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How to Play WINDOWS Games on a MAC (STEAM HELP) - 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED - (OMG!!!)

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I swear to Jesus Christ, this is as simple as it gets. Thank to Tanner's geniusness, we were able to install the (less dumb version of Bootcamp) application "Wine Bottler" which is used for converting any Windows application to a Mac compatible one--precisely which we'd done to Steam. Once this is done, you can play any Windows-only Steam game on your Mac. It's EASY, it's SIMPLE, and it will only take 15 minutes to a half an hour of your time--which is worth it for an eternal revolutionization of gaming for your face!! Once again, thank you dear Tanner--check him out in my Featured Channels list. I hope we were able to help you guys out!
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Text Comments (1034)
[YT] NovaBound (2 days ago)
Not working for me the login screen isn’t loading and it’s just bars and the steam logo please tell me if I just have to wait
salo oi oi (3 days ago)
done with everything as instructed but while opening the app it shows only blank screen
Leila Wilson (4 days ago)
so I have a Mac right and I just paid 30 dollars for house flipper and its laggy af will this fix it?
Leila Wilson (4 days ago)
so this is gonna take me 2 hours to do and it might not even work
Th3_crazyasian 71 (6 days ago)
i love how this guy just replies to the one person who says he's a genius and theres over 800 others asking for help like wtf
Floofyferret (7 days ago)
It wont let me open it.
Floofyferret (7 days ago)
Nevermind, I think I got it!!~ Thank you so so much omg!!
says needs to be updated by developer
riciquette (9 days ago)
when i tried to open my game it says that there is a problem with update
Pongsupa SUPAPA (10 days ago)
Pongsupa SUPAPA (10 days ago)
Frisbee dog (11 days ago)
so i still have to buy the games???
Niki Vuong (11 days ago)
when it opens all the words are like non existent, anyone know how to fix? (rip commenting 2 years after vid was made)
Meme Guy (12 days ago)
I got it to work but it says servers unreachable...
Find My Profile Pic (15 days ago)
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That One Girl (15 days ago)
Hey, while this video is great I have a problem. My windows steam won't​ show anything. All the text boxes are blank and just close out of itself after awhile. Do you know what I can do to fix it?
Reed Daley (19 days ago)
I bought age of empires II but it won't start or install. It says "not available" under the status of the game and "invalid platform" when i try to install.
Kaleb Chang (20 days ago)
can planet coaster work
Grant Knepper (21 days ago)
Whenever I download it everything is blank. Like the boxes are there for me to log in but no words or text pop up so I cant navigate the library and such,. Is there anything I can do?
Billy Enkhjargal (22 days ago)
0:04 i didnt ask though
AM __Ninja (26 days ago)
ok? so whenever im logging in it shows no words.
dan f (27 days ago)
When I do it if just opens a download log and stops
Jcg Gon (27 days ago)
When I do it I get to the part where I install it but when I click on it it goes to a wine bottler word paf
Angel Frost (28 days ago)
dude u just call us " dumb people " ???
Graham Brannigan (28 days ago)
when i go into store it doesnt work/load
owen kumala (29 days ago)
why my steam doesnt show any text?
Frogabond (1 month ago)
Women love you too, Alex
Beth Huntley (1 month ago)
mine doesnt open looks like i need to log in but cant see as its blank
Faye Trixie (1 month ago)
I did what youve said. but when i open my steam window its working but theres no letters like its all blank! please help me
Catventure (1 month ago)
Ok Im 100% sure that u have OCD
Alfon Lee (1 month ago)
If you are having the same problem where you followed everything he did but when you click on the application and it won't launch or open, then sorry to say but the developers are still fixing this problem. Just read the highlighted thread in the link http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/1457328846185171214/#c1457328846185336900
Oda (1 month ago)
Steam is up and working but i cant log in or see any text
HotDogU (1 month ago)
Whenever I try to download Steam with Wine, it automatically aborts. Help?
