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Review - DivMMC Future - Load Sinclair ZX Spectrum games from SD Card - Instant Loading ROMS

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Join me as I review the new DivMMC Future - A brand new Jumper Free SD card device for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum range of computers from "The Future Was 8 Bit. The DivMMC Future can load Sinclair ZX Spectrum games from an SD card, as well as save to a memory card too! It has a built in Joystick interface and is compatible with all Spectrum models. It can load game "roms" from memory card on the Spectrum 48k, 128k, 128k, 128k +2 (grey and black models) and 128k +3. Visit https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/divmmcfuture.html to order! Visit our Spectrum Website http://www.spectrumforeveryone.co.uk Visit the Mark Fixes Stuff blog at http://www.markfixesstuff.co.uk ***Subscribe to get your Fix!*** JOIN THE BEST FACEBOOK SPECTRUM COMMUNITY AT https://www.facebook.com/groups/spectrum4everyone/
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Jason Billett (25 days ago)
I have finally got myself another speccy after all these years and have been asking on the groups which SD card reader to get and although this is a pricey option I think this is the one I am going to get although it will have to wait so it's going to be tapes and MP3 loading for me for a bit.
It's a good choice.
Geo Hai (1 month ago)
nice !works on speccy +2 grey you reckon? dvide had some plastic contact anomaly issues with connecting it to speccy+2...
Yes. Works great. Make sure your edge connector is very clean though.
RJMMac (1 month ago)
A bit late to the party here but why do all these devices only have one joystick port? The old interfaces had 2 ports for 2 player right? Unless 2 player joystick games never materialised? a right angled version facing upwards would be a nice improvement with the joystick port/s coming out the side, assuming it does't block anything. Also I think the newest version of ESXDOS has Long Filename Support.
Joystick interfaces were usually single back in the day. This was because Joysticks were effectively using simulated keypresses, so you would need two different "protocols" in one interface for two players. Usually Kempston and Sinclair iirc. The market for two player interfaces was probably small. Recent interfaces like the DivMMC Enjoy PRO from ByteDelight (https://www.bytedelight.com/?product=divmmc_enjoy_pro_one) have two ports, as does the ZX Omni laptop. Right angled interfaces fit differently on different models due to case shape. I would *guess* that is the reason? Later interfaces featured two ports
THEMASKBOY1234 (5 months ago)
does anyone know if you could use this to save your own basic programs to SD card?
THEMASKBOY1234 (5 months ago)
Mark Fixes Stuff - Retro Console and Computer Repairs, Reviews and MORE! Oh cool I will check that out. I've ordered one of these already :)
You open a virtual tape on the card. I made a video on it. https://youtu.be/MdQX9_-CV6w
THEMASKBOY1234 yes. You can use the .commands
blackcountryme (5 months ago)
Could this have a multiface feature? Used to input pokes etc?
Paul Taylor (7 months ago)
I'll never get used to that © 1982 Amstrad 😒
Chris Bowser (11 months ago)
4:14 "What can we pick here that's a classic", then scrolls past Jet Pac about a hundred times
Stefano Pavone (1 year ago)
This trumps the DivMMC Enjoy thanks to its jumperless nature and its 100% compatibility with ALL Spectrum machines (I've been meaning to get one but since all three of my Spectrum +2 computers are long dead, I don't see much point).
Jan Visser (10 months ago)
Get a Spectrum machine and get the DivMMC
Paul Bennett (1 year ago)
1.8k views, so many lazy thumbers :)
Nemanja Smiljanic (1 year ago)
Pleasure to watch the review. 60fps is the way to go!
Steve Mayne (1 year ago)
I bought that revision of +3, took it back to Allders due to the distorted sound and got a full refund as had bought it for making music. Cheers for the vid.
Terry Beardmore (2 months ago)
Did you ever make any early electronic music on the spectrum? It was one of those things that people didn't expect the spectrum to be able to do it.
Rob Uttley (1 year ago)
Skills of a drunken octopus - you'd make a good developer then :-)
Chris Shaw (1 year ago)
I have one of these, I have the larger version, nice fast loading but I miss the good old loading screens of the games. To save me searching through all your videos have you ever done a Spectrum recap one ? Also what do I look for picture wise that tells me it needs doing ?
Chris Shaw (1 year ago)
OK, thanks :)
No Chris. Something else on the to-do list. Usually after 30 years the caps are simply dried out so no real visible symptoms.
schneil (1 year ago)
Your speccy +3 does have REALLY bad audio distortion. Having said that the RF sound was always worse than that from the tape/sound or RGB sockets. If you get chance it's well worth fixing the sound. Here are two samples of mine, before and after the fix https://youtu.be/bcBSoe3dFl4 https://youtu.be/HI60GD9ie_Q
I have only held off doing it so that I can make a video of the process. I have a stack of three to do....
paulb4uk (1 year ago)
Was looking at the website for this looks a great device .
ZX_Speccy (1 year ago)
A lovely interface mate :) looking forward for the final stage :) !!great vid :)!!Love those SD interfaces!
Retro Marky (1 year ago)
how does it differ from the DIVIDE?
Marian Kotúč (1 year ago)
Interesting and convenient. How do you flash a new system though? Does one of the buttons toggle write protection of interface's EPROM? My old DivIDE has a dedicated jumper for that (apart from the one which selects between Sinclair and Amstrad models).
Jumperless so zero configuration between machines with different edge connectors. There is apparently a "secret feature" that will be announced at launch too.
sweetlilmre (1 year ago)
"err... I think I made that!". Gold :-)
I did bloody make it.
Rod Hull (1 year ago)
BTW, no need to hit reset between games. The divMMC Future is stable as a rock, just keep jabbing NMI :D
skeletoncrusader (2 months ago)
Will it play games meant for the 128k Spectrum on the 128 Spectrum or is it just for games that need 48k?
Rod Hull (1 year ago)
Good stuff Mark. You'll be one of the first to get the molded version.. Still on track for Q1 17. And we'll be doing a reveal of it's hidden feature when it's about to ship. I don't know of any divMMC's that have the same secret function:D More on that.. in the Future :D www.divmmc.com/divmmcfuture.html
Great SD solution for the Spectrum =D Wow the RF was bad on that +3 lol
Wow, I hope so =D VIC-20 Penultimate video should land this weekend! =D
Rod Hull (1 year ago)
The RC's are doing the rounds, if you're a lucky boy you might get ya mitts on one.
Rick Todd (1 year ago)
Hey mark , it's Lord Sugar now , LOL
I realised that I messed up when I was editing. I hoped that no-one would notice... You dashed those hopes.... CURSES!
keiran bowes (1 year ago)
Will it work on a +2 a Mark?
Retro Tech 100 (1 year ago)
keiran bowes Hoorays!
Yes - All Spectrums!

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