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The BEST Nintendo Switch Games for April 2018! | RGT 85

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April is right around the corner, and we have new Nintendo Switch games to talk about! Let's talk about the upcoming Switch games for April 2018 and see what new Switch games you might be interested in! Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/shawnlong Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Shirts: http://rgt85.spreadshirt.com Site: http://rgt85.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shawnlongne
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Text Comments (426)
Cody Nicolai (6 days ago)
Good to see a fellow Delawarian getting a following on YouTube!
Houston Dowling (11 days ago)
Been listening to you forever. Just realized you're in Delaware lol. Just moved to Dover and the weather has been crazy. Not used to this
JAMEZANDRADE (11 days ago)
YEAH ! First gamer YouTuber repping the 302! LOL keep up the good work dude
Astro_Luis YT (12 days ago)
sounds like he never gets any girlfriends 😂 with that voice
Ed D (16 days ago)
I'm playing adventure pals for 15 dollars on the switch. It's really fun
Tariq Yasiin (16 days ago)
Can't wait for the real deal waifu simulator.
Tariq Yasiin (16 days ago)
Switch is the best 8-Bit system lol
Alex Stan (18 days ago)
You should really try out Dragon Quest Builders on the Switch! I downloaded the demo, and then bought it as soon as I found it physically. I never played Minecraft, and even though I heard DQ:B resembles it, I'm sure its a far better and complex game... I'm addicted to it now, yeah...
Poppy Williams (18 days ago)
I'm going to get urban trial and naruto that's it
Emperorkang (19 days ago)
thought you said wild ARMS for a second....god damnit....
Jwaveyyy (19 days ago)
I’m tired of 8-16 bit games for the switch, this is a strong console we need more 3rd party support I’m sick of the indies, out of like 12 indie games I own I only enjoyed and spent hours on the binding of Isaac, cave story, golf story and shovel knight “the most successful indie of all time”
TurtLe Comic Reviews (20 days ago)
Most of these games i gotta wait for reviews of.
Charles Winehouse (20 days ago)
Sadly Naruto won't be available in the US :C so mad about that
david lindsey (21 days ago)
Confirmed: Wild Arms coming to Switch.... I wish
TOMMY.TV (21 days ago)
Oh my God it's Stevie Richards!
Jen J (21 days ago)
Is the Switch version of Fractured But Whole coming with The Stick of Truth like the other consoles did?
Kevin Yusuf (21 days ago)
Should've done an April Fools joke (such as free giveaway) on labo
Naruto and gal gun 💞
Theodore Kerabatsos (21 days ago)
I want a Labo kit for the master sword and shield for Hyrule Warriors.
wichdog69 (21 days ago)
Wild guns and the fractured bu whole. Maybe the penny princess one.
The Phantom duelist (22 days ago)
Is galgun coming to the u.s?
Best253 (22 days ago)
Yay Naruto Storm Trilogy
the Otaku Cyclist (22 days ago)
GalGun is an instabuy! 💕🤤💕
the Otaku Cyclist (22 days ago)
It’s a system seller for sure 😏
Mr Wux (23 days ago)
No offense but this games sre fkn awful (except naruto)
Pixel (23 days ago)
Runbow... You missed RUNBOW!!
João Matias (23 days ago)
Naruto <3 I wanna buy a nintendo switch :(
Lunatic Gin (23 days ago)
Gun gal 2*
Joseph Trezza (24 days ago)
Nice vid! Loved you on food networks, man vs food.... Just playing 😂, keep the vids coming!
Mr H. Ice Cool (24 days ago)
None of the games interest me  for April ..will pass on all !!
Alan Gonzalez (24 days ago)
South Park and Shantae for me! Super hyped to pick them up on April 24! 😃🙌
Tommy Hasson (25 days ago)
I never knew you was in Wilmington . I'm just on the Maryland side of the state line.
Alan Gonzalez (26 days ago)
South Park and Shantae!!
elom kp. (26 days ago)
how much does the Naruto game weights in gb
I dont understand life (26 days ago)
Wow the first person i have ever heard be excited for Nintendo labo
Luis Ramos (27 days ago)
I really want game cube on nintendo switch but if it does not happen a modded wii/wii u works good for me
Luis Ramos (27 days ago)
Labo is just cardboard
Marvin Weaver (27 days ago)
I could definitely did that Gal Gun game. Lol The rest of the stuff looks meh to me.
