17 days ago)
Hulk is the most powerful in the avengers in my opinion 🙁
Ellan Fredrick Cua (17 days ago)
Iron for # 3
Tjr4448 (18 days ago)
Iron Man should be top 3! That guy is way too smart, way too much tech, way too powerful.......
er ic (20 days ago)
why thor last he the strongest avenger
Irfana Qasmi (21 days ago)
Iron man is strongest avenger in the world
ACraft TV (21 days ago)
Bimlesh Kumar (22 days ago)
Iron man is the most powerful avenger
BardockSSJL (23 days ago)
Spider-Man is un every way superior to cap.
Noel George (23 days ago)
Thor is the stronger avenger!!!!!!!!
xKINGxREBORN (23 days ago)
Ironman weaker than captain America and Spider-Man? he trains Spider-Man and beats down captain and the winter soldier two v one :/
Akmed Meeran (23 days ago)
Captain America is winner is most powerful
Akmed Meeran (23 days ago)
Captain America is winner
RINKI NAIK (24 days ago)
1 cap 2 Tony 3 thor
Uday Shanker Ravula (25 days ago)
Capppp is besy
rishi rama (25 days ago)
Thor the god of thunder is the strongest avenger ⚡⚡⚡⚡
William Plante (15 days ago)
Access denied! Hahaha!
Hardeep Kaur (26 days ago)
Sale Tue
NIRVIK PAUL (26 days ago)
iron man > captain america
Abhishek Pani (26 days ago)
Iron should be ahead of hulk
Vanessa Cortes (23 days ago)
My list (favorites) ➕ Powerful :(#1=awesome,#10=cool) 1. Iron man 2. Thor 3. Doctor Strange 4. Scarlet Witch 5. Hulk 6. Spiderman 7. Captain America 8. Vision 9. Black Widow 10. War Machine 11.Falcon
Nandhini Maran (29 days ago)
Brady Lee (29 days ago)
Hulk is more powerful than thor
Md. Ziyaul. Ansari (29 days ago)
Thor is best
Blue Josh Gaming (29 days ago)
Poor hawkeye :(
Annalyn Andreou (29 days ago)
wheres antman?!!!
SWAT 1611 (1 month ago)
Spidey should be above cap and iron man. You saw in homecoming that he lifts 6 tons in both hands. He would destroy both of them if he wanted to. He holds back against both of them as they are his idols.
Kala Rawat (1 month ago)
Strongest is doctor strange and black widow
Aditya Paldas (1 month ago)
Captain Marvel should have been #1 n Thor #2
Night Kip (1 month ago)
did everyone forget that Wanda made her own reality and wiped out almost all mutants well at least in the comics but still did anyone else destroy an infinity stone well hold back Thanos I think not
Krishna Devarapalli (1 month ago)
Thor is currently #1 without any contest. He is so powerful even Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch can't top him.
help time with awez (1 month ago)
Wanda is most powerful marvel avenger
madhu sudhan (1 month ago)
Cap is stronger than spider man and iron man
raimal makwana (1 month ago)
😮 wooooo Captain america is best superhero
MUTHU KUMAR (1 month ago)
Black panther also more strongest avenger
J-ROD Jarred Venema (1 month ago)
1. Thor 2. Dr. Strange 3. Iron Man 4. Scarlet Witch 5. Hulk 6. Vision
J-ROD Jarred Venema (1 month ago)
1. Thor 2. Dr. Strange 3. Iron Man 4. Scarlet Witch 5. Hulk 6. Vision Then the rest are all exponentially weaker than the top 6 here.

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