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Straight from E3 2018!! Alex CND, JacobsOcarina, Irving, and I watch the Nintendo E3 2018 Direct!! Remeber to leave a like and subscribe if your new! Thanks @NintendoOfAmerica for hosting me! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/TTUAPkH -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/DuckHuntGamer My Website: http://www.duckhunter44.com/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/duckhuntgamer44 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duck_hunter44/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: duckhunter4433@gmail.com
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Text Comments (45)
DuckHunter44 (2 months ago)
Enjoy!! A little crazy, but were out here :)
Jose Torres (2 months ago)
Fortnite on switch finaly!!!
Gaming With Obed (2 months ago)
DuckHunter44 that's super cool if your with cnd again tell him I said hi plz
Adam Bomb1205 (2 months ago)
My Favorite YouTube's collide and come together!!!!! Yesssss
Sterncoo54 (2 months ago)
Gaming Tart (2 months ago)
saw you in cnd's vid duck!!!
Gareth Sanders (2 months ago)
My 2 favorite youtubers, cnd and duck
sonictonic (2 months ago)
I'm so happy you got to go! :) Hopefully I will see you there in person next year!
Xray_534 (2 months ago)
Welp guess what guys Nintendo isn’t first place. Looks like either Bethesda or Microsoft wins
Cjdestroyah Gaming (2 months ago)
Centurian P (2 months ago)
I feel so sad almost, duck looks like such a third wheel. He is walking behind them.
Centurian P (2 months ago)
David C Very true, but i just love duck and i want him to be treated right. ;)
David C (2 months ago)
Centurian P well the other guys are pretty close and he's just meeting them to be fair
Joe (2 months ago)
The hype is real :D
Dav1d9 (2 months ago)
Hey Duck with CND Jacob and Irving thats so awesome and we got fortnite smash and more on switch!!! Today is such a great day!
Donald (2 months ago)
MCDrums (2 months ago)
Poor Captain Falcon - 1:35 ;-;his fist has missed
Chøke (2 months ago)
MCDrums oof
JJ Johnson (2 months ago)
It's E3, we all geeks here!!
MCDrums (2 months ago)
^-^Your going places and it's really cool to be able to see it
JJ Johnson (2 months ago)
You finally colabed with CND been subbed to both of you forever
jacob27164 (2 months ago)
A moment of silence for Waluigi
Miss Nekotendo (2 months ago)
Great reaction! I'm so excited! 😊
Jeffrey de Groot (2 months ago)
Nice first video man! Luckily you got some great weather :D
acpaul97 (2 months ago)
Sony Fanboy needs to react to Sony’s e3 conference 😂
DaFro3713 (2 months ago)
Chrislovesgames all good my man, . And in all seriousness as a consumer, I hated sony's conference because they didn't announce any release dates or even a "coming soon" it's like why drum up hype now when it's not even close to ready. Only redeeming thing for most people was the RE2 remake
Chrislovesgames (2 months ago)
acpaul97 I don't know that meme my bad.
acpaul97 (2 months ago)
Chrislovesgames it’s just a meme man, we aren’t serious lol
Chrislovesgames (2 months ago)
DaFro3713 sonys sucked so bad. Xbox and Nintendo for sure
acpaul97 (2 months ago)
DaFro3713 Sony fanboy cracks me up 😂. Honestly deserves his own channel. Because Sony always WINS ;)
Lt. Vic (2 months ago)
You made it bro. You’re up there with the big guys in the Nintendo Community.
Nintendo Chief (2 months ago)
Where’s your energy duck hunter ? Don’t be shy !
AllenBeast (2 months ago)
What camera do you use?
muiske41 (2 months ago)
Nice duck.. Im hyped!
Flavio Mora (2 months ago)
Amazing video i loved it
Robert Garcia (2 months ago)
Isn’t our weather just beautiful?
Goat Hunter69 (2 months ago)
Awesome reaction duck
xXS4LMAN Xx (2 months ago)
I'm ur biggest fan
Got Hurt (2 months ago)
You aren't if you haven't been around since 3K subs. Nah it's fine, everyone is a true fan whether old or new.
StephanK1973 (2 months ago)
xXS4LMAN Xx no I am and you are to
Raul Rodriguez Vlogs (2 months ago)
2nd can duck love this comment
xXS4LMAN Xx (2 months ago)
OMG I'm first hi plz duck hunter reply to me plz
xXS4LMAN Xx (2 months ago)
Nickolas Frugone (2 months ago)

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