Arrogant Wizard (27 days ago)
im most def getting gal gun forget everything else
Modest Gamers (27 days ago)
I pre-ordered Wild Guns and Shantae Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition.
Phil Rottkamp (27 days ago)
My birthday is on the 24th, and I have a feeling that my friends are getting me Gal Gun 2 as a gag gift, so I may end up with that...
Dylan Ambrose (27 days ago)
wanna play a drinking game? take a shot EVERY-TIME he says "The Nintendo Switch" instead of just saying "the switch"
sjwilson1079 (27 days ago)
You know you want you some gal gun 2
Jorge Galvan (27 days ago)
Really dig your channel just came up in my feed one time back when u had about 15k subs look at you know feels like an established channel keep it up
Henry (28 days ago)
Sakutaro〈3musik (28 days ago)
you all should try the naruto game, it´s really good, I have all Naruto storm games, they are even great if you don´t watched Naruto, give it a try.
Paul Cusentino (28 days ago)
Got that Gal Gun 2 pre-order
THEUNIGUY (28 days ago)
remember kids. LOOK FATT
Sebastian Schulz (28 days ago)
Gal Gun 1 was actually a pretty good shooter on rails. You won't find anything like this these days on this level of quality, it reminded me of all the shooter arcades back in the day. Giant Bomb also gave it a positive video coverage as well. I'M actually pretty hyped to be using joycons to aim. So technically, if you're old and mature enough to looking over some girls loosing their garments and ending up in questionable poses, Gal Gun 2 has the potential to be a very recommendable arcade style shooter.
bgamerhi m (28 days ago)
How come nobody is talking about naruto ultimate ninja storm troligy
RuFuZ 518 (28 days ago)
That’s light shining in your house
TruDawg X (28 days ago)
CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 90K subscribers bro! I've been with you since you had 30ishK subscribers and to see it grow so quickly has been great! Would love to meet you in person to chat up on Video game someday man! Edit: Waiting to see Wolfenstein 2 on Switch at Pax! That's what Im looking forward to in April 😉
Jordan Cunningham (28 days ago)
I had alot of fun with gal gun double peace on my psvita. I didnt even know gal gun 2 is coming to the switch. I'll definitely get this game. Its so fun and hilarious.
Jordan Cunningham (28 days ago)
I wish southpark stick of truth would come to switch. If they put the fractured but whole on the switch then the first game shouldnt be that hard.
Tom K (28 days ago)
RGT 85 is always where I go for my switch news and updates.....Thanks man....BTW, where is the Disney Afternoon Collection for the switch???
mykillerusername (28 days ago)
Might've said "not a game for me" one to many times... it's okay man, just get the game.
Mega Sceptile (28 days ago)
My top picks for April: South Park: the Fractured But Whole Shantae Half Genie Hero Naruto storm trilogy (if it has a physical release.)
Everyday Geek (28 days ago)
I can’t wait for gal gun 2
Edwin Biggers (28 days ago)
I want that game RICO
Blindsyde5762 (28 days ago)
May will be better....
The Truth Hurts (28 days ago)
So nothing new here just a bunch of old ports like always, the Switch has been disappointing this year.
Fiskaba (28 days ago)
I live in a world where Spring starts in September
billy niemann (28 days ago)
The bunker was or is on ps4 I yea can't to see da review I was going to buy it on ps4 but was not sure if I should may b ill get it on da switch lol if its worth getting n its not a lot
shahid khan (28 days ago)
"Oh my god , it's Stevie Nicks"... WHAT!!?!?
Ircha Gaming (28 days ago)
I wanna play Gal Gun :)
slipp pp (29 days ago)
Nothing wrong with being a mamchild.
Chris Walsh (29 days ago)
I'm a little late, so will be picking up Zelda Breath of the Wild in April
Ecuavaro (29 days ago)
Didn't even know that Wild Guns would be on the switch! I'm happy to see south Park on the switch but there is no mention of stick of truth being a digital copy like in the case with Bayoneta 2 or resident evil revelations. I really hope it is 🙏
Igor Kolosha (29 days ago)
6:05 Says he has no intention of picking up Gal Gun 2, quietly buys a copy upon release.
i ask time time again better storage system than micro SD cards, cause are a fortune get a good card
TheActs2021 (29 days ago)
When is Bad Dudes coming out ? Isn't it soon ?
