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Opening Ceremony | 29th SEA Games 2017

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"Opening Ceremony of the 29th SEA Games 2017 ★ Date: 19 Aug 2017 ★ Time: 8 pm (Singapore time) Broadcast is subject to change. Follow the action on #OneTeamSG ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- ▼ facebook.com/SEAGAMES2015/ facebook.com/TeamSG/ instagram.com/teamsingapore/ Livestreams of selected matches youtube.com/SingaporeSports Thank you for watching ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- ❤ Do ""LIKE"" and ""SHARE"" if you love this video. ❤ ""COMMENTS"" below on your favourite moment from the match. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- Subscribe to Sport Singapore's YouTube Channel at http://bit.ly/sportsgYT for more sports videos."
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Zack Haryono (10 months ago)
The best opening Ceremony ever! Better than Singapore, more cheerful, supportive fans, good lighting, and more culture than previous edition.
Krisman B (1 year ago)
Modern, simple and splendid. Malaysia & Singapore is the best Opening Ceremony of SEA Games so far
Adeline Wai (1 year ago)
proud to be a malaysian!
Lorenson Harry (1 year ago)
Thank you Malaysia! The best opening Ceremony ever!
Satrio Arif (1 year ago)
Because Indonesia Achievement in this sea games slumped, 9.999 Indonesian athletes can follow this southeast Asian Sport Festival event. Starting from 2019 to 2 years.
Satrio Arif (1 year ago)
From 2019 to 2 years later, President Jokowi sends 9.999 Indonesian Athletes from Menpora, Imam Safawi, to the Sea Games event.
Kentleon梁 (1 year ago)
Amazing Malaysia. lol
noraayu mustari (1 year ago)
i came to watch here in youtube as i cant really follow since the opening. but made my self a promise that i would replay this whenever im free. now i felt regret that i couldnt be there watching this live! im so proud to be malaysian! i teared up at bajau horse part and the drums! i didnt know that my country is this amazing! Negaraku Bangkitlah!
Baka xiiao (1 year ago)
Malaysia the best😍😍
Kodi Test (1 year ago)
The quality of Tuak Kelapa of RM 5 at the atmosphere and showcase of Olympic Games!
Danial Az (1 year ago)
love Sea Games.Goodluck for the Malaysian
ABDY SOMALI (1 year ago)
I becamed colour blind after watching these.
Lutfi Argubhi (1 year ago)
good lighting, amazing led show. but overall is not too special.
Zulkifli Daud (1 year ago)
My favourite part is a nation built inclusion ... different races in traditional dance in a beautiful dance and music
Silver Maple (1 year ago)
Your stadium is massive, i hope to visit your beautiful country soon! I havent been there! 🤗Good luck to all SEA games athletes and to all countries! Wow, amazing opening... Thanks Malaysia! Mabuhay! - From PHILIPPINES ☺️
Ehh Bleh (1 year ago)
I'm only here cuz my school principal sent student from our school to participate in the opening.
Nunticha Piromkraipak (1 year ago)
32:55 Who is him??
mohd raffy Amin (1 year ago)
Mia Palencia world class voice!
Karem Channel (1 year ago)
sabahan and malaysian pride
Abiey Sufi (1 year ago)
Hi from Thailand.this opening ceremony was totally good.i like the part when the horses were coming out and really love about the culture.since we're neighbour,its not awkward at all when i comes here.i have a lot of relatives there and what special about thailand and malaysia is,only a straight road,we can connect each other.dont need flight and aeroplane and i can go to Singapore also just by my car.5555555 sawaddika
do rae mon (1 year ago)
I wanna be the mascot
Jogi Pangabean (1 year ago)
thank you malaysia
Kok Wai Khong (1 year ago)
My favourite are the drone and ship shows. My complaints are poor lighting and too much colours.
ary ahmd (1 year ago)
Aisyah M. (1 year ago)
So proud to be Malaysian 🇲🇾
Irfan Setiawan (1 year ago)
Thank u Malaysia, amazing ceremony if without "Rasa sayange Song, Batik Mega Mendung, and Randai Dance" because i know that is Indonesia Culture. #CMIIW in 1:54:20 i hear that music like "Semua Jadi Satu" Song by Indonesia Diva's (Krisdayanti, Titi Dj, Ruth Sahanaya)
Gokillyoself (1 year ago)
So we can fund for a sport event but no entertainment event? Don't you think it will be awesome to see singers from asean in one stage. Why the government never think about this.
