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Why Don't Old Games Work on New Computers?

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Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/linus-tech-tips/techquickie Why can it be such a challenge to get older games to work on new computers - even ones built for gaming? Techquickie Merch Store: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/LinusTechTips/ Techquickie Movie Poster: https://shop.crowdmade.com/collections/linustechtips/products/tech-quickie-24x36-poster Follow: http://twitter.com/linustech Leave a reply with your requests for future episodes, or tweet them here: http://twitter.com/jmart604 Join the community: http://linustechtips.com Intro Theme: Showdown by F.O.O.L from Monstercat - Best of 2016 Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm36k08jQ0M&t=2422s iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/monstercat-best-of-2016/id1185092812 Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5Zt1P3ZbnfErBkiqcfBTCN
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Text Comments (4049)
CXNDTV (8 hours ago)
Ohhh That's why my CS:GO so f shit
Carson B Wagner (14 hours ago)
Really? If you have to make this video for your audience, then your audience should get some longer ones.
so basically keep your trash old pc and upgrade it a little with old pc parts and use it as an "RETRO" gaming pc.
intel386DX (2 days ago)
Just use 32 bit os :)
ThisEmptyWorm (2 days ago)
If you own old games on steam, check the steam discussion prior to the game you’re playing. They’ll offer you a guide to install some stuff to make the game works
Satanic Lives Matter (3 days ago)
This is so heart breaking 😕🙁☹️😫
praetorxyn (4 days ago)
This actually works better with Linux using DXVK
0_0 thx for letting me know
pj alingato (4 days ago)
I use 32 bit windows 7 :3 is it that uncommon now!?
Owen McCafferty (4 days ago)
Good question!!!
Lockinhind (6 days ago)
not very quick XD
Soham Sengupta (6 days ago)
Backwards compatibility
Aviation Gaming (7 days ago)
Red Alert 2 is old but it still playing on my new PC
RAPGOD PLAYER (8 days ago)
Use a f emulator
Golden Derp (8 days ago)
but I run Skyrim a 32 bit game on my windows 10 which is 64 bit.
Stephen Hawkes (11 days ago)
TIL that GOG is an acronym for good old games...
Scar 557 (11 days ago)
Then how does Windows 10 runs better NFS Most Wanted than in Windows 8.1 ... ? Iv'e seen that SysWOW64 is a bit different between the 2 OS. Maybe it's because of that ... ?
Sans Gamming (11 days ago)
If You Want Play Ps2 Or Ps1 Game All You Need To Do Is Follow This Step >Open Google >Type Emulator Ps1 Or Ps2 >Download.. >Done >Go Back To Your Browser >Type Iso Name >Download... And >Bam You Done Just Run It Noobs Or Dumy
Joshua Negrete (11 days ago)
OR OR just use a emulator. ez
DamnItsDex (11 days ago)
My new pc works with gta 3 lol
jb888888888 (3 days ago)
But my computer has a program called System32 on it. That means it's a 32 bit system, right?
Ricardo The PC Wizard (4 days ago)
No, if you go to Computer where you can access the drives, just right click the white area then click properties. You will see all your system info.
Kr1llbo (12 days ago)
Little big adventure 1+2 were re-released on steam. However they screwed over the controls. Dosbox with the old copies works just fine. Wonderful game. Can't wait for the 3rd to eventually be released! (*cough* eventually)
Fardeen Moosa Km (12 days ago)
I just finished GTA 3 yesterday
Ilijas Ramic (12 days ago)
windows 10 works really bad with older games. For example i have 2600k 4.6 with r9 380 i tested call of duty 4 on windows 10 i have really bad fps but on windows 7 my fps i amazing
Donagh C (13 days ago)
Some PC gamers like to pretend these issues don't exist. 👀
Carlos Marques (14 days ago)
Fallout 3 makes you the middle finger in windows 7 and newer xD and we need to. Alter some files to make it run in one core only to work
Roger Hazen (14 days ago)
I don't run into these issues. This is fake news ! lol really though i've never had any problems playing old games
burt591 (14 days ago)
I remember playing Silent Hunter 2 on Windows 98, that was awesome
suvradeep sutradhar (14 days ago)
You are right I can run old game on old phone but not on latest Phone
steven cellugi (14 days ago)
Goodbye battlefield 1942, your days are over but will never forgotten.
Mariusz (16 days ago)
Even in this day, some developers release games with only 1 thread support... cough >___> Korean MMOs and so on I will never understand why a developer that is making a game after 2012 would ever use Dx9 and only 1 thread. Great idea, lets shove everything into 1 thread I hope more and more people use Vulkan, I would never keep fucking using this shitty Windows 10 (... pathetic memory management...) over a Linux
Little mallow (16 days ago)
What's up you fat ass
kibowman (17 days ago)
TheWolvesCurse (17 days ago)
remember when games asked you for which soundcard you use? bet you still got a soundblaster in your 2018 gaming machine.