Z UAE GAMING (1 month ago)
It doesn’t start up please help fix :(
iLittleLoLo Plays (1 month ago)
I got into it and I tried to do it, but It only had a blank steam screen. I couldn't access anything, it was all just blank.
SwitchToGrowPW (1 month ago)
so its like a vpn for mac but for computer types
Carfreak800 (1 month ago)
Sadly I could not get Wine Bottler to work for the application I need to use. I was trying to install an app called Raptor Flowchart for a class I'm taking, but it does not open. To make it more interesting, the Mac app console started opening by itself. Wine Bottler may work for some, but it most certainly didn't work for me.
panda puma (1 month ago)
This video sucksd
UnquiteGamer Ryan (1 month ago)
How come when I try to go into the steam store to download a windows game (on the windows version of steam) it’s just a black screen and won’t load
G.L George (1 month ago)
It is not working for now
Bruno Papic (1 month ago)
yo i will this work with multiplayer games?? for an example r6 siege????
Lost (1 month ago)
worked but at the login page there is no text
MaxOut81 (1 month ago)
Hey do you think this will make Windows specific Source Mods work on my Mac? I'm trying to download Resistance and Liberation work on my Mac, but I can't find enough information about it for it to work and show up in my Games like its supposed to. I think its because its Windows specific. If you know anything about this please let me know. Thank you!
Weasel (1 month ago)
it opens for a split second and goes away
REAL JD52 (1 month ago)
Thanks it works
Dougie84gamin (1 month ago)
I opened it and everything was not filled in(The text)
MCBrazilPlayer HD (2 months ago)
Why doesn't it fucking work:(
Meech (2 months ago)
i love you
Alex Rupp (2 months ago)
wine opened up just fine but wine bottler kept refusing to open, well least i know the wine application works
Taco Games_YT (2 months ago)
Jesus crist you amazing ducking youtuber genus
Fox Gaming (2 months ago)
GrimSoul66 (2 months ago)
Just getting a notepad document installed?
ハイドラ-- (2 months ago)
thankssss it finally worked!!!!
TIMMY BAYONET (2 months ago)
for anyone who thinks its fake its not i could play some h1z1 i downloaded wine about 8 days ago i tried doing All the steps but i got frustrated so i can never play windows games but then it worked
Spider man Fan. (2 months ago)
Um I wanted to play seduction a night with raven but it’s only for windows and I’m not sure if I could use this.....
the crazy guy (2 months ago)
the crazy guy (2 months ago)
it worked!!!! /
the crazy guy (2 months ago)
who is scrolling down to the comments to see if it did work??? well i am XD
PolarGaruno (6 days ago)
I always in every vid
Erika Calihan (8 days ago)
Lol me 2
Alexander Li (3 months ago)
when I installed steam from the wine bottler why when I opened the steam windows package and it took me to the wine internet explorer?
snakeysid gaming (3 months ago)
i try to open it but it shut down plz help
RAGE QUIT (3 months ago)
this man actually just called a gigabyte gb instead of saying gig or actually saying gigabytes wtf this is a true mac user right here
Quinn01 (3 months ago)
when ever i try to open it, it keep closing, what do i do???
Papa Perturabo (3 months ago)
do you need to disable SMHTML or was that a mistake on your part?
Kimchi (3 months ago)
You need to buy Windows 10 w/ Bootcamp. I have a lot of space and if you use Bootcamp. . . nothing. Dunno if I did something wrong but I think you need to buy it.
Alfie Keet (3 months ago)
wait is this tanner from mattihas...
Wolfie Sucks (3 months ago)
Funny thing is, wine is horrible. It only opens some .exe. Macs are overall stupid and I have it and I'm getting a windows 10 for my bday
nosabia123 (3 months ago)
Just for the first 23 seconds of what you said, I know this video is so good. I just know the way you feel and I LITERALLY feel EXACTLY the same... As well you actually explained why you didn't press download which no one does. Thanks it's just satisfying to watch a video like this, although my mac is weirder than the word weird, becuase nothing workes for it. (Not wine, not bootcamp, not nothing)
Cherginer (3 months ago)
When I tried installing it, avast blocked it as malware.
dmitri reynolds (3 months ago)
every time I try to download I go to the ad fly and them right away a "security error" thing pops up and wont let me download. What I do?
