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Inside Zelda Breath of the Wild - Review of a Masterpiece

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This time Inside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild we share our thoughts and go deep into the game and its incredible world! Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/CatSP9U Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm!: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Music: "Trailer Theme" by Cleffernotes http://bit.ly/BreathSwitch Big shoutout goes to Music Proposition for creating the new intro theme for the channel and Inside Breath of the Wild: http://bit.ly/ZeldaUMusic
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Commonwealth Realm (1 year ago)
We decided to combine this episode of Inside Zelda Breath of the Wild with our Review of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Hope you enjoy it :) Next "proper" episode comes in a few days.
PHILL SHIVELY (5 months ago)
It's Not a Master piece the shrines Sucked the dungeons sucked the bosses sucked the Story sucked breakable Weapons Sucked the DLC Sucked
John Paul (7 months ago)
exposedmidriff mine's usually the naked under the blood moon one or the lost pilgrimage. That one is annoying.
John Paul (7 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm Why can't I find the inside Zelda for death mountain? U guys made one dintcha?
LloydIrving (1 year ago)
exposedmidriff that one i already have stumbled upon it by lighting the fire
exposedmidriff (1 year ago)
LloydIrving If you're like me, your 120th might be the one inside Hyrule Castle.
Tayohni (8 days ago)
Zelda's voice actress is fine IMO. I went back and listened and thought she really nailed certain lines with perfect inflections. It's the vocalization she's using that isn't quite right. I think some idiot director probably wanted her to use a falsetto, and then told her to still talk loud.
Luke's Game Page (1 month ago)
I think the plateau is the single most impressive first opening hours of game I've ever played; been completely blown away. I slapped myself while playing last night in excitment lol, last time I did that was probably GTA 3 😂
Totoro 2000 (5 months ago)
I give BOTW 11/10
ThanatosXRS (5 months ago)
Meh witcher 3 is better and older zeldas have much better stories
I love the intro and the music
TheOneGuy1111 (6 months ago)
Huh, I liked Zelda's voice actiong, and thought Daruk's was the worst...
Retired Hunter Jakey (5 months ago)
TheOneGuy1111 This game deserves to be watched in Japanese, as much as people may be against that. Once you have found all of the memories you can watch the story in order, and the game was specifically designed to be synced with the Japanese VA. It makes it much more immersive when you see how well it actually syncs and sounds. ☺
barbara hupp (6 months ago)
Anyone know the game at 2:48?
RhythmGrizz (6 months ago)
"van ruta"
Jen Chough (6 months ago)
@Commonweath Realm - i have a feeling that the "scratching your head" reaction after the Ganon fight is because you thought it to be too easy and anti-climactic. But I don't think the end game is supposed to be about Ganon being the "hardest" to fight and defeat. It was your journey as Link and the trials (both in combat, puzzles, and knitting your memories together) that led you to the culmination of all your skills, which, by then is more than enough to defeat Ganon (especially if you've freed all the DBs and they nuke him for 50% before you even start and Zelda helping you out in Phase 2). In this iteration, Ganon was never about being the most difficult but, rather, that fight was a REWARD for everything else you had to do and all the hours you put in that got you there. I had a few friends who just went straight for Ganon as fast as they could and they got their arses handed to them. But if you put in the time and effort, the game rewards you with a victorious battle against a foe you are destined to meet and defeat again and again.
Solax (6 months ago)
Overrated... It's a mediocre open world game
gooner inSP (7 months ago)
Is this game really that good? My favourite game of all time is ocarina of time.
alles Klar (7 months ago)
The german voice acting is perfect but i think it's so good because we have a long history of voice acting
Feli (7 months ago)
'since Korok seeds are ridiculously easy to find' DO WE PLAY THE SAME GAME?!
MNM mcg (8 months ago)
You could spend 100 hours in the world. Or you could beat it easily in 6 hours in Master Mode like I did. The whole "go fight the final boss whenever you want" is something that I really hope they do away with in the next game, it makes for terribly unsatisfying pseudo-progression.
