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The Top 100 PS1 Games In 10 Minutes ... according to gamer votes!

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The Top 100 PS1 Games - as voted on by the users at GameFaqs ... in 10 minutes. See the list here: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/916392-playstation/73165050 Admittedly, there are some odd entries on this list. For example, both Final Fantasy V *and* Final Fantasy Anthology are listed - which is a bit redundant. Ditto for Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Chronicles. But, votes are votes and I listed them anyway. Looking through this list, one developer in particular stands out for their output: Square. They published so many diverse titles with consistently high quality on the PS1. It's interesting how they've went from successfully pursuing multiple genres to essentially being a single franchise shop... What's even more interesting is comparing this video with a Top 100 PS1 list ... as listed by MetaCritic, which I have also uploaded! There's a surprisingly wide disparity between what gamers consider "Top 100" and what critics consider "Top 100"... On a personal note, I'm majorly bummed out that Omega Boost didn't make either list. Boo. NOTE: For people saying #49 is mis-identified - Final Fantasy Chronicles (#49) ... is actually a collection of FFIV and Chrono Trigger. And considering I already had footage from FF Anthology, FFV and FFVI already on the list, I wanted to use some different footage of the game - hence the Chrono Trigger footage.
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Gary (2 months ago)
NOTE: For people saying #49 is mis-identified - Final Fantasy Chronicles (#49) ... is actually a collection of FFIV and Chrono Trigger. And considering I already had footage from FF Anthology, FFV and FFVI already on the list, I wanted to use some different footage of the game - hence the Chrono Trigger footage...
Dino crisis (22 days ago)
I love game dino crisis hope remake dino crisis
Chihuahua (1 month ago)
damn Abe Exodus it's fucking stressful. Not for the faint of heart.
Bob Dawkins (1 month ago)
It frustrates me how mobiles are so much more powerful than they need to be today, for playing ps1 level games, and yet so many developers are still focused on making candy crush casual remakes aghhhh! There's a whole world of games to be made for Mobile which could meet these playstation standards now.
Raggle Daggle (1 day ago)
Jesus christ you guys are really Final Fantasy nerds. That was never my taste as a kid
LeoCC Axell (1 day ago)
final fantasy really?
Mohit Tomar (1 day ago)
For me Tekken 3 will always be the best game ever.
kildare97 (3 days ago)
Silent Hill is a top 5 game imo
VidaMate6 (3 days ago)
Spyro, Tomba, Crash Bandicoot 3 and their kart racing game (dunno the name), NFS Porshe, Jackie Chan Stuntmaster; MediEvil, Tony Hawks Pro Skater and Matt Hofman BMX were my favourite games that I had.
TL C (4 days ago)
RH M (5 days ago)
Theres SEVEN - S E V E N Rpgs in the Top 10 alone, is this supposed to be a joke??
RH M (5 days ago)
I get it, but just call it differently? ;)
Gary (5 days ago)
+RH M to the millions of RPG fans out there, no it is not a joke. To the millions who are not RPG fans, it is a joke. You decide wether or not it is funny.
Sunny Mustache (9 days ago)
"Final Fantasy Chronicles" jajajajajaa is the fucking CHRONO TRIGGER (ps1 version)
Alessandro Mariano (9 days ago)
Vigilante 8, Delta Force, Ace Combat, Alundra 2, Death of Water, Tony Halk 4, NFS Porche, Wing Eleven 5, Nascar Rumble, ArmyMan,
johnlee simmons (9 days ago)
How is Spyro 30 ?
Alaen (10 days ago)
broken sword
Rafinhamw (10 days ago)
70% of the games is RPG
Scott S (11 days ago)
I don't know why bother including any Final Fantasy before VII or Tactics. After all you just used the FMVs anyways. Also I know the video was put together fast but you should include more than the first 10 seconds of every game. With that said, Saga Frontier and Breath of Fire III should be in the top 10. Also did I miss the original Twisted Metal and Wild Arms somewhere?
lajlavalentine (13 days ago)
i rly knew that ff7 will be on 1st place <3
Angel Romero (13 days ago)
I agree with the top, FFVII and MGS are two fucking master pieces
Dom Ber (13 days ago)
Dafaq is this list?
ItsASquid (14 days ago)
I'm happy to see Crash 2 and CTR so high. Both exceptionally great games!
Achille D'Andria Rende (14 days ago)
Wipeout 2097? Destructuon Derby? Fifa 98?
NOKKY (15 days ago)
wow no heart of darkness , probs the best game i remember from ps1. Only game to need 2 discs as well
ThePitcho2 (16 days ago)
No yugioh forbidden memories :,(
Kevin Bark (16 days ago)
No harry potter games.. those are fire
sam hooper (16 days ago)
Thanks dad, mom, and FF7 for raising me.