Amy Carter (17 days ago)
Sometimes, 16-bit stuff doesn't even run on 32-bit OS...
Md Raiyan (18 days ago)
Can't copy game installer from disc to dekstop. It stuck on the half way & the cpu disc reader starts shaking. Any help? Tqs
silverrockstar100 (18 days ago)
Damn this is exactly my situation 0_0 I bought a new copy of Mechwarrior 4 vengeance a couple months ago on amazon only to find out my new windows 10 computer won't play it. The installation went well but once I try to run the game it just wont do anything :(
BlackSword FIFTY5 (20 days ago)
oh thats why gta san andreas wont work on my pc btw thanks for the information
Viran Victus (20 days ago)
Oh jesus.. imagine that... A moronic and patently false tech related video that the first human seen in the video is Linus Sebastian. It all makes sense now. Let me fix this for you. Old games DO work on new computers. Imagine that, you can readily play games from the 1980s on modern computers. Any time they dont... the ONLY problem is the operating system. Theres any number of easy ways for anyone who doesnt have their head stuck up their asses to fix this, like running said compatibility mode, simply virtualizing the needed OS in question, OR the easiest of all, Go to GOG.com like you should have been doing EXCLUSIVELY anyway if you are buying any games to play on a PC so you can actually OWN games and not have to give up your legal rights to do so. Seriously linus... You are a major problem with what is wrong modern computing. You are helping to encourage stupidity in computer users when 95% of computer users have no business using computers because they do not actually have the slightest clue what they are doing. You are like the local shade tree computer wizard that only patches computer problems instead of actually fixing them like a professional would. You seriously did not need 7 minutes to say "Its the OS... Work around it" and trying to breakdown irrelevant technical aspects of it. Really you dont even need to bother making videos because all they ever are is filled with stupidity and misinformation.
Carlos (21 days ago)
RIP fallout 3 on win 10
Amu Cheeki (21 days ago)
Funny but I never had this problem.
dog453679 (23 days ago)
I've already beaten you to the punch with Dosbox, But the other games, that would need some other emulators that you mentioned. Thank you, Dosbox!
if you could put a NES cartride in a nintendo 64, assuming the game was fully compatible, it would run exactly 93 times faster than on the NES, and just another fact for fun, I bet y'all didnt know this, but the nintendo 64 actually has 16 bit graphics, yes its true.
Valerie Payne (23 days ago)
I see deus ex I hit like.
Supahfly uk (24 days ago)
dos box for the win
Chris Chupp (25 days ago)
Just what I thought about thee mighty PC.
Mustafa Wahidi (26 days ago)
use a virtual machine :P
Weird.Gta Vice City,Rayman Forever and Rayman 3 worked well on my 64-bit Windows 10.
Kendrick Brenton (26 days ago)
I have no problems with this I play Starcraft Warcraft and diablo dune doom and other stuff
ζκυιι ΡΤ (26 days ago)
I can play GTA 3 in Windows 10
CounterStriker013009 (27 days ago)
old game can continue to the next generation
Similak Child (29 days ago)
- at first they dropped all support for 16bit when they came out with 32bit (Windows 98 and Windows ME basically killed MS DOS) - they added support for both x86 and x64 (though x86 support in Windows Vista and Windows 8.1 is not very good.) - they added a compatibility tab in some of the newer OS (but that does very little for old games and everyone knows it)
Fuck off Linus just fuck off
SaltyBoii (29 days ago)
Saints row 4
Thom (29 days ago)
Dude, where are you? We are missing you in Mechwarrior Online! :-)
*has a very old computer* *runs 2014-2018 games*
Ionut Gabriel Lungu (1 month ago)
I saw GTA 3 in the thumbnail. Try to install it via Steam. The menu will go grey and it's not visible, resolution is crap.. So you pay a game and it does not work... Ofc that can be fixed because someone was smart enough to modify the necessary files
Madhav s (1 month ago)
I am using 32bit Software
Topunito (1 month ago)
e m u l a t o r m u l a t o r
Niidea1986 (1 month ago)
As long as I am able to play prince of Persia...
Worton Issk (1 month ago)
So much for backward compatibility that pc gamers keep bragging about.
wessel daas (1 month ago)
Yup, i am using DOSbox. Dungeon Keeper for live hahah
Anika Ruiz (1 month ago)
i kept my old pc till 2018 just to play gta sa
Johann Swe (1 month ago)
I have an 10" laptop with Windows XP for all the good old games I grew up with, works great!
