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Top 10 High Graphics Android Games Of 2016 | BEST GRAPHICS

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In this video we take a look of our list of top 10 best graphic android games 2016. Some of these games are free and paid and some games require WiFi to play. This list includes high graphic android games for those people who sick of playing low graphic games on their smartphones and want to play HD games with best graphics on their smartphones. ➢ Top 10 Best Android Games Of 2017 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVoHAaFMko4 ♦ List ♦ ■ Unkilled (0:20) https://goo.gl/5lAKjv ■ Traffic Rider (0:52) https://goo.gl/cmIB7E ■ Zombiewood (1:43) https://goo.gl/yCQSXA ■ Vainglory (2:10) https://goo.gl/pMr0bp ■ SBK15: Official Mobile Game (3:14) https://goo.gl/SNIEJj ■ Implosion: Never Lose Hope (3:55) https://goo.gl/o9AeDc ■ Modern Combat 5: Blackout (5:06) https://goo.gl/cE007w ■ Mortal Kombat X (5:32) https://goo.gl/rIHbRf ■ Need For Speed™ No Limits (6:14) https://goo.gl/ROV8Tn ■ Assassin's Creed Identity (7:06) https://goo.gl/2hM9am ♦ Follow us ♦ ■ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TechMasterTricks ■ Twitter : https://twitter.com/TechMasterTrick ■ Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+TechMasterTricks ♬ Music ♬ ■ Intro : Milk N Cookies - Mastodon (Louis The Child Remix) ■ List 2 : Virtual Riot - Energy Drink ■ List 6 : Jim Yosef - Eclipse ■ List 8 : CMA - Small Loses ■ Outro : Audioscribe - Free Fall ➢ Thank you for watching!
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Text Comments (912)
iHotdogs [iPoop] (3 months ago)
Traffic Rider duude😜🙈
Antonino Cortese (5 months ago)
Great video! if you want to try a nice math game for android phones and tablets you can try this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dedapp.giochimatematici
PaintedSkull (5 months ago)
Vainglory is online only? Like no botmode for offline play?
Slaughter Bot (5 months ago)
Have you heard of Real Racing 3 ?
Jashan Singh (6 months ago)
My friend once said Never trust a top android games list which does not includes asphalt 8
Nonetrix (6 months ago)
I might get a google pixel xl 2 so sub for FPS and bench marks
trillet ツ (7 months ago)
Android. Fuck.
iNinjaElitE x (7 months ago)
anyone "bullet force" fans as its not in list.
Marlon Goco (8 months ago)
Guys there is no ac identity because is not free also is paid but free in google
ahmed khatri (8 months ago)
hey plz upload bro undre 45 m b games and best graphic
Loripig Anonym (8 months ago)
Background music of NFS ?
Phone Games (8 months ago)
Asphalt 8 ???
Musical Potato (9 months ago)
Were the hell is Real Racing 3??
The best click bait graphic goes too Legacy of Discord
RAMDON Playz (9 months ago)
Whats that game in the thumbnail
Achraf AG Tv (9 months ago)
Unkilled reminds me of left 4 dead
Bumz Gaming (9 months ago)
Check out my new strategy game please! Let me know what you think in the comments! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ikodegames.raredot&hl=en https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/starhopper-pro/id1295847804?mt=8
Bumz Gaming (8 months ago)
Thank you for your support!
Aaron Perez (9 months ago)
Bumz Gaming I'll try it
NIGHTCORE IS LIFE! (9 months ago)
Asphalt 8 is better then need for speed
Nina Meteka (9 months ago)
Na asphalt nitro or asphalt 8
Itzyaboiwaffels Vlogs (10 months ago)
The AnDrOiD Guy (10 months ago)
Mighty Em (10 months ago)
Why he didn't put the Gear.Club??