Novuscourvous (9 months ago)
calamity doesnt look like the blights. apart from being made of malice and technology
The Modern Assassin (10 months ago)
zeldas voice actor is perfect stfu
Samuel Lee (10 months ago)
Looking back, I'm a little underwhelmed by this Zelda. I really miss traditional themed dungeons, varied bosses, and getting new items
20408 Heim (11 months ago)
Botw: king of sandbox rpgs Tw3 wild hunt: king of narrative driven rpgs
Carterjojo (11 months ago)
13:22. I would have to say the sonic the hedgehog series has the best soundtrack.
Hermoine Granger (11 months ago)
10 years? Lol more like 5 at most
NaturalFork (1 year ago)
There are two different endings ... depending on whether you get all the memories. Zelda literally tells you this.
Liam F (1 year ago)
Ok saying the bosses are easy is bullshit, I went to hyrule castle to explore and accidentally walked into the final boss completely unprepared and beat him first try with little effort. I would compare the games combat to dark souls, but a bit more forgiving (you can cancel your attack with a Dodge and the like) which is nice :) I mean, I love dark souls, but it’s nice to have a more relaxing experience. Also I love the music, like when you get a tower and you get some amazing music, also I love how rivali is so dismissive of you but he still gives you the best divine beast ability. EDIT: I only got 2 or 3 frame drops in my 60 hours of playtime
Bango Skank (1 year ago)
The music is by far the worst in Zelda history
C.Quoia (1 year ago)
Some people say that Zelda Breath of the Wild's english voice acting doesn't fit the characters, but in other languages like French or Latino Spanish, it fits perfectly !
Twixy Twister (1 year ago)
bohij epic (1 year ago)
for a game that's supposed to urge you to explore, the world is very empty and boring at times. Also Mario and Kirby games have a better soundtrack than Zelda games imo
Stranger Danger (4 months ago)
Galaxy is the only mario game with a better soundtrack and I don’t like that many kirby tracks as well as the games being really generic.
Naiko (1 year ago)
empty? i found this like in every single zone of the game, it is massive as fuck.
BronzedMocha (1 year ago)
I hope the next Zelda game gets the same treatment that majoras mask did, where the formula is expanded on with an entirely different feel and even more enclosed atmosphere.
itsMOCA (1 year ago)
Best game of all time! Woo!
Captain VaNNNNN (1 year ago)
What song starts playing at 14:38?
Minoras Moon (1 year ago)
The rain in this game has caused me more pain and suffering than any enemy.
Any bosses from the divine beasts you don't fight will appear at Hyrule castle as Ganon's first stages. After the divine beasts, he is extremely underwhelming.
Xnerdz (1 year ago)
Definitely the best Zelda game, yet. A masterpiece? I guess that's a matter of opinion. I'll lay out all the little things that annoyed me in the game, tell me if you can relate to some of them: - Everything breaks so fast! I get it, they wanted you to explore, find new items and not get attached to the same weapons all the time... But after playing a while, you feel like everything is made in porcelain... - The strength of enemies could use some balance. For instance, the guardians look big and terrifying at first glance, but once you've learned to deflect lasers with your shield, the challenge is pretty much gone forever. Unless of course _you decide_ to fight them by other means. The Lynels are incredibly hard for creatures that you encounter very early in the game, harder than anything I know (Ganon included), while most common enemies can be killed with a couple Sheikah runes bombs. - The lack of craftable objects (like arrows, weapons, armor... ect.) feels weird in a modern open world game. We can collect so much crap in the world, but it's almost ALL dedicated to craft potions or meals... At least the _armors_ can be upgraded. - Talking about armors, once you've acquired most/all sets of them, potions for different climates becomes useless. Armors have permanent effects as long as you wear them, while potions, well, they are limited time consumables. - The soundtrack blew me away when I first watched the trailers. Though, little did I know that these were the best soundtracks (IMO) and the game itself didn't offer much more. - The voice acting is great and it's definitely a step up from the previous Zelda games , but why so few characters? There's only a dozen... I get that it must be expansive to hire voice actors, but it's Nintendo... Also, the voiced sequences are very short and some of them just basically repeat the _same_ obvious explanations in the four divine beasts... - I didn't find the end to be very impressive. While BotW is something like a 100+ hour game, it has what feels like a generic 10 hour game's ending. Other than that, I think the game is a solid 9/10 (all of this is only opinion).
