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Minecraft PE - How To Use The Clone Command!

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In this video I will be showing how to use the clone command to clone buildings, structures, or any area of blocks! You will only need to use two commands to clone anything of your choice; spawnpoint and clone. The spawnpoint command is used to get the three coordinates you input into the clone command. clone command clone blocks clone buildings clone structures clone and spawnpoint command
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MaxxPlayzMCYT (1 year ago)
Nice vid bro!
Squelsh8 ! (2 months ago)
Eh? Y r u commenting ur own vid
Ayein's Life (5 months ago)
MaxxPlayzMCYT 2323/3-1112
Elijah Jimenez (7 months ago)
MaxxPlayzMCYT I
Reizaki Yodou (8 months ago)
CDScissor Gaming and stuff.
Reizaki Yodou (8 months ago)
CDScissor Gaming and stuff.
someone sula (7 days ago)
hey r u in instagram
someone sula (7 days ago)
useful, 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
vishaal gamer 202 (9 days ago)
RangingViodMCPE can u make more commands video
vishaal gamer 202 (9 days ago)
Its kind of hard and u know not like a cheat but it worked thx
Raisya Aziva (20 days ago)
Who watch this on 2018 september 30th?
Aja Sandz (21 days ago)
Ruh Roh (23 days ago)
How do u rotate somerhing like if I had a wall with a pattern and I wanted to clone it on all 4 sides bc its just cloning one direction
Nice vid bro!
sova (27 days ago)
Im late, but man u earned a sub!
Ari's Cake Festival (28 days ago)
Best vid everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttrrrrtt
Kai ੂ (28 days ago)
This is so helpful thx
Ulises Reyes (29 days ago)
Nice for my giant redstone creations
Prajwal _YT (1 month ago)
Found It or Miss It (1 month ago)
Fallah_gamer. (1 month ago)
Thanks for telling me how to do it I dirent know I liked the vid
MinecraftCaslin (1 month ago)
How do I undo??
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632 17 370 second
580, 4, 373 first
PANCAKE WAFFLES (2 months ago)
Thanks this is so helpful I left a like :D
devil hand (2 months ago)
Thanks dude!! This is really helpful
Daniel Ornopia (2 months ago)
Can you clone a structure in two different worlds?
RagingVoidMCPE (2 months ago)
Unfortunately no
I build maps :b
Lidia Ivanova (2 months ago)
Ty sooo much
Life of Pineapples (2 months ago)
Meakoro Dreamworld (2 months ago)
John Alfred (2 months ago)
Thank you very much bro You helped me by creating my new city
Rolf Blume (2 months ago)
Mj Gamer (2 months ago)
Carl Nitro (2 months ago)
يوسف 123345 (3 months ago)
Thank you
OneEdgyNoodle xP (3 months ago)
Do you know if this works in the current version of Minecraft?
RagingVoidMCPE (3 months ago)
Yes this is a feature that is intended to always work in Minecraft
Brian Orton (3 months ago)
Whenever I do it. It says can’t not clone blocks outside of the world please help
RagingVoidMCPE (3 months ago)
When the region is too big the error will say that the blocks are out of the world. Try cloning a smaller region and see if it works.
Brian Orton (3 months ago)
RagingVoidMCPE no it isn't too big. It just say block out of world.
RagingVoidMCPE (3 months ago)
The region that you are cloning cannot be too large or else it will result in an error.
I know your nane (3 months ago)
Time to clone my city
CB3474 (3 months ago)
What if you wanted to rotate? I have an condominium complex and I want to turn one of the buildings 90*. How do I do that?
RagingVoidMCPE (3 months ago)
Unfortunately rotational cloning is not possible in mcpe.
Siyanür X (3 months ago)
You don't have to /spawnpoint Turn on Coordinates on settings
Benedict Molo (4 months ago)
Phanta boulous (4 months ago)
Subscribe to void
Thanks so much
Dj Maxwell (4 months ago)
thanks bro nw amma do clown a sunken pirate ship lol
Lily m (4 months ago)
Thank you, really helped me. 😁
Kells4Life (4 months ago)
I’m going to drop a like because I have been having problems cloning it only clones 2 blocks on top of each other but thankfully you came to the rescue! ♥️
PandaBunny Games (4 months ago)
OMG THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!! THIS IS SOOOO HELPFULLLLL!!! ok sorry for being crazy but I really needed this... My friend ruined her whole world but now with this video I think she can do it!
The bear Crib (4 months ago)
Thanks that really helped
X7MMmmMMudYX X (4 months ago)
Wy-guy (4 months ago)
Thanks! This was really helpful!