Shogvn Pro100 (16 days ago)
no crash bash and jade cocoon [*]
Morgue Original Music (17 days ago)
So you like your Final Fantasy games I take it... -___-
Alex1987 (17 days ago)
List made by Sheldon Cooper.
SERGIO_VAN_DYK Mods (18 days ago)
Ace Combat 2 Ace Combat 3 Electro Sphere The King Of Fighters 98 Pepsiman Metal Gear Solid Ridge Racer Nightmare Creatures :v
DJ[Anime] 500% (18 days ago)
RPG PS1 Is stupid vídeo list 😒😒😒
James Jones (19 days ago)
Man gaming/graphics came a long way I remember most of them
Gary (19 days ago)
+James Jones Check out my "evolution of playstation" video to watch history unfold!
Shane Suren (19 days ago)
Jasper Rodriguez (19 days ago)
You rank suikoden 2 at #10? Smh
antiirony (20 days ago)
Me during this video: yup, uh huh, go on, sure, he, absolutely, of course, ....
Sho Firdaus (22 days ago)
is #70 tales of destiny 2 = tales of eternia? i googled it and only found tales of destiny 2 for ps2?
Sho Firdaus (22 days ago)
+Gary thank you, just stumbled on this video today and didn't know there was an english sequel to tales of destiny on ps1 all this while 😅
Gary (22 days ago)
Aha! This was a mistake on my part. Yes, you are correct - this is indeed Tale of Eternia. Tales of Destiny 2 is its Japanese name; in North America, it was released as Tales of Eternia, which is the name I should have used in the video. In which case, same game - wrong title in the video . Thanks for letting me know!
Jean Pereira Lourenço (23 days ago)
Too much Final Fantasy...
Azri Faris (23 days ago)
tomba 2 is my fav ♡♡♡♡
Richard Suchár (23 days ago)
so stupid list
Joel Savage (25 days ago)
WTF, MediEvil ???
Agnaldo de Souza (26 days ago)
Missed a good rpg, how could they forget it? the Ehrgeiz !
Gary (25 days ago)
Ergheiz is more of a fighting game than RPG, isn't it? Anyway, it's here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h06BvMk4_M 3:12
And not a single strategy. Populous, Civilization? 80% of this list is JRPGs and this is really bad.
Gary (25 days ago)
Please check out the "Top 100 PS1 ... According to Retro-Sanctuary" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_h06BvMk4_M
Sonny (26 days ago)
Wayyy too many RPGs in this list. And missing games like Duke Nukem 3d, Wipeout, Cool Boarders, Jackie Chan Stuntmaster & Fifa 98.
humberto sanchez (27 days ago)
Hey gary how obtain the great resolution of games what is your emulator and whats ypur settings please tell me thanks the resolution is awesome and spectacular
Gianmarco Dessì (30 days ago)
Legend Of Coocon
Alex Silver (30 days ago)
i will name few great ps1 games not on the list populous the beginning, the grinch, bugs bunny & tazz, james bond tomorrow never dies, army man 3D, eagle one harrier attack, ace combat, syphon filter 3, alone in the dark, warcraft 2, point blank 3, el dorado, sheep dog & wolf,delta force urban warfare, fear effect 2,mission impossible and so...
Dani Masdemont (30 days ago)
Bad list
Bayu Abhiyoga (30 days ago)
Vigilante 8 (and 2nd Offense) Destruction Derby 2 TNN Motorsports Hardcore TR NASCAR Rumble Die Hard Trilogy Bloody Roar 2 Dragon Seeds Winning Eleven 2002 Super Shot Soccer Disney's Tarzan Rampage World Tour Fighting Force Fear Effect Ehrgeiz BishiBashi Special Bushido Blade
Daavidrc (1 month ago)
This top 100 sucks .. 50% of that top its a rpg games. And 25% are final fantasy chronicles. Its stupid haha
Adam (1 month ago)
The real question is why the Spyro franchise isn't much higher. Hell, even Crash was lower than I would've thought it to be, and a lot of people consider him an unofficial mascot! (I'm more of a Spyro guy myself.) There's nothing wrong with a good JRPG, but what's with this list being so completely dominated by them?
The Chad Lancer (1 month ago)
Was Dino crisis 2 listed twice?
Gary (1 month ago)
+all the girls stomp your feet like this no
Danail Petrov (1 month ago)
Medievil should be in top 10 !
Michael Omizzolo (1 month ago)
Top 100 Squaresoft games
DestroyerOfWombs (1 month ago)
Forgot about DOOM
Tembakau Gunung (1 month ago)
Man... You do realy like Final Fantasies Game are you?... But Digimon World first is more epic than mere 50th place you know.