Toriko (1 year ago)
10 Years every time? So i will only see 7 more titels max? Time to get immortal!
Stefanie Bollen (1 year ago)
Mipha's voice acting was horrific though
AmazingSlab (1 year ago)
I beat the game 5 minutes ago! I'm so happy!
The Golden Greninja (1 year ago)
You forgot the darkest and most mature part of BotW of all... The wife that got divorced from her husband because he loved cuckoos so much, it is truly a dark story.
Kirkenstien's Monster (1 year ago)
Hah! Korok seeds are "ridiculously easy" to find... So far I've found 250 out of the 900, and yes alot of those where simple, but I dont think even finding the 440 or so needed to fully upgrade my inventory will be "ridiculously easy".
Waddlez (1 year ago)
so I got the game on wii u today. However, the game tells me it can't install, do to an error code called error 162-009. I called Nintendo about it and they said my console needs repairs. why? Every other game I own doesnt have this issue so why botw? so as you all are having fun playing this I will have lost my summer, suffering and waiting to play this.
crumcon (1 year ago)
Still looks kiddie to me. it may be a master piece, but too kiddie for my taste. the last non-kiddie console from Nintendo was N64
Paul Venn (1 year ago)
The bosses were a challenge? I found once I got the Barbarian set and a couple of Lynel bows they were far too easy. Was hoping their difficulty would scale with your unlocks but sadly they were a pushover by that point.
Barbaric Gannondorf (1 year ago)
Boo! it is nice you like it so much, but to say so many things are bad is wrong
jur rabi (1 year ago)
For me, being a newby to the Zelda series, this is a perfect game. And yes, even the ending. I played the Wii U version and my only complain is that the decision to make it a switch launch title hurt the Wii U version. I really would have loved to see what a pure Wii U version would have been, using the second screen for map or inventory, or as a real Sheyka stone instead of the 'press the touch screen to see the game in it'message, caused by the inability of the switch to use both screens to show different content.
Frederik (1 year ago)
So much spoilers ;(
Earth (1 year ago)
(•_•) ∫\ \___( •_•) _∫∫ _∫∫ \ \
Groose (1 year ago)
Potassium (1 year ago)
sl and sr on both joycon are not used
HerbJon (1 year ago)
Room for improvement sure, but man.. This fucking game. Put in 150 Hours and am still discovering stuff left and right..
Jake Murrin (1 year ago)
I know you didn't want any spoilers, but as a result I'm rather baffled by what you found so lacking about the conclusion. I thought BoTW's Hyrule Castle was an absolutely awe-inspiring example of free-form game design and the best in the series, while Calamity Ganon is (with some variation depending on upgrades/experience) one of the more challenging and imposing 3D Zelda final bosses. Nintendo even managed to finally create a gigantic Dark Beast Ganon on the scale they have been dreaming of since OoT, though that phase of the fight is admittedly quite easy. Add in the "Hero of Hyrule" Easter egg, the hidden good ending, and the touching insight into the characters of Zelda and Link revealed in Zelda's diary, and I'm hard-pressed to imagine how the conclusion could be more satisfying--let alone why you found it so singularly disappointing.
deahtwind (1 year ago)
if you ask any gamer which game has the best music of all time DKC 2 and Kirby
A exploding potato (1 year ago)
Have you heard of dwarf fortress? It has a lot of things that you mentioned here.
Derpy Dimentio (1 year ago)
if you get all the memories you unlock a post credit scene which I am content with but I'm just hyped for the DLC dungeon super hard mode etc.
SugarySuga (1 year ago)
I'm 12 and I Just Completed All the shrines I'm Reaallly Proud!! buuut I've only collected 58 korok seeds lol
Justin Jandoc (1 year ago)
the opening and its music still gives me goosebumps. god it's so freaking cool
chang yang (1 year ago)
10/10 zelda's ass
Lin2Waterfall (1 year ago)
question, did you beat the final boss before finishing all the shrines and collecting all the memories?