Yi Loo (1 year ago)
I think I might be crying in flood of tears if I watched it live in the stadium. When all the races in Malaysia all together bangkit bersama. Especially the drum part 1:49:36
Suwaibah Abu Bakar (1 year ago)
im so proud to be malaysian!!!!!
amazing ! fantastic ! awesome ! modern ! led technology !
Han Yoona 한윤아 (1 year ago)
its beautiful n i luv it so much. hi from Seoul Korea
Sam Lee (1 year ago)
Proud for Malaysia. it is a one of the best ever event organizer. as Malaysia, i tot this is only can watch at other country. well done. thank you
Shaf Jamal (1 year ago)
1:49:35 I feel goosebumps
Clover Dreamer (1 year ago)
I have some friends involve in the openings of the SEA GAMES this year. They've skipped so much school to practice and I am so damn proud of them. But I cant even see their faces sigh. Not even close. The whole performance is from 1:45:43 until 1:47:45 but the closest I see is only around 10 secs which starts from 1:46:35 and I still cant see them sighhh WHHHHYYYYYYYY
Mad Nor (1 year ago)
Congrats Malaysia! Amazing performances!
Nash Nedz (1 year ago)
Congratulation Malaysia for the great and spectacular show in Sea Games Opening Ceremony. Saya Bangga menjadi anak Malaysia. How many likes for this Malaysia Sea Games Opening Ceremony? :) #BangkitBersama #KualaLumpur2017
Syasya Elias (1 year ago)
honestly, I'm extremely proud of my country, Malaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾❤❤ i nak nangis, bye
smsmurni (1 year ago)
Thanks Sports Singapore , thanks toggle. Thanks to all Singaporeans who watched this. Thanks for positive comment, it shows your 1st class MENTALITY. No wonder you been developed nations. Majulah Singapura, Negaraku Malaysia. Kita Sahabat. Takes the good, throw away the bad ! Positive+
amir khalidin (1 year ago)
i dont even love this ceremony. they was so unprofessional to prepare the games. from what they did, to put indonesian flag on a guide magazine upsidedown, the justices, and many things others that showed malaysia was not ready to hold this big games.
awesome ...malaysia negaraku
CikTam Channel (1 year ago)
Congrat Malaysia and all the best great opening ceremony
Michael Kaito (1 year ago)
The opening of SEA Games 2017 is beautiful and marvelous..... But the committee was awful. Totally doesn't fair and Disrespectful toward indonesia. hope that it doesn't happen again next time.
Kookieys (1 year ago)
Amazing Open Ceremony !! I love how they go through every single races and culture.. I ❤ My Country aka Malaysia!
Defy Me (1 year ago)
Let's all be supportive and be sport. :-) Let us lift up SEA REGIONS on the world class stage. Yesssssss. I love you MALAYSIA -from the Philippines.
fahmi nadzlan (1 year ago)
Amazing n spectacular performance ever in south east asean games....kl is the best opening ceremony I see..modern n classy..
Masuri Masood (1 year ago)
This is the first time Randai is showcased in such events. Kudos!!!
THE BACKPACKER (1 year ago)
Amazing opening ceremony...
LS Wong (1 year ago)
Amazing! All the best to our Malaysian team!
Gerald Lee (1 year ago)
Awesome ... with this type of opening ... we are ready to do the opening for olympics!
Clark (1 year ago)
great job Malaysia...
zero ichi (1 year ago)
the performance is actually very beautiful and cool! <3 I feel like crying now~
KenDiriwan (1 year ago)
1:49:35 got me teared. My beautiful country Malaysia
Mat Darko (1 year ago)
powerful speech
Jun Tibig (1 year ago)
Bravo Malaysia for a world class opening ceremony
makemelikeu (1 year ago)
i was there last night!!! Cheered to every sountry marched in!! SO happy!! And as Malaysian, im super proud to everything. Despite so much problems (politically, economically etc) we managed to pull something pretty emotional as Malaysian and SEA-sian. I hope Kuala Lumpur2017 will treat everyone with our best hospitality. No hatred, no hating and discrimination from other nations. After all we are one community. I LOVE MALAYSIA! I LOVE SEA!!
Edmund Chung (1 year ago)
Good lightning show. But poor in creativity.