Sim Man (1 month ago)
Aqui en este comentario diré los que conozco los que me gustaron y no me gustaron :) 91-Dino Crisis 1 (Muy bueno aunque nunca lo he logrado pasar completamente) 89-Gta (Lo jugué pero no le presté mucha atención) 80-Digimon World 2 (No me gusto y no lo entendí) 78-Medal Of Honor (No me gusto casi no me gustan los juegos en primera persona) 76-Parasite Eve II (No me gusto mucho aunque sea de terror no me llamó mucho la atención) 75-Smack Down 2 (El primer juego Wrestling que conocí y jugué, un gran juegazo felicidades a la empresa THQ) 74-Tomb Raider 2 (Lo jugué pero no le presté mucha atención) 73-Dino Crisis 2 (Muy buen juego esta en mi lista de mis favoritos) 64-Tenchu 1 (de echo lo juego y voy en nivel 6) 63-Syphon Filter 2 (El mejor juego de acción de todos los tiempos) 61-Musashi (No me gusto para nada no le vi gracia) 58-Soul Blade (Primer juego que jugué de armas blancas) 57-Legend Of Mana (No lo entendí no sabia que hacer tal vez le de otra oportunidad) 50-Tekken 2 (Primer juego de pelea que jugué en ps1) 47-Megaman X4 (Me gustó mas la versión japonesa) 45-Wild Arms 1 (No lo entendí tampoco sabía que hacer) 42-Syphon Filter 1 (Buen juego aunque complicado pero me gustó) 39-Valkirie Profile (Buen juego RPG aunque me falta mucho por explorar) 36-Crash Bandicoot (Que juegazo una gran obra maestra) 34-Street Fighter Apha 3 (El de todos los alpha este me gustó mucho) 29-Ape Escape (Como olvidarlo un juegazo épico) 26-Crash 2 (Como no conocerlo y jugarlo) 25-CTR (Ay Dios mio parece que me conoces) 22-Resident Evil 3 (Primer resident evil que conocí y jugué) 17-Crash Warped (Nice Game My friend) 13-Silent Hill 1 (El mejor juego de terror una gran obra) 11-Tekken 3 (Otro inolvidable) 8-Xenogears (Otro que no le presté mucha atención tal vez le de otra oportunidad) 4-FFVIII (Juego Rpg super bueno) 3-FFIX (EL MEJOR JUEGO RPG QUE HE JUGADO EN MI VIDA) 2-METAL GEAR SOLID (TAL VEZ TENGA OTRA OPORTUNIDAD) 1-FFVII (NO ME GUSTÓ) listo este es mi comentario saludos
Claff TV (1 month ago)
100% agree with number one but where is croc on this list?
Gera Scopino (1 month ago)
European idea of fantasy = Tolkien --> D&D --> normal role-playing videogames. Asian idea of fantasy = Western influence --> weird outfits + irrealistic weapons + stupid plot lines + flashing lights ---> Final fantasy & other crap.
Karv3r (1 month ago)
Well, at least Legend of Mana and Parasite Eve are on here.
Tsukishima Kei (1 month ago)
Very disappointing. Sorry to say but the Spyro games are very misplaced. Lower than a funracer? Seriously? Bullshit-List
Lisa Normalasari (1 month ago)
BEST combos (1 month ago)
i hope you enjoy fighting games in my channel thanks
How many Final Fantasy Games exist? wtf
Brasilien Batata (1 month ago)
I see Soul Blade, I click.
yumiyacchi (1 month ago)
This list is a meme
rysoriginal ✯ (1 month ago)
My top list: Crash Bandicoot (1,2&3), Resident evil (2,3), Tony hawk pro skater 2, Silent hill 2, Diablo, Spyro the dragon, Dead or alive, Soul blade, Soul reaver, Castlevania SOTN, Tekken 3, Final Fantasy IV
Jose Rivera (28 days ago)
Silent hill 2 isn't ps1 dummy.
Mad Morpheus (1 month ago)
Does anybody know what tune that is in the very beginning of this video? I really like it. It reminds me of blade runner.
Mad Morpheus (1 month ago)
+Gary thank you.
Gary (1 month ago)
It's actually a phrase from Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf" -- which yes, is used in Blade Runner 2049 as the tone for Joi. Good ear!
TheDamir4an (1 month ago)
HOGS of WAR!Coooool
Nav Reviews (1 month ago)
Great games but no King of Fighters?? Sheep Dog and Wolf?
Net 'Hunter (1 month ago)
good times man ,almost cry ,i love a lot of psx games of that video
Chillaa23 (1 month ago)
What is with Pink Panther, Tiny Tank, Toy Soldiers, Harry Potter, Star Wars the dark menace, Fire Bugs???
No Marvel vs Capcom
josillo1989 (1 month ago)
Gungage is a good game too
Digital Alien (1 month ago)
Twisted metal ? I didn’t know half of those , is most of your following from Japan or something
Gary (1 month ago)
+Digital Alien According to my analytics stats, the top 5 countries (composing over 30%) of my audience are the United States, followed by Brazil, then Indonesia, Mexico and Germany. No Japan anywhere in the top 10.
there are 4 final fantasy games in first six.