Lin2Waterfall (1 year ago)
when it comes to the voice acting, I just wish the background sounds wouldn't drown out the voices. Mipha is almost always muffled by the background tracks, and it is every time she opens her mouth.
Jam Fuchigole (1 year ago)
I love the dungeon design in BOTW. The voices in latin Spanish did an incredible job. Korok seeds easy to find? you mean the first hundred right? great video nonetheless.:-)
Croton (1 year ago)
Zelda had an amazing voice actor
Hyruleguy (1 year ago)
It fits her royalty perfectly.
Earth (1 year ago)
Lie, Her britsh accenct is un fittng.
Zaruian (1 year ago)
just for reference. I managed to 100% the game EXCEPT the boss medals(I need to find 38 more bosses) and the koroks(I have 304), and this took just barely 160 hours. So yep, 100 to 200 hours indeed, if you're gonna go korok hunting at least.
Lucas Been (1 year ago)
Next Zelda game in 10 Years? Probably going to be 2 years
Zachary Erickson (1 year ago)
This game took me over 100 hours. I bet it would be much longer if I tried completing it 100%. 2:56 You didn't get any Fireproof Armor on your way to Goron City? 7:26 I will take your life! Looks like the Yiga Clan doesn't have red eyes either. I'm not even sure if they are Sheikah at all. Is it just me or are there audio issues at 8:10? I was pulling out my hair trying to get into a shrine. Mainly the blood red moon one. I only had trouble with Thunder Blight Ganon. I was about to leave the area before fighting it. Getting a full rubber suit would have helped but at the time I didn't really have much things to protect me from electricity. Zelda's British accent is phony? No wonder I didn't like it. I like the cell shaded style. 16:24 :D Expressive anime faces. I keep forgetting this game has frame rate issues but I definitely noticed some major lag spikes on the Switch. The ending was missing something. And those so called alternate endings are actually just extra cut scenes. Well there is a lot of shrines which are kind of like dungeons.
Miikka Nurminen (1 year ago)
"Realism" Can climb any surface without any climbing equipment if there is enough stamina ....yeah sure ..
Jason Mosher (1 year ago)
Yeah, well, you wouldn't want to gain a wanted level in GTA for jaywalking, would you? Sometimes, suspension of disbelief is a powerful tool.
Terarex92 (1 year ago)
I close to 100 hours in on a completionist run and warning Will Robinson! It's overrated, Skyward Sword Effect has hit again. The open world is great, and the first 25 hours are mind-blowing. But then...There's not much meat on the bones besides the exploration, shrines, and maybe certain side quests. Certainly the main story is extraordinarily simple and ineffective for the most part. The dungeons have OK puzzles (three of the four) but that's it and I miss the mini-bosses...And unique temple bosses. An inconsistent entry into the series for, myself, beaten by both N64 entries and Twilight Princess.
appleipodtouch2g (1 year ago)
Breath of the Wild and Twilight Princess are the two best Legend of Zelda games, and probably my two favorite games ever.
Marc Sherman (1 year ago)
Is the final boss *really* that bad? I was planning on beating all of the shrines and getting the green tunic before I fought Ganon, but if the final boss fight is really easy I'd rather not max out my hearts.
Marc Sherman (1 year ago)
+Commonwealth Realm Thanks for the reply. I'll probably go fight him soon, because I still want to be challenged. Back when I was playing Skyward Sword, I made the mistake of buying a bunch of invincibility potions before I fought Demise. The final boss fight ended up being a breeze.
Commonwealth Realm (1 year ago)
If you have max hearts and stamina, cleared all divine beasts and have a basic knowledge of combat in this game, then a lot has to go wrong in order for you to have a hard time with the final boss. You will see.
Heir of Light (1 year ago)
Wasn't stranded on eventide an amazingly crafted trial for a shrine?
Witcheress of Hyrule (1 year ago)
The music,use of it and editing was just awesome in this video,dude! Good job and keep it up! :D
Witcheress of Hyrule (1 year ago)
Commonwealth Realm (1 year ago)
Thanks :)
Shade2002 (1 year ago)
When I entered ganon's chamber I was insanely hyped (whoever wrote the hyrule castle theme needs an award) but agree it was dissapointing. I would add another phase where the guardians return to good and make for a grand set piece more than *insert spoiler here*.