TheActs2021 (29 days ago)
Wow, Nintendo has really lowered their standards in some of these games. Kind of reducing the "Family Friendly" theme they've had going... I understand opening up the console to more third party support but at some point you got to put the brakes on some of the immoral "cr*p" that's out there...
Roc (29 days ago)
Now, we all know you gonna get that Gal Guns lol imma try it out too
Cold Clutch (29 days ago)
Gal gun is cool if your into that thing. I think the core gameplay elements just look boring though.
DerrickAntonio85 (29 days ago)
Wow another boring month for the Switch incoming. Oh well maybe in May something new and exciting will arrive. Nope sorry just a couple of Wii U games from 2014. Oh yeah some really old Megaman games that have released an untold number of times are also coming in May. Capcom couldn't get all the Megaman games on a single Switch card apparently, even though this was achieved easily in 2004 with the Gamecube release of Megaman Anniversary collection. Sure Megaman 9 and 10 didn't exist at that time, but they are not demanding games. May has Dark Souls as well, that's new right? No sorry 2011 is calling to tell me it's not. June has Mario tennis which might be good, but don't get too excited, the last couple iterations have been mediocre. June also has Ys VIII which might be fun. July has Octopath traveller which looks incredible and Crash Bandicoot which is mediocre . Oh yeah right 2014 is back again with Captain toad on July 13.
Mastermine20 (29 days ago)
I will probably pick up trials fusion
Ive never played an fmv game before, so im super interested in the bunker
mrbigjonstud (29 days ago)
I got the bunker on steam for cheap, I think 5 bucks. it's not worth much more than that. if you want to compare it to FMV classics like tex murphy series (including the recent one a few years back) or phantasmagoria, it's not anywhere as fun as those. barely any critical thinking or puzzles and short too , about 2 or 3 hours.
grolla23 (29 days ago)
Where Shantae Half Genie Hero Ultimate Edition for the Switch?
Gugassauro (29 days ago)
Online coop for Wild Guns?? Did I get it right?
Dark_Elf__Sorceress 89 (29 days ago)
Gal gun looks interesting, might pick that up
walker1984 (29 days ago)
I think I'll save my money for the Atari VCR. Lol
newfriend87 (29 days ago)
Sd gundam genesis 26th april
316whatupz (29 days ago)
dat waifu game.... ....never nuke a country twice
ELEXCEER (28 days ago)
316whatupz I'd Nuke 4 times, the world needs more waifus
SirOWNZalot Gaming (29 days ago)
Can we please get some “oh my god, it’s Stevie Richards” merch.
Seth Johnson (29 days ago)
Like I said, take a drink every time you hear the phrase "Like I said" 😜
d s (29 days ago)
Might want to add runner 3 in there Might be best game of the month if the second is anything to go by
Mário Lopes (29 days ago)
ROBERT Policare (29 days ago)
I know this is your job but in my opinion you are on here so much now that I'm not as interested in your channel as I used to.
Shammy Wells (29 days ago)
I want Naruto!!!!
RGT 85 (29 days ago)
james deck (29 days ago)
i beat it on pc
Pixar The Great (29 days ago)
Give it up you are NOT a gamer. Stop pretending to be one.
rn2022rn • (29 days ago)
for fractured but whole do we also get stick of truth like on xbone and ps4
Reba Hashiri (29 days ago)
Blade Strangers is what I'm waiting for!
Znakemaster (29 days ago)
Had not heard about Urban Trials Playground until this video. Since Trials HD or Evo didnt get a port for the PS Vita of course i picked up a copy of Urban Trials Freestyle for that system. It doesn't have nearly as good driving physics as HD/Evo/Fusion however i've still played many hours on it on my vita and had allot of fun with it. Since i'm not expecting Trials Fusion on the Nintendo switch any time soon, Urban Trials Playground would likely be a fun substitute to play on the switch when not at home, so will diffidently be picking that up.
Marian Petrides (29 days ago)
LABO! LABO! LABO! Can’t wait!
JCS (29 days ago)
The only good game in this list is South Park, the rest is crap.
Toe Jam (29 days ago)
I wish (and i think a lot of your viewers) would actually appreciate of you go outside a lil more. We want a healthy Rgt 85. Maybe combine it with your switch
Mark Curtis (29 days ago)
Another video, another use of 'hark back'.
Ahmad 10101 (29 days ago)
I want to get a headset for the Nintendo switch like above 50 dollars

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