ParraLaxz (4 months ago)
Finally a Legit vid thanks dude, you deserve a like and sub
xxwolf Gamerxxx (4 months ago)
100 11 155 second
xxwolf Gamerxxx (4 months ago)
96 100 150
fariz_ gamer124 (4 months ago)
Cool 👍👍👍
Sam Adrian Cacayuran (4 months ago)
Thank u for sharing this to us I hope u can make more of this awesome vids thank u
Kathleen Ramm (5 months ago)
Gede Oka Darma Putra (5 months ago)
Thanks For Tutorial, I Can Clone Desert Temple Again And again.....
paddlewheel 3124 (5 months ago)
0:42 /tp ~ ~ ~ it also works
Unstopabble Player3890 (5 months ago)
Finally im learned the knowledge
Nice video and thanks for your video YOU ARE THE BEST!!!^ ^ ●
Aj Sally (5 months ago)
i love your videos
BTS infires me (5 months ago)
Thanks, i actually know how to clone stuff in minecraft but i deleted my minecraft for 1 year and i almost forgot how to use the clone command! i also love your voice because you sound like a youtuber whose famous. Thankkksss
blood time (5 months ago)
The first we need the size and position spawn point
MCPE BuzzBoy (5 months ago)
How to destroy it with a command?
Gamer (5 months ago)
Or you could enable show coordinates while creating the world
Xchyler The Minecrafter (6 months ago)
Abhijit Prajapati (6 months ago)
Thank you ! Now I know how to use /clone.
RagingVoidMCPE (6 months ago)
You're welcome!
mr. anonymous (6 months ago)
Im watchig this in 2018 i found a broken ship in mcpe and i am gonna clone it to make it a moving ship
ItsMy Ally (6 months ago)
But when I try it in a house the floor wont clone HELP
ItsMy Ally (6 months ago)
Thank u It helped alot
RagingVoidMCPE (6 months ago)
When you get your coordinates you'll need to go lower to include the floor. You may have to be below the floor when you get a coordinate.
DJ Elite (6 months ago)
I tried this with a Mansion I built a while back. And I cloned it . I put it somewhere . My Mind BlewUp I just moved a freaking Mansion 🔙⏪⏪💙
Reality Hurts (6 months ago)
Can you rotate it to a certain direction?
Zucth (6 months ago)
How to change facing side?
Julius Lescano (6 months ago)
thx for vid bro ilike this
Marissa Fillarca (6 months ago)
nice tutorial it is very clear than other videos in youtube
AzharCheRee Gaming (7 months ago)
Ryazor 360 (7 months ago)
Good for trolling
RobieGR (7 months ago)
Hey when I do it it just says 'no blocks cloned' what do I do?
RobieGR (7 months ago)
Ok thx
RagingVoidMCPE (7 months ago)
If you did not create a 3d region (cube like area) with your coordinates then you won't be able to clone any blocks. Also, if the region you are trying to clone is too large, the game may not clone it at all because it will be too much for the game to handle.
TheAdmin Boos105 (7 months ago)
Flippin Santiago (7 months ago)
I did it with my mansion but it didn't do all of ot
NoobGames12 (7 months ago)
Great video amezing!
Cool Glitch (7 months ago)
Great vid bro! Now I really know how to use this kind of command thanks and I just subbed
Dark Sonic (7 months ago)
Oh thanks so that’s how you do it!
Phiry (7 months ago)
An actually useful vid! (Your keeping inventory vid is pretty pointless since it's really simple with the command guide and there's even an option in the game)
Negan (7 months ago)
How would I rotate a building
DorkDude (7 months ago)
Thanks, helped a lot:)
Atka Wolf (7 months ago)
By cloning any building of yours, can you move them to another world?
Atka Wolf (7 months ago)
RagingVoidMCPE Shucks.
RagingVoidMCPE (7 months ago)
Unfortunately no
Bonifacio Jr. Villapaz (7 months ago)
Thank you for showing me this amazing tutorial I look forward to be seeing more of your videos
Piyush chaudhary (7 months ago)
how to undo cloning
RagingVoidMCPE (7 months ago)
Blaize Bax (8 months ago)
is it possible to clone a structure from another world
RagingVoidMCPE (8 months ago)
Unfortunately no
Dannette Hardy (8 months ago)
U can just do /gameruleshowcordonnets
TheIronWolf2018 Z (8 months ago)
Is ur FPS 30 or something dam
RagingVoidMCPE (8 months ago)
It might have been less than that lol. But my newer videos have better FPS than this one.
Random Outdoors (8 months ago)
Enable show coordinates
Dungeon Cat18 (8 months ago)
I cloned a castle
Silent flames (9 months ago)
Just use /gamerule showcoordinates true
Scott Gaming :D (9 months ago)
-13 81 -73 -27 102 -54
Epic Ninja (9 months ago)
Thx. Nice video,now i can build a city from a simple village
jjone heo (9 months ago)
thank you for not talking like a fool like the other peoples
G.M.D 52 (9 months ago)
awesome, gr8 video
Seth Newport (9 months ago)
You saved me except you just need to turn cords on in the cheat section
RagingVoidMCPE (9 months ago)
When I made the video there was no option to turn on coordinates. That option was added in a later update.
Maxy Max (9 months ago)
RagingVoidMCPE (9 months ago)
Np =)
Octo Emy (9 months ago)
/tp @p subscribe button
Sammy-Chan (9 months ago)
it worked! super useful, thanks :)
RagingVoidMCPE (9 months ago)
You're welcome =)

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