BRTD 2005 (1 year ago)
man.. it's so refreshing to watch an ACTUAL REVIEW instead of whatever the gaming content evolved into nowadays.. i'm glad you didn't include the in-game sounds and the overall audio quality is outstanding.. more importantly, the delivery is not too rushed and is easy to follow, which grabs the attention that's usually so eager to slip to "the next thing".. it's the format itself and the execution that's impressive!
Joycie Johnson (1 year ago)
Because this is Nintendo's first Zelda game with a better open world than the first, I've cut them a little slack. They've always wanted to do a world like this but were limited before. This was truly a new adventure for them and us. As for the future goes, Zelda will still grow and be on top. I haven't finished the game yet but I hope the developers take our feedback to heart about the final boss. He's supposed to be insanely difficult and epic. (Of course there are ways to make him difficult but I digress). I have to say I still give the game a 10/10 for the pure love and genius behind it. This was a game for the fans.
Explo QD (1 year ago)
The game is amazing, I'm just dissapointed with 2 things. 1. The dungeons, too short, too easy and don't have a real puzzle in them. 2. The story and the background of the important characters. Is very vague. But everything other than that, is incredible and fun.
Josiah Garber (1 year ago)
I can understand why some people would be underwhelmed by Calamity Ganon, but I honestly was happy with it. Could it have been better? Yes, but at least it was harder than any of the other 3-d Zelda final bosses and I thought that the boss fight was really fun!
LaKriz0815 (1 year ago)
[Spoilers ahead] I feel like it was not such a good idea to let the player tackle Ganon from the get go. While it sounds great on paper it makes the whole last encounter a bit anticlimactic. I would have preferred if the Ancient Beasts weren't optional or if you at least had to get the Master Sword. Ganon feels so weak when you don't even need some legendary artifacts to beat him. I would have hoped that my exploration would have concluded in finally being able to defeat this monster. Maybe make it possible to get to Ganon but make you fail to best him if you haven't found something important. I was well overprepared when I got there and the fight was more than a cakewalk and the impact of the Divine Beasts was so unrewarding. I was hoping for an epic battle where not only I was tested for my skill as a player but also for my preparation for said fight.
TheSecretSword (1 year ago)
ehhh i disagree fallout depicts a better post apocolyptic world i mean if i didnt listen to the story and just went running around besides a few ruins of buildings i wouldnt even know that everything had been destroyed. Also there 5 dungeons the castle counts as one even if u can go straight to the boss
P.R. T (1 year ago)
I am so in love with this game. It's beautiful and so enjoyable. Your review is on point.
SuPa SnEaK (1 year ago)
The thing is with the final boss, is that I believe it was a little bit more for how AMAZING Ganon looked in both forms but gameplay wise the final fight is not the best, but I still had fun with it.
Ajinkya Bobade (1 year ago)
This video spoils everything
ugly bad (1 year ago)
110 hours in I didn't know that bears were in this game
Rylemeteph Parra (1 year ago)
this game could grow even further in DLC. I Know, DLCs sucks, but Nintendo is well know to think outside the box and usually conquers, offering an experience even in minor details..
Joseph Orsak (1 year ago)
I really miss the dungeons, open world was great but the theme kinda stayed the same, find a shrine beat it get an orb. Find a korok get a seed. It was strange to not have designated items. I played 60 hours plus and I can say at the beginning it captivated me but now after all memories and divine beast it felt way shorter than I thought. Everything was great and the make, designs and how it all words is awesome. Just missing a few things. I have played like I said 60 hours plus........ maybe it's just me
pablo videla (1 year ago)
soooooi many spoilerssss
mistermuf1 (1 year ago)
when you say the bosses at the end of each dungeon prove quite the challange, i really wonder what game you have been playing because these bosses are a joke.