Go Go (1 month ago)
Gamefaqs? This is ridiculous.. mind you gamefaqs members almost 20 years ago was full of FF7 fanboys. The topic remained at the top of the list for almost a good decade. You should've done your research on this! Don't get me wrong, the game is good, but definitely not the top for a PS1 game. if anything I would've given it to Crash or Castlevania, or MGS
fewwka (29 days ago)
Go Go alrighty.
Go Go (29 days ago)
My original comment was never aligned to this list being ranked by critics. If so, please point it to me. That's another thing you have to understand. The argument of my first comment was that Gamefaqs was an unreliable source because it is filled with FF7 fanboys. geeez
fewwka (29 days ago)
Go Go you're confusing me. I know what's the difference between players and actual critics. That's what I said in the first comment. This list is about what players liked back then. I'm not saying that FF7 should be first position, I'm just saying that the majority of people (on gamefaqs) thinks so. In your first comment it looked like you thought this was a list made by critics, so I responded that it's not.
Go Go (29 days ago)
read my comment about how Gamefaqs were back then! you clearly missed that part on how FF7 was on top! "Normal players" or your average gamer would choose based on their experience and preference. ie. FF7 did not play Tony Hawk pro skater because simply its not their cup of tea. We have critics for a non biased opinion (unless mentioned) who are exposed and experienced to a plethora of games than the average player. That's why both have different listings.
fewwka (29 days ago)
Go Go ..so? He mentioned the comparison because unlike Metacritics, gamefaqs users aren't critics. They're normal players
Gulyás Dávid (1 month ago)
best console ever
Galerito ! (1 month ago)
Symphony of the Night >>> Final Fantasy 8/9
rysoriginal ✯ (1 month ago)
So true
synthvision (1 month ago)
4:29 <3
Gary (1 month ago)
bashaar mohammad (1 month ago)
Where are "Pepsi man ,Jackie Chan game ..... And so many games like these !?
kurokami (1 month ago)
Spyro, Ape Escape, CTR, crash bandicoot 💓
Monotothewan (1 month ago)
how the hell legend legaia end up so high
skin19head69 (1 month ago)
Fuckin weebs and ff.
AwesomeR (1 month ago)
where nascar rumble ? :/
jitzmaster (1 month ago)
not sure the guy realized he repeated several games. LOL
Gary (1 month ago)
+jitzmaster the list itself has several somewhat redundant titles (e.g. remasters and re-releases) which is the result of ... I would guess a bad voting list. I just made the video based on the list. And yes I am fully aware of this. See the list for yourself at the link in the description.
James Guevara (1 month ago)
Would love to see Monster Rancher 2 higher in the list. I spent 1000+ hours playing that game. It's not my list, tho. Lol
temaorocks (1 month ago)
Muhammad Agus (1 month ago)
Ga ada metal slug, winning eleven, bloody roar, breath of fire IV, nascar rumble, vigilante 2, army men
Achmad Fauzi (1 month ago)
I love legend of mana
gn maker (1 month ago)
Lovely list
Beard Sama (1 month ago)
man i really enjoyed the shit out FF Tactics, i reseted that game countless times because i didnt knew english and even later on i had no idea what i was doing wrong and kept getting stuck on certain points, i have yet to finish it and i dont want to play it on an emulator, i really wish it got an oficial pc version, or at least a fukin port even if it ends up being garbage like most FF ports
Marikani Dzusa (1 month ago)
Mgs and tomb raider 3
Christian Vázquez (1 month ago)
Dónde está Pac-Man ¿? :(
Aabid Muhammed (1 month ago)
Jo photo apki video pe hay wo konsa game hay ...............
Sam Cummings (1 month ago)
Soul Reaver and Tomb Raider 2 should have been in top 10
9/9/99 It's Thinking (1 month ago)
*If all these games are not in the PlayStation Classic then it's a total fail.*
Grfsvf Fdvdvd (1 month ago)
Where is the great Breath or fire 3 ? And MK3 and Marvel vs Capcom ?
Sharkice 4.555 (1 month ago)
So, where the fuck is JoJo's?
Evandro Santos Matos (1 month ago)
OOOOHHH baby yeah!!! Einhänder is one of best shooters on PS1 titles, unfortunely, there's no sequence.... SAD, BUT TRUE.
Matt Devlin (1 month ago)
ff7 blows......should be in top 20 yes, but ff9 was far superior, hell, Tomba 2 was superior to ff7.
Reiven 、 (1 month ago)
Rumble Nascar, Bloody roar II, Tarzán... etc.
INeedTherapy (1 month ago)
road rash..
bleakAntiquity (1 month ago)
there were a ton of good RPG's for this system!

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