Shabab Mahfuz (10 months ago)
What's the music at 6.14. ??
gael play (11 months ago)
Assassin's crees identity looks like Assassin's creed liberation on PSVITA
gael play (11 months ago)
Shadowgun Legends Will look very good
Script Kiddles (11 months ago)
to see the some of the best graphic games in andriodhttps://youtu.be/YZ0lxJgJTr0
[] LEGEND 2800[] (11 months ago)
Where is asphalt 8!!!
bezilys 2 (11 months ago)
World of tanks blitz?? Has better graphics than more of that
TOUCH Zeta (11 months ago)
Only the switch can fight against android graphics because the 3ds can even play minecraft and the ps vita is geting old he only have 512 ram xD and 128 mb video my phone from 2013 have 1 gb ram and 128 videl ram
TOUCH Zeta (11 months ago)
I mean cant even play minecraft
Ragini Bundele (11 months ago)
I think asphalt 8 airbrone is better than nfs no limits
Tundra (1 year ago)
Watch at 144p thank me later
Vezetéknév Utónév (1 year ago)
What the music under Vianglory ?
NikProBG 123 (1 year ago)
Assassin's Creed identity had like 24 fps on my phone. Heavy games my ass.
KarnageExile (1 year ago)
Barely above PS2 graphics.
AlphaSniper (1 year ago)
can you give us that intro without writing?
Sejal 7082001 (1 year ago)
nova legacy is also a good one
Karthik DK (1 year ago)
where is asphalt 8
Iacob Darius (1 year ago)
lol man you said high graphics...
xPaul rh (1 year ago)
What is with Asphalt 8
hatty Hy (1 year ago)
why did you put zombie wood? the gmae doesn't even have shadow on the zombie or player. also the water showing us just simple reflection
Self Gamebuzz (1 year ago)
bro top 3 my favorite game
raju raju (1 year ago)
thank you
chris aldana (1 year ago)
check out world of tank blitz
LET'S PLAY (1 year ago)
hey great stuff
Kashish Khan (1 year ago)
cutiyapa full fake....
Kajian Singkat Salaf (1 year ago)
Well, i think it would be better if you just show the gameplay. I mean some of them are just a trailer.
labin chutty (1 year ago)
where is ashalt8
Jay Patel (1 year ago)
I have done with the 1st one but for second it asks for money
Jay Patel (1 year ago)
can you give the link for assians creed free i.e all chapters unlocked from 1st to last
blank spam (1 year ago)
vvvvvv goood
Simon Greenaway (1 year ago)
But Assassin's Creed Identity isn't on Android.
MASTER MIND (1 year ago)
TAAAANK 0:41 CHARGER 0:42 BOOOMER 0:44 hunter hunter hunter 0:46
Zero Effort Films (1 year ago)
I see you play left 4 dead 2 xD
tom_crus8126 (1 year ago)
AC Identity piece of crap stays on Connecting forever, and i paid for that crap
Gabin Barre (1 year ago)
Arm worry blue fluid somewhat undermine danger.
EllioTeaBag (1 year ago)
Next thing you know... Razer Blade Mobile - First ever hardcore mobile gaming phone 😂😂😂
Dreadlord The knight (1 year ago)
Good video man
Ishwar's World 2.0 (1 year ago)
TECH MASTER TRICKS wanna be friends? :) (OR) anybody wanna be friends with me? :)
Ted Morris (1 year ago)
These all look unbelievably generic, I guess I can't really talk because I haven't played most of them, but none of them look particularly appealing in the first place.
Samuel (1 year ago)
That was very cool 💞
ShagStars Productions (1 year ago)
I have a feeling that mobile games is standing still after 2013, dead trigger 2 doesn't look that better than 1 and both looks like the best of em all. I don't see a game like gta 4 on android which would be interesting instead of that static look.
ShagStars Productions (1 year ago)
+AtariMan Maurice to some degree there is but its mostly detail .
RaHul Shahi (1 year ago)
lop all ples put others also
Sagar Joshi (1 year ago)
These games are ofline or online
player 1108 (1 year ago)
that's not high graphic
BBence (1 year ago)
6:50 Sogn majd PLS!