Sharul Nizam (1 year ago)
Kaya Aku (1 year ago)
The most spectacular opening ceremony ever!!!
Bros (1 year ago)
Ahha in the end looks like Opening Ceremony in Palembang 26th Sea Games Or ???
smsmurni (1 year ago)
More ethnic, more colour, more culture and no annoying MC's ... huhu. It's own class. Rising Together !
duck flamingo (1 year ago)
Go Malaysia !!!
Gary Chua (1 year ago)
Wonderful multi-racial elements coming together
Sara Hana (1 year ago)
Highlight - Mia Palencia "So Many Hands" 1:56:00.
Amir Faris (1 year ago)
✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 love from Malaysia to SEA neighbours! Selamat Datang!
Akram Din (1 year ago)
What a GREAT SHOW!!! Congratulations to Malaysia!!!. Ayuh lawan , Kita lawan ..Bangkit Bersama... from Singapore
Razif Razak (1 year ago)
amazing light splash!!
Terra Ann (1 year ago)
Amazing opening
Afiqah Zulkifli (1 year ago)
Fantastic Malaysia
farael 281199 (1 year ago)
Very very awesome 👍🏻
Abel Jeremiah (1 year ago)
Wonderful speech.
Suryafara bracke (1 year ago)
Amazing!!!! Good luck for all athletes!!
Aina Anis (1 year ago)
amazing..love u Malaysia
f (1 year ago)
Aiman Skyler (1 year ago)
B A I (1 year ago)
Asean just nice
yensiong chong (1 year ago)
Great show
Zanariah Abdullah (1 year ago)
we appreciate this live telecast. But why it took you so long to show the inside?
luka kelmarin (1 year ago)
Best ever Sea Games Opening Ceremony 😍😍😍
Cinta Lathika (1 year ago)
Proud of malaysia Awesome Kreatif 😚😘😙😙
Adellah Izzatty (1 year ago)
Paul Patnon (1 year ago)
Love to SouthEast Asia - SEA Nations.!! Lets spread the love and friendship through this game.... Love to Malaysia...:-) From PH
panic! ! (1 year ago)
Paul Patnon love pinoy..they r friendly and awesome.peace from malaysia
Ducky Momo (1 year ago)
Paul Patnon ASEAN rockss!!🤘
EykaaRahim _ (1 year ago)
Paul Patnon 🌷
wawan2015 rashide6 (1 year ago)
Paul Patnon .Thank You.
eka2808 (1 year ago)
Great technology but lack of concept... Palembang 2011 and Singapore 2015 still the best so far...
Faris Asri (1 year ago)
Good Luck All SEA NATIONS!!! All the best to all athletes Spread the good vibes Love for all :)
Ho Ho (1 year ago)
rise together ASEAN.😀
Ernest Noeid (1 year ago)
Radhiah Muhammad (1 year ago)
excellent performance !!
Zack Haryono (1 year ago)
best ceremony ever in sea games history
vain glory gamer (1 year ago)
Nice opening ,all the best to team singapore and everyone.
Tony Tran (1 year ago)
Thank you Malaysia and Malaysian Government who take good care of their people and the Southeast Asian. I am poor for Vietnamese people who are living under terrible governmental management. Anyway, I am posting this comment to let other countries in Southeast Asian group know that our government who called "the mandarins robbed the people", so that they are completely faked face and never focus on their country and area.
greatrider_ marcello (1 year ago)
Good job Malaysia
M 12am (1 year ago)
Awesome opening ceremony..good job malaysia...
Hijau Kertas (1 year ago)
mohd aizat (1 year ago)
Well done KL2017 simple and splendid
ZAIN ZAIDEE (1 year ago)
Hi from Thailand, Your grand openning was so so much wonderful and modern but a bit focused to the local shows ## Thank you Malaysia
Choongie Studios ONE (1 year ago)
I really like the 29th SEA Games cauldron design (a traditional malaysian oil lamp)! Even that doesn't looks as great as Singapore's cauldron... The way how Sabri lit up the cauldron seems similar to 2011 SEA Games, but without the spear. But she looks truly amazing when she fly closer to the cauldron! Overall, this counted as one of the best opening ceremony I ever seen (I know it wasn't as great as Singapore and Myanmar)!
Jimmy Toh (1 year ago)
Impressive opening ceremony showcasing Malaysians of different races and culture, well done Malaysia!

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