William The Dino (3 months ago)
William The Dino (3 months ago)
something else besides this pops up on my comp
Lilian Ibebugwu (4 months ago)
When I tryed to install it it said we cannot find wine what do I do now
kuzma prutkov (4 months ago)
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zander jenkins (4 months ago)
I have all the steps done but when I click on it nothing happens at all.. is there something I did wrong?
SR Skyfler (4 months ago)
When I try to open the new windows steam nothing happens
Winter Azami (4 months ago)
I’ve done everything correct and i changed the wordpad to steam.exe and it hasn’t worked when i open the windows steam app it just closes i think steam has patched it.
Chunhua Lin (4 months ago)
it said that it was loading stem but then, it disappeared and nothing happened
Chunhua Lin (4 months ago)
it did take me a few tries to make it work
Chunhua Lin (4 months ago)
omg it worked
Bram KU (4 months ago)
How Can you Hsve a fk 20gb Mac and steel run iOS and have steam discord act 10/10ign😂
EveryoneHatesAndre (4 months ago)
Alternatively, gET a ReAL CoMPUter
WAFBowser (4 months ago)
Ok, what happened if it DOESNT let you choose to replace the Mac steam? Also I don’t blame you for using a Mac, as in a Mac user too. PS, if anything happens, I’m backing up my files right now.
EveryoneHatesAndre (4 months ago)
Who is bob saget? Have you been lying to your wife?! Are you CHEATING ON HER?!????
Hara Krdt (4 months ago)
i'm running mac high sierra. i did everything you said but after installing the SetUp, the icon that was supposed to be your "STEAM (WINDOWS)", turned into an icon showing the earth with a glass of wine. i clicked on and it popped a window that says "WineHD" and on top it says "Wine Internet Explorer" and works as an ancient search machine XD . OKAY, WHAT THE FUCK? :)
PancakeMan (4 months ago)
winebottler sucks it always open s wordpad like wtf screw the idiots who made winebottler
dawZA (4 months ago)
anyone else hear him say one instead of wine?
Alleyezonme9711 (4 months ago)
I can download steam but my computer will not open the steam windows app. The app logo and everything is there but will not open it.
91lifetime23 (4 months ago)
why won't my steam windows open? it doesnt even has the steam logo on it once i download it, it opens like a little microsoft word rectangular, what should i do, please someone help
91lifetime23 (4 months ago)
im so f-ing pissed why wont my mac open steam for windows? i did everything right
Great vid tnks.
FrostGaming CSGOLive (5 months ago)
some virus bullshit here
Whispy Flame (5 months ago)
Hey when I run the application for steam on mac it shows on the bar that it is running then after it closes. Help Please?
CloposGaming (5 months ago)
Thx man...earn a sub
edwingamer678 (5 months ago)
okay okay okay okay wait  when i open it up its tell me oh  do the setup i did it it says updating steam........... then it just leaves like it never come back plz tell me how i can fix it
matsu kaze (5 months ago)
i was done with everything but application don't start (run) i was waiting.. i restarted the mac but same problem.idk why
Nehemias Quijada (5 months ago)
“Please bare with me” 😂🤘🏽
Whitewolfboy J (5 months ago)
Fuck you
Alexander Loves Women (5 months ago)
CrytonizedWolf (5 months ago)
I remember getting hacked and I lost my Steam account with Gta v / Scribblenauts Unlimited / Universal Sandbox / BeamNG Drive / Garrys Mod 😢😢
Kreek fans Out here (5 months ago)
When I open the steam it opens for 5 seconds and closes :(
Nicholas Di Filippo (5 months ago)
so it worked and all, the logo is popping up in my desktop and everything, but it won't open. Why?
Kaka Nunes (5 months ago)
Why this was recommended from a pubg video

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