Lalit Sehgal (1 month ago)
I wish... we cld play classic roadrash...
vaderglenn (1 month ago)
I'M Sad, I was trying to play steel soilders and couldn't. (The original from way back, not the one on steam) is
At Kafası (1 month ago)
Old games are for DOS, new games are for kernel
robertohlin98 (1 month ago)
I just want to play homm2 properly with music,screen and everything :(
Noontime Sadly (1 month ago)
I have a laptop and I. Play. Gta5
LakituLP (1 month ago)
this 32bit and 64 bit clash is just bullshit. Why can´t we make 64 only?
Phantasmed and more (1 month ago)
I have two tower pc's the one I am using just now I have windows 10. the other one I have windows 7 and windows XP dual boot. it is great as I managed to activate windows XP although I had problems to start with..windows XP doesn't take much memory at all. I tried GOG and steam none of htem had the fifth element game..yes I loved it...another PC game I have is shadows of the Empire..but I got that on GOG....so I installed windows XP to play one game...no big deal really as it works and I can stil use windows 7 on the same pc so no biggie....only thing I had to do was download drivers for ethernet first on the other PC, then to usb drive to XP PC to then be able install the ethernet drivers on the XP operating system..from there I had to download my wifi driver and also sound drivers.. but at the end of the day it all works, all for the sake of one game.. ;)
Calvin Odbert (1 month ago)
I miss hacking Windows ME Boxes they were so vulnerable with netbios enabled. I never hear people talking about ME you should do an episode on it. M$ WOrst OS IMO
Aman Bhatia (1 month ago)
I am able to play unreal tournament 1999 GOTY on my gaming pc with decent specs
Lord Blazelicious (1 month ago)
i was able to run sims 1 on my old windows 10 64bit 2gb ram lenovo ideapad laptop before.
Saahil Pardeshi (1 month ago)
Saahil Pardeshi (1 month ago)
How? Linus
Shane Irwin (1 month ago)
C DIrect X Job done. TL:DW
New Super Retro Man (1 month ago)
10 can only run games from 2002-present
Nathaniel Enochs (1 month ago)
I've gotten my 64-bit Windows 10 PC to run games that came out before 2002 like Max Payne, Shadow Warrior (Original), and Moto Racer.
Planarian 17 (1 month ago)
So if i have a 32 bit Windows and i install it 2 times it would be 64 bit?
DJ. MadHat (1 month ago)
Cuz theyre so old!
Mr.Breeki (1 month ago)
Gta 3 still runs on my 64 bit pc.....
Parvathy (1 month ago)
How to download more ram? 🤔
Ionuț Oleinic (1 month ago)
goodbye gta 3 , vice city and san andreas
Vigilax (1 month ago)
Deus Ex!! A timeless classic.
Sven Van Gestel (1 month ago)
lier I have installed a xp game still on Windows 10 home 64bit without any problems
Gen X (1 month ago)
I'm having this exact problem with Star Trek DS9 Dominion Wars - It wont even install on 64bit win 10, so I can't apply any patches - aparrently it only likes GPU's from the old Geforce 2 era to Geforce 4 so I'm going to piece together a retro system for old games :-) ps - have you seen the price of a 3DFX Voodoo these day's - shocking.
Alternity666 (1 month ago)
Wait, people still acknoledge windows ME's existance?
Colkiller (1 month ago)
How about just down grade your system to windows 7
37712 (1 month ago)
Windows 7 and GOG.com is all u need
Pyroman / (1 month ago)
Just buy a retro pi and fill it with every old game you'd ever want
nimic (1 month ago)
You just need to turn down the screen resolution to 720p and should work even gta 1 (i tested it on windows 7 )
i have a 64 bit pc and most of my apps work only at 32 bit
Sid The Geek (1 month ago)
i just put it here so you keep pressing it! 5:48
Great Bullet (1 month ago)
I NEVER HAD THE PROBLEM THAT I WAS UNABLE TO GET ANYTHING TO RUN ! Am i a superhero or is this a BS Video now?
1237 (1 month ago)
I have an extra computer for playing old games ^^ it's falling apart but I have been using it for years and I won't let it die yet
Null Void (1 month ago)
DUDE, emulators and roms?
James Cash (1 month ago)
Dosbox is awesome. C:\WARCRAFT\WAR
Warrior Norman (1 month ago)
I'm trying to play The Suffering game on my PC but it would just not will work for whatever reason 😟
Druido Bianco (1 month ago)
“ huy dude come to pc, we have the backward compatibility, we don’t buy remasters hu hu hu....” yeah, stfu kid, i’ve seen where all this shit brings, i’ve seen this from the time when i used to have a 286.
zaftra (1 month ago)
Use a virtual drive, play anything then.

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