ShadeShadow234 (1 year ago)
Personally, enjoyed the final fight and the cutscene that followed. Spoilers While the first phase of Calamity Ganon a bit simpler than I imagined, I still had difficulty. The second phase, however. I know people claim it to be too easy, but I had fun running around the beast on my horse, timing the arrows and waiting for the chance to strike. It was _fun._ I didn't find it boring. I didn't find it disappointing, nor did I find the true ending that. It was something that I truly enjoyed. While I admit that something that truly would have topped it off for me, Zelda telling Link a message from Fi, I still loved it.
bobby Seasons (1 year ago)
Soft warning on all the spoiling content would have been great. For those buying and playing soon, I'd recommend playing it completely blind and not going online to look at crap! I'm hella interested in all the mechanics. I'm concerned about environment variety (i saw towns!!)- the green paths I'm not fond of but hey. .. I'm keen to see how robust pathed the game feels. .
bobby Seasons (1 year ago)
did you show me every single character environment and mechanic in the game? ? holy crap man. spoilers every blind. this is a mechanic and exploration play. Imo you should have a 5 minute buffer before you showed all that detail. if I can get the jist opinion in the first 5, then be warned of EXPERIENCE SPOILERS during the vid -- even told that's the recommended way to play -- then I'd give your review style an a++. atm I can tell you tried really hard to get everything in there but holy hell. . leave some shit out. you basically described the mechanics of the slim 4 bosses in the game. . story ain't the only type of spoilers
bobby Seasons (1 year ago)
Soft warning on all the spoiling content would have been great. For those buying and playing soon, I'd recommend playing it completely blind and not going online to look at crap! I'm hella interested in all the mechanics. I'm concerned about environment variety (i saw towns!!)- the green paths I'm not fond of but hey. .. I'm keen to see how robust pathed the game feels. .
Kanoshie Abamanito (1 year ago)
Your fighting final boss throughout the game with the four divine beast. If you skip the dungeons and go strait to Gannon you will fight all four of his forms, and last form without the divine beast massive attack.
Supa Kron (1 year ago)
Where does Zelda go from here though? This game is so good, I don't know how they keep things fresh. Unless they opt to go with the same formula (so basically the same game) but add the things which would've made this game perfect like; - More traditonal dungeons. - Better Story/Voice acting - More varied enemies (3 colors of Bokoblins/Moblins doesnt count as 3 enemy types). The Lynels and Hinoxes were fantastic additions. - More classic music. The current music is fine for the open world but I miss the traditional treasure chest music (or like not having the classic lost woods music in the lost woods was a bit of a let down. Loved the new design tho.) What else?
Anthony Moore (1 year ago)
The final boss should of been thunderblight ganon
Anthony Moore (1 year ago)
I love this game so much, the only bad things are the divine beasts were repetitive and easy af. Also the calamity ganon boss fight was just...lame, I think of a much better word
Diego Zavala Xed (3 months ago)
Anthony Moore Idk about you, but for me, thunder blight was a pain in the ass xD
Invertedzero (1 year ago)
No way near perfect. All it shows is how bad other open world games were in the first place, but there's a lot that can be improved
Devon Grant (1 year ago)
They stated what other open world's lack in the beginning in regards to gameplay. Logic and physics. If something should make sense to be able to do it, you can if you have the right tools.
Boshwa (1 year ago)
Good thing you guys didn't give the game an *number ranking/10,* otherwise, that would be the ONLY thing people would take out of this review.
Redigit Oktober (1 year ago)
Whats the song at 8:10 to 10:45? Its like the most relaxing piano track ever but Idk what it is :(
Antón (1 year ago)
14:06 aww you're groing up, your voice is changing!
Leonard (1 year ago)
s i d o n s t r i k e s a g a i n
Kai Rubix (1 year ago)
In the next zelda game or at the very least, the dlc for botw, I hope the dungeons can be more like hyrule castle. I had more fun getting lost in the hallways and corridors of hyrule castle than running around one of the Divine beasts.
Nine Ofyabizness (1 year ago)
Marcelino Dreams (1 year ago)
Good review. Very fair.
vetoo99 (1 year ago)
so many spoiler in footage , disservice to the game you are praising

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