Yashasvi Nayak (1 year ago)
bro can u tell me, your this video is monetized or not after uploading without sumbitting any info
samar veer (1 year ago)
we can say clash of clans should be in top 10
platinum gamer (1 year ago)
nooooo this is fuck
Unkilled:Are you kidding me? another zombie apocal... ok so you start with a FKING pistol? whatever... all the zombie games have this INCREDIBLE feature. Traffic rider:Nice...well done, not so much beauty but cool,Must play 1 time. Zombiewood:woah! i see a lot of games like this but it intrest me and im a critic. if you are intrested of this type of game it will be in the top 5. Vainglory:very well done but it does not have so much beautyful graphics. take the shadows of the "open world" of an example (if you don't see them... well THAT is the example) cool game tho. SBK15:i don't like so much races but i PROMIS THAT IS A REALLY GOOD MADE GAME!!. Implosion series: well i have nothing to say,it is a futuristic BADASS GRAPHICS GAME!!!!!!!!. Modern Combat 5:i played it it intrest me so much! i was on a day whit it!!!! I challange you to get another game better than this FPS game....what? no? not a game?? oooh like the best FPS game on earth? how do you know?? oh you stay a month to search a better game huh? TOLD YA BITCH!! Mortal kombat X: perfect,i do use it for anti stress. NFS series: Play asphalt 8 you dumbass. Assassin screed Identity:Im very very very impressed but it is not better than...GANGSTAR VEGAS!!!! WHY NOBODY GETS IT ONTO THE BEST GAMES!!!! (because is not original?).
Sàdéyèn Sàndrô (1 year ago)
With wich application can one play games? for android by cons please
Chiadma & Regraga (1 year ago)
i like this song 😈😈😈😈
slenderman slender (1 year ago)
can Samsung s7 handle gta 5 or witcher 3?
Abdul Khader (1 year ago)
assasins creed is offline?????????
chuong nguyen (1 year ago)
This morning, I woke up in boring emotion, then trying to search some game to forget my boring life. I want to punch some thing then i search Boxing game. I had found out this game Boxing amazing: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pluto.boxing It looks nice UI. So when i played it, it was so fantastic game ever. I beat that you all will be fun and laugh so much as me. My friends are also play it and we have fun time with each other.
2 Conscious (1 year ago)
Check Galaxy Runner X running on Android. WOW.... https://vimeo.com/175425517
Uncharted Pixels (1 year ago)
Baby Kram (1 year ago)
Sir Posh wow xdd
CynicTM (1 year ago)
asphalt should burn
App c (1 year ago)
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Ecastic Nub (1 year ago)
What app is in the thumbnail?
Pootis Spencer (1 year ago)
NFS No limits: The best game for ricers!
ELZID OKAMI (1 year ago)
Hey unkilled is offline
Mukul mandia thank u (1 year ago)
nfs most wanted is better than nfs no limits
장명진 (1 year ago)
Mukul mandia thank u agree
HafizyCariDuit (1 year ago)
Mukul mandia thank u Yup
Jeric Gripex (1 year ago)
Dead trigger 2 .....
Gardaş Games (1 year ago)
9. turkhis türk oyunu
ahmed zaki (1 year ago)
Battle Kites https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ingez.paperpalnefight
Aliya Khanam (1 year ago)
waste foolish games
Norair Mikaelyan (1 year ago)
not the graphics is good, but the game is very addictive https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=at.norair.taptap
Dogg Schund (1 year ago)
More like top 10 Beary Allen games.
Vuk Citic (1 year ago)
better is nfs mw than nfs no limits
Tony Banks (1 year ago)
are these all free?
Tess Ironside (1 year ago)
Kidofire Vietmarai (1 year ago)
I thought Asphalt8 was gonna be in the top 10
CHALIMEN n (1 year ago)
dead trigger 2
Ecika Damjanov (1 year ago)
Nfs no limits better graphic than gta 5 lol :)
Play Game (1 year ago)
trafic rider 👌👈
MrSenpaiHD (1 year ago)
1:42 song pls
rinu ramees (1 year ago)
nfs no limit is the second? it's one of the worst. no no...
Android suck who's an iOS lover!
Soham Sengupta (1 year ago)
First of all why people do it? Why they post PC game's screenshot on their gaming review videos. Sorry bro I got you. You're pic is of NFS Rivals yeah, that was a really action packed game played on my pc..
Divyanshu Bhardwaj (1 year ago)
name of beat music in traffic rider game?
So u forget putting cod bo3 